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British English vs American English terms be like

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American English vs. British English. What are expressions/terms are weird for americans to say, but common in Britain?

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British Racist VS American Whovian in the Comments Section - Shortened Version

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The British as seen by Americans vs as seen by Europeans

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British English vs American English

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Why do Americans and British people have different terms for the same cuts of beef? What caused American and British butchery traditions to diverge?

I love watching cooking videos. Something that these videos usually account for is the different measurement systems and kitchen terminology between American and British audiences - cups vs ml, grill vs broiler, etc. But when dealing with cuts of meat, I've seen there's also a difference between American and British butchery terms - see this handy chart.
I can understand how languages can diverge over time, but I would think that butchery would be a more calcified institution - cows haven't changed much since 1776! I would assume that American butchers imported British butchery (like they did with a British legal system and other professions) and something changed along the way.
When did American and British butchery traditions diverge? How does butchery compare to other professions that diverged?
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At what point did American historians cease to use the terms 'British' and 'English' appropriately?

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Is "twat" a term that has only recently entered American English, and why is it pronounced differently to British English?

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[TOMT] [VIDEO] British guy explains the etymology of the American word "Fall" compared to the British "Autumn," and how it was originally a British term

I believe it was a YouTube Shorts video, and the guy explaining it was white, with glasses, brown hair, and a beard, and talked with a very terse tone and pursed lips, like he was perpetually annoyed.
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British Vs Americans

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American vs British, can you tell the difference?

When reading a story, what's the one thing that makes utterly clear that it was written by an American instead of a Brit?
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British vs American English pronunciation of Spanish words

So, Twitter is going wild over the pronunciations of Mexican food in the latest episode of the Great British Bake Off (examples:
I'm not here to defend the episode, it was truly cringeworthy, and I agree that some of the pronunciation is atrocious, but as a Brit I can't understand what's so bad about the way we say "taco"! "Tack-o" to me sounds a lot more like the Mexican pronunciation of taco than the US American English "taaco". But I guess neither Brits nor Americans are pronouncing taco like a Mexican would! Can someone demonstrate with IPA what the differences are in the three(+) pronunciations?
(I'm also curious about "Carlos", since someone in the linked thread complained about Brits saying it like car+loss - surely, lack of rolled R aside, that's a better approximation than the American "Carlohs")
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Why do we always hear terms like Italian-American but never Italian-British or Italian-English?

You hear these cultural reference all the time on Ameican TV , phrases like; Italian-American, Indian-American, Cuban-American and Armenian-American, etc. But being a UK resident, I never hear of culture-British or culture-English people, but instead phrases like 'the Indian community's or 'the Polish community'. Why?
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British vs American

I'm a study coach here in Sweden and one of my student had homework in which she was supposed to determine if the sentences were American or British based on words or slang. I think I'm quite good at differentiating the two, but even I struggled with some of them and thought maybe you guys can help!
"One hundred twenty five soldiers died in the recent battle"
"She was named Sara after her grandmother"
"Living in Britain is very different to living in America"
"At school math was my best subject"

I can't see obvious distinctions in any of them that would suggest one or the other (brit vs am)
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British English vs American English which one is taught in school

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Homer Simpson (The Simpsons) vs Peter Griffin (Family Guy) vs Stan Smith (American Dad) in terms of closeness to God.

R1: Who is technically the most religious out of all of them?
R2: Who has probably the closest positive connection to God in terms of personally knowing God? (Assume Jesus is a separate character so explicitly God the Father)
R3: Same as R2 but Jesus interactions counts as close to God.
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American english vs British English

Why do I find it so hard to understand the American English than the British English language? I just read a book on a given topic but by authors from the 2 different nations and i understood everything after reading the book by British author. Anyone explain please?
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Stephen Fry on American vs British Comedy

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"G.I." was a term used to refer to US soldiers in WW2. Both Saving Private Ryan (1998) and Dunkirk (2017) both feature Allied soldiers at sea. Christopher Nolan made a movie about the British/French soldiers at Dunkirk instead of Americans at Omaha to avoid using sea GIs

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As an American can I use this British term "royal" for "balls"?

It's just a much better name.
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The fact that Vaush has apparently never heard the term "whip" doesn't give me pause on his knowledge of British politics but American

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American Takes British A Level Maths Test - YouTube

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