Calendário forex on-line Paço do Lumiar: April 2018

#shorts #binomo #forex #binance #gateio #btc #kriptopara #coin #shibainu #trader #trading

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Weizmann Forex Ltd. From 1400 in jan to 540. Is anything wrong?

Guys, Does anybody have any insights on Weizmann Forex? Current stock price is 512. Numbers in Q4FY18 look bad(-86%) but otherwise it has been a consistent grower over the last few quarters.
Average return on equity 5Years: 21.67 %;
Average return on capital employed 5Years: 30.37 %
Debt to equity: 0.64
Sales Growth (3Yrs): 19.90 %
Promoter holding: 74.77 %
It was quoting at 110 in Jan 2017. Went to ~1400s In Jan 2018 and it corrected massively now. I read the AR of weizmann… studied their balance sheet and the only red flags I see are
a sudden increase in trade receivables to (5,741.34) in FY18 from (1,258.66) in FY17
Other comprehensive Income increase to 2,012.83 in FY18 from 650.14 in FY17.
Otherwise the company seems to be growing quite well over the past few years. No other information is available anywhere. Is anybody in the know of the what is happening?
They also recently announced a buyback of 3.77% at price of 702.
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Hướng dẫn chơi Binomo Forex trên điện thoại [Mới nhất 2019] - Binomo Việt Nam

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Reserve Bank of India has released a list of 34 forex brokers; which has been declared illegal

List of unauthorized forex trading apps and websites - RBI

Friends, recently the Reserve Bank of India has released a list of 34 forex brokers; which has been declared illegal.
Before releasing this list, RBI had done all checks regarding all transactions of all those forex brokers since February this year. Maybe this doesn't matter to you; Nevertheless, you should definitely check this list once.
So see if your forex broker is not on this list!
👉 Here's a full list of unauthorized forex trading apps and websites
  1. Alpari
  2. AnyFX
  3. Ava Trade
  4. Binomo
  5. e Toro
  6. Exness
  7. Expert Option
  8. FBS
  9. FinFxPro
  11. Forex4money
  12. Foxorex
  13. FTMO
  14. FVP Trade
  15. FXPrimus
  16. FXStreet
  17. FXCm
  18. FxNice
  19. FXTM
  20. HotFores
  21. ibell Markets
  22. IC Markets
  23. iFOREX
  24. IG Markets
  25. IQ Option
  26. NTS Forex Trading
  27. Octa FX
  28. Olymp Trade
  29. TD Ameritrade
  30. TP Global FX
  31. Trade Sight FX
  32. Urban Forex
  33. Xm
  34. XTB
Thanks for Reading.
Please share your take on this.
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RBI Alert List : Using these apps and websites will land you in legal trouble. This list includes popular apps like Octa Fx, Olymp Trade, Binono etc.

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Kronologi Indra Kenz yang sebenarnya?

I dont defend this douche guy, he deserve it for being an @sshole.
Tapi ada yang punya kronologi jelasnya dia sebenarnya ngapain sebagai affliator binomo? Gua cari di berita isinya di luar konteks dan isinya "diduga" dan ga jelasin kronologi urutannya sampe urusan pacarnya segala.
Ada yang bilang dia sebagai affliator meraup uang loss pemainnya. Gua ga ngerti soal app binomo tapi apa itu hasil loss bisa connect ke "kantong" dia? Apa dia jadi agen perantara ketiga macam judi bola?
Does binomo even legal? I mean its legal in India. Dan konsepnya nyambung ke forex kan?
Gua cuman pengen tahu aja ginian, bahkan telegram grup mayoritas kalangan "investor" begitu kan disangka tempat chat teroris dulu kan dan terus disuruh uninstall. I have trust issues because massive of propraganda we are facing rn.
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Apa nasehatmu untuk mereka yang terkena Fomo?

Gak bisa dipungkiri sepanjang tahun 2020-2021 banyak orang memulai investasinya karena influence sosial media. Beruntung bagi yang memulai investasinya lebih awal dan agak celaka bagi yang mulai investasinya di akhir-akhir tanpa tau konsekuensinya. Banyak kasus orang beli saham pake pinjol. Beli BTC, Altcoin pake utangan, uang arisan, bahkan sumbangan gereja.
my advice for you yang kena FOMO:
Miner musiman: Ketika crypto turun drastis di Januari-Februari 2022. Segera jual alat miningmu karena kamu harus menunggu 2024 untuk bisa panen. Karena ketika kamu beli mining rig sekarang harganya sudah naik berkali-kali lipat dari harga wajarnya. Perhitungkan kembali listrik yang harus kamu keluarkan, Gak BEP istilahnya. Contoh nyata Founder Rekeningku yang boncos bertahun-tahun karena nutupin biaya listrik dan beli mining rig kemahalan, baru panen akhir2 ini.

Robot trading: Royal Q , Forex dll. Robot trading is scam, jauhi sekarang sebelum terlambat. Janji manis seller Royal Q dan robot forex profit konisten itu gak ada buktinya 100% scam. Kisah nyata banyak yg bunuh diri karena tiba-tiba assetnya hilang diaveraging oleh robot. Jangan sampai kamu jadi korbannya

Trader Binomo, Binary option: Kamu yang baru memulai binary option, inilah saatnya dirimu keluar dari sistem jahat Judi 2.0 mungkin diawal kamu akan merasakan profit namun lama kelamaan akan susah dan tiba-tiba akun tersuspen tanpa sebab. Jelakanya gak ada yg bisa jamin akunmu balik karena Binomo dan lainnya jelas ilegal di Indonesia sehingga penyedia layanan tidak diketahui siapa.

Trader Saham musiman via signal telegram : Saham ada bull market dan bearish market, lengkapi dirimu dengan FA dan TA tambah bandarmology juga. Investing stock is about your move, bukan orang lain. Jadi pastikan semua keputusan investasi kamu yang buat bukan orang lain.

Trader Crypto: Bear market is coming, we need to understand what crypto still alive for next 4 Years(next halving) DCA still the best strategy for you. We will face the second Bull Run but dont fall for it to much, cause second bull run means next winter season.

note: I hope yall getting more profit and healthy. May the Force be with you
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Binomo web

A Forex buying and selling internet site will play an essential function if you need to begin an online enterprise trading currency in the market. That's due to binomo web the fact the Forex market internet site maybe your on a spot source of assist and information to realize extra approximately the Forex market and a way to benefit from it.
There are distinct styles of Forex trading websites. You have to recognize the differences among those websites so that you could have a simpler time finding the facts you want.
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Vart kan jag som företagsägare växla kontant?

Hej, jag driver en liten bokhandel i Stockholm, en av de få som fortfarande tar kontant, men växeln börjar bli få så jag gick till FOREX för att växla. Men tydligen får dom inte växla pengar för företag, vet någon vart i Stockholm jag skulle kunna fixa detta ärende?
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Not a brag post

Hi I was just KO’d on a finance sub for posting this. Please this is not a brag post, I am looking for genuine advice please.
Margin trading Forex crosses
I’m wondering if anyone on here is completely living (better yet, thriving) from trading Forex solely ?
I was Granted pro trading status with my broker about 12 months ago (before the leverage laws were imposed) and now am comfortably outperforming my 9-5 job income.
I don’t really see any cap to the potential of earnings in this arena. My 2 trading buddies (one from Stockholm and one from Monaco) are comfortably making 6 figures per month without breaking a sweat.
The path to this incredible amount of money is present and very real. But somehow it still seems a little ‘surreal’ to me.
As of October I will have traded almost every day for 6 years straight, with countless levels of learning and behaviour modification required. I guess getting into the 5% group that ends up actually making it in FX, has mostly to do with tenacity and an ability to seriously never give up.
Now I have to make the decision to either become a “full time trader” (I use quotes here because I usually am active in the market 3-4 times per month) or possibly look at other career potential, utilising my skills acquired. Hedge fund - prop firm etc…
If anyone can throw me some advice It’d be much appreciated.
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MT5 Binary options signal Indicator with Sound Alert

MT5 Binary options signal Indicator with Sound Alert
MT5 Binary options signal Indicator with Sound Alert
Description: This MT5 indicator creates a sound alert as soon as a major trend kicks in.
Signals can be used for IQ Option, Olymp Trade, Pocket Option, and Binomo
Strategy: 3 SMA with Engulfing Candle pattern
Time Frame: 1 Minute Candlesticks MT5 platform
Expiry: 5 Mins expiry
Call option: when Blue Up direction arrow appears.
Put option: When Red down direction arrow appears.
Type: Binary options Forex only
Mode: Can be used with MT2 trading Bot or Just on the regular MT5 Chart
Works with MT4: No [if required, need a weeks time to develop for MT4]
Price: USD 35
Winning Percentage: 85% winning ratio during New York/ London Session
Email us at '[email protected]' for payment details if you need this MT5 indicator. #binarypriceaction #MT5indicator #iqoption #binaryoptions #priceaction
MT5 binary options indicator with call and put signals and sound alert
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IQ Option là gì! IQ Option có thực sự kiếm được tiền

IQ Option là gì? Hình thức hoạt động ra sao?

IQ Option là một sàn giao dịch quyền chọn nhị phân (Binany Option). Quyền chọn nhị phân nghĩa là bạn chỉ có 2 lựa chọn trong quá trình giao dịch. Giao dịch quyền chọn nhị phân như IQ Option, Olymptrade luôn là vấn đề đang được tranh cãi nhiều người bởi mức độ rủi ro của nó cao. Bạn chỉ có thể UP/DOWN (Tăng/Giảm) trong một khoảng thời gian nhất định. Nếu bạn chọn đúng bạn thắng, chọn sai bạn thua mất tiền. Tuy nhiên, so với đầu tư forex, hay chứng khoán, giao dịch quyền chọn rất dễ chơi, cùng cách tiếp cận đơn giản và số nạp tiền tối thiểu thấp. Điều này đã làm cho ai cũng có thể tham gia, thử trải nghiệm giao dịch quyền chọn.
Sàn IQ Option cung cấp nền tảng chơi nhị phân dựa trên biến động của các cặp tiền tệ quốc tế, chứng khoản, tiền ảo… dưới dạng chỉ số. Kiểu như bạn mua cổ phiếu hay mua bitcoin nhưng theo kiểu chỉ đánh vào chỉ số chứ bạn không thực nhận giá trị ấy. Chỉ số bạn đánh đúng xu hướng tăng hoặc giảm trong khoảng thời gian 1 phút, 5 phút, 15 phút thì bạn thắng. Sai xu hướng đường đi của chỉ số thì bạn thua.

Đánh giá sàn IQ Option với những sàn Binary Option khác

IQ Option hiện tại đang là sàn môi giới quyền chọn nhị phân (Binary Option) lớn nhất Châu Âu và có thể nói là sàn môi giới uy tín nhất Thế giới trong lĩnh vực này. Theo thống kê của Similarweb thì đứng ở vị trí 5 trên toàn cầu cao hơn cả Olymp Trade, Binomo,…

Có nên đầu tư chơi IQ Option hay không?

Đầu tư kiếm tiền phải có kế hoạch. Không đơn giản chỉ là đăng ký tài khoản, nộp tiền vào là phát sinh lãi ngay. Bạn cần phải trang bị kiến thức, tâm lý, làm quen với ứng dụng bằng tài khoản Demo. Tìm hiểu các chỉ số, cách đọc số liệu để có thể đưa ra những nhận định đúng về xu hướng tăng hay giảm trong giao dịch quyền chọn nhị phân được.
Ngoài ra, phải có kế hoạch cho việc mình đầu tư chơi. Phải đưa ra những kịch bản xấu nhất để mình không bị mất kiểm soát nhé! Vì là đầu tư thì sẽ có thắng thua, mất trắng. Không nên nhìn vào những tài khoản facebook khoe tiền, thắng ngàn đô mà chơi theo mất trắng nha. Bây giờ, có những nhóm trade IQ Option theo tín hiệu singal hoặc theo trade iq option bằng Robot auto. Theo bạn thì tỉ lệ win mỗi giao dịch là bao nhiêu? Nên hãy tỉnh táo trước mọi thông tin nhé!
Đọc đến đây nếu bạn muốn thử nghiệm thì hãy đăng ký thử một tài khoản demo mà thực hành nha! Link bên dưới.
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RaidenBO Là Gì? RaidenBO Lừa Đảo? Kiếm Tiền Từ RaidenBO

RaidenBO Là Gì? RaidenBO Lừa Đảo? Kiếm Tiền Từ RaidenBO


RaidenBO — Binary Options (Quyền chọn nhị phân) hay Trade BO là gì?

Binary Options có nghĩa là Quyền chọn nhị phân hay thường được các nhà giao dịch gọi là Trade BO, một số tên gọi khác như quyền chọn kép, quyền lựa chọn kỹ thuật số, quyền chọn lãi cố định. Đây là hình thức dự đoán giá trị của các tài sản (như vàng, chứng khoán, cổ phiếu,Tiền Điện Tử v.v.. ) sẽ biến động như thế nào trong một khoảng thời gian nhất định. Dựa vào sự tăng hoặc giảm của loại tài sản này mà nhà đầu tư sẽ chọn loại đầu tư phù hợp để kiếm lời.
Quyền chọn nhị phân áp dụng cho thị trường ngoại hối, thị trường phi tập trung toàn cầu cho việc trao đổi các loại tiền tệ. Thông thường người mua quyền chọn nhị phân sẽ đưa ra dự đoán giá của loại tài sản sẽ di chuyển theo hướng nào tại thời điểm mua — tăng hay giảm. Nếu giá di chuyển đúng hướng, người chơi sẽ có lợi nhuận, nhưng nếu giá di chuyển sai hướng, người chơi sẽ phải chịu rủi ro mất chi phí của quyền chọn nhị phân. Dựa trên các tính năng đặc biệt của nó, thị trường Binary Option ngày càng trở nên phổ biến hơn. Binary Option cho phép nhà giao dịch biết trước khoản lời cũng như số vốn họ có thể bị lỗ trước khi vào lệnh, nhờ vậy họ có thể kiểm soát nhiều hợp đồng giao dịch cùng lúc một cách dễ dàng.

Tính hợp pháp của Binary Option tại Việt Nam

Việc kinh doanh quyền chọn nhị phân chưa có quy định của pháp luật ở bất kỳ quốc gia nào. Hiện nay có thể tham gia kinh doanh quyền chọn nhị phân một cách hợp pháp ở Việt Nam. Khác với thị trường ngoại hối, thị trường quyền chọn kép không thuộc quản lý của Ngân hàng Nhà nước Việt Nam.

Binary Options (Trade BO) có lừa đảo không?

Binary Options (Trade BO) thực chất thì không phải là một trò lừa đảo, nó còn là hợp pháp chứ không phải phi pháp. Trade BO thường được so sánh với Forex (thị trường ngoại hối) hay thị trường chứng khoán, tuy nhiên, đây là hai hình thức khá khác nhau. Đối với các thị trường tuyền thống như Forex hay chứng khoán, khi bạn mua thì sẽ có người bán đối ứng. Tiền được chuyển từ người này sang người khác. Các công ty chỉ có vai trò trung gian ăn hoa hồng thông qua các lệnh của bạn.
Giao dịch Quyền Chọn không giống các thị trường truyền thống. Chính vì thế, có tồn tại 1 nhà cái đứng ở phía sau. Nghĩa là những sàn Giao dịch Quyền Chọn chính xác là 1 nhà cái. Và khi bạn chơi Quyền Chọn, bạn trở thành player (người chơi), còn nhà cái là 1 banker.

RaidenBO là gì ?

RaidenBO hay Wefinex2 chính là sàn giao dịch quyền chọn nhị hứa hẹn tạo nên cách mạng tài chính 1 lần nữa giúp bạn thay đổi cuộc đời khi đã lỡ mất cơ hội tham gia sàn Wefinex thời điểm mới ra mắt hồi tháng 4.
Một số site BO cũng có thể đi sự thành công của Wefinex và quảng bá rằng đó là Wefinex 2 thì mình có thông tin chắc chắn từ những leader lớn của Wefinex là RaidenBO sẽ là wefinex 2. RaidenBO sẽ vẫn có những điểm mạnh và khắc phục hoàn toàn những điểm yếu của Wefinex hiện tại.
Đây là cơ hội dành cho:
  • Những ai bỏ lỡ cơ hội làm giàu từ đầu với wefinex
  • Những ai mong chờ sự ra đời của #WE2 để xếp chỗ thật sớm.
  • Những ai đang làm tài chính thua lỗ và chưa thành công
  • Những ai đang muốn thay đổi cuộc sống và trở nên siêu giàu.

RaidenBO là gì ? Các kênh kiếm tiền với RaidenBO .

Giao dịch — Cách giao dịch RaidenBO — RaidenBO giao dịch ra sao?
Mô hình nhị phân tương tự như Binomo, IQ, Olymtrade nhưng lợi nhuận là 95% và không có M5 M15, M30 hay H1.
Tiền sử dụng là đồng USDT thông dụng hơn so với đồng Win của wefinex .
Nạp rút quy đổi ra các đồng tiền điện tử khác như Bitcoin(BTC), ethereum(ETH) , Tether ( USDT ) sau đó có thể quy về VNĐ trên các sàn giao dịch Remitano,Aliniex v.v…
Lượng trader giao dịch lớn và lệnh đóng mở được lưu lại nên bạn yên tâm giao dịch. Nến sàn chạy kết hợp của 3 sàn: Binance, Okex, CoinBase.
Chỉ có duy nhất BTC/USDT không có biều đồ cặp tiền hay hàng hoá khác
Giao dịch trên RaidenBO cũng đơn giản, chọn TĂNG ↑ hoặc GIẢM ↓ trong vòng 30s. Sau đó, chờ kết quả thị trường cũng tương tự 30s.
Bước 1: Đặt số tiền cược USD (Mỗi lần đặt lệnh hoặc load lại sẽ mặc định là 10$ các bạn chú ý sửa trước khi vào lệnh
Bước 2: Hãy đặt lệnh 30s, chọn TĂNG hoặc GIẢM
Bước 3: Chờ kết quả 30s
  • Thua số tiền cược
  • Thắng: 95% số tiền cược. VD: Cược 100$ thì sẽ được 95$

Lời Kết

Việc 1 sàn đã tạo được thành công lớn như Wefinex ra mắt thêm sàn giao dịch mới như RaidenBO chắc chắn sẽ tạo nên cơn sốt trên thị trường đặc biệt là thời điểm cuối năm 2020 như hiện nay .
Hứa hẹn nhiều triệu phú đô la thế hệ 2.0 sẽ ra đời tương tự Wefinex , Eagle Capital tự hào là đội nhóm đi đầu thông tin về dự án RaidenBO . Để biết thêm thông tin một cách sớm nhất anh em có thể tham gia các kênh thông tin của RaidenBO Group tại đây :
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Cómo comprar una acción europea desde cuenta en USA ?

TL;DR: con usd depositados en BoA quiero comprar acciones europeas. En IBKR no aparecen y no se a donde ir, me ayudan?
Longer version:
Hola a todos, primero gracias por tomarse un minuto para leer esta consulta.
Vengo leyendo todos los posts q encuentro en /merval que parecen remotamente relacionados, y varios me han orientado en las distintas opciones que probe. Sin embargo todavia no logro resolver este tema.
Como background comento que si bien he comprado crypto en su momento, nunca habia incursionado en el mundo mas "formal" de acciones, bonos, etc.
Hace tiempo vengo mirando acciones europeas pero nunca habia tomado la iniciativa para intentar efectivamente comprar algo. Cuando me puse manos a la obra hace algunas semanas, lei todo lo que encontre y finalmente termine en tres opciones de broker:
  1. Merryll Lynch
  2. TD Ameritrade
  3. IBKR
...y ninguno funciono, paso a detallar:
Merryll Lynch
fue lo primero que intente ya que en BoA te ofrecen esa plataforma. Sin embargo el proceso de apertura de cuenta se freno en seco cuando me pidieron el SSN, intente abrirla como non-resident alien pero no me dejó.
TD Ameritrade
Hice todo el proceso de apertura de la cuenta y solo me faltaba mandar los docs para el KYC. Le comento esto a un amigo y me dice "ah yo tengo cuenta ahi". Entonces le paso un par de tickers europeos que me interesaban y... no los encontraba en la app. Ergo asumi que no tenia sentido seguir abriendo la cuenta.
Finalmente llegué a IBKR. Inicialmente lo habia descartado por parecer más caro, pero la promesa de que te permitia comprar en mercados europeos me intrigaba. Lo que finalmente me convenció fueron algunos articulos en done abajo de todo, casi al final, siempre habia un sponsored link que decia literal lo siguiente "If you're looking to trade EWPG Holding, open an account with the lowest-cost\ platform trusted by professionals,* Interactive Brokers. Their clients from over 200 countries and territories trade stocks, options, futures, forex, bonds and funds worldwide from a single integrated account.". No se si era este pero aca tienen un ejemplo de esta accion sueca si se fijan al final van a poder ver el sponsored link.
Cuestion que me meto de lleno en tratar de abrir al cuenta. Lleno todos los forms, mando todos los documentos y finalmente mando el dinero hasta IBKR. Cuando el dinero llega y me pongo a buscar el ticker... no estaba.
"Quizas no tengo acceso o algo" pense, entonces hablo con soporte, me piden el ISIN (digamos, XXXXX) y me dicen "As of now IBKR does not provide trading in XXXXX". Me sugieren crear un ticket para pedirlo. Pensando que quizas se solucionaba ilusamente cree un "Request for new product" como me sugirieron pero literalmente todas sus respuestas son "At the moment we do not offer this ISIN in our platform. Good day".
Hace 2 semanas vengo insistiendo pero no logro convencerlos de hacerlo y hacerlo rapido. Las acciones que miraba se movieron y me perdi una importante ganancia mientras esperaba esta resolucion, ergo vine rogarles un poco de su sabiduria:

Quiero comprar unas acciones alemanas y unas suecas. Como hago? La acción que mas me urge es una listada en Nasdaq First North Stockholm (

Nota: No tengo cuenta europea, solo una en Bank of America. No tengo pasaporte europeo ni de ningun otro lado que Argentina.
Edit: cambie el ejemplo para que sea mas accurate.
submitted by IamTheMechBoy to merval [link] [comments]

BTC/FOREX Scam by clint_(REDACTED) on instagram - +46 (REDACTED) (Whatsapp) - 3QYSha87TmtbFPxFjDVym3spA6x1vZnvY8 FULL CONVERSATION

Claims to be a forex get rich quick scheme promising 153.3x roi with a minimum of $600 investment, when pushed he said he can drop down to $200 investment and he covers the other $400. He wants payment to the 'broker' in btc sent to 3QYSha87TmtbFPxFjDVym3spA6x1vZnvY8 and promises a return in 7 days.
CA: Hello mate, if you don’t mind I would like to relate and share a couple of ideas with you
ME: Yeah go for it
CA: I’m Clint currently in Stockholm Sweden 🇸🇪 I am a forex trader and a account manager , I go about enlightening people on how to make it big in binary trading for there is no risk involved, with a minimum startup investment you will get a fixed profit on Daily basis. Would you be interested ?
Me: Im ok for now thanks, all my money is tied up in real estate, stocks and crypto
CA: That’s good. My friend you can make more money if you can send me 15% commission weekly I will be okay to connect you with my broker so you can start earning
me: I'm good thanks
CA: Ok Tom
ME: Out of interest, how did you find my profile?
Shakepay page
CA: Thanks again for connecting. I will really love to work and share commissions with you . Also teach you .
I work with binance Sweden as the coin listing agent
I’m also a blockchain community provider
The reason I messaged you is because before I became a millionaire I promised my self to share the good word if I become successful that’s why I’m sharing the good word
ME: I would love to connect with you and learn, i just cant commit financially right now, do you have a linkedin?
CA: I have WhatsApp .
You don’t need much money to invest and earn and learn
I will teach you and also connect you to my broker
$600 to earn $9,200
$900 to earn $13,800
$1200 to earn $18,400
$1500 to earn $23,000
$1800 to earn $27,600
$2100 to earn $32,200
$2400 to earn $36,800
$2700 to earn $41,400
$3000 to earn $46,000
$3300 to earn $50,600
$3600 to earn $55,200
$3900 to earn $59,800
$4200 to earn $64,400
$4500 to earn $69,000
$4800 to earn $73,600
$5100 to earn $78,200
$5400 to earn $82,800
$5700 to earn $87,400
$6000 to earn $92,000
Here are the possible investment and returns weekly
Can you send me 15% commission weekly?
Send me your WhatsApp #
I will also send you proofs and testimonies via WhatsApp
ME: But you don't have a linkedin?
How did a blockchain expert get involved in forex?
CA: I have a linked in . But I deactivated it too many scams connecting wirh me
I will send you my certificate as a provider hold on
Here it is.
Yes I have been trading for more than 10 years
I became an expert about 2 years ago. After becoming a pro trader
Do you have WhatsApp ?
I believe you need more proof . I will send you more proof and also connect you with my broker to start up.
ME: Ok, so how does that payment structure work?
CA: Sure if you invest 600$ you earn 9200$ within 7 days you have to send me 15% commission. Then we can keen working and you can keep on reinvesting and making more
me: I’m more invested in real estate and crypto currency
CA: Also as a coin listing agent for binance Sweden I have lots of coins exchanges I work wirh too
I also work with haobi it’s an exchange based in Hong Kong
I travel a lot for all kind of crypto conferences .
ME: What do you think of cardano?
CA: Cardano is good . But it’s still coming up
Cardano is a proof of stake blockchain platform that says its goal is to allow changemakers innovators and visionaries to bring about positive global change
Cardano is used by mostly agricultural companies
To track fresh produce from field to fork
It was founded by cofounders of ETH
So it’s going to be pretty amazing in the coming future
ME: Ok, i keep hearing about this new one, have you ever heard of it? Its called safemoon
And binance keep talking about possibly listing it
CA: I haven’t heard of safe moon
But they will list it by next month
I don’t know much because binance haven’t accredited it
Do you have WhatsApp Tom 😁?
ME: You should look into it, its a deflationary defi token
CA: Cardano is one of the biggest blockchains to successfully use a proof-of-stake consensus mechanism, which is less energy intensive than the proof-of-work algorithm relied upon by Bitcoin. Although the much larger Ethereum is going to be upgrading to PoS, this transition is only going to take place gradually.
Send me your WhatsApp # I will message you ASAP
It’s a good time to invest during the dip .
There is great possibility of a bull run soon
ME: But forex isnt dipping?
CA: It isn’t dipping
Profits are made
Im a pro trader
You will never regret working wirh me
What’s your WhatsApp #?
Message me
ME: So i send you my whatsapp and you send me $9200
Is that aud on usd?
CA: Here is my # +46 REDACTED
Send me your WhatsApp # I will message you and teach you how to start up
Can you start up with 600$?
The broker works with USD and also you receive profits in USD
So you can convert it to AUD on your exchange or CAD depends on your exchange currency
Were are you from?
ME: Im from the gambia originally, where are you from?
CA: I’m from Australia
Gambia 🇬🇲?
Were is that?
ME: Africa.
Where in australia are you from?
CA: I’m from queens land
I have lots of houses and real estate in Sydney
So do you have bitcoins already?
ME: Ah i love brisbane!!! Which is your favourite side of the river?
I lived in the west end for a while
CA: I love mount Crosby bridge
Nice to meet you .
That means you travel a lot
Tom please do you have WhatsApp ?
ME: I have done a fair amount.
Sorry, what is whatsapp?
CA: Download it
It’s on the AppStore
Signup and get back to me
ME: I don't have a phone number , is that an issue?
I move around too much see
CA: Ok you need a phone number
But that’s not an issue at all
Do you have hangouts ?
Google hangouts
ME: Ah. Can you just send me all the info on here?
CA: Yes sure
So how much do you want to start with ?
$600 to earn $9,200
$900 to earn $13,800
$1200 to earn $18,400
$1500 to earn $23,000
$1800 to earn $27,600
$2100 to earn $32,200
$2400 to earn $36,800
$2700 to earn $41,400
$3000 to earn $46,000
$3300 to earn $50,600
$3600 to earn $55,200
$3900 to earn $59,800
$4200 to earn $64,400
$4500 to earn $69,000
$4800 to earn $73,600
$5100 to earn $78,200
$5400 to earn $82,800
$5700 to earn $87,400
$6000 to earn $92,000
Here are the possible investment and returns weekly
You will have to send me your wallet address so I can register it and send you proof when done so I can paste you the broker address for payment too.
The broker is currently under maintenance but I will send you the direct address for payment so you can start up.
ME: Do i send fiat or crypto?
CA: Crypto.
BTC to be exact.
Send me your BTC address too for registration
I will register your address for weekly returns
You agree to send me 15% commission of every profit payout weekly?
How much can you start with ? So I can tell you my commission
Please note, Commission is from every profits payout
One sec, let me load up my wallet quickly
Done ?
Send it to me so I can register you on the broker right now
ME: Forgot password, 2 mins
CA: I’m a day trader and night trader .
I’m more of a momentum trader
I trade on the go , profits is 100% guaranteed
Okay , reset your password and login . Or just login with your backup phrase
Which wallet do you make use of ?
Can you lend me the $600 start up and then i pay you that and the 15% commission after i get the first pay, im a little short right now
CA:How much do you have right now ?
ME:Right now, im hoping to just make rent this month
CA:Hello how much do you have now ?
ME:Right now, im hoping to just make rent this month
CA: Believe
ME: But if its a guarentee return then surely you can just cover me the first time
CA: How much do you have now ?
ME: Nothing
Negative nothing
You don’t have money
I need this
Pls lend me the first payment
If you do i can sign all my friends up
CA: Bro you have to pay
CA: If its a guarantee why cant you cover it. Youll get your money back and then loads more from the commission
You can’t make money without investing money
ME: If you lend it to me within the fist turn around you make $1380 next turn around you make $166k second time, its a win win mate
Then you make 21.6M
All off you initial 600, which you get right back
CA: Do you have 200$?
I will balance up 400$
ME: I have nothing rn
Ill pay 50% commission. I dont care
Youll make so much money
CA: You have to invest too
Do you have 200$?
I want to help you really.
ME: I dont have anything, how about you lend me the 600, and then from my first payment you get eveything except $600 so i can start fresh from there. You make $8600
CA: Bro you have to invest too
ME: C'mon, please just help me out this once. If you do i'll tell all my friends about it and sign them up with you so you make a mint. And i wont mention you helped me fund it from the start
Or you said you can cover the 400 if i put in 2, send me the 400 to my wallet and then ill try and find the 200 from somewhere.
How quick is the roi?
CA: 7 days
Send the 200$ to the broker
I sent the 400$ already
I will send you the broker payment address
ME: You said the broker is currently under maintenance
CA: Yes but it’s working
ME: Does the broker send me the money direct from that wallet?
CA: Yes
I registered your wallet already
Send the 200$
You want to borrow ?
ME: You have managed to scam people out of $473,461.73 and cashed out all but $9,549.86 just to keep up appearances?
Jeeze man, just be happy with that, leave the scam and don't look back
CA:You are crazy
You Dey crase
ME: Am i?
If you have a way to literally guarantee a 153.3x roi you don't need to have people put up the initial capital if you want your 15%
Hello? Prove to me im not crazy, fund the first payment and I'll publically say im wrong about you
submitted by defender5371 to Scams [link] [comments]

eToro Reddit - Best In Depth Review Of 2021: is eToro a recommended broker?

eToro Reddit - Best In Depth Review Of 2021: is eToro a recommended broker?

Welcome to this eToro reviews - Learn how to invest and how this Forex & Stock broker work

I can asure of one thing with the eToro broker before analyzing it: it is a special broker.
In the world there are thousands of brokers and the vast majority are similar.
eToro, however, is a broker with a different product that makes it stand out from the great mass of global brokers.
In this review we will see if it is a good broker or not, although it will depend on the niche we want to dedicate ourselves to.
For example, I anticipate that eToro is not the most suitable broker for high-frequency day trading.
Now, do you think you are going to win in the long term with that style of trading?
eToro excels at other things, a lot.
Let's see what this broker is about. It's going to be a long review (about 30 pages long in a google docs), so I created a PDF in case you want to download it: just click here.
>>>Visit some eToro useful links
Article index
  • What is eToro?
  • Security Is eToro safe? It is legit? Is a gotcha?
  • Is eToro a Market Maker or an ECN?
  • Account opening
  • EToro demo account
  • What countries does eToro support?
  • Minimum deposit
  • How does eToro work?
  • Who are the best investors on eToro?
  • Best eToro Investors by Copiers in the Past
  • What is the leverage?
  • eToro Copyportfolios
  • Investments
  • eToro stocks
  • eToro Cryptocurrencies
  • Raw Materials
  • Platform
  • Training and education
  • Summary
  • How does eToro compare?
  • Naga Vs eToro
  • Final verdict
  • eToro opinion
  • How to make money on eToro?

eToro Reddit: what is eToro?

eToro is the world's largest and most popular copy trading platform with hundreds of thousands of users.
We can say that eToro is, without a doubt, one of the leading brokers in the world today.
Its product offering is: CFDs on stocks, indices, currencies, commodities and cryptocurrencies; and also cash shares.
For this reason and for the capabilities and services it offers with its brokerage product, it is one of the most interesting brokers for the trader and private investor today.
This broker was born in 2007 and soon became a reference for social trading in the world, attracting tens of thousands of traders and investors.
In 2015, it integrated its trading platform facilities (webtrader) with those of social trading (OpenBook), becoming the absolute leader in social trading in the world.
In 2016 it introduced Portfolios, which are investment portfolios managed with algorithmic systems and which have become very popular. Later they were renamed Copyportfolios.
Cryptocurrencies arrived in 2017, given the immense growth of that market.
Later he added the cash shares, taking a giant step to reach the leadership of the global brokerage market, where he is already the undisputed leader in social trading.

Is eToro Safe? Is it legit?

First to know is how the broker is regulated.
Etoro is originally from Cyprus and is registered and regulated by the CySEC of that country, as well as the English FCA and the Australian ASIC. It also has a presence in the United States through eToro LLC.
Likewise, eToro operates under the European MiFID license and is regulated to offer services in 40 European countries. It is also registered with the CNMV and in many other European regulations.
  • CySEC: 109/10
  • FCA: 7973792
  • ASIC: 491139
Within these regulations it enjoys the protection umbrellas of the respective organizations. For example, the UK FSCS insures accounts up to £85,000.
It is clear that eToro is a very strongly regulated broker. The definitive test is the introduction of the broker in the United States spot stock market, one of the strictest and most complicated in the world.
With regulations in Australia, the United Kingdom and Australia, we are dealing with a broker with the highest regulatory quality. Although it is not directly regulated in Spain, it is registered with the CNMV.
With all this it seems clear that eToro is not a scam. It is a broker with many years in the market and with a good reputation, not to mention that it seems almost impossible for a scam broker to be as regulated as this one.
Does this mean that eToro is a totally safe broker?
Well, like any other broker, bank, financial institution and therefore any company, it is not. This is normal. Any company can fall. In fact, in the past we have already seen how some of the largest brokers in the world in their sectors fell (MF Global, Refco or MtGox).
However, I have to say that considering its size, growth and popularity, I think it is one of the safest brokers in the world and I think there is less chance of going bankrupt.
This is helped by the fact that it is one of the absolute leading brokers in the digital model. More traditional profile brokers have to fear.

Is eToro a Market Maker or an ECN?

eToro is a market maker broker that claims to operate without a money table, regardless of market conditions. But it is also a direct access broker as it offers spot investment in stocks and ETFs.
eToro undertakes not to requote prices or change operations in any case.
This is a very interesting point because it is one of the issues that many traders worry about.
The truth is that practically all CFDs and Forex brokers operate under a market making model since they are either the market makers or the providers.
The fact that eToro is regulated by the FCA should give us the assurance that the broker is serious.

How to open an eToro account

Opening an account with eToro is extremely easy. We simply register on your website with our personal data and after verifying them in our email we will have access to the virtual account.
This virtual account can be used in a risk-free trading model for as long as you want. This is a very great advantage and it is one of the few brokers that offer such a capacity.
Let's see what the process of opening a demo account with eToro is like.

EToro demo account

One of the advantages of eToro is that it offers a demo account so you can test its social trading platform without putting your money at risk. Once you register you will have access to stocks, currencies, indices, commodities and even cryptocurrencies.
The demo account of eToro will help you learn to invest and become familiar with the platform. To do this, they put at your disposal 100,000 virtual $, with which you can open and close operations, make use of copy trading and gain experience before making the move to real money.
Demo account duration: no time limit

How to open a demo account on eToro
Opening a demo account on eToro is very simple , you just have to follow these steps:
  1. Access the demo account opening form.
  2. Create an account with your email or connect your Google account. This second option is faster.
  3. Set a username and password. Remember that these are the credentials with which you will log into your eToro account.
  4. Click complete your profile and follow the steps. They will ask for information such as your name, date of birth, ID or passport and a proof of address (for which you will have to attach an invoice, for example, that of electricity).
  5. Check your email and your phone number.
Once this is done, you will already have a 100% operational account on eToro. But wait a moment, before you start investing you must switch to virtual mode , that is, to demo mode.
Follow these steps to do it:
  1. Go to the menu on the left of the screen.
  2. Click on "Real"
  3. Click on "Virtual Portfolio"
From now on, you are in your eToro demo account with $ 100,000 to invest in the assets you want: stocks, cryptocurrencies, commodities, indices, ETFs ...
At the bottom of the screen you can see how much capital you have available, how much you have invested, what profit you have obtained and what value your portfolio has as a whole.

How to invest with the eToro demo account

If you want to start investing with the eToro demo account, you should know that you have 3 options to find assets:
  • Seeker
If you already know which asset you want to invest in, you just have to use the search engine to find it (it's in the top bar).
Once you have selected it, you will find a screen with very interesting information about the asset.
To invest in it, you have to click on the button that says “Invest”. Doing so will bring up a pop-up window in which you will have to edit your order.
  • Instruments section
In the menu on the left, you will find a section called "Instruments". If you click, you will find a screen with all the instruments you can invest in on eToro.
You just have to filter until you find the asset that best suits what you are looking for. To do this, we recommend that you use the "Filter" option that you will find at the top of the page.
Once you have found the asset that best suits you, you just have to click on it to access the "Invest" button that we talked about before.
  • Copy trading section
If you want, you can place your trust in some investors on the platform. In this way, they make the decisions and you just have to wait for the results.
To do so, you have 2 options:
  • The "People" tab in the main menu. In it you can filter what type of person you want to find by their nationality, type of investment and profitability.
  • The "CopyPortfolios" tab is quite similar, although in this case they are automatic portfolios that are created based on a sector or a specific investment strategy.
Either case, if you decide to opt for this type of investment, you just have to click on the "Invest" button and select the amount.
As you can see, eToro's demo account is one of the most complete on the market . If you are new to investing or you have just switched to this online broker, we recommend that you use it for a while to be able to familiarize yourself with the platform and thus avoid losing money due to lack of knowledge.
Once you are ready to take the step, you just have to switch to the real account and make a deposit to start investing.
>>>Visit eToro useful links

What countries does eToro support?

eToro supports account opening from most countries in the world except Iran, North Korea or Japan.

eToro USA?

One of the most surprising surprises of 2018/2019 was the possibility of opening accounts for clients from the United States who, from 2019, will be able to invest with eToro. However, they will not be able to trade CFDs, which are prohibited by that country authorities.
>>>Download the PDF with this review: click here

eToro minimum deposit

The minimum deposit is $200 and can be made by transfer, card, PayPal, Neteller, Skrill, WebMoney and GiroPay. After your first deposit, there is a minimum deposit amount of only $50.
Does eToro charge for deposits or withdrawals?
eToro does not charge a fee for depositing funds but does impose a fee of $ 5 for withdrawal.

eToro Reviews & how this broker works?

Here we enter the interesting part of eToro.
As a market broker, it works in the same way as any other broker in the CFD markets.
That is, we can negotiate the different titles available and hope that our investment decisions are correct in order to earn money.
What makes eToro different is its copy trading system , which is the idea behind the broker and its huge community of traders.
It is a very interesting system for both traders and potential investors.
If you are a trader and want to offer your talent, you can do it through eToro and aim to earn a lot of money.
As an investor, or a trader with little talent or time, we can look for the most popular and best traders and assign an amount to their operations in such a way that we will be "copying" what they operate and assigning a risk management that we will have to do.
As a summary of how the current program is , we have to:
It will be paid based on the volume of money under management. The commission is 2%.
So if we have 200 investors with accounts worth $ 400,000 a year following us, we can earn $ 8,000 that year.
As we can see, the potential is very great , especially if a lot of popularity is achieved and the number of copiers increases a lot.
The best way to see how this works is to join eToro and find out which are the leading traders in the market.
So what do you want to be? Trader or Investor? Copier or copied?
It is clear that the interesting thing about the model is being able to become a copied trader with a large volume of cash, with which you could earn a lot of money.
That would be the ideal.
But it is not always possible.
In fact, it is almost never possible.
Well, because investment activity is one of the most complex that exists and the vast majority of traders and investors in the short and medium term lose money.
To become a competent trader usually takes many years of experience and is still difficult.
However, do not be discouraged, everything is possible .
The easiest thing is to use the account as an investor and copy the most interesting traders while we are learning.
In fact, many traders or investors use a mixture of copying other traders and also trading; and the fact is that the eToro platform gives us great flexibility when it comes to doing these things, being able to choose the risk assigned to each position with ease.
This is because eToro is one of the most flexible brokers out there, which is a boon for the trader.
Now let's talk a little bit about eToro social trading.

eToro Copy Trading? How to spot the best traders to follow?
This is a variable that will vary greatly over time.
The amount of swings in it is very large, something that on the other hand is normal in financial markets.
An interesting way to search for the best traders on eToro is through its advanced search system.
In it we can put the criteria we want.
The main criterion that we must take into account is the number of copiers .
Other interesting criteria depending on your profile as an investor are the total return and the risk profile.
If we are looking for calmer but safe investors, we will do well to look for a low risk profile, no greater than 4.
If we want stronger emotions, the risk profiles of 5 and 6 are the ones that interest us. In fact, most leaders in terms of returns after two years are traders with risks of 5 and 6.
We are going to see two criteria as of the end of March 2021 (you can review these statistics at any time).
The first is the total return , thus looking for the most aggressive traders.
Let's see who leads that ranking after two years.
As we can see, we have quite interesting earnings.
However, you always have to look inside the profiles to see what positions they have and what way of operating they can have. For example if it is short term, medium term or if it is more in stocks or cryptocurrencies.
One thing usually happens between these traders:
That many of them are there by luck or by atypical operations. This makes it important to look at their portfolio and what they have done more or less.
We will find that most of your trading is of the inconsistent type .
However, you can always find an interesting trader.
For example, the trader Eddyb123 , who after several years has a profit of more than 600%.
However, the interesting thing is not that but the fact that it has a very interesting portfolio (“current portfolio”), with a fair balance since it has assets such as Amazon, Microfost and gold, among others.
Of the others that were in the first positions, none seems interesting once analyzed "from the inside". Maybe just filoki.

Best eToro Investors by Copiers in the Past

This analysis of the best eToro investors is from 2020, and as we can see from the results two years later, in 2021, many of them are still up there, so the criteria to see which were the most efficient was not so bad. This does not mean that this will continue like this in the future
This is the most logical criterion.
After all we are supposed to look for the most successful eToro investors and those should be none other than the ones with the most copyers.
In this case we can notice a detail. Those with the most copiers do not necessarily have to be the ones with the best return for the period.
In fact, some of the most popular have an average return of around 50%.
What are the best of these?
Of those observed in the first 6 or 7 positions, I think that those with a more interesting profile are:
  • JepperKirkBonde
  • Mariano pardo
The rest could be valid but they either depend a lot on cryptocurrencies or Forex, two assets that I prefer less than stocks or indices, for example.
A very interesting detail that we observe in these traders is that most operate with little leverage. For example, the two that I have mentioned do not use any, but buy cash.

What is the leverage level on eToro?

Well, as it is a fully regulated broker in Europe, it has to abide by the ESMA regulations.
It imposes a maximum leverage of 30: 1 for CFDs.
The same summarized is like this:
  • 30 to 1: Major Forex Pairs
  • 20 to 1: major indices, gold and minor pairs
  • 10 to 1: minor indices, commodities, exotic pairs
  • 5 to 1: actions
  • 2 to 1: cryptocurrencies
For cash stock investment we can use trading without leverage

eToro Copyportfolios

This is one of the most promising and successful launch that the eToro broker has had.
In a super-competitive market, with hundreds if not thousands of brokers, eToro continues to hold the leadership of the social trading market and undoubtedly among the first in global Forex and CFD trading.
And how do you get it?
Well, through a very good service, with a large number of markets and flexibility for all sizes of clients, and above all, for being the most innovative and dynamic broker in world social trading.
With products like Copyportfolios, eToro shows that it is also a leader in innovation, which perhaps explains why it is one of the global leaders in trading.
With this product, traders and investors will be able to invest and trade in such a way that they can choose from countless portfolios and similar strategies.
For example, they will be able to invest 10% of their portfolio in a portfolio of oil stocks, and 40% in a portfolio of small caps, with another 20% in a portfolio that includes the best Forex traders, and a 10% to the portfolio that replicates the best traders of 2020.
Do we see the advantage of being able to carry out a type of negotiation and investment in this way?
Not only do we have the typical ETF and sector CFDs, but we also have new portfolio packages that replicate the most dynamic sectors and niches on the market.
Many of these niches, and perhaps the best, are those of eToro's leading traders themselves, so that we can invest in portfolios made up of the best of them and following different criteria, so that no strategy or taste is left uncovered.
In this way, the possibilities of diversification are expanded, with the inherent advantages that this entails.
We can see how the Portfolios service works on the eToro page.

Investments Intruments

eToro offers trading CFDs on currencies, cryptocurrencies, indices, commodities, and stocks.
The best feature of eToro in terms of its products is the fact that it enjoys flexible trading, in such a way that we can negotiate in packages with great flexibility.
The standard package for trading is $50, which is the minimum for most instruments.
Depending on the market we have, we can apply the corresponding leveraged investment.
If we buy CFDs on shares we can choose to buy 50 dollars as a minimum value of a share without leverage. If we choose the maximum leverage we will be trading 250 dollars of that stock.
What eToro does is fractionate the securities in such a way that we can trade fractions of the securities.

eToro Stocks Trading

Stock markets are really popular on eToro.
In the beginning the broker was more focused on Forex, but over the years it has built a formidable stock offering.
First, it introduced CFDs on shares, adding products year after year, until today it reaches thousands of titles in the main stock exchanges of the world.
Later, it ended up introducing spot stock trading, in a giant step that undoubtedly makes it one of the world's leading brokers.
It can be traded on the stock markets of:
  • Nasdaq: 373
  • NYSE: 726
  • Frankfurt: 111
  • London: 313
  • Paris: 105
  • Madrid: 43
  • Milan: 43
  • Zurich: 17
  • Oslo: 17
  • Stockholm: 24
  • Copenhagen: 14
  • Helsinki: 9
  • Hong Kong: 112
  • Amsterdam: 37
  • Saudi Arabia: 1 (Aramco)
As we see there is access to the main markets. In the future it would be good to have a greater amount of securities on the Spanish continuous market.
The world's largest ETFs (151) can also be traded. The difference from stocks is that the minimum trading package is $ 200.
The same goes for index trading. The minimum trading margin on ETFs is 200 USD .
Shares can be traded both in the form of CFDs and spot securities. In both modalities, traditional commissions are not paid but the cost of the spread is negotiated, which is where eToro applies its commission.
In CFDs, you have to pay the market financing costs, while cash shares have no maintenance fees.

eToro Cryptos
One of the biggest bets in recent years by eToro has been the introduction of more and more cryptocurrency markets, trying to compete and take market away from exchange houses.
The eToro advantage in this regard?
Well, in eToro there are no cases of hacks or massive money thefts, which does happen frequently in decentralized crypto markets.
Today it offers:
  • 16 major pairs
  • 14 cryptocurrency crosses
  • More than 60 pairs with other currencies, mainly euro and pound
The offer is more than enough to make investment and operations in the medium term with these currencies.
This broker is presented as a valid alternative for investing in cryptocurrencies through CFDs, with somewhat higher spread costs but with greater security of long-term portfolios.
Visit eToro now to see the conditions of Bitcoin.


eToro has one of the best coomodities CFD deals on the market. In total there are 31 contracts to negotiate. In fact, it also has CFD contracts on futures of some such as oil, with which these complex markets can be traded indirectly.
The main commodity markets are:
  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Petroleum
  • Copper
  • Natural gas
  • Platinum
  • Palladium
  • Sugar
  • Cotton
  • Coconut
  • Wheat
  • Aluminum
  • Nickel
The spreads are quite attractive, but remember that eToro is not a broker specialized in algorithmic and high-frequency trading, where spreads are fundamental, but rather you are more suitable for medium and short-term operations.
You can see more about eToro commissions at this links.

eToro Trading Platform

This is one of the brokers that are characterized by having their own development platform .
Nothing to do with the vast majority of Forex and CFD brokers that depend on Metaquotes services (Metatrader 4 and 5).
At the beginning, this platform was called eToro Webtrader.
As the name indicates, it was an eminently web-type platform. In other words, it was not necessary to download the application for the PC.
Later they introduced eToro Openbook, which was an advanced version of the first that allowed to introduce more advanced management when using social trading.
For a time both platforms, Webtrader and Openbook, functioned separately but finally they were united in the integral platform of eToro, where everything is already traded comprehensively.
Mobile platform
A mobile-type platform is also available, which can be downloaded from Android and iOS devices.
This platform is basically the same as the web platform and allows you to trade with complete flexibility.

Training and education

eToro also has a training service, although I believe that in this sense nothing can beat its own social trading ecosystem.
What better way than to see what the best traders do and have done for months and years to learn how to trade?
This is something that differentiates it from other brokers which all offer the same: the typical training with tutorials, videos, webinars, etc. eToro offers so much more, and that is live learning.
Regarding education services, eToro has 3 bases:
  • The daily report, which we can say is one of the most followed in the entire broker market. There are so many clients of this broker that it enjoys a large number of followers on its website.
  • Daily summary of the markets
  • Market sentiment, where we can see the investment percentages up or down in each broker

eToro vs RobinHood (brief comparison)

Let's take a short look at some features of each broker. In the downloadable PDF with this review I included a full table with more extense data, download it HERE if you want.
  • In terms of fees – eToro is cheaper and more transparent than Robinhood.
  • In terms of supported currencies – also eToro.
  • In terms of regulatory compliance and licensing: Both are regulated and completely within legal frameworks of the respective localities where they’re operational.
  • In terms of customer support: Both are of similar quality so it is a tie.
  • Deposit and withdrawal methods: eToro wins this battle against any other platform, the plethora of payment methods is overwhelming.
  • When it comes to security in the Binance vs eToro battle: We call another draw as both seem to follow same practices and have similar track record (immaculate).
  • Trading features: another resolute win for eToro since their platform is feature-rich and leads the whole sector with innovations and new technologies.
  • Overall reputation: another tie since both enjoy fairly g
  • Good reputation in crypto community with sporadic complaints by individual customers.

eToro vs binance: crypto trading comparison
Aren't they both supposed to offer cryptocurrencies - the reason we're looking for information on these brokers?
Yes, but they both offer them in a different way:
  • Binance as an exchange house where we trade “real” cryptocurrencies
  • eToro as a CFD broker where we trade derivative securities on the prices of said cryptocurrencies, although it says that we are trading the real title. However, when it comes to trading we cannot see the market “flow” as with Binance, which makes it not seem the same
  • This first point already gives us an important difference when choosing between one broker and another.
Surely you will think that if this is so, it would be better to go with the broker that offers exchange with cryptocurrencies in a real way. That is, you have the cryptocurrency in your name in your private digital wallet.

Which broker is more secure, eToro or Binance?

You may think that Binance is safer because with eToro we are trading OTC derivative securities that are simply underlying the original security. That is, we are trading securities whose counterpart is eToro.
The latter does not like many people because it makes us in a model of pure market making.
However, in this case of cryptocurrencies - and much more than in any other - the fact that eToro is a market maker and Binance an ECN broker (which is only an intermediary) does not mean that the latter is better.
And it is not because of a very big problem with the cryptocurrency sector: the security of transactions and the digital wallet.
You can be sure that you have never heard that eToro or Interactive Brokers or a company like that has been hacked and the money has disappeared.
The opposite, however, is something common in the sector of cryptocurrency houses where hacks are the daily bread; and unfortunately Binance does not escape this scourge either, although I have to say that it is one of the most reliable and secure cryptocurrency houses so far and that is why it is where it is.
For example, in 2018 there was a hack in March, as we can see in this quora thread , as well as rumors of a major hack in the summer.
Although it seems that Binance anticipated the problems and secured the possible hacked money. I do not know how these issues would end, but the important thing is that we stay with the fact that hacks are common and affect even Binance.
The positive, I repeat, is that this company is one of the safest in the entire spectrum of cryptocurrency houses and has a reputation for protecting its clients' money at all costs.
On the other hand we have the issue of regulation.

Which of these two brokers is regulated?

Well, eToro is regulated by the English FCA (7973792), the Australian ASIC and the Cyprus CySEC , no less.
Binance does not have any such regulation.

Which of the two trading platforms is easier to use?

Honestly, eToro is a much easier platform to use, as the navigation is designed to trade in the broker's products.
In fact, if there is something wrong with this broker, it is "simplicity", since its interface is really easy and making operations is quite simple, although with a nuance. EToro trading works a little differently than the typical CFD, Forex or stock broker.
In the case of this broker we have to operate by depositing a minimum margin of 50 dollars, which is what will serve as the basis for trading and then we will have to choose how much we are willing to lose in the table that comes out.
It may seem a bit confusing to some but believe me, deep down it is a very simple system and we will get used to it very quickly.
The minimum to trade Bitcoin is $25 - In the case of Binance, the minimum to trade is 0.01 bitcoins.
As we see quite even.
Continuing with Binance, it offers us two exchange models, the basic and the advanced, and they consist of a graphics screen with market depth that at first glance can seem quite overwhelming, especially for novice traders who are not used to this. .
It is not that it is difficult but it does take a little more time to get used to managing how the order flow works and what we have to do in terms of placing stop or profit orders, which in eToro is easier.
That said, Binance offers a more real and direct trading experience, as we can see the depth of the market and some very good interactive charts, all on the same screen.
In the case of eToro, to see the charts we have to use a separate screen. In the case of this broker, when I want to see charts, I use an external application like Tradingview , which happens to be the same one that supports Binance charts.

Which broker is cheaper and better for trading? Binance or eToro?

This is the really important issue. Don't you think?
Let's do it then.
We are going to see the cost of trading Bitcoin in one broker and another. Although before continuing, for the record that this is a study carried out on a certain date and that depending on market conditions as well as those of the broker, things will have changed a lot in two or three years.
Today eToro offers cryptocurrency trading without commissions but only by charging the cost of the spread.
In this case we can see a bid ask (as prices change I am not puting the price, I'll just talk about the trding costs):
  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
Which gives us a spread of approximately 100 usd for BTC and fe 10.2 for ETH. This would be the cost of trading a Bitcoin on eToro or an Ethereum.
Let's see the cost of trading on Binance :
  • Typical Bitcoin spread: 0.25
  • Ethereum typical spread: 0.06
The commission of this exchange house would be 0.1% of the nominal, leaving:
  • Commission on 1 Bitcoin: 33.6 USD
  • Commission on 1 Ethereum: 2.12
Total cost on Binance of trading 1 BTC or ETH:
  • BTC: 30.85 USD
  • Ethereum $ 18
We can clearly see that the cost of trading one broker and another is really great.
Therefore the verdict here is clear:
If you want to do short-term trading of these cryptocurrencies, you'd better try it on Binance.
In eToro you could hardly do day trading with them, since the magnitude of the spread would make our stop have to be no less than 250 or 300 dollars in Bitcoin, and that is not a movement that we will usually see in day trading at today with these cryptocurrencies.
Where we can only trade with eToro is using swing trading strategies that last several days or in operations that last weeks, months or years, depending on our horizon.
In that case eToro is a perfectly valid broker.
In the case of very frequent trading, of the type closest to the daily, Binance is a much better option, without a doubt.


I think that this should be enough for you to have an idea of ​​which of these two brokers can be better for you.
In the end things were quite even, since it seemed that after the issue of commissions Binance had won on the street, but in the end eToro cut the differences with the offer of an excellent global product.
We are going to see the final summary of both brokers.
Binance Advantages
  • Smallest minimum deposit
  • Most advanced trading platform
  • Very low trading commissions
  • Huge variety of cryptocurrency pairs

eToro advantages

  • Regulated broker in FCA and ASIC
  • No hacking problems
  • Offers a leading copy trading solution
  • Huge variety of markets and other financial products

eToro Reddit Review & Final Opinion

eToro is one of the most successful trading companies in the world and a broker that I have used with an always satisfactory experience, being one of the favorite brokers when it comes to trading and investing in the financial markets.
A broker that due to my extensive experience in it does not give problems in withdrawing money and with whom we can have a lot of confidence.
Without a doubt, one of the most innovative brokers in the world.
His concept of social trading has been very successful, despite not having a very special platform. In fact, it is one of the simplest that we can find in the markets.
It is not especially focused on doing very frequent trading, but rather trading more of the swing type or for several days, which in our opinion is fine, since it is a type of trading where the chances of not losing are better, be a quieter type of trading.
There are many traders who are concerned with the issue of leverage and the fact that eToro complies with the ESMA regulations, which only leaves you with 30 to 1 leverage in Forex, maximum.
That is not a problem because it is more than enough leverage to be able to operate the financial markets with great power.
It is more as we saw in the section of the best investors of the moment, most of the ones with the most copyers do not use leverage or use very little. That is why it is something that we should not worry too much about.
The main thing as always is to trade well , or in the case of eToro to choose good investors to copy.
It is better to dedicate yourself to trading longer term than one day.
The spread has improved a lot in recent years, and this is something to welcome because we now have 1 pip spreads on the EURUSD, compared to 3 years ago.
Previously it was one of the most expensive brokers to operate in this regard and that is why day traders did not like it very much (the calmer traders have no problem with this).
But now it already has some great spreads that make it even competitive to be able to do more frequent trading of almost any type.
The problem here is that in these brokers there can always be significant variations in the spread at times of low liquidity, such as news and at night.
If you want to see opinions of eToro click on this eToro useful links.
One of the best innovations of recent times is the attack on the United States market, where I think it has great potential with copy trading.
Even if only in stocks, the professionalism of that market opens up new opportunities for eToro.


The best feature of eToro is its ability to become a popular trading provider and earn a living from it.
It is impossible to open an account with $1,000 and earn hundreds of thousands from it in just a few years.
That simply does not exist.
What we can do is be a good trader, attract potential copiers, and start making money with eToro. This can be achieved whether you are one of the best traders of a period, because you appear in their search engines, or because you are someone popular outside of eToro and you start promoting your user in the company, with which you would get a huge number of followers and you could win.
For the rest, remember the fact that a great advantage of eToro is the possibility of flexible trading on each instrument, something that no broker (or almost none) offers today and that seems to me a very important advantage of towards better risk management for small traders.


Advantages of eToro - Pros ✔️
  1. World's leading social trading broker
  2. Huge amount of assets and products
  3. You can invest in cryptocurrencies without leverage without financial cost and security
  4. Possibility of investing with maximum flexibility in all markets.
  5. It is a safe broker: regulated in the United Kingdom and the United States, among others
Disadvantages of eToro - Cons ❌
  1. Customer service sometimes does not respond as quickly as would be desirable
  2. It only has the proprietary platform, which is not valid for lovers of algorithmic trading and Metatrader 4
And thanks for taking the time to read!!!
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