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A friend's boss recently heard about nootropics, and wanted to know how to become "limitless." I thought it would be worth sharing my reply.

EDIT: Some of the comments misunderstand the context of my post. Before you read this, please understand that this was written as an insiders perspective to a friend's director of sales. I wanted to get through to him, so I used a cocky tone. This was not written for reddit and I do understand that before I added context some people reacted negatively, and some trolls be trollin'.
I'm guessing he saw an ad that talked about becoming limitless or promised a real life NZT-48?
First of all, I enjoyed limitless, but it was fiction. Let's start with the 10% of brain ability thing. The only time you'd get close to consciously engaging 100% of your brain at once is if you jumped out of a plane while singing opera, doing the breast stroke, learning latin, tasting wine, writing computer code, and getting laid. Your brain is a computer with MASSIVE capability, but it works best if it focuses on a few specific activities at a time.
Remember the part of limitless where bradley cooper devours information like a sponge and uses it to become a financial markets superwhiz? That's sort of realistic. Some nootropics can increase your ability to learn to an impressive degree. I'm learning to trade forex, studying neurology and pharmacology, and learning web development right now in addition to working full time. I learned enough HTML and CSS to imitate a mainstream news website, and it only took me 4 days.
The flip side is that you are still responsible for your own behavior. In limitless they portrayed a loser becoming a world-dominating genius simply by taking a pill, and that's bullshit. A lazy person cannot "manufacture" motivation without powerful drugs like amphetamines, and even then it's so unsustainable that the net result is negative. Remember how the guy from limitless was so addicted to NZT-48 that he licked up another guys blood just to get his fix?
There's a relationship between arousal and performance called the Yerkes-Dodson law which basically states that an increase physical and/or mental arousal will result in a corresponding increase in performance to a threshold, at which point further increases in arousal dramatically reduce performance. This is easily explained by caffeine. An average to high dose of caffeine can improve many aspects of performance, but if you drink too much coffee you lose focus, feel weak, slow and tired.
Limitless was a cool movie, but the science isn't there yet. Amphetamines can make someone "feel" limitless, but are unsustainable, and frankly, they only make you really good at focusing on a project. Stimulants generally reduce emotional intelligence because they increase cortisol and noradrenaline, so even though stimulants like caffeine have been humanity's go-to performance enhancers, they aren't the best option for high-performing individuals. If you're already a champion you just need something to help you be a champion for more hours in a day. That's why most nootropics are focused on reducing stress response, increasing blood flow, and lengthening stamina, while enhancing the brains ability to learn and adapt by increasing certain growth-factors in the brain, increasing the activity of neurons, and improving synaptic plasticity and differentiation. Taking a pill won't turn on some dormant "genius gene," but nootropics can help you maintain a youthful state of optimism, confidence, and curiosity that over time allows you to do more, learn more, and be more than others.
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