Natalie REZNIKOV | Professor (Assistant) | PhD | McGill

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Weizmann Forex Ltd. From 1400 in jan to 540. Is anything wrong?

Guys, Does anybody have any insights on Weizmann Forex? Current stock price is 512. Numbers in Q4FY18 look bad(-86%) but otherwise it has been a consistent grower over the last few quarters.
Average return on equity 5Years: 21.67 %;
Average return on capital employed 5Years: 30.37 %
Debt to equity: 0.64
Sales Growth (3Yrs): 19.90 %
Promoter holding: 74.77 %
It was quoting at 110 in Jan 2017. Went to ~1400s In Jan 2018 and it corrected massively now. I read the AR of weizmann… studied their balance sheet and the only red flags I see are
a sudden increase in trade receivables to (5,741.34) in FY18 from (1,258.66) in FY17
Other comprehensive Income increase to 2,012.83 in FY18 from 650.14 in FY17.
Otherwise the company seems to be growing quite well over the past few years. No other information is available anywhere. Is anybody in the know of the what is happening?
They also recently announced a buyback of 3.77% at price of 702.
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Hướng dẫn chơi Binomo Forex trên điện thoại [Mới nhất 2019] - Binomo Việt Nam

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Reserve Bank of India has released a list of 34 forex brokers; which has been declared illegal

List of unauthorized forex trading apps and websites - RBI

Friends, recently the Reserve Bank of India has released a list of 34 forex brokers; which has been declared illegal.
Before releasing this list, RBI had done all checks regarding all transactions of all those forex brokers since February this year. Maybe this doesn't matter to you; Nevertheless, you should definitely check this list once.
So see if your forex broker is not on this list!
👉 Here's a full list of unauthorized forex trading apps and websites
  1. Alpari
  2. AnyFX
  3. Ava Trade
  4. Binomo
  5. e Toro
  6. Exness
  7. Expert Option
  8. FBS
  9. FinFxPro
  11. Forex4money
  12. Foxorex
  13. FTMO
  14. FVP Trade
  15. FXPrimus
  16. FXStreet
  17. FXCm
  18. FxNice
  19. FXTM
  20. HotFores
  21. ibell Markets
  22. IC Markets
  23. iFOREX
  24. IG Markets
  25. IQ Option
  26. NTS Forex Trading
  27. Octa FX
  28. Olymp Trade
  29. TD Ameritrade
  30. TP Global FX
  31. Trade Sight FX
  32. Urban Forex
  33. Xm
  34. XTB
Thanks for Reading.
Please share your take on this.
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RBI Alert List : Using these apps and websites will land you in legal trouble. This list includes popular apps like Octa Fx, Olymp Trade, Binono etc.

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Kronologi Indra Kenz yang sebenarnya?

I dont defend this douche guy, he deserve it for being an @sshole.
Tapi ada yang punya kronologi jelasnya dia sebenarnya ngapain sebagai affliator binomo? Gua cari di berita isinya di luar konteks dan isinya "diduga" dan ga jelasin kronologi urutannya sampe urusan pacarnya segala.
Ada yang bilang dia sebagai affliator meraup uang loss pemainnya. Gua ga ngerti soal app binomo tapi apa itu hasil loss bisa connect ke "kantong" dia? Apa dia jadi agen perantara ketiga macam judi bola?
Does binomo even legal? I mean its legal in India. Dan konsepnya nyambung ke forex kan?
Gua cuman pengen tahu aja ginian, bahkan telegram grup mayoritas kalangan "investor" begitu kan disangka tempat chat teroris dulu kan dan terus disuruh uninstall. I have trust issues because massive of propraganda we are facing rn.
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Apa nasehatmu untuk mereka yang terkena Fomo?

Gak bisa dipungkiri sepanjang tahun 2020-2021 banyak orang memulai investasinya karena influence sosial media. Beruntung bagi yang memulai investasinya lebih awal dan agak celaka bagi yang mulai investasinya di akhir-akhir tanpa tau konsekuensinya. Banyak kasus orang beli saham pake pinjol. Beli BTC, Altcoin pake utangan, uang arisan, bahkan sumbangan gereja.
my advice for you yang kena FOMO:
Miner musiman: Ketika crypto turun drastis di Januari-Februari 2022. Segera jual alat miningmu karena kamu harus menunggu 2024 untuk bisa panen. Karena ketika kamu beli mining rig sekarang harganya sudah naik berkali-kali lipat dari harga wajarnya. Perhitungkan kembali listrik yang harus kamu keluarkan, Gak BEP istilahnya. Contoh nyata Founder Rekeningku yang boncos bertahun-tahun karena nutupin biaya listrik dan beli mining rig kemahalan, baru panen akhir2 ini.

Robot trading: Royal Q , Forex dll. Robot trading is scam, jauhi sekarang sebelum terlambat. Janji manis seller Royal Q dan robot forex profit konisten itu gak ada buktinya 100% scam. Kisah nyata banyak yg bunuh diri karena tiba-tiba assetnya hilang diaveraging oleh robot. Jangan sampai kamu jadi korbannya

Trader Binomo, Binary option: Kamu yang baru memulai binary option, inilah saatnya dirimu keluar dari sistem jahat Judi 2.0 mungkin diawal kamu akan merasakan profit namun lama kelamaan akan susah dan tiba-tiba akun tersuspen tanpa sebab. Jelakanya gak ada yg bisa jamin akunmu balik karena Binomo dan lainnya jelas ilegal di Indonesia sehingga penyedia layanan tidak diketahui siapa.

Trader Saham musiman via signal telegram : Saham ada bull market dan bearish market, lengkapi dirimu dengan FA dan TA tambah bandarmology juga. Investing stock is about your move, bukan orang lain. Jadi pastikan semua keputusan investasi kamu yang buat bukan orang lain.

Trader Crypto: Bear market is coming, we need to understand what crypto still alive for next 4 Years(next halving) DCA still the best strategy for you. We will face the second Bull Run but dont fall for it to much, cause second bull run means next winter season.

note: I hope yall getting more profit and healthy. May the Force be with you
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I can only imagine how Alex feels about Kins and himself being on this now.

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Binomo web

A Forex buying and selling internet site will play an essential function if you need to begin an online enterprise trading currency in the market. That's due to binomo web the fact the Forex market internet site maybe your on a spot source of assist and information to realize extra approximately the Forex market and a way to benefit from it.
There are distinct styles of Forex trading websites. You have to recognize the differences among those websites so that you could have a simpler time finding the facts you want.
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Everything every BDS-hole should boycott but never will

So you want to boycott Israel?
So your organization has decided to boycott all products and services from Israel. Here is a list of activities that you now need to perform in order to comply with this boycott.
Part One – Technology and Food
First, remove all Intel Pentium and Celeron computer processor chips from personal computers (desktops, laptops and notebooks) as these were either developed or manufactured in Israel.
Note that the revolutionary new Ivy Bridge processor will be manufactured in Israel. Any computers running the Windows XT operating system must be turned off immediately as this was developed in Israel. All current Microsoft operating systems are not to be used as Microsoft is heavily reliant on its Israel R&D centre.
Step 2. Any computers that still work need to have their anti-virus software and personal firewalls removed as this technology originated in Israel. The organisation’s firewall will also need to be switched off. Staff should no longer open external emails as most of these will be infected with viruses. No outgoing emails can be sent. The algorithm (code) that’s used today for sending e-mails, was made by an Israeli who worked at the Ben-Gurion University in Be’er-Sheva in 1980.
Step 3. Discard all mobile phones, as this technology was developed in Israel, where the first mobile phones were manufactured. Mobile chip technology from a single Israeli company has now been installed in over 100 million devices. Only top-level staff may retain mobile phones for emergency situations. However the use of SMS (Texting) is expressly forbidden as this facility was developed in Israel. No 4G devices can be used, as the chipset is Israeli.
Step 4. Turn off your voice-mail service and delete any recorded messages. Israeli companies invented the voice-mail system. If someone you do not know answers your phone-call, then hang up. Israeli call-centres and call-centre technology is in widespread operation in the UK.
Step 5. Before accepting any printed material, check that the supplier has not used the Israeli device that might have saved up to 50% of the ink used.
Step 6. At home, do not use Facebook as many in-built and add-on applications are Israeli-developed. Do not watch videos on the Internet as the platform used to upload them may be from AOL and hence from an Israeli company. Do not use the Internet to search for answers to your questions as this may involve use of an Israeli-developed search engine. Better to remain unenlightened.
Step 7. On your TV or home entertainment centre, do not use Video On Demand (VOD) to watch movies as you may inadvertently see an advert displayed using Israeli software. Do not purchase any games devices as these are likely to use Israeli technology.
Step 8. Do not read books using an e-book as this may contain Israeli technology. Do not use data storage as it may have been developed at Israel’s storage technology R&D center.
Step 9. Do not buy an electric car as it is likely to be powered with an Israeli battery or use Israeli developed charging mats. Continue to sit in traffic knowing that you are polluting the environment and financing oil-rich despotic regimes.
Turning to food and drink, all food outlets on the organisation’s premises must dispose of cherry tomatoes, which were developed in Israel. Staff must ensure that no cherry tomatoes are included in sandwiches brought into office premises. The ban also applies to honey and any products derived from honey. Israel has developed solutions to the worldwide problem of bee-colony collapse, so that any products derived from bees might only be available now due to an Israeli invention.
Avoid drinking any of the world-recognized award-winning Israeli wines. Do not consume homemade drinks from Israeli-manufactured household drinks machines.
Avoid any fruit from South Africa or Peru as produce from these countries is being marketed with Israeli brand names.
No agricultural products from the following areas must be consumed as they use water irrigation and agricultural technology provided directly from Israel. This includes most of Africa, China, India, Indonesia (a Muslim country), Nepal and many others.
Much fruit and vegetables (including organic) imported into the UK has been enhanced using Israeli technology. This may save millions of people from starving around the world, but is not a good reason for you to eat it. To be safe, only eat fruit and vegetables that you have grown yourself using seeds that have been in your family for generations.
Part Two – Staff Health.
Destroy all personal medication. Israel’s Teva Pharmaceuticals, the largest generic drugs company in the world, will have manufactured many of your medicines. Staff with the following illnesses will need to take specific precautions.
Cancer – do not take any form of medication or treatment. Israeli scientists have been working at the forefront of oncology for decades.
AIDS and HIV – beware; researchers at Israel’s Weizmann Institute or Hebrew University developed or improved AZT and Hypericin-based drugs; they have also developed a treatment that destroys HIV-infected cells without damaging healthy ones.
Diabetes – do not measure or inject Insulin using the devices developed by Israeli scientists.
Multiple Sclerosis – stop taking Copaxone, one of the most efficient medicines and the only non-interferon agent, as Teva developed it. Don’t touch Laquinimod either.
Parkinson’s – remove the Israel-pioneered brain pacemaker to stop tremors. Discontinue Levodopa, which reduces motor disturbances. Cease sessions that involve magnetic cortex stimulation.
Staff with a family history of heart disease and arteriosclerosis must not use the Israeli device for early detection of these. Rather, wait until onset of the disease.
Epileptics – stop treatment that may have benefited from the Israeli discovery of the underlying mutant gene; also throw away the bracelet that sends out an alert when a person goes into seizure.
Staff or relatives with Age-related Macular Degeneration – remove Israeli implants that arrest the disease.
Liver disease – abandon Israeli-developed antibody immunotherapy treatments.
Emphysema – steer clear of the Israeli protein replacement therapy.
Myeloma – stop taking the drug Velcade, which was developed over a period of 30 years by scientists at Haifa.
Sleep apnea – no tests using the breakthrough Israeli device for diagnosis.
Dyslexics must not benefit from the Israeli Internet-based reading system.
Skin allergies must be treated with steroid creams only, as the new safer non-steroid alternative is Israeli.
Any incident of stroke or head trauma or onset of Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, MS, epilepsy, glaucoma or brain tumor must avoid using any of the Weizmann Institute’s patented methods of treatment.
Before any surgery or medical tests, check that hospital catheters have not been protected from infection using the new plastic from Israel that disables microorganisms. Avoid throat surgery as this may utilize Israeli surgical lasers.
Ensure any colonoscopy or gastro investigation does not use internal Israeli cameras such as the Pillcam. Never undergo surgery to install an artificial heart, as the first artificial heart transplant took place in Israel.
Kidney transplant patients must wait for donors of the same blood group as only Israel’s revolutionary new methods allow donors from other blood groups. Staff of Arab origin must not make use of the only database for matching potential Arab donors of bone-marrow – in Israel.
In the event of a spinal injury or disease, do not accept spinal implants – likely to be an Israeli product or development. Heart rhythm problems must not be solved with the Israeli-developed heart pulse generator. All heart stents are off-limits as most of these originate from Israeli medical companies.
Check all vaccines as many of these have been developed in Israel. Ensure that all X-rays do carry a radiation risk, as the only radiation-free system is Israeli. Treatments derived from Stem Cell research must be avoided as most of these are Israeli-developed.
If you or your family are struck with a bacterial infection, do not take alternatives to older, ineffective bacteria-resistant antibiotics, as an Israeli discovery will have been responsible for the modern, effective drugs. Check that any pain relief medication is not based on soya as an Israeli doctor discovered the beneficial effect of the soya bean.
Do not use the revolutionary new Israeli bandage that saved the life of Arizona senator Gabriella Giffords after she was shot in the head. If you break a bone badly, reject any treatment that involves introducing collagen, as this may have been manufactured from Israeli plants.
Do not protect babies and infants from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome with the Babysense system from Israel.
Do not use Epilady (or epilator) – two Israelis invented this hair removal device.
Finally, reject all major dental treatment, as your teeth may need to be scanned with an Israeli-developed dental scanner.
Part Three – Dealing with People.
When interviewing prospective new staff or holding meetings with members of the public or with individuals from other companies, it is vital that you check whether they originate from, or are associated with the following countries and areas. You must ensure that you do not have any contact with people who have benefited from Israel’s aid to those countries. The organization must avoid any possible acknowledgment of Israel’s contribution to world relief. In addition, you must obtain a formal statement from the government of these countries that Israeli aid was not responsible for the production or development of any goods and services supplied to the organization.
These locations include:
Japan (As well as rescue teams, Israel supplied Geiger counters and Israeli thermal imaging cameras are monitoring the reactor cores – Mar 2011)
Ghana (has been receiving technological aid from Israel since 2006; Israel is now providing neonatal units to save many of the 4,800 babies that die each year – Mar 2011)
New Zealand (Israel sent several rescue teams, temporary shelters and water purification systems following the Christchurch earthquake in Feb 2011)
Chile, whose rescued miners were treated to a tour of Israel as part of their “Pilgrimage of Thanks” (Feb 2011)
Vietnam, whose milk industry is being totally transformed using high-yield Israeli cows (Feb 2011)
Uganda (Israeli solar-powered refrigerators were provided to store v1accines used to eliminate an outbreak of Polio from the country in Jan 2011)
Kenya (Israel’s Agency for International Development built a state-of-the-art Emergency Room in a hospital serving 6 million Kenyans in Jan 2011)
The Maldives (although non-Islamic worship is banned here, Israeli eye-doctors performed free operations for citizens in Dec 2010)
Philippines (signed major trade agreement with Israel in Nov 2010)
Romania (Israeli doctors treated babies following fire at a neonatal unit – Sep 2010)
Cameroon (Ophthalmologists from Haifa restored vision to patients and trained local medical teams in these procedures – Aug 2010)
The Congo (Israel were the first burn specialists on the scene following the oil tanker fire disaster in July 2010)
Angola (mines cleared by Israeli technology – July 2010)
Mississippi (bio-remediation technique used to clean up after oil spills was developed in Israel)
China (a major purchaser of Israeli technology, and recipient of medical aid and training)
South Africa (Israelis trained their doctors to perform circumcisions to prevent the spread of AIDS – July 2010)
Haiti (Israel set-up the largest field hospital to treat victims of the 2010 earthquake, the hurricane and the cholera outbreaks and provided vital assistance for over a year)
Sri Lanka (Israel conducted a massive airlift with food, 50 medical staff and rescue teams only 48 hours after the Tsunami in Dec 2004)
India (Israel sent an fully-equipped field hospital following Gujarat earthquake in Feb 2001)
El Salvador (Israel relief aid following earthquake in 2001)
Georgia (Israel contributed food and seeds for farmers following severe drought in 2001)
Turkey (Israel relief aid following earthquake in 2000)
Mozambique ((Israel relief aid following floods in 2000)
Colombia (Israel sent medical aid and food following earthquake in 1999)
Venezuela (President Chavez has forgotten Israel’s aid following floods of 1999)
Central America (Israel sent emergency medical aid teams and equipment to help victims of Hurricane Mitch in 1998)
Pakistan (2005) and Peru (2007) both accepted aid from Israeli NGOs following earthquake disasters.
Peru’s hydro-electric power plants are also being built and run by an Israeli company.
Rawanda, Mexico, Chad, Sudan (Darfur) and Malawi all have received humanitarian aid from Israel, including medical assistance from Israel’s NGO IsraAID.
Always remember that the boycott extends to any individuals from the above regions that have been exposed to Israeli assistance during the 63 years existence of the current Jewish State.
Part Four – Other Impacts.
-Reject all products from the USA. Analysis conducted in a typical US stateshows that Israeli innovations were responsible for $2.4 billion in direct revenue to that state’s economy in 2009 and generated nearly 6,000 jobs.
-Do not tutor your children in advanced Mathematics techniques, which may have originated in Israel. Also, if these techniques are used in your children’s schools, withdraw your children immediately.
-Keen ornithologists should consider giving up their hobby as many rarespecies stop off or reside in Israel during their twice-yearly migration.
-Do not watch the new series of NCIS as one of the actresses is Israeli.
-Avoid going to any football matches featuring teams with Israeli players.
-Destroy all your recordings of Madonna, Bob Dylan, Simon & Garfunkel, Deep Purple, Bon Jovie, Justin Bieber, George Benson, Moby and many, many more artists who have ridiculed the illogical boycott and have proudly performed (or will shortly perform) concerts in Israel.
-Destroy any recordings of U2, Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Bruce Springsteen, Beck, Rihanna Coldplay and any artist whose music has been recorded using the sound technology of the Grammy Award winning Israeli company Wave Audio. You also must get rid of any personal copies of Shrek,American Beauty and Star Wars. Do not trust anything recorded by Sony, JVC, Toshiba or Dell.
-Don’t go to see The Black Swan with Natalie Portman, or watch any old films with Elizabeth Taylor – both lovers of the Jewish State.
-Do not stay in hotels or visit shopping centers owned by Israeli companies (sorry, you will need to check which ones yourself).
-Do not have anything to do with the banks who are using Israeli software to prevent fraud.
-Do not use any credit or debit card as the Security monitoring system used by the credit card companies is likely to be Israeli.
-Do not buy an engagement ring containing a diamond as it is possible that this may have been cut in Israel.
-Do not travel by air, as your plane might get towed by the Israeli-built “Taxibot.”
-Do not use public transport inside Amsterdam, Moscow or Northern Chinain case you benefit from Israeli transportation devices.
-If you suffer a power or network failure, be grateful that at least you haven’t installed the Israeli system that prevents power outages.
-Finally, you need to leave all your taps running when you leave home and must never flush your toilet, because Israel provides water-saving technology to over half of the planet. It also is providing sewage treatment technology across the world, including to the UK. It should be obvious by now that all the measures specified in Parts 1 – 4 of this series of blogs will inevitably mean that your organization and your staff will be completely unable to function. Let’s therefore hope that the decision by your organization to boycott Israeli products is flushed down the toilet of history.
Thanks to the wonderful Michael Ordman!
Further Information
From 1966 onward Coca-Cola has been a staunch supporter of Israel. Recently the Government of Israel Economic Mission honored Coca-Cola at the Israel Trade Award Dinner for its continued support of Israel for the last 30 years and for refusing to abide by the Arab League boycott of Israel.
Swiss food giant Nestle will set up a global research and development center for snack foods next year in Sderot, a town in Israel’s Negev desert, the Maariv newspaper reported on Sunday. Nestle owns 50.1 percent of Israeli food maker Osem Investments and the two together produce snack foods at a plant in Sderot.
The Disney Company is owned by Jewish Mogul Michael Eisner. He owns a vast media empire that includes the ABC television network, numerous news dailies, national magazines, Hollywood film companies and a large number of radio stations. One radio station in Los Angeles, KABC 790 AM recently broadcast comments by Jewess Gloria Alred to the effect that the Islamic prisoners at Guantanamo should be tortured by having their “balls” extracted with pliers in order to make them talk. The news and commentaries made through Michael Eisner’s media octopus are extremely Islamophobic and anti-Palestinian.
In 1998 Mr. Robert P. Van der Merwe, chairman of Kimberly-Clark Europe received the Jubilee Award by the Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu. This is the highest tribute ever awarded by the “State of Israel” in recognition of those individuals and organizations, that through their investments and trade relationships, have done the most to strengthen the Israeli economy.
In 1998, Mr. Lucien Nessim of Sara Lee Personal Products received the Jubilee Award by the Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu. This is the highest tribute ever awarded by the “State of Israel” in recognition of those individuals and organizations, that through their investments and trade relationships, have done the most to strengthen the Israeli economy
I think, you need the whole world to boycott All these Israeli Products. If you can! Haha.

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MT5 Binary options signal Indicator with Sound Alert

MT5 Binary options signal Indicator with Sound Alert
MT5 Binary options signal Indicator with Sound Alert
Description: This MT5 indicator creates a sound alert as soon as a major trend kicks in.
Signals can be used for IQ Option, Olymp Trade, Pocket Option, and Binomo
Strategy: 3 SMA with Engulfing Candle pattern
Time Frame: 1 Minute Candlesticks MT5 platform
Expiry: 5 Mins expiry
Call option: when Blue Up direction arrow appears.
Put option: When Red down direction arrow appears.
Type: Binary options Forex only
Mode: Can be used with MT2 trading Bot or Just on the regular MT5 Chart
Works with MT4: No [if required, need a weeks time to develop for MT4]
Price: USD 35
Winning Percentage: 85% winning ratio during New York/ London Session
Email us at '[email protected]' for payment details if you need this MT5 indicator. #binarypriceaction #MT5indicator #iqoption #binaryoptions #priceaction
MT5 binary options indicator with call and put signals and sound alert
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My Ideal S7 Layout

This is how S7 would play out in MY perfect world.
Characters we see again that were not featured in S6: SoSo Boo Meth Heads Pornstache (in regards to Daya’s baby)
Ending by character:
NICKY NICHOLS Stays sober. Remains Lorna’s pillar of strength after the assumed miscarriage. Avoids the D-block drama and “Daddy’s Girls”. Begins a relationship with Lorna. Gets Out.
LORNA MORELLO (ideally) doesn’t have a miscarriage (realistically) has a miscarriage Falls apart. Figures out her sexuality. Begins a relationship with Nicky. Actually faces her mental issues head on instead of her “craziness” being used as comic relief. Avoids D-block drama/possibly gets moved to Florida. Gets Out.
ALEX VAUSE Is hopeful after Piper gets out. Starts studying and getting her life together. Somehow gets brought back into the violence. Becomes kingpin of C-block with Red by her side. Becomes a “Barb” type of leader as opposed to a “Carol” type of lead where she keeps her hands clean and has a soldier on the field doing her dirty work. Doesn’t get time added but gets some kind of life scare like someone trying to kill her (Badison). Gets out right before Badison attempts to kill her again. Piper and Alex have their happy ending.
FLACA GONZALES I honestly don’t care. I mean I don’t want anything bad to happen to her. She can stay in prison cracking jokes all damn day, idc.
BLACK CINDY Finally has the guts to tell someone (someone of authority) what she heard in the pool. No one listens. She finally gets wind to tell Joe Caputo (see Joe Caputo). Suzanne also tells the TRUTH and can stop fogging up her head. Due to their actions, Cindy’s relationship with Tastyee is redeemed.
SUZANNE WARREN Suzanne find out about Kukidio’s death. She struggles to understand and to not blame herself. Pennsatucky is with her constantly through her struggle and even Frieda reaches out to help her. She ends up finding peace with the situation and finally gets to tell the TRUTH about what happened in the pool with Cindy. She is free of the demons that have been haunting her since the riot. She shows maturity and proves to not be a child.
JOE CAPUTO Joe keeps fighting for justice. Piper’s release helps keep his hope alive and adds credibility to their case. Cindy and Suzanne reach out to Joe and tell what happened in the pool with the officers and Piscatella’s body. Joe confronts the SWAT guard (the one who assaulted him in the court house stairwell) once again. They have a scuffle but somehow Joe overpowers him and gets the truth. He records him telling the truth about Piscatella’s death. Tastyee’s sentence is appealed. She rejoins general population at Litchfield prison and becomes a stigma in the Black Lives Matter movement.
PENNSATUCKY She becomes a friend to Suzanne and protects her. She stays in Florida because Linda is a coward who won’t ruin her reputation. She realizes that Donuts is no good for her and she finds value in herself. (She has come SUCH a long way as a character. I love her but she was awful. Remember Season 1???)
NORMA MENDOZA Gets out of SHU. She now knows the truth about how corrupt ALL guards are. Luschek (if he returns) tries to reconnect with her. She’s not having it. She fights the fight against the system with Piper and Caputo from within. She tells them what is going on inside the prison. She eventually gets out and sees her son(s)(Bennyyyy).
DADDY Becomes the D-block leader. Can’t handle the pressure (still looking for a pipeline since Heilman is only dealing w C-block) but hides it. Becomes overwhelmed in it. Eventually, someone dies as a result to something she did or didn’t do(similar to her flashback).
DAYANARA DIAZ Become Daddy’s top girl. Lets the status/power get to her head and messes with the wrong bitch. She gets a reality check this season that she is not invincible. Somehow she will end up dead. I think it’ll be a result of some laced drugs due to a conflict Daddy has with someone/C-block.
ALEIDA DIAZ Makes enough money to get her kids back. Hears about Dayanara’s death and decides to stop dealing. Hopper can’t deal with having all her kids around and kicks her out. She struggles to find a job once again and falls into her old pattern of finding guys to shack up with. She begins a relationship with a bad guy because he can provide for her and swears it’s temporary but history repeats itself.
RICK HOPPER Kicks Aleida our after her kids come to live at his house. Feels guilty about the drugs after seeing Daya die. Considers turning himself in which causes Aleida and her new man to threaten/harass Hopper. Hopper eventually quits and helps the case against the system.
TASTYEE JEFFERSON Goes away for her life sentence ((think she said something last season about not being able to stay at Litchfield if she was found guilty (even though she pulled into Litchfield Max in the finale)). Black Cindy and Suzanne’s testimony + Piper’s memoir + Mendoza’s help from the inside results in Tastyee’s charges appealed. She returns to general population at Litchfield Max. After hearing what Cindy did, her relationship is restored. We get to see at least one Black Cindy and T scene where they crack jokes like in the happy Poussey days. She becomes a stigma for the Black Lives Matter movement.
RED REZNIKOV Gets released from SHU. Teams up with Alex for leadership over C-block. Regrets not getting to see her grandkids. Realizes that life in prison should not take precedent over her family on the outside. Redeems her friendship with Frieda + at least one mention of the “Golden Girls”. Gets to see Nicky released.
BADISON MURPHY Tries to take control of C-block. Is unsuccessful and becomes the antagonist when Alex and Red become in charge. Badison has her own small circle of minions who are solely faithful to her and who do everything in their power to gain control by trying to kill Alex. In the end, she is unsuccessful and finally gets what she deserves when Alex just punches her square in the face with no warning. Her final scene is her being dragged off camera by the COs screaming with blood all over her face.
BLANCA FLORES Is sent to an ICE deportation facility. Is heartbroken and realizes how unfair life is (use Piper for opposition). Is deported. Has almost given up but when she arrives back in Mexico, Diablo is there waiting on her with flowers. She smiles the biggest smile OITNB has ever seen.
PIPER CHAPMAN Struggles with her new profound knowledge of white privilege and hates to see it portrayed throughout her family back at home. Realizes how lonely she is without Alex (no longer friends with Polly, no Larry). Teams up with Joe Caputo to get justice for Tastyee and all the inmates in regards to Piscatella’s death. Writes her memoir.
CO LUSCHEK/MCOLLOUGH/WARD/BLAKE/DIXON Luschek omes back and tries to reconnect with Mendoza and is unsuccessful. Realizes how what he is doing is messed up. Basically leads the “revolt” of the guards along with McCollough, Blake, Dixon and Tameka Ward. They finally stand up and testify against the other guards and themselves. McCollough deals with her PTSD and finds a balance. Ward deals with her guilt over Tastyee and finally picks what side of the fence she wants to be on ((good vs evil (morally good vs morally evil)). Dixon becomes a friend to Pennsatucky and somehow will have to choose between that and his job.
MARIA RUIZ She ended S6 with choosing against violence by convincing CO McCollough to have the inmates re-pick teams. She receives a teeny little bit of backlash from that from minor characters like Annalisa and the other blonde “Daddy’s girl”. Everyone else in unfazed and just happy that there is no violence for the moment. Ruiz stays out of trouble and picks up her religious walk. In a flash forward, she gets out a few years early for good behavior and we get to see her meet her daughter.
FRIEDA BERLIN Somehow rejoins general population, (either by choice or force) ironically, C-block. She is very fearful until she realizes that Carol’s crew isn’t so much in charge anymore. She redeems her relationship with Red but her paranoid nature causes her to devise a plan that send her comfortably back to Florida.
NATALIE FIGUEROA Keeps up her relationship with Joe Caputo and even helps him take down the system and Polycon. Finally opens up to him and shows him the real her. Goes OFF on Linda!
LINDA FERGUSON Becomes even more money hungry. Her ICE facilities have bad conditions. She is ruthless towards Joe and risks everything for career. In the end she loses and she gets either 1) told off or 2) slapped by Natalie Figueroa.
EDIT: I stated that Taystee would be a “stigma” in the BLM movement. I was incorrect concerning the meaning of the word. I meant that Tastyee would be the face/pillar of the BLM movement
submitted by SpeakingStraightReal to orangeisthenewblack [link] [comments]

IQ Option là gì! IQ Option có thực sự kiếm được tiền

IQ Option là gì? Hình thức hoạt động ra sao?

IQ Option là một sàn giao dịch quyền chọn nhị phân (Binany Option). Quyền chọn nhị phân nghĩa là bạn chỉ có 2 lựa chọn trong quá trình giao dịch. Giao dịch quyền chọn nhị phân như IQ Option, Olymptrade luôn là vấn đề đang được tranh cãi nhiều người bởi mức độ rủi ro của nó cao. Bạn chỉ có thể UP/DOWN (Tăng/Giảm) trong một khoảng thời gian nhất định. Nếu bạn chọn đúng bạn thắng, chọn sai bạn thua mất tiền. Tuy nhiên, so với đầu tư forex, hay chứng khoán, giao dịch quyền chọn rất dễ chơi, cùng cách tiếp cận đơn giản và số nạp tiền tối thiểu thấp. Điều này đã làm cho ai cũng có thể tham gia, thử trải nghiệm giao dịch quyền chọn.
Sàn IQ Option cung cấp nền tảng chơi nhị phân dựa trên biến động của các cặp tiền tệ quốc tế, chứng khoản, tiền ảo… dưới dạng chỉ số. Kiểu như bạn mua cổ phiếu hay mua bitcoin nhưng theo kiểu chỉ đánh vào chỉ số chứ bạn không thực nhận giá trị ấy. Chỉ số bạn đánh đúng xu hướng tăng hoặc giảm trong khoảng thời gian 1 phút, 5 phút, 15 phút thì bạn thắng. Sai xu hướng đường đi của chỉ số thì bạn thua.

Đánh giá sàn IQ Option với những sàn Binary Option khác

IQ Option hiện tại đang là sàn môi giới quyền chọn nhị phân (Binary Option) lớn nhất Châu Âu và có thể nói là sàn môi giới uy tín nhất Thế giới trong lĩnh vực này. Theo thống kê của Similarweb thì đứng ở vị trí 5 trên toàn cầu cao hơn cả Olymp Trade, Binomo,…

Có nên đầu tư chơi IQ Option hay không?

Đầu tư kiếm tiền phải có kế hoạch. Không đơn giản chỉ là đăng ký tài khoản, nộp tiền vào là phát sinh lãi ngay. Bạn cần phải trang bị kiến thức, tâm lý, làm quen với ứng dụng bằng tài khoản Demo. Tìm hiểu các chỉ số, cách đọc số liệu để có thể đưa ra những nhận định đúng về xu hướng tăng hay giảm trong giao dịch quyền chọn nhị phân được.
Ngoài ra, phải có kế hoạch cho việc mình đầu tư chơi. Phải đưa ra những kịch bản xấu nhất để mình không bị mất kiểm soát nhé! Vì là đầu tư thì sẽ có thắng thua, mất trắng. Không nên nhìn vào những tài khoản facebook khoe tiền, thắng ngàn đô mà chơi theo mất trắng nha. Bây giờ, có những nhóm trade IQ Option theo tín hiệu singal hoặc theo trade iq option bằng Robot auto. Theo bạn thì tỉ lệ win mỗi giao dịch là bao nhiêu? Nên hãy tỉnh táo trước mọi thông tin nhé!
Đọc đến đây nếu bạn muốn thử nghiệm thì hãy đăng ký thử một tài khoản demo mà thực hành nha! Link bên dưới.
submitted by iqoptionsvietnam to iqoptiontips [link] [comments]

RaidenBO Là Gì? RaidenBO Lừa Đảo? Kiếm Tiền Từ RaidenBO

RaidenBO Là Gì? RaidenBO Lừa Đảo? Kiếm Tiền Từ RaidenBO


RaidenBO — Binary Options (Quyền chọn nhị phân) hay Trade BO là gì?

Binary Options có nghĩa là Quyền chọn nhị phân hay thường được các nhà giao dịch gọi là Trade BO, một số tên gọi khác như quyền chọn kép, quyền lựa chọn kỹ thuật số, quyền chọn lãi cố định. Đây là hình thức dự đoán giá trị của các tài sản (như vàng, chứng khoán, cổ phiếu,Tiền Điện Tử v.v.. ) sẽ biến động như thế nào trong một khoảng thời gian nhất định. Dựa vào sự tăng hoặc giảm của loại tài sản này mà nhà đầu tư sẽ chọn loại đầu tư phù hợp để kiếm lời.
Quyền chọn nhị phân áp dụng cho thị trường ngoại hối, thị trường phi tập trung toàn cầu cho việc trao đổi các loại tiền tệ. Thông thường người mua quyền chọn nhị phân sẽ đưa ra dự đoán giá của loại tài sản sẽ di chuyển theo hướng nào tại thời điểm mua — tăng hay giảm. Nếu giá di chuyển đúng hướng, người chơi sẽ có lợi nhuận, nhưng nếu giá di chuyển sai hướng, người chơi sẽ phải chịu rủi ro mất chi phí của quyền chọn nhị phân. Dựa trên các tính năng đặc biệt của nó, thị trường Binary Option ngày càng trở nên phổ biến hơn. Binary Option cho phép nhà giao dịch biết trước khoản lời cũng như số vốn họ có thể bị lỗ trước khi vào lệnh, nhờ vậy họ có thể kiểm soát nhiều hợp đồng giao dịch cùng lúc một cách dễ dàng.

Tính hợp pháp của Binary Option tại Việt Nam

Việc kinh doanh quyền chọn nhị phân chưa có quy định của pháp luật ở bất kỳ quốc gia nào. Hiện nay có thể tham gia kinh doanh quyền chọn nhị phân một cách hợp pháp ở Việt Nam. Khác với thị trường ngoại hối, thị trường quyền chọn kép không thuộc quản lý của Ngân hàng Nhà nước Việt Nam.

Binary Options (Trade BO) có lừa đảo không?

Binary Options (Trade BO) thực chất thì không phải là một trò lừa đảo, nó còn là hợp pháp chứ không phải phi pháp. Trade BO thường được so sánh với Forex (thị trường ngoại hối) hay thị trường chứng khoán, tuy nhiên, đây là hai hình thức khá khác nhau. Đối với các thị trường tuyền thống như Forex hay chứng khoán, khi bạn mua thì sẽ có người bán đối ứng. Tiền được chuyển từ người này sang người khác. Các công ty chỉ có vai trò trung gian ăn hoa hồng thông qua các lệnh của bạn.
Giao dịch Quyền Chọn không giống các thị trường truyền thống. Chính vì thế, có tồn tại 1 nhà cái đứng ở phía sau. Nghĩa là những sàn Giao dịch Quyền Chọn chính xác là 1 nhà cái. Và khi bạn chơi Quyền Chọn, bạn trở thành player (người chơi), còn nhà cái là 1 banker.

RaidenBO là gì ?

RaidenBO hay Wefinex2 chính là sàn giao dịch quyền chọn nhị hứa hẹn tạo nên cách mạng tài chính 1 lần nữa giúp bạn thay đổi cuộc đời khi đã lỡ mất cơ hội tham gia sàn Wefinex thời điểm mới ra mắt hồi tháng 4.
Một số site BO cũng có thể đi sự thành công của Wefinex và quảng bá rằng đó là Wefinex 2 thì mình có thông tin chắc chắn từ những leader lớn của Wefinex là RaidenBO sẽ là wefinex 2. RaidenBO sẽ vẫn có những điểm mạnh và khắc phục hoàn toàn những điểm yếu của Wefinex hiện tại.
Đây là cơ hội dành cho:
  • Những ai bỏ lỡ cơ hội làm giàu từ đầu với wefinex
  • Những ai mong chờ sự ra đời của #WE2 để xếp chỗ thật sớm.
  • Những ai đang làm tài chính thua lỗ và chưa thành công
  • Những ai đang muốn thay đổi cuộc sống và trở nên siêu giàu.

RaidenBO là gì ? Các kênh kiếm tiền với RaidenBO .

Giao dịch — Cách giao dịch RaidenBO — RaidenBO giao dịch ra sao?
Mô hình nhị phân tương tự như Binomo, IQ, Olymtrade nhưng lợi nhuận là 95% và không có M5 M15, M30 hay H1.
Tiền sử dụng là đồng USDT thông dụng hơn so với đồng Win của wefinex .
Nạp rút quy đổi ra các đồng tiền điện tử khác như Bitcoin(BTC), ethereum(ETH) , Tether ( USDT ) sau đó có thể quy về VNĐ trên các sàn giao dịch Remitano,Aliniex v.v…
Lượng trader giao dịch lớn và lệnh đóng mở được lưu lại nên bạn yên tâm giao dịch. Nến sàn chạy kết hợp của 3 sàn: Binance, Okex, CoinBase.
Chỉ có duy nhất BTC/USDT không có biều đồ cặp tiền hay hàng hoá khác
Giao dịch trên RaidenBO cũng đơn giản, chọn TĂNG ↑ hoặc GIẢM ↓ trong vòng 30s. Sau đó, chờ kết quả thị trường cũng tương tự 30s.
Bước 1: Đặt số tiền cược USD (Mỗi lần đặt lệnh hoặc load lại sẽ mặc định là 10$ các bạn chú ý sửa trước khi vào lệnh
Bước 2: Hãy đặt lệnh 30s, chọn TĂNG hoặc GIẢM
Bước 3: Chờ kết quả 30s
  • Thua số tiền cược
  • Thắng: 95% số tiền cược. VD: Cược 100$ thì sẽ được 95$

Lời Kết

Việc 1 sàn đã tạo được thành công lớn như Wefinex ra mắt thêm sàn giao dịch mới như RaidenBO chắc chắn sẽ tạo nên cơn sốt trên thị trường đặc biệt là thời điểm cuối năm 2020 như hiện nay .
Hứa hẹn nhiều triệu phú đô la thế hệ 2.0 sẽ ra đời tương tự Wefinex , Eagle Capital tự hào là đội nhóm đi đầu thông tin về dự án RaidenBO . Để biết thêm thông tin một cách sớm nhất anh em có thể tham gia các kênh thông tin của RaidenBO Group tại đây :
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Characters by Number of Spoken Lines

I log how many lines each character has because I'm a stats nerd. A line is any uninterrupted dialogue until someone else talks or the scene or conversation changes; the number of times each person talks. I do it while I watch and it is not very time consuming beyond entering the numbers in Excel for 5 minutes to add them up after each season. Here are the results for the series to date:
1. Piper Chapman - 2943 2. Joe Caputo - 1354 3. Galina "Red" Reznikov - 1077 4. Alex Vause - 1064 5. Taystee Jefferson - 1028 6. Poussey Washington - 938 7. Nicky Nichols - 914 8. Cindy Hayes - 830 9. Lorna Morello - 762 10. Tiffany Doggett - 745
11. Sam Healy - 738 12. Suzanne Warren - 711 13. Carrie "Big Boo" Black - 613 14. Dayanara Diaz - 600 15. Larry Bloom - 586 16. Gloria Mendoza - 519 17. Aleida Diaz - 477 18. Marisol "Flaca" Gonzalez - 442 19. Sophia Burset - 433 20. John Bennett - 432
21. Brook Soso - 408 22. Maritza Ramos - 385 23. Maria Ruiz - 369 23. Joel Luschek - 369 25. Lolly Whitehill - 368 26. Judy King - 364 27. Janae Watson - 350 28. Yvonne "Vee" Parker - 342 29. Leanne Taylor - 333 30. Jane Ingalls - 286
31. Yoga Jones - 267 32. Charlie Coates - 262 33. Angie Rice - 250 34. Natalie Figueroa - 243 35. George Mendez - 226 36. Wanda Bell - 221 37. Desi Piscatella - 217 38. Danny Pearson - 212 39. Baxter Bayley - 210 40. Polly Harper - 207
41. Blanca Flores - 204 42. Cal Chapman - 201 43. Scott O'Neill - 188 44. Gina Murphy - 185 45. Anita Demarco - 120 46. Linda Ferguson - 146 47. Frieda Berlin - 137 48. Susan Fischer - 128 49. Rosa Cisneros - 126 50. Claudette Pelage - 123
51. Stella Carlin - 120 52. Eliqua Maxwell - 116 52. Maureen Kukudio - 116 54. Lee Dixon - 114 55. Wade Donaldson - 113 56. Charles Ford - 110 56. Vince Muccio - 110 58. Kasey Sankey - 86 59. Crystal Burset - 84 60. Berdie Rogers - 84
TOP 20 BY SEASON SEASON 1 1. Piper - 1144 2. Larry - 422 3. Alex - 332 4. Nicky - 309 5. Red - 232 6. Taystee - 210 7. Sophia - 187 8. Mendez - 186 9. Doggett - 182 10. Bennett - 179 11. Poussey - 177 12. Healy - 167 13. Morello - 159 14. Daya - 155 15. Claudette - 123 16. Janae - 114 17. Caputo - 108 17. Boo - 108 19. Polly - 103 20. Aleida - 93
SEASON 2 1. Piper - 775 2. Vee - 342 3. Red - 320 4. Caputo - 296 5. Taystee - 288 6. Poussey - 249 7. Nicky - 228 8. Cindy - 221 9. Healy - 217 10. Bennett - 170 11. Larry - 164 12. Suzanne - 161 13. Morello - 156 14. Daya - 150 15. Gloria - 149 16. Fig - 134 17. Soso - 132 18. Boo - 128 19. Ingalls - 119 20. Doggett - 117
SEASON 3 1. Piper - 603 2. Caputo - 503 3. Alex - 373 4. Doggett - 326 5. Taystee - 296 6. Cindy - 287 7. Boo - 280 8. Red - 267 9. Poussey - 260 10. Daya - 233 11. Suzanne - 217 12. Morello - 206 13. Gloria - 200 14. Aleida - 191 15. Flaca - 189 16. Pearson - 188 17. Leanne - 177 18. Healy - 167 19. Sophia - 145 20. Nicky - 128
SEASON 4 1. Caputo - 447 2. Piper - 421 3. Judy - 354 4. Alex - 258 4. Red - 258 6. Suzanne - 255 7. Poussey - 252 8. Nicky - 249 9. Morello - 241 10. Lolly - 240 11. Taystee - 234 12. Cindy - 233 13. Piscatella - 217 14. Healy - 187 15. Ruiz - 185 16. Luschek - 176 17. Maritza - 165 18. Soso - 164 19. Bayley - 157 20. Coates - 142
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Characters by Number of Spoken Lines in OITNB

I log how many lines each character has because I'm a stats nerd. A line is any uninterrupted dialogue until someone else talks or the scene or conversation changes; the number of times each person talks. I do it while I watch and it is not very time consuming beyond entering the numbers in Excel for 5 minutes to add them up after each season. Here are the results for the series to date:
1. Piper Chapman - 2522 2. Joe Caputo - 907 3. Galina "Red" Reznikov - 819 4. Alex Vause - 806 5. Taystee Jefferson - 794 6. Poussey Washington - 686 7. Nicky Nichols - 665 8. Tiffany Doggett - 625 9. Cindy Hayes - 597 10. Larry Bloom - 586
11. Sam Healy - 551 12. Dayanara Diaz - 538 13. Lorna Morello - 521 14. Carrie "Big Boo" Black - 516 15. Suzanne Warren - 456 16. John Bennett - 432 17. Gloria Mendoza - 415 18. Sophia Burset - 400 19. Marisol "Flaca" Gonzalez - 352 20. Yvonne "Vee" Parker - 342
21. Aleida Diaz - 337 22. Janae Watson - 282 22. Leanne Taylor - 282 24. Jane Ingalls - 253 25. Brook Soso - 244 26. Natalie Figueroa - 232 27. George Mendez - 226 28. Maritza Ramos - 220 29. Wanda Bell - 213 30. Polly Harper - 207
31. Joel Luschek - 193 32. Danny Pearson - 188 33. Maria Ruiz - 184 33. Cal Chapman - 184 35. Angie Rice - 182 36. Scott O'Neill - 181 37. Yoga Jones - 167 38. Gina Murphy - 140 39. Susan Fischer - 128 39. Lolly - 128
41. Rosa Cisneros - 126 41. Claudette Pelage - 123 43. Anita Demarco - 120 43. Charlie Coates - 120 45. Eliqua Maxwell - 116 46. Stella - 114 47. Charles Ford - 110 48. Wade Donaldson - 107 49. Blanca Flores - 90 50. Berdie Rogers - 84
TOP 20 BY SEASON SEASON 1 1. Piper - 1144 2. Larry - 422 3. Alex - 332 4. Nicky - 309 5. Red - 232 6. Taystee - 210 7. Sophia - 187 8. Mendez - 186 9. Doggett - 182 10. Bennett - 179 11. Poussey - 177 12. Healy - 167 13. Morello - 159 14. Daya - 155 15. Claudette - 123 16. Janae - 114 17. Caputo - 108 17. Boo - 108 19. Polly - 103 20. Aleida - 93
SEASON 2 1. Piper - 775 2. Vee - 342 3. Red - 320 4. Caputo - 296 5. Taystee - 288 6. Poussey - 249 7. Nicky - 228 8. Cindy - 221 9. Healy - 217 10. Bennett - 170 11. Larry - 164 12. Suzanne - 161 13. Morello - 156 14. Daya - 150 15. Gloria - 149 16. Fig - 134 17. Soso - 132 18. Boo - 128 19. Ingalls - 119 20. Doggett - 117
SEASON 3 1. Piper - 603 2. Caputo - 503 3. Alex - 373 4. Doggett - 326 5. Taystee - 296 6. Cindy - 287 7. Boo - 280 8. Red - 267 9. Poussey - 260 10. Daya - 233 11. Suzanne - 217 12. Morello - 206 13. Gloria - 200 14. Aleida - 191 15. Flaca - 189 16. Pearson - 188 17. Leanne - 177 18. Healy - 167 19. Sophia - 145 20. Nicky - 128
submitted by WalterEagle to orangeisthenewblack [link] [comments]

Characters by Number of Lines

I log how many lines each character has because I'm a stats nerd. A line is any uninterrupted dialogue until someone else talks or the scene or conversation changes; the number of times each person talks. I do it while I watch and it is not very time consuming beyond entering the numbers in Excel for 5 minutes to add them up after each season. Here are the results for the series to date:
1. Piper Chapman - 1919 2. Larry Bloom - 586 3. Galina "Red" Reznikov - 552 4. Nicky Nichols - 537 5. Taystee Jefferson - 498 6. Alex Vause - 433 7. Poussey Washington - 426 8. Joe Caputo - 404 9. Sam Healy - 384 10. John Bennett - 349
11. Yvonne "Vee" Parker - 342 12. Lorna Morello - 315 13. Cindy Hayes - 310 14. Dayanara Diaz - 305 15. Tiffany Doggett - 299 16. Sophia Burset - 255 17. Suzanne Warren - 239 18. Carrie "Big Boo" Black - 236 19. Gloria Mendoza - 215 20. George Mendez - 213
21. Polly Harper - 207 22. Janae Watson - 193 23. Jane Ingalls - 188 24. Natalie Figueroa - 183 25. Marisol "Flaca" Gonzalez - 163 26. Aleida Diaz - 146 27. Brook Soso - 132 28. Susan Fischer - 128 29. Rosa Cisneros - 126 30. Wanda Bell - 123 30. Claudette Pelage - 123
32. Yoga Jones - 116 33. Maritza Ramos - 113 34. Leanne Taylor - 105 35. Cal Chapman - 95 36. Joel Luschek - 94 37. Scott O'Neill - 89 38. Maria Ruiz - 87 39. Tricia Miller - 81 40. Gina Murphy - 75
41. Angie Rice - 65 41. Carol Chapman - 65 43. Howard Bloom - 58 44. Anita Demarco - 50 45. Eliqua Maxwell - 49 46. Pete Harper - 48 47. Crystal Burset - 43 48. Wade Donaldson - 42 49. Andrew Nance - 39 50. Blanca Flores - 38
TOP 20 BY SEASON SEASON 1 1. Piper - 1144 2. Larry - 422 3. Alex - 332 4. Nicky - 309 5. Red - 232 6. Taystee - 210 7. Sophia - 187 8. Mendez - 186 9. Doggett - 182 10. Bennett - 179 11. Poussey - 177 12. Healy - 167 13. Morello - 159 14. Daya - 155 15. Claudette - 123 16. Janae - 114 17. Caputo - 108 17. Boo - 108 19. Polly - 103 20. Aleida - 93
SEASON 2 1. Piper - 775 2. Vee - 342 3. Red - 320 4. Caputo - 296 5. Taystee - 288 6. Poussey - 249 7. Nicky - 228 8. Cindy - 221 9. Healy - 217 10. Bennett - 170 11. Larry - 164 12. Suzanne - 161 13. Morello - 156 14. Daya - 150 15. Gloria - 149 16. Fig - 134 17. Soso - 132 18. Boo - 128 19. Ingalls - 119 20. Doggett - 117
TRIVIA *Most lines in an episode: Piper, with 199 in the pilot. Other than Piper in various episodes, the highest total is a tie between Taystee in "Looks Blue, Tastes Red" and Larry in the pilot, with 82 lines. *Most times 1st place in an episode: Piper (16 times, 12 of them in Season 1). Nobody else has done it twice. *Most times 2nd place in an episode: Piper (6) followed by Alex, Red, and Taystee (3). *Most times 3rd place in an episode: Larry (5), followed by Nicky (4). *Highest lines-per-episode average: Piper (76.8), Vee (28.5), Larry (26.6), Alex (25.6), Red (22.1), Taystee (21.7), Nicky (21.5), Cindy (18.2), Poussey (17.8), Caputo (17.7). Last is Norma (0.3). *Most lines by someone not billed in the opening credits as a regular: Poussey (426). *Fewest lines by a credited regular: Claudette (123) for the series overall, Dogget in Season 2 (117) for one season. *Least prominent character to get 1st place in an episode: Rosa (66 lines in "Appropriately Sized Pots". *Nobody has been in all 26 episodes. The people who have been in the most are Piper, Red, and Nicky (25) followed by Poussey and Daya (24). *Only Piper and Red make the top 5 for both seasons. Piper, Red, Nicky, Taystee, and Bennett make the top 10 for both seasons. *The most prominent characters who never got first place in an episode are Red, Nicky, Healy, Bennett, Morello, Daya, Doggett, Sophia, Boo, and Mendez. *The most prominent character who didn't make the top 10 for either season is Morello.
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Israeli Literary Figure Amos Oz (1939-2018): Requiescat in Pace et in Amore - 24 May 2019 - r/BritishCommunist

A critical appreciation
Amos Oz, one of Israel’s most significant literary and intellectual figures, died of cancer this past December 2018 at the age of 79. Oz published 40 books of fiction, collections of essays, speeches and letters that have been translated into 45 languages, including Esperanto. A Tale of Love and Darkness (2002), the memoir of his family’s experience in the final years of British-Mandate Palestine through the establishment of the state of Israel, was made into a film directed by and starring Natalie Portman in 2016.
Oz’s personal history, literary works and political views speak to many of the major historical issues of the 20th century that confront the working class, not just in Israel-Palestine but internationally. As such, they merit examination.
Born in 1939 in British-Mandate Palestine, Oz was the only child of Yehuda Arieh Klausner and Fania Musman, Lithuanian and Ukrainian-Russian Jews, respectively. Together with their parents and siblings, they had sought refuge in Palestine in the early 1930s.
Oz was born, as described in A Tale of Love and Darkness, into a world of cramped, book-filled apartments, where the lights were kept dim and the heaters low to save electricity. Traditional, rather than Orthodox Jews, they maintained some vestiges of religious observance, “just to be on the safe side, you never know.” They were “petty clerks, small retailers, bank tellers, cinema ticket sellers, school teachers, dispensers of private lessons, or dentists. ... They all had very definite views about the British Mandate, the future of Zionism, the working class, the cultural life of the land, Dühring’s attack on Marx, the novels of Knut Hamsun, the Arab question, and women’s rights. ...”—all of which they debated at length over Russian tea.
His family was acquainted with and related to many of the leading writers and intellectuals in Jewish-Yiddish and Zionist culture of the time. Oz’s father, Yehuda Arieh Klausner, was the nephew of Dr. Joseph Klausner, a renowned scholar specializing in the life of Jesus, who emigrated to Palestine from Odessa in 1919. After losing the first Israeli presidential election in 1949 to his friend Chaim Weizmann, Klausner became the chair of Hebrew literature at newly founded Hebrew University. To avoid the appearance of nepotism, Klausner hindered more than helped his bookish nephew, Oz’s father, who spent his life as a librarian at the National Library at Mount Scopus.
Through “Uncle Joseph,” the young Oz came in contact with preeminent Hebrew poet Shaul Tchernichovsky (born Russia 1875—died Jerusalem 1943), as well as Klausner’s neighbor and rival, the writer S.Y. Agnon, among many others. Oz’s parents also reflected the wide and varied cultural milieu that characterized their generation of secular, middle-class Jews from Eastern Europe. Between them, they read as many as 15 languages and were fluent in four or five.
Oz’s mother had been educated in Rovno at a Tarbut (“Culture”) school, a network of secular Zionist Hebrew schools that flourished between the first and second world wars in Poland and Lithuania. In addition to providing a rigorous education in the classics of Hebrew and European literature, philosophy, science, history and art, Tarbut schools promoted Zionism and emigration to Palestine in response to the anti-Semitic degradation and persecution to which Jews were subject in the former Pale of Settlement of the Russian Empire.
The two sides of Oz’s family represented the two ideological camps of Zionism that have determined Israeli political developments. On his father’s side, the Klausners were adherents of the secular-nationalist Revisionist movement, founded by Ze’ev Jabotinsky. Basing themselves on Biblical interpretations, they claimed all of British Mandatory Palestine as the Jews’ rightful homeland. In the 1920s and 1930s, the Revisionist Irgun led by Menachem Begin, which drew inspiration from Mussolini’s fascist Italy, used terrorism as a means to drive out the British colonial government. Revisionism subsequently formed the basis of the Likkud party, which is now in power under Benjamin Netanyahu, as well as other far-right parties that advocate the expansion of the settlements and the expulsion of the native Palestinian population to realize the goal of an exclusively Jewish state.
In contrast to the militaristic, right-wing Zionism—which Oz amusingly describes himself as a child emulating in battles between buttons on the living room floor—his maternal grandfather Hertz Musman was “practically a Communist.” However, like many Jews sympathetic to Communism, Musman became the target of the anti-Semitism revived by Stalin as part of his counter-revolutionary program of building “socialism in one county.” Under conditions in which Stalinism was falsely equated with socialism and the program of the Russian Revolution, the Stalinist promotion of anti-Semitism contributed to the rise of Zionism and the turn away of a layer of the Jewish intelligentsia and working class from the perspective of Marxism and socialist revolution.
Both ideological camps that dominated the Zionist movement, the revisionist wing and Labor Zionism, explicitly rejected a fight against anti-Semitism and a socialist perspective and program that fought for the unity of Arab and Jewish workers and toilers. They supported the establishment of a capitalist homeland for the Jews in Palestine that would necessitate the expulsion and subjugation of its non-Jewish inhabitants. The Zionist project was thus entirely dependent on reactionary class forces, which in the final analysis determined the trajectory of all the diverse political currents that embraced Zionism.
In A Tale of Love and Darkness, and some of his other works, Oz vividly describes a milieu and atmosphere permeated as much with high culture, warmth and humor, as it is with political despair and disorientation. The years were overshadowed by the Second World War, with news of the unfolding Nazi genocide of European Jewry reaching those who had escaped to Palestine.
Surviving genocide with the knowledge that so many others had perished created a sense of guilt and foreboding. These enormous political and social tensions were compounded by the character of the Zionist occupation itself and the hostility of the surrounding Arab population that erupted in bloody revolts in 1933-1936. Economic privation intensified with the siege of Jerusalem during the War of 1948.
Oz’s mother suffered from severe depression and committed suicide when Oz was 13 in 1952. In interviews, Oz later pointed out that his mother had been profoundly unhappy in the newly founded state of Israel, yearning for a Europe that had rejected her and to which she would never be able to return. After his mother’s suicide, Oz left Jerusalem to join Kibbutz Hulda where he spent the next 40 years of his life. Changing his name to Oz (Hebrew for strength), he rejected the right-wing Revisionism of the Klausners and moved to the far left of Labor Zionism, which politically dominated the first 50 years of the Israeli state.
First established in 1909 by early Zionist “pioneers,” these communal settlements, which included kibbutz Hulda, were originally the only way to survive in the harsh agrarian economy of Ottoman-era Palestine. Following World War One and the collapse of the Ottoman Empire, the British encouraged Jewish immigration and a third wave of Jews settled in British Mandatory Palestine, the majority of them from Eastern Europe.
In the 1920s, the Histadrut (the trade union federation) bought up land and set up factories and their own collective farms or kibbutzim with land purchased or otherwise obtained from often absentee Arab landowners under the slogan of “the conquest of the land,” removing the Palestinian workers and villagers to create a Jewish working class and establish industries and production.
In the late 1930s, when it seemed likely that Palestine would be divided between the Arabs and the Jews, other kibbutzim were established in outlying areas to ensure the land would be incorporated into a future Jewish state. Thus, the number of “kibbutzniks” grew from 700 people in 1922 to 65,000 by the early 1950s, when Oz joined Kibbutz Hulda, peaking in 1989 at 129,000, though it has declined steadily since then. In the early state of Israel, the kibbutzim were falsely glorified as a form of communism within the Jewish state.
Oz’s stories and novels of kibbutz life, such as A Perfect Peace (1982) and Between Friends (2012), movingly capture some of the contradictions inherent in the kibbutz movement, and vividly describe early Israeli society. The idealism and commitment of an earlier generation of kibbutzniks, including an anarchist Holocaust survivor and his left-wing Zionist school teacher whom he describes in Between Friends, is contrasted with subsequent generations who struggle with the narrowness of kibbutz life, a sense of not living up to the expectations of their elders and an awareness—reinforced by the remains of abandoned Arab villages standing amidst the kibbutz fields—that their occupation of the land is unjust.
Oz’s writing was at its best when it was autobiographical and concerned with a realistic depiction of his own experiences and Israeli society. He consciously placed himself in the tradition of the finest in Russian realism, above all the works of Leo Tolstoy and Anton Chekhov. He also owed a major debt to American Sherwood Anderson’s Winesburg, Ohio (short story cycle, 1919) , among other formative influences. His autobiography Tales of Love and Darkness has justly been his most celebrated and widely read work.
His writings leave an indelible impact through vivid descriptions and characters drawn with empathy and humor. Oz’s writing was imbued with an acute awareness of the tragedy of the Jewish people, the experience of the Holocaust and how it has been refracted in the life and thought of people living in Israel today, as well as sympathy for the oppressed Palestinians. His humanism and readiness to face social and political truth made Oz stand out among Israeli writers, some of whom were plunged into despair, misanthropy or bitterness by the historical tragedies of the Second World War and Israel’s never-ending wars themselves, while others turned in a more mystical-literary direction.
Along with his autobiographical writings and short stories, a number of his political essays provide important insights into Israeli society. They regularly appeared in Ha’aretz, the New York Times, the Guardian and other media outlets and were published in several collections, notably Israel, Palestine and Peace: Essays (1995) covering the period 1974-1994 and more recently How to Cure a Fanatic (2006). In the Land of Israel (1983, republished 1993) puts together Oz’s conversations with often highly opinionated Israelis—workers, soldiers, aging pioneers, religious zealots, new immigrants, Palestinian youth—interviewed on a trip around Israel in 1982.
Perhaps Oz’s most admirable political action remains his participation in the project to record his own and fellow soldiers’ experiences in the Six Day War in 1967 during which Oz served his obligatory military service. In the days immediately following the war, Oz gathered with fellow kibbutzniks to record their experiences of combat. Far from the heroic victors portrayed in Israeli propaganda films, many felt shame and disgust at their actions, which some recognized amounted to war crimes. Especially for those like Oz, whose own parents had been refugees from the Holocaust, the forcible displacement of Palestinian civilians was abhorrent.
A portion of the interviews were published in a book so widely read the government censored the recordings for fear that the foundational myths of the Israeli state would be broadly repudiated. Only in 2016 were they released as a film, Censored Voices, directed by Mor Loushy, in which Oz and others react 50 years later to the voices of their younger selves in the original recordings.
“I have only ugly experiences, I did nothing heroic. I did not want to take part in this war at all. ... What broke us was seeing the ‘enemy.’ When you come in contact with people, it’s awful—it humiliates them and humiliates you. Zionism is a tragedy from the start if our liberation involves expelling other people. ... I’m becoming less Zionist...whoever speaks that way is called a ‘traitor.’ ... As long as we occupy another people, we are not free.” Though one man in the film says that he has become more right-wing with the passage of time, another concludes “we spoke the truth.”
Similar to the documentary Winter Soldier, originally produced in 1972 and only re-released in 2015, in which American GIs denounced the atrocities of the Vietnam War, Oz and his compatriots spoke out as part of a generation whose experiences in the service of imperialism left them deeply hostile to the policies of war and militarism of their governments.
Though acutely aware of the historical tragedy of the Palestinian and the Jewish people, Oz was never able to grasp its historical roots and never broke from Zionism and the deeply ingrained nationalist conception that a Jewish state was the only possible refuge for the Jews.
He was among the most prominent left-Zionist intellectuals who dominated the Israeli Peace Now movement, which called for a “two-state solution,” one Palestinian and one Israeli-Jewish. The logic of the two-state solution was that each state would be ethnically homogeneous: As few Palestinians as possible would remain in Israel, and as few Israelis as possible would be subject to Palestinian rule—a clear separation of the two peoples.
In 1967, Oz wrote, “This land is our land. It is also their land. Right conflicts with right. ‘To be a free people in our own land’ is a right that is valid either universally or not at all,” Oz wrote in “The Meaning of Homeland” from Under This Blazing Light (1967). Based on this perspective, Oz advocated dialogue with bourgeois nationalist leader Yassir Arafat and the PLO and opposed the expansion of settlements in the occupied territories, with a return to the pre-1967 borders as outlined in the Oslo Accords signed 1993 and 1995 at Camp David.
Oz’s political trajectory over the decades by and large followed the rightward trajectory of both Peace Now and the peace movement generation internationally. In 1982, he opposed the war in Lebanon, and in the 1990s left the Labor Party in favor of Meretz, the nominally farther “left” party of the Israeli Greens. In October 2000, at the start of the second Palestinian intifada, Oz proclaimed that the Jews and Palestinians “cannot live together as one happy family because they are not one. The only thing to do is to mark a partition somewhere across the country roughly in accordance with the demographic realities.”
In 2005, Oz supported Ariel Sharon’s unilateral pullout from Gaza, and in the following year supported the second war on Lebanon in 2006 as well as the assault on Gaza on the grounds of “self-defense” against Hezbollah and Hamas, respectively. Oz likewise urged the Israeli “peace movement” to support the 2008-2009 military operation in Gaza, again blaming Hamas for instigating the conflict by launching rockets at Israel from the beleaguered and impoverished open-air prison camp.
While his political limitations find a reflection in some of his weaker novels such as Judas, his major writings, and above all his autobiography, stand out as major literary documents on the history and society of Israel and deserve to be read widely.
See Also: Israeli author Amos Oz dies at 79 - (0:43 min) Dec 2018
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A lot of people are talking about this project and as a potential investor i decided to run some checks on it and see if it's worth. Everyone is pumped about it but after a closer look I'm not sure it's worth its price. Therefore let's have a look at the facts : LTD
The company was incorporated on 28/06/2017 under the name MEDICALCHAIN.IO LTD as a private company limited by ordinary shares.
Three directors are appointed: Mr. Mohammed Tayeb, Mr. Abdullah Dafir Albeyatti and Mr. Bara Mustafa.
The initial shareholdings (total of 999) are split in 3 equal parts:
1/3 (333) owned by Mr. Abdullah Dafir Albeyatti
1/3 (333) owned by Mr. Bara Mustafa
1/3 (333) owned by XL CAPITAL VENTURES LTD (owned by Mohammed Tayeb and Omar Tayeb)
At 24/07/2017 the number of shares is increased to 1332, with XL CAPITAL VENTURES LTD holding 666 ordinary shares.
At 13/08/2017 XL CAPITAL VENTURES LTD cease to be a shareholder, with MR Mohammed Tayeb now holding the 666 shares previously held by XL Capital.
Below you can find a bit about every member of the team starting with the top dogs.
MR MOHAMMED TAYEB description taken from
Mr. Mohammed Tayeb is a Partner at Hearn Capital Limited. Mr. Tayeb co-founded ReadyCache. In 2010, he headed up the development side of During his time there, Mr. Tayeb architected and developed a system to drive down online fraud, saving its over £40 million. Prior to that, he ran a boutique consultancy business in the field of mobile web and application development. Together with his brother and Co-Founder, they own over eight games and utility applications on the Apple and Google Play apps market, with over 10 million downloads. Mr. Tayeb is an internet entrepreneur, investor, and founder of several technology and e-commerce start-ups. As well being a Partner in Hearn Capital, he is also a Non-Executive Director on the board of Salic. Mr. Tayeb specializes in bringing together technological efficiencies to the business world. He has a degree in e-commerce from Brunel University and an Executive MBA from the University of Oxford.
I’ve done an extensive background check and noticed that Mr Mohammed Tayeb has had his fingers in many pies since 2010 being appointed director in and out of more than 15 companies. I am not sure if I would trust him with my money as it looks like he cant commit to something for a longer period of time.
Below you can find part of his work history:
MONSTER TECHNOLOGIES LTD :: Director since 9 January 2017 :: Active - no information found
HEARN CAPITAL LIMITED :: Director since 21 January 2016 :: Active
The company is owned from background by Influential (Holdings) Limited owning more than 50% of shares with a total equity of £1.7 mil.
Basically Influential Holding has lent Hearn Capital 1.2 million to invest in different companies. To me it looks like Mohammed has no skin in this as Influential Holdings Limited is owned by Mr Andrew Richardson and Mr John Edward Simpson.
GOODSHAW CAPITAL MANAGEMENT LTD :: Director since 6 January 2016 :: Company still active Dormant company aka not carrying any business activity
DYNISTICS LIMITED :: Director since 03/03/2015 :: Company still active
Acquisition of Dynistics :: a software company that Hearncapital bought in 2015 which counts colleges, NHS Foundation Trusts and recruitment agencies as clients.
Link for acquisition:
Dynistics is listed as a “small company” and the directors have elected not to include a copy of the profit and loss account within the financial statements. Total equity registered at the end of 2016 : £16.557
SALIC(UK)Limited :: Director since 22/01/2015 :: Company still active
Saudi Agricultural and Livestock investment company: this company belongs to Ministry Of Finance (Saudi Arabia) and financed with over 300 million pounds in capital and 75% or more ownership.
The Travel booking Company LTD :: Director since 19/11/2014 : Dissolved 29/03/2016
XL Capital Investment LTD :: Director 17/03/2014 :: Dissolved : 04/07/2017 - no other information found
Global Labs Technology Limited :: Director since 10/12/2013 –Dissolved : 18/07/2016 - No record, probably which has no track record nor an online presence
Ready Cache Technologies LTD :: Director since 01/10/2013 :: Dissolved : 04/07/2017 - ReadyCache is a website that accelerates your online content and delivers the best possible speeds to you.
Pepperstone Limited :: Director 13/02/2017 – 22/06/2017 :: Resigned (former 123FX.COM LTD)
Pepperstone acquired 123FX.COM LTD what is now its UK subsidiary from Mohammed Tayeb, who alongside his broker Omar Tayeb established an FCA regulated shell with plans to launch a retail forex brokerage called The business was never launched, and instead was sold to Pepperstone in late 2015.
Pepperstone has suspended trading for clients in its UK subsidiary as the company is making some changes to its management structure and processes, and bringing on some additional resources in its UK office. To comply with its FCA obligations Pepperstone has had to temporarily suspend trading in the UK until all of the changes are complete and the additional resources are in place.
Some other companies he had been involved with:
• Director House of Choice Stores LTD :: 2013 – 2016 Disolved
• Director XI Capital Ventures LTD :: 2014-2017 Disolved
• Director UR Trading :: 2002 – 2010 Disolved
• Director LOVEFRAGRANCE INTERNATIONAL LTD :: 2012 – Dissolved 2013
• Director DAR FIRST LIMITED :: 2007 – Dissolved 2011
• Director BLACKSTONE E-COMMERCE LIMITED :: 2011 – Dissolved 2013
All this information can be found at . You just lookup his name or company names and access the records.
** Mr. Abdullah Dafir Albeyatti :: Director**
Enthusiastic doctor with a wide range of skills and interests. Currently completing my general practice training in Leeds. Previous surgical trainee in the London Deanery. My ambition is to continue improving as a doctor and to develop myself in other fields of medicine and aesthetic training.
He is also the founder of The website is described as a website designed to streamline and lessen the work load placed on junior doctors by standardising the content of discharge summaries produced when a patient is discharged from hospital. This platform has allowed hospital departments to establish quality assurance and accurately produce reliable discharge summaries to effectively commute between hospital and community medicine.
I checked the website and 3 out of 6 features are under development. The site is now redirected to
Mr. Bara Mustafa :: DirectoCTO
There is no mention of Mr Bara Mustafa on the which is weird as he is one of the directors and shareholder. It looks like Mr Bara occupation is CTO, which surely would be of interested to the public. Mr Bara is also a OwneDirector of ENETIDEAS LTD since 2010 rendering services as IT Consultant. :: the website is not functional, none of the products links are working.
Jay Povey :: Blockchain developer at medicalchain
His introductory linkedin line :
Self taught programmer, programming for 7+ years. BA(Hons) from Buckinghamshire New University. Since January I joined Medicalchain to help create a world class blockchain platform for electronic health records. Previously worked on forex trading algorithm using deep learning / pattern recognition techniques. I have had a keen interest in blockchain technology over the past 2 years. I have been learning the ins and outs of the technology and Im very excited about the future of blockchain. I see great potential for revolutionizing the way businesses are run.
He started coding for Medicalchain in 2017 previously working for 2 years for one of Mohammed companies ReadyCache which was dissolved.
I’m not sure about his experience developing “on forex trading algorithm” as at the previous company ReadyCache they were “building software that is making a difference to webmasters and large companies. We accelerate our customers’ websites, save our customers money and enhance user experience”
Before ReadyCache he worked for a college as an IT technicial and e-learning advisor.
Also I’m not sure what to make out of his facebook profile, he comes across a bit weird. Also on one of his facebook posts he was asking where you can buy bitcoin in may 2017 but on his summary : “I have had a keen interest in blockchain technology over the past 2 years. I have been learning the ins and outs of the technology and Im very excited about the future of blockchain”
Robert Miller :: Director Of Business Development
Looks like his CV is somehow better than the rest, again worked alongside Mohammed at Goodshaw Capital for 1 year. Freelanced a few blockchain projects so I would say he is the one who will drive the project as longs as the money are coming in.
Natalie Furness :: Communication Director
She has a background in healthcare industry, namely working as a physiotherapist since 2010. She also lectured for Physiotherapy and Sports Exercise Scientist students at Birmingham University and currently working as a project manager for a company offering solutions to the occupational health sector.
The rest of the team occupies either associates or consultants positions for a short period of time 2-3 months.
To sum it up : the initial £5000 pre-ICO investment is way way exaggerated based on the fact that there is nothing to show for at the present moment, just ideas. Mr Mohammed has started 15+ companies and most of them are dissolved which doesn't sound very promising. On top of that he now owns half the company whereas initially the company was split in thirds. Their CTO is not mentioned anywhere on the website but he is a shareholder in the company.
I would not recommend investing in the project right now and I would wait to see if the project would ever gain traction and materialize.
Below I listed some of the videos related to Medicalchain at different conferences / interviews :
If you want me to run any other checks on other upcoming ICO please let me know.
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[Share] Forex Rebellion Trading System - Forex Strategies Resources
[Share] The Art of Street Photography - Magnum Photos
[Share] The Cataplut Ranking System by Manauel Suarez
[Share] MasterClass - Thomas Keller Teaches Cooking Techniques
Share] MasterClass - Spike Lee Teaches Independent Filmmaking
[Share] MasterClass - Dominique Ansel Teaches French Pastry Fundamentals
[Share] MasterClass - Tom Morello Teaches Electric Guitar
[Share] MasterClass - Natalie Portman Teaches Acting
[Share] MasterClass - David Lynch Teaches Creativity and Film
[Share] David Baldacci Teaches Mystery and Thriller Writing - MasterClass
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Natalie Reznikov, McGill University, Bioengineering Department, Faculty Member. Studies Structural Biology. Alexander Reznikov Preis, Die Alexander Reznikov Collection, Moskau, Russland . Ausstellungen. 2019. Trompe l’oeil als eine Sonderform der illusionistischen Malerei, Kunstverein Bellevue-Saal, Wiesbaden (EA) Aufbrechen - Jahresausstellung der Hamburger Galerienverbands, Barlach Halle K, Hamburg (GA) Der Wasser Die Wasser Das Wasser, Stern-Wywiol Galerie, Hamburg (GA) Pabaltys, Lithuanian Natalie Reznikov. Academic title(s): Assistant Professor Department of Bioengineering. Contact Information. Address: Teaching office: McConnell Engineering Building Research lab: 141 du Président-Kennedy Avenue, 5th floor. Email address: natalie.reznikov [at] Department: Bioengineering. Areas of expertise: Research Interests: Structural water and its role in the architecture and Loop is the open research network that increases the discoverability and impact of researchers and their work. Loop enables you to stay up-to-date with the latest discoveries and news, connect with researchers and form new collaborations. Natalie Reznikov Allen Taylor The eye lens is unique among tissues: it is transparent, does not form tumors, and the majority of its cells degrade their organelles, including their cell nuclei. Après avoir publié plusieurs romans, Nathalie Reznikoff se tourne vers l’écriture de scénarios, d’abord pour la fiction, puis pour la fiction jeunesse et enfin l’animation. Elle a depuis écrit plus de 150 épisodes sur de nombreuses séries, de tous formats. Scénariste Télévision – Animation 2020 PARTIE DE CAMPAGNE 13’ 2 épisodes co-écrits avec Séverine Vuillaume … natalie.reznikov [at] (e-mail) Research Interests · Structural water and its role in the architecture and mechanical behavior of natural and engineered materials · Pre-stress in natural materials, and its implementation in biomimetic materials · Structure-function relationships in living organisms (animals and plants) · Biomineralization · 3D-imaging, and deep learning in image Alexander Reznikov Preis, Die Alexander Reznikov Collection, Moskau, Russian Federation . Exhibitions. 2019. Trompe l’oeil als eine Sonderform der illusionistischen Malerei, Kunstverein Bellevue-Saal, Wiesbaden (EA) Aufbrechen - Jahresausstellung der Hamburger Galerienverbands, Barlach Halle K, Hamburg (GA) Der Wasser Die Wasser Das Wasser, Stern-Wywiol Galerie, Hamburg (GA) Pabaltys Dr. Natalie Reznikov Postdoctoral Fellow, Faculty of Dentistry, McGill University "Hierarchical Structure of Bone Revisited" Bone is formed from common bioavailable elements at ”ambient” conditions in living organisms, yet it surpasses all known materials in terms of its unique combination of mechanical properties ‒ having high stiffness, high toughness and light weight. Natalie Reznikov. Imperial College London. Anatomy Lamella (surface anatomy) Materials science Fibril Lamellar structure. 19 Publications. 10 H-index. 520 Citations. This is me. What is this? Publications 19. Newest. Multiscale analyses reveal native-like lamellar bone repair and near perfect bone-contact with porous strontium-loaded bioactive glass. Jul 1, 2019 · Biomaterials 10.27 # 1

[index] [27546] [22401] [3085] [24372] [3218] [10756] [747] [15438] [15673] [15441]