This is how forex trading works and what is legal and illegal

Taking advantage of market inefficiencies - Jubilee Ace

Taking advantage of market inefficiencies - Jubilee Ace
When it comes to economic theory, trading on financial markets is bound by the Efficient Markets Hypothesis. It suggests that markets will process all available information about asset values and prices efficiently and quickly in such a way that there will be little if any room for price discrepancies across markets, and that prices will move soon toward equilibrium levels.
While this theory indeed works, traders have found that markets have not shown themselves to be 100% efficient at all times due to asymmetric information between buyers and sellers.
One such occasion of market inefficiency is when one exchange’s ask price is lower than another exchange’s bid price, also known as a “negative spread.” For instance, this may happen when one exchange quotes a particular amount for a currency, while another exchange is referencing a different price.

Jubilee Ace
“When a situation like this arises, forex traders can make a quick profit by simultaneously executing a purchase from the first exchange and a sale to the other exchange. In essence, the trader begins the trade in a situation of profit, rather than having to wait for a favorable evolution of market trends,” says Tony Jackson, Chief Executive Officer of Jubilee Ace, an arbitrage trading platform.
These situations tend to occur more often in periods of market volatility. They can also arise because of price quote errors, failure to update old quotes (stale quotes) in the trading system or situations where institutional market participants are seeking to cover their clients’ outstanding positions.
“Arbitrage benefits the most when there is high volatility. The volatility enables more opportunities for gaps in asset pricing and thus creating more arbitrage contingencies for traders,” says Jackson. “Arbitrage can help traders increase their profitability even during unstable markets,” he added.
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Intelligent Order Matching For Successful Traders

Intelligent Order Matching For Successful Traders
Although every financial brokerage assures maximum liquidity throughout the year, there may be instances where the markets stumble to a great extent causing certain instruments to be illiquid. This scenario could be a nightmarish experience for the investors and the same might lead to huge losses over a period of time. The need for an immediate and effective remedy eventually led to the introduction of Intelligent Order Matching.


The Intelligent Order Matching System (also called as a Clearing Agent) is a computer-based algorithm which analyzes the available liquidity to find the best match for you to trade with. Intelligent Order matching is like when you are about to sell 100 units of a particular instrument, the algorithm searches for a buy order of the same quantity and instrument. If the exact match is found, you get in contact with the investor at the other end and your deal gets finalized after the negotiations. An additional trading solution which is secure and reliable could definitely help you to become a successful trader.


Minor negligence could result in a hefty mistake when it is not fixed at the right moment. The system has been bought into existence to curb the flaws and offer a smooth & reliable forex trading experience. The following benefits could help you become an ace trader.
  • MAXIMUM LIQUIDITYLess liquidity has become the greatest challenge for every trader now. Economic and political issues greatly affect the liquidity of instruments. It is during such times that Intelligent Order Matching proves to be useful. It helps investors to sell their instruments even at the worst of times. Intelligent Order Matching helps you to trade in a wider range of markets from all around the world.
  • TIME-SAVINGAlthough a lot of brokerages offer liquidity and help you to find matches for your trades, the entire process is quite time-consuming and there are chances that you might miss the best deal and the instrument gets more illiquid. The algorithm embedded in the system does everything as quickly as possible and helps in shaping your trading career.
  • STRICT PRIVACY POLICIESEarlier, there were issues regarding the breach of a client’s private information. The Intelligent Order Matching System makes sure that no detail of the investors is leaked out at any instance either it is their identity or order price. The investor at the other end does not get to know about you.Often, an external feature or a source is needed to keep everything on track and secure your trading career. Intelligent Order Matching does all of these single-handedly and is a must for successful currency trading.
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NUPay - The New Crypto-Payment Platform

NUPay - The New Crypto-Payment Platform
Fintech businesses that have risen to tackle these difficulties are rapidly developing money associated basis round the globe via a combination of the Internet and fund.

Under the new framework, NUPay Team illuminates the farthest factor of the digital cash use in indistinguishable shape from respectable cash to sketch unique administrations for advance, settlement, useful resource the board, and so forth in the cryptographic cash advertise.

For advantageous use, as even though in affiliation with set up business organizations, we will work with present FinTech groups to provide easy get admission to to economic administrations through digital currency, and we are looking out for methods to crew up.

NUPay will begin by way of propelling NUPay, our across the board installment stage, in Korea at a opening length and alongside these lines growing to different parts of the world, in the cease prompting the production of a blockchain biological community that empowers a international on-and disconnected installment framework dependent on NUPay Protocol and NUPay Platform.

What precisely is NUPay?

As depicted above and as indicated on the respectable whitepaper of Nupay, NUPay platform is a blockchain-based marketplace which ensures transparency of transactions made on the platform. Transparency of transactions ensures that consumers can take higher care of their property and thereby keep away from being ripped off. Blockchain science has made extremely good strides presenting attainable options to age-long problems that has plagued humanity. For example, Bitcoin and ethereum have delivered about modern thoughts and ideas that have been of so a great deal assist to humanity such as forex and smart contracts which has helped in finance, manufacturing, health and other sectors of the economy.

In addition, NUPAY is a financial fee platform that will assist in connecting both the retailers and the users in the platform. To make the task a successful one, they have launched their own native token (TPCT) which will be used in the platform as a medium of transaction exchange. NUPAY has made a partnership deal with the Korean ONLINE and OFFLINE stores which will help in the scalability of the TPCT token.
NUPay Blockchain System

The NUPay Blockchain, which is the premise among NUPay, shippers and clients, will distributively store all trade associated subtleties, such as account balance, alternate subtleties, and installment addresses, on the ace hub. An ace hub that consists of of one or severa hubs, if needed,can make some other gadget for it is exact with hubs that can be pre-approved.

Further, NUPay Blockchain System's unified document and decentralized stage are related to the dependability and unwavering first-rate of the modern-day present installment portal frameworks. This implies digital cash can utilized similarly as the reputable or fiat cash, which is overseen as a gathering thru the NUPay Blockchain's gathering procedure, and it does decentralized administration.

Each adjustment in the blockchain requires a lion's share of cross-hub network understanding. Bitcoin, the primary cryptographic money, utilized the PoW calculation to gain concurrence on the exchange books of all Bitcoin hubs. Be that as it may, this calculation isn't virtually used in conditions that require instant installment because of very reasonable speed.

To tackle the difficulty of this type of calculation and preserve up installment administration exactness, NUPay allows grasp between networks to be come to in the course of each time with the aid of a hub that has experienced a progression of pre-approved procedures. At the factor when the network of hubs achieves an understanding, the old agreement archives are disbursed with, and new information are made as the most latest blockchain status. The approval hubs of the NUPay Blockchain keep up a comparable remaining records. Henceforth, the NUPay Blockchain gives an installment framework that encourages and does an precise trade with no deferral or time slip by, not at all like some current trade forms.
About The TPCT Token

The platform utility token is recognised as ‘TPCT’, it can be used to buy items or services thru this platform. The TPCT token will resolve the problem of cryptocurrency usability via the NUPay Partnership with important fee gateways companies, present card, and reward point issuers, and on and offline merchants.

TPCT token will be used as a transaction certificate when the user buys a service. Every transaction procedure will be dealt with with the aid of clever contracts and cross-chain web hosting technological know-how to make certain the authenticity, legality, and compliance. TPCT token will be used with the aid of the consumer and vendor for transacting; it will be in a position to achieve a real-time agreement and put off the chance and value concerned with the traditional way of charge on present platforms.

Token Details
Team Nupay
We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the official source of the NUPay project:

NUPAY official website:
TPCT official website:
Telegram channel:
Whitepaper project: index.php # section-2
ANN thread:
Official Facebook:
Official Twitter:

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