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Signs of life from Hawken! Looks to be ran by Reloaded, Inc now

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Uncle Smokey Recapping MMTLP events on twitter

Uncle smokey has been posting a detailed recap of the events surrounding MMTLP, it's a good read, so Figured I'd consolidate it here.

(Start of Thread on Twitter)
here's a thread reader link (wont have to click image links)

There is history here. You would really need to go back over a year and a half to fully grasp the complexity of this. Finra allowed a series A preferred share to trade that was never supposed to be traded outlined in here in the proxy statement: PRER14A | 2021-03-23
A market maker (GTS) or 2 (Canaccord Genuity) started to create a platform to make the preferred shares tradable before the merger happened between $TRCH and $MMAT as shown on this OCC memo... Merger was not to complete till the 28th but got done a day early;

On the date of the merger the options became available as of the 28th. This was not found by retail until well after it became tradable BTW, and no one thought anything about it since the option were working as they should.

As time passed and options traded, synthetic shares were created through the USOCC guarantee to facilitate an option exercise... On Oct 6, 2021 USOCC get word that shares are not tradable The web is getting tight now, and the Finra review of form 211 is done, you with me?

Then all of a sudden Finra posts a corporate notice on 10/06/21 $MMTLP is added to the OTC markets and trading is set to commence but cannot due to the USOCC memo #49379 above. That is an easy work around for a lead market maker of IPO's like Ari Rubenstein (@AriGTSX) COE of GTS for example.

Enter USOCC memo #49368 releasing the ability to trade of $MMTLP, but take a look ate the top date compared to the paragraphed date... Odd right?! why was it 4 days after the trading of $MMTLP commenced that the letter came out to the public? Hmmm

Perhaps to be able to capitalize on the fear that ensues once something that the holders of the Preferred shares understood to be non tradable until $MMAT "the company" either sells the assets or does a spin-out and releases a Proxy to explain the details: (SEC Filings)
And panic there was for 4 full trading days until the USOCC memo was released, and then several days after that as no one knew what was happening. People sold off their rights to whatever was at the end of the road because they witnessed a false value on something non tradable!
Now during this initial period of trading miraculously we saw FTDs great enough, over a long enough period of time that they hit the OTC markets threshold securities list... WOW! Look at all the listings Right!! But dates are what is important...
Exactly 11 trading days in, $MMTLP hit the security threshold list and remained on it until Dec 31, 2021... New Years Eve... and then all of a sudden gone. No more Reg Sho??? ok maybe they took care of it... let's take a look at the chart to see...

From what I can tell looking at the daily chart that the $MMTLP ticker stayed pretty rangebound between the 38.2% and 61.8% fibonnaci levels for the entire time trading after the initial spoofing and the entire time it traded until recently... against the entire market btw.

Oh yeah, I forgot to bring up, "this is not supposed to be trading" again for a reminder. I hope your keeping that in the front of all this, and tack on the fact that only a few OG holders got spoofed when looking at the actual avg. volume levels, price trend, and money flow.

So now with that ice breaker of the back story (BTW goes all the way back to the late 2000's with Pole Perfect Studios), let's get more recent. So with all that time passing and no real shares that can be traded the broker have racked up an EXTENSIVE naked position.
You can clearly see that in the last recent months the volume has changed starting on the day the 3rd S-1 was filed. In that filing there was specific language to the shorts stating they should close positions. OK possible volume explained right?! (SEC Filings)
Well no not at all the case. In fact there was minimal coverage. (I am sure you know that a reported # is not the true #) Which is clearly outlined in the threshold securities list through the high levels of FTD's produced in that time. and still being produced daily
I would also like to re-point out that they never did cover the initial FTDs from Oct-Dec 2021... that means they leveraged using either the retail traders that trade on margin or have share lending on to cover up the FTDs since there is no "like" ticker to swap with.
So now we have 60million in volume pouring into $MMTLP over 2 months and no coverage happening on the short end...Yet there are massive amounts of shares trading hands that technically never existed and being rolled into FTDs, There is still a variable not being considered...
On Nov. 18, 2022 $MMAT Metam Materials Inc listed the Notice of Effectiveness, meaning all parties have approved the Spin-out and is awaiting Finra to do a final review and post the corporate notice to the daily list. Great good news more buying on the 21st. Chart reflects
Here is the interesting part and what is suspect about the whole ordeal. On Nov. 23rd Meta Materials Inc ($MMAT) releases the PR that all board members have approved the Spin-out. And two days later publish the 424(b)(4) dated Nov. 18, 2022. but watch $MMTLP price action
Does this look like the price action of a years' worth of shorting and synthetic share lending and selling being bought back in anticipation of $MMTLP being "DELETED" from the OTC markets and Next Bridge Hydrocarbons becoming a private company? Brokers had plenty of time
Next why did Finra take so long to get the corporate action out? Meta Materials Inc had the 424(b) to them on Nov. 18th, which is almost a full month till the Record Date. It should have been released no later than Nov. 29th by their timeline. [Finra 6490]
This hold up from Finra allowed for the broker dealer's to drop the price from $12.25 back to $2.85. But because retail kept buying and holding as brokers created new shares they didn't have enough time to get it all the way down earlier to allow the Finra release down.
Finally on Dec 6th EOD, Finra drops the corporate action just 2 days till holders need to be on record and 4 days till the trading is to stop. There is still no signs of coverage of shorts or synthetics as seen on the threshold list. Brokers start to take away the buy button
Dec. 8th a large number of overseas brokers have already shut down trading and people are just starting to get their messages of corporate action from their brokers. Again this step is now 2 days late giving only 2 days for retail to make a decision on their plan...
Oh yeah, let's not forget the 60% price drop with no ability to buy from a large # of brokers and a perfect retracement back to that $2.85 level I spoke about earlier... because they ran out of TIME!!! But wait there is more. remember that corporate notice from the 6th?...
Yeah that was written wrong when sent to the DTCC and had to be corrected... that was how the brokers got their TIME! So, at 1:10pm EST the algorithms finally get shut down and because of the limited ability to buy the price could not recover... but why?
Even in the new corporate notice it states trading will be possible you just won't receive the distribution if selling after 12/08/2022... we knew that. But now the distribution date is gone. enter the new CUSIP. A place for shorts and synthetics to go if they HAULT trading
But what gave them this ability to take that out of there?. The word "Canceled" needed to be switched to "Deleted" for legalities. They are not canceled stocks they are deleted from the market. Finra knows that and had plenty of TIME to get it right
So,Finra was able to give the brokers TIME to come up with a work around on $MMTLP to be able to push the due process of share reconciliation out to a later date so they can try and lessen the damages to their liquidity when they are the ones who did this to themselves.
Then out of the blue on Dec. 9th, a trading halt appears with a U3 code. In case your unaware a U3 halt code has only been used 344 times since 2014. I would consider that pretty uncommon. An "EXTRODINAY EVENT" halt the first minute longs are fully committed to the spin-out!
Now trading cannot be done on the last 2 days that were given and WHY? We were all aware it would be "SELL TO CLOSE ONLY LONGS" and "BUY TO CLOSE ONLY SHORT". Retail did not start this illegal mess, but we sure as shit paid attention! It starts and ends with #FinraFraud
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Fri Jun 17 00:33:19 2022

Very true but I bought ours today on GME and Snap expecting a reaction from retail when the rate hike is announced at 2pm.
NYSE:GME DATE : Wed Jun 15 15:50:00 2022 SUBREDDIT : Daytrading
That will leave your money open to being an inflation victim. Try buying a stock that would be a hedge against current climate - GME for example
NYSE:GME DATE : Thu Jun 16 08:19:03 2022 SUBREDDIT : pennystocks
Neither, my GME bag has out preformed both of them this year
NYSE:GME DATE : Wed Jun 15 19:10:18 2022 SUBREDDIT : StockMarket
Sure you can. When shit stocks like GME and AMC go parabolic? Time to sell.
NYSE:GME DATE : Tue Jun 14 23:16:44 2022 SUBREDDIT : StockMarket
Hedge funds were definitely hoping to short this to bankruptcy (just like toys r us and circuit city) but their plans are being foiled. Ryan Cohen put 3 members on to their board, which has likely infiltrated by financial criminals hoping for bankruptcy the same way GameStop was before RC got in. But it’s too late, this thing will blow. It’s shorted in the same basket as the other meme stocks and more than any other side besides GME per the SEC report. When GME blows this will probably be right along side it.
NYSE:GME DATE : Wed Jun 15 01:30:20 2022 SUBREDDIT : StockMarket
Most of these calls were bought last year in Jan and this year in Jan. Check it. Exactly it’s a discussion - and I’m discussing the price targets you just wrote there without any basis. I check the options weekly because I am playing the volatility on BBBY. I was invested in every company RC is invested and I invested in GME at 11$ in November 2020. RC is playing volatility and sympathy squeeze on BBBY due to CNS netting quarterly. He’s using options as leverage on shorts AND the management. It was not about exercising, nor does he believe the stock will go that high - it’s a volatility gamble. Check the open interest on SPY and tell me if we are even close to there. Just because calls have been bought at certain strikes doesn’t mean the price will move there because they are either so far OTM that they won’t have any effect or they have been hedged already. So the options won’t show you where the stock is heading. Im fine with discussion but you don’t accept discussion. You downvote what doesn’t fit your agenda and you lack basic knowledge of the market, market structure, analysis and fundamentals. Then don’t Flair it as discussion. In the end I see BBBY making a turn around but we won’t see ATH in the next 5 years based on fundamentals. Only possibility is a small squeeze that won’t last.
NYSE:GME DATE : Wed Jun 15 14:53:17 2022 SUBREDDIT : StockMarket
This is not a Bear 🐻 market!! This is a Fire 🔥 Sale to cover the Shorts !! If I had Alphabet AMZN or Crypto ! I sale now !!! And Buy GME AMC and all stocks that are 100% Utilized for many days!! AMC will go to $3,500 Soon !!! GME too !! Happy Short Squeeze!!
NYSE:GME DATE : Mon Jun 13 23:41:49 2022 SUBREDDIT : StockMarket
I am in the Short Squeeze! I buy and hold only Stocks that have 100% Utilization! Gme AMC CEI and some more ! I believe AMZN and some more stocks will Split to be sold to Retailers specially they will love ❤️ we sell AMC GME CEI To buy AMZN! I believe the AMZN will sold to idiots! That means the Liquidation has started! Happy Squeeze Everybody!!😎🤩🥳
NYSE:GME DATE : Mon Jun 13 16:58:40 2022 SUBREDDIT : StockMarket
The Liquidations have Started !! AMZN split to sell ! AMZN is said to be the Number one ☝️ of Shorting GME AMC shears bbbc ! Happy short Squeeze to all of Us 🤩🤩🤩🤩
NYSE:GME DATE : Mon Jun 13 17:03:41 2022 SUBREDDIT : StockMarket
So you saying buy GME cuz apes together strong?
NYSE:GME DATE : Thu Jun 16 01:15:37 2022 SUBREDDIT : stocks
What kind of stocks you in down 60%? Are the valuable or are they “shortsqueeze” GME 2.0 Reddit pump and dumps?
NYSE:GME DATE : Thu Jun 16 07:45:22 2022 SUBREDDIT : stocks
Huh? GME is not a pump and dump at all. Apes have half the float DRSed. Stop watching Cramer.
NYSE:GME DATE : Thu Jun 16 07:52:00 2022 SUBREDDIT : stocks
They downvote you simply because you have GME in your name lol. Keep the faith Jesus!
NYSE:GME DATE : Thu Jun 16 13:40:18 2022 SUBREDDIT : stocks
Because that’s what got voted on and passed during shareholders meeting? Also 14M DRS is not half the float lol. It’s 20% Also you misread my first comment to thinking I called GME a pump and dump. I said GME 2.0 referring to what every pumper calls these plays running through Reddit
NYSE:GME DATE : Thu Jun 16 08:26:08 2022 SUBREDDIT : stocks
Sorry I was thinking the combined total of DRS, institutions, ETFs, etc. Source is ( They voted to authorize a split at that meeting too. So a split is obviously in the works, and it will be very punishing to shorts. They certainly aren’t going to issue 1B shares, they will keep a large portion un-issued to fend off hostile takeovers. Insiders didn’t dump in January. GME sold some shares to raise billions to build the company. Insiders have been buying.
NYSE:GME DATE : Thu Jun 16 12:27:37 2022 SUBREDDIT : stocks
Hmm…why did they stop on BTC reaching 250K? I think GME group have more substance than ARK group at this point.
NYSE:GME DATE : Wed Jun 15 17:42:19 2022 SUBREDDIT : stocks
I believe that some firms, did not close there short positions on GME 100 percent, but regardless, I’m also speaking generally, there is massive leverage and a large amount of bad bets by a lot of institutions in this market currently. And a lot of these bets are held in derivatives, already seen 3 hedge funds blow up in what, 3-4 months. Think I saw one was insolvent yesterday because they had large amounts of leveraged crypto Basically, leverage is everywhere, and be wary of investing any capital right now
NYSE:GME DATE : Wed Jun 15 13:02:52 2022 SUBREDDIT : stocks
Well during the GME frenzy early last year they halted trading of meme stocks so people couldn't sell. I don't remember the excuse they gave but that alone would keep me away from a broker forever. Also, generally they have almost no checks or clearance requirements. Their goal is to get you trading as much as possible. They offer nothing other than just a platform for trading, no other banking or investment services. I'd rather go with something that is a real business. I'm not a shill but I've been using Schwab for a long time now, their banking services are solid and yeah the UI isn't amazing in their app but it gets the job done and that's really all I need. Fancy and/or pretty UI is pretty overrated IMO, especially if you aren't a day trader that is constantly checking stuff.
NYSE:GME DATE : Wed Jun 15 14:37:52 2022 SUBREDDIT : stocks
Let me guess, you’ve bought into the GME and/or AMC cult? Any day now, the moass is coming. Keep telling yourself that.
NYSE:GME DATE : Wed Jun 15 17:37:43 2022 SUBREDDIT : stocks
Not really a conspiracy theory. Market Makers are arbitraging the Continuous Net Settlement system to post record profits for investors. ETFs effectively operate as a Liability for Liquidity exchange mechanism since the 2019 ETF rule change that allowed Market Makers and Authorized Participants to fail to deliver on their side of the creation/redemption process for custom baskets of the underlying. It is an observable and well researched income strategy that is widely implemented by this point in time, and offers attractive opportunities to lower taxes on profits for institutions because ETFs never pay tax on appreciated securities in an exchanged basket. Some funds estimate the benefits at ~50 basis points for their top tax bracket investors. Maybe the guy is talking about the slightly crazy retail scheme to corner garbage stocks like AMC and GME which ended up being thwarted by the liquidity provision of ETFs in which case sure, they're a nutter. But it's important to learn about ETFs because they can have a large role in the intraday price action of illiquid stocks.
NYSE:GME DATE : Wed Jun 15 13:21:39 2022 SUBREDDIT : stocks
he's a GME cultist, and it was obvious from the "rabbit hole" comment - researching these topics wouldn't normally take you down any kind of rabbit hole. he is mentioning these concepts only because they are very popular topics of discussion in the cult.
NYSE:GME DATE : Wed Jun 15 14:30:37 2022 SUBREDDIT : stocks
and how GME will revolutionize the world with a NFT marketplace? and how Ryan cohen is the greatest man alive and communicates in code via twitter? and how anybody who buys 1 share of GME will become gazzilionnaires and rules the world?
NYSE:GME DATE : Tue Jun 14 10:49:23 2022 SUBREDDIT : stocks
Meta has over $50B in cash, $40B in FCF, $120 B in yearly revenue, 3.5 BILLION users, and is in almost every index fund. Id still rather short GME, no offense to the diamond handed apes
NYSE:GME DATE : Thu Jun 16 03:08:22 2022 SUBREDDIT : stocks
These companies have been transitioning away from analog cigarettes and moving into alternative tobacco products. You can see them trying to reinvent themselves, much like Coke selling other beverages other than sugary sodas. Their stocks have been on a slow decline for years and they have been trying to keep dividends up to keep shareholders on board. I don’t know what any of this does to answer your question tho. I used to smoke and would happily find other ways to get to work then have to pay for gas if it come down to it. Cigarettes always first. Personally I would not hold these stocks simply for the dividend because their yearly growth is so poor compared to the dividend. There are much better options out there if you are looking for something more socially responsible and can provide better returns beyond just the dividend. Look at stocks like O or the old standby JEPI. Just a couple to consider. It I don’t hold any of these. I’m all in TQQQ with some GME on the side. My 403b is 100% VTI. Good luck.
NYSE:GME DATE : Tue Jun 14 21:29:55 2022 SUBREDDIT : stocks
All the experts knew a crash was inevitable. It was just a matter of when. Bears have predicted 100 out of the last 5 recessions, but the mania of the market was so fucking hot for so long that it looked like it could keep cascading upward for six more months. Unless you’re the Fed, who magically cashed out at the EXACT PEAK of the bull market, or Warren Buffett, who was 4 or 5 months early but still timed it almost perfectly in hindsight, or the hedge funds who have $2.2 TRILLION parked at the fed in reverse repo, which is 100x more money than has ever been reverse repoed before, there was no way to know when. Also the GME investors and Michael Burry have been screaming about this for a year now lmao but in the eyes of most people they might as well be insane hobos with “REPENT THE END IS NIGH” signs. But that’s a different story.
NYSE:GME DATE : Tue Jun 14 21:52:40 2022 SUBREDDIT : stocks
Invested and it went down. Still bullish. Honestly, I think the thesis for the company is in UI/speed of transaction. Options go through better than TD/Fidelity. There's bad press around the GME and VLAD, but I think that for retail, there's no better UI. People act like Fidelity/TD/Vanguard are super benevolent brokers when they're just nicer casinos.
NYSE:GME DATE : Mon Jun 13 19:32:40 2022 SUBREDDIT : stocks
Time to cash out and cancel the account that I left 1 cent on after the GME scandal those pieces of absolute shit caused. Just doing my very small part, I've been waiting to do it.
NYSE:GME DATE : Mon Jun 13 17:05:51 2022 SUBREDDIT : stocks
They dug their own grave with GME buy button shenanigans.
NYSE:GME DATE : Mon Jun 13 18:22:23 2022 SUBREDDIT : stocks
Can confirm. Still buying GME.
NYSE:GME DATE : Thu Jun 16 13:12:49 2022 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
GME is up 25 pct since May. The S&P is down.
NYSE:GME DATE : Thu Jun 16 13:08:26 2022 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
I've been poaching some stocks that look cheap, but only with companies that I am certain wont go belly-up. I am neutral on GME. (still "hodl"ing, but not sure I want more)
NYSE:GME DATE : Thu Jun 16 13:13:03 2022 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
Will give HJ for GME. What have I become 😔
NYSE:GME DATE : Thu Jun 16 13:57:30 2022 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
Apes think GME is insulated from the market and they somehow have the potential to be a FAANG company. Now time to right-click and save all those NFTs they’re “trying” to make
NYSE:GME DATE : Thu Jun 16 13:27:12 2022 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
I saw someone do the math earlier. If apes bought a total of $5 mil GME shares a day at the current price, they would own the entire float in a year or so.
NYSE:GME DATE : Thu Jun 16 14:09:11 2022 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
GME and DWAC 💪
NYSE:GME DATE : Thu Jun 16 13:46:37 2022 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
Also, one of the things that could spark GME was a market crash. It has always been part of the thesis
NYSE:GME DATE : Thu Jun 16 14:09:38 2022 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
* S&P is down 13% over the past year * Nasdaq is down 23% over the past year * GME is down 42% over the past year and around 60% from ATH Also, the S&P will exist in 5 years
NYSE:GME DATE : Thu Jun 16 13:52:27 2022 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
What losses? GME is up over 480% in the last 2 years and in the last month has been outperforming the S&P 500.
NYSE:GME DATE : Thu Jun 16 13:38:29 2022 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
You realize there is more to NFTs than just pictures right? Also, the market is tanking and GME is outperforming the S&P 500 right now, so yeah, seems pretty insulated to me. With next to no debt, over a billion in cash on hand, the new marketplace, new partnerships, over 40% of the free float direct registered to individuals, the highest short interest seen on a stock in decades, and a cult following makes me very bullish.
NYSE:GME DATE : Thu Jun 16 13:44:30 2022 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
Im not an options trader or a GME holder. I just buy shit for my IRA
NYSE:GME DATE : Thu Jun 16 14:12:08 2022 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
GME. Holding til the opposition goes to fucking jail.
NYSE:GME DATE : Thu Jun 16 10:05:59 2022 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
I can't believe you're asking this retail traders are about to be a movement and we can control market prices as seen in GME. Follow the apes, hold to nothing, and don't paperhands anything you little bish
NYSE:GME DATE : Thu Jun 16 04:11:12 2022 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
Shit my positions were all still green so I dumped everything except a few very conservative ones. Don’t be a retard. There’s isn’t gonna be some crazy reversal in the near term. GME isn’t going to moon.
NYSE:GME DATE : Thu Jun 16 11:30:38 2022 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
Still holding GME, it's about to bounce.
NYSE:GME DATE : Thu Jun 16 06:36:18 2022 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
He sold sometime between 6/30 and 9/30. TSLA ran between $645 and $790 during that time. He started position in first quarter of 2021, when TSLA ran between $600 and $880. Looks like he added a bit in second quarter when TSLA ran between $580 and $740. Doesn't seem like he either made or lost much. All we know for sure is that while Burry did beat the market by 28% a year for 6 years straight to start the century, and then discovered the Big Short and made an additional $1.2B on that, then closed his fund and didn't come back into the limelight until he started buying GME at $3 and he's running billions now. But unlike OP, he's not spending his time creating memes so how can we really know if Burry's returns are better than OPs?
NYSE:GME DATE : Thu Jun 16 00:50:46 2022 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
Everyone making fun of him bc he didn't sell the absolute top when GME squoze. Yet i would bet all of my money he made more on GME than 99,9% of the people in here.
NYSE:GME DATE : Thu Jun 16 08:17:00 2022 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
Remember he bought GME early
NYSE:GME DATE : Thu Jun 16 10:44:33 2022 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
He sold all his GME before $10.
NYSE:GME DATE : Thu Jun 16 02:16:06 2022 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
didn't he sell GME before the Jan. pop?
NYSE:GME DATE : Thu Jun 16 04:25:54 2022 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
He also sold 9 million shares of GME he got for like $2 at $9. 🤡
NYSE:GME DATE : Thu Jun 16 00:40:02 2022 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
Buffett missed out on Microsoft, Google, Amazon. He made mistakes like buying Kraft, IBM, General Re, etc. And he probalbly has the highest returns in history covering 20 years, 30 years, 40 years, 50 years and 60 years. Burry may have lost a little money on his TSLA puts. He still made 330% in his first 6 years, then doubled it with the big short, closed his fund, came back and bought 3.5M shares of GME for $4, and likely has the highest returns of any investor of this century.
NYSE:GME DATE : Thu Jun 16 04:57:39 2022 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
That idiot only 4.5x’d his money. What a moron. Most of the GME trades on this sub surely outperform him by a lot!
NYSE:GME DATE : Thu Jun 16 01:25:55 2022 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
Oh man I bet you made way more on GME than that schmuck
NYSE:GME DATE : Thu Jun 16 02:24:31 2022 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
Yes, because he was not saying GME to the moon, and he has predetermined entry and exit points, unlike most on this sub, that's why he's a hedge fund manager.
NYSE:GME DATE : Thu Jun 16 03:11:00 2022 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
Never thought I'd see the day someone on THIS SUB degrades bootlicking of the man who launched the GME short squeeze. Absolutely unbelievable.
NYSE:GME DATE : Wed Jun 15 23:03:32 2022 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
Even breaking even on GME would put you in the top 1% of the sub.
NYSE:GME DATE : Thu Jun 16 01:38:04 2022 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
The only evidence he is skilled is 1) he's been right on most every trade he's ever made, 2) was the first guy in buying GME at $3, and 3) likely has the highest returns of this century. But OPs devastating counter argument is that he didn't make enough money on his TSLA short.
NYSE:GME DATE : Thu Jun 16 00:54:25 2022 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
What price did he sell GME again?
NYSE:GME DATE : Thu Jun 16 01:25:48 2022 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
You've been talking about GME for the past 1 year in 3 different subreddits. I think you're the jobless one here. At what point does being obsessed with a "cult" of people who are spending their own savings becomes a cult in itself? Also, I got my holder account letter just 1 month ago. Takes 21 days for the verification code to arrive from Europe to India and then a few more days for ACATS transfer from my other broker to IBKR. You really think I'd pay the forex fees, bank fees, brokerage and DRS fees (+computershare fees) to buy just 1 share?
NYSE:GME DATE : Thu Jun 16 07:13:34 2022 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
NYSE:GME DATE : Wed Jun 15 19:17:35 2022 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
I swear you Superstupid tards arent going to let this sub survive. Meanwhile Citadel owns almost 2% of AMC and isnt heavily short on GME - youd think the kings of DD would know some of this.
NYSE:GME DATE : Thu Jun 16 00:19:11 2022 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
He said GME "was a moment in time". We aren't fucking leaving!
NYSE:GME DATE : Wed Jun 15 23:11:22 2022 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
To be honest is this what WSB is about nowadays? cant yall just go back to AMC or GME in your own subs instead of posting your propaganda here? Im not coming to WSB to look at GME or AMC cults
NYSE:GME DATE : Thu Jun 16 12:45:01 2022 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
Tell me you're in GME without telling me you're in GME
NYSE:GME DATE : Thu Jun 16 00:11:29 2022 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
Wall street bets really went down hill after GME originally blew up. Bunch of gay bears here now. Miss the bulls, my money, and my wife’s boyfriend
NYSE:GME DATE : Thu Jun 16 04:32:00 2022 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
Don't even know what that means. Good? Bad? Idk but I 'm holding GME so I'm chilling
NYSE:GME DATE : Thu Jun 16 06:58:08 2022 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
Without the MMs we would have even worse speculative bubbles and lengthy drawdowns. Being able to get in and out of the market is key to investor confidence, Gensler is trying to separate himself from the administration by creating landmark regulation so he can be relevant for the next decade, if you think he gives a fuck about your GME MOASS guess again.
NYSE:GME DATE : Thu Jun 16 06:19:12 2022 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
You should look at the small float of GME to understand that they have sold multiple floats this way
NYSE:GME DATE : Thu Jun 16 02:35:55 2022 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
No, not GME. Not in front of the young lady... Have some mercy.
NYSE:GME DATE : Thu Jun 16 10:43:01 2022 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
!(emote|t5_2th52|4275) GME to 90 tomorrow by 10am plz
NYSE:GME DATE : Wed Jun 15 22:25:27 2022 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
I heard he was gonna take his settlement money and buy GME....
NYSE:GME DATE : Wed Jun 15 12:06:52 2022 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
NYSE:GME DATE : Wed Jun 15 20:13:50 2022 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
AMC or GME. Guaranteed.
NYSE:GME DATE : Wed Jun 15 13:39:04 2022 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
Jfc what you're effectively doing is withdrawaing form your 401k to buy GME. This is a whole 'nother level of retarded
NYSE:GME DATE : Thu Jun 16 02:22:34 2022 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
Can RBLX be the new GME? Roblox needs some love.
NYSE:GME DATE : Wed Jun 15 16:19:52 2022 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
So. Low-key we are all joking about corn. But is corn literally the next GME? I actually looked at the corn pricing as far as the commodities go, and Corn Guy looks like he might be on to something.
NYSE:GME DATE : Thu Jun 16 13:11:14 2022 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
GME and DFV happened
NYSE:GME DATE : Wed Jun 15 14:59:53 2022 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
Every thread I enter I see GME weirdos spouting SEC conspiracy theories lol
NYSE:GME DATE : Wed Jun 15 22:15:36 2022 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
#Ban Bet Lost Ricarbr0 (0/1) made a bet that GME would go to 1000.0 when it was 121.75 and it did not, so they were banned for a week.
NYSE:GME DATE : Wed Jun 15 21:52:10 2022 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
I am. And not good strong stocks that will weather the storm with incredible balance sheets, durable businesses… no definitely not those. I’m buying the real filth in bulk. TLRY, GME, HLYN
NYSE:GME DATE : Thu Jun 16 11:07:59 2022 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
There’s your runner! SAN DIEGO, June 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Kintara Therapeutics, Inc. (Nasdaq: KTRA) ("Kintara" or the "Company"), a biopharmaceutical company focused on the development of new solid tumor cancer therapies, today announced that the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has granted Fast Track Designation (FTD) to Kintara's VAL-083 for the treatment of patients with newly-diagnosed unmethylated glioblastoma (GBM). Fast Track is a process designed to facilitate the development, and expedite the review of drugs to treat serious conditions and fill an unmet medical need. Some of the significant benefits of FTD include: Enhanced access to the FDA, including opportunities for more frequent meetings and written consultation throughout the remaining development of VAL-083. Drugs with FTD are eligible to apply for Accelerated Approval and Priority Review at the time of a New Drug Application (NDA) submission, which may result in faster product approval. FTD also allows for 'rolling review', whereby Kintara may submit completed sections of the VAL-083 NDA as they become available, rather than at the end of development. "We believe Fast Track Designation is indicative of VAL-083's potential to improve outcomes for patients with GBM, the most aggressive form of brain cancer," stated Robert E. Hoffman, President and CEO of Kintara. "We look forward to announcing top-line data from the international registrational phase 2/3 GBM AGILE Study around the end of calendar year 2023. Fast Track Designation allows us to work closely with the FDA and may expedite our commercial launch of VAL-083, if approved."
NYSE:CEO DATE : Wed Jun 15 13:26:48 2022 SUBREDDIT : pennystocks
I think it's always a good sign when companies file their earnings before the deadline. Konrad looks like a very capable CEO and I’m excited to see ESE go to the moon!
NYSE:CEO DATE : Mon Jun 13 23:08:32 2022 SUBREDDIT : pennystocks
Both Cramer and Cathie Wood are different types of entertainers, and useless for financial advice in my opinion. They run the same scam: they talk with a bunch of CEOs and peddle promotion of their assets towards their audiences. With Cramer, it's his followers / investment club. With Wood, it's her specialty ETFs (just another type of investment club, with more steps). Both of them are personalities imo. The minor difference with Wood is she's probably right about 20 year trends, but trying to convince us the early players are going to be the best to make.. It's like someone in 1998 predicting the internet will be revolutionary, and built a fund around Yahoo, Netscape, Nortel Networks, craigslist and Palm. Terrible investment strategy, as the first or early movers in an new innovative area aren't often the companies that win or define the market. They often get replaced or acquired, limiting their upside, and maybe one from a basket becomes a breakthrough. If there's anything this sub can learn is to listen to more informed investors and avoid the pseudo celebs.
NYSE:CEO DATE : Thu Jun 16 09:25:53 2022 SUBREDDIT : StockMarket
Stop with the misinformation lol You mean the misinformation information the CEO of the company spread himself?
NYSE:CEO DATE : Thu Jun 16 09:00:51 2022 SUBREDDIT : StockMarket
Yes. Stop with the misinformation, even if it initially came from the CEO. How's this a bad take lmao?
NYSE:CEO DATE : Thu Jun 16 09:27:24 2022 SUBREDDIT : StockMarket
You know we are proper fucked when people are starting to post about 0.5-3 year recovery times before we’ve even seen anything resembling capitulation or a bottom Just listen to all the big CEOs current rhetoric. Look at the big funds closing shop. Listen to what the fed is actually saying. Look at prices on the shelves. Despite all of that, there’s still a TON of people who are short term bullish on nearly every forum. We’re fucked here. This isn’t going to be a quick, walk in the park near market. This has all of the markings for a long, GFC style recession. Anyone who can’t see that is delusional.
NYSE:CEO DATE : Wed Jun 15 12:20:06 2022 SUBREDDIT : StockMarket
You’re partially right. This is not a global problem, this is really just an American problem. And the picture you’ve just painted is a slow and painful decline of American hegemony. There are bigger countries with more natural resources. Innovation in US has been driven by foreign talent (Look at all the indian silicon valley CEOs). So yes, productivity increases in the US has been “fake” in that regard.
NYSE:CEO DATE : Thu Jun 16 02:49:05 2022 SUBREDDIT : StockMarket
Consider this: the US Covid-19 debt is huge and it will be paid back in higher taxes for years to come. China's Covid-19 debt is ongoing as they continue to live in la-la land of Covid zero. Who will pay for all the multiple testing of millions and wages of people under lockdown? There's no free lunch. Their inputs will be higher so their products need to price higher. Now imagine that you are a CEO in the US of a big box store: your rents, electricity, salaries, gas, etc are all going up. Can you absorb those costs without raising prices of your made in China products? I don't think so. Inflation is inter-connected and contagious. And Putin now controls two extremely important levers in the world: oil and grain. Even if Europe stops buying Russian oil, Putin still has a lot of leverage at OPEC+. When all this unbalance from Covid-19 and war are resolved then we will see deflation like Cathie Woods says. But not until the Russian problem is resolved.
NYSE:CEO DATE : Tue Jun 14 21:45:49 2022 SUBREDDIT : StockMarket
This is the company whose CEO recommended everyone to liquidate every asset to buy Bitcoin?
NYSE:CEO DATE : Tue Jun 14 03:49:31 2022 SUBREDDIT : StockMarket
Then it should work since all those CEOs are from the generation where "the customer is always right"
NYSE:CEO DATE : Wed Jun 15 16:30:46 2022 SUBREDDIT : stocks
I expected core CPI to show a reading suggesting it's peaked, but that only indicates that inflation is actually set to increase. You don't actually need to read and look at the actual CPI results because the earnings season already told us this. The only reason core CPI isn't increasing right now is that companies are still bearing the brunt of rising input costs and accepting the hit to their margins, across the board. While there have been price increases, everyone is still trying to walk on eggshells and maintain the image of being good corporate citizens. We are still in the late innings of the part of the story where the retailers still want to appear to be on the side of the customer. The Target, Walmart, Costco CEOs all made these PR statements in the ending months of 2021 and during the Q3 earnings (October-November 2021 timeframe) that they intend to eat the effects of inflation - but this was convenient when the narrative was that inflation was transitory. They were expecting to deal with a bad quarter that, by the time it's reported, would be mitigated by them giving strong guidance about a return to the norm, with inflation already passed by the Q4 2021/Q1 2022 earnings season. As it becomes increasingly clear that inflation will persist, they will quietly abandon that and accelerate price hikes across the spectrum. So the core CPI reading is distorted by the fact that they can choose to hang on and fight against the tide. Oil companies don't have this luxury. Fuel drives the prices in the core CPI baskets; the reason they're not always in synch is because there's a human factor in how the companies decide to approach their pricing. These companies took 15%+ contractions to their net income last quarter (15% on a YoY basis, if you take it QoQ it's very horrifying, it's 40-50% drop in net income for WMT, TGT etc). If you take Amazon, inflation swung their ecommerce segment from positive operating income last year to negative this year, and outright loss on their bottom line net income. They can do that for another quarter, give or take a few months, then prices skyrocket.
NYSE:CEO DATE : Thu Jun 16 04:47:39 2022 SUBREDDIT : stocks
You don't know? it's just a meme stock. A scam. In the meantime in the real life and not reddit, CEO goes to Ukraine and meet with Zelenskyy.
NYSE:CEO DATE : Thu Jun 16 11:11:56 2022 SUBREDDIT : stocks
Redfin CEO has always been wrong about the future outlook. I remember he said the same thing at the onset of covid lol
NYSE:CEO DATE : Wed Jun 15 06:19:57 2022 SUBREDDIT : stocks
Interest rates have been historically low for a while now. His comments are just trying to flame a fire that doesn’t exists. When you give loans out for pretty much free, companies and people will spend a lot and contribute to inflation. Even with this hike interest rates are still lower than historical averages. Redfin just overspent trying to grow too fast and now the CEO is blaming others for his bad decisions.
NYSE:CEO DATE : Wed Jun 15 19:11:19 2022 SUBREDDIT : stocks
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China Plans Sweeping Rescue Policies to Avert Property Crisis

China Plans Sweeping Rescue Policies to Avert Property Crisis
  • Financial regulators issued joint notice to banks on Friday
  • Developers can extend some loan repayment by one year: people
China has unveiled its most sweeping rescue package to bail out a real estate market mired in a record slowdown and deepening liquidity crunch, according to people familiar with the matter.
The People’s Bank of China and the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission on Friday jointly issued a notice to financial institutions laying out plans to ensure the “stable and healthy development” of the property sector, said the people, asking not to be identified as the matter is private. Unlike previous piecemeal steps, the latest notice includes 16 measures that range from addressing the liquidity crisis faced by developers to loosening down-payment requirements for homebuyers, the people said.
As part of the rescue plan, developers’ outstanding bank loans and trust borrowings due within the next six months can be extended for a year, while repayment on their bonds can also be extended or swapped through negotiations, the people added.
The move is the strongest sign yet that Chinese policy makers are easing a years-long clampdown on the property sector, one of the biggest drags on the world’s second-largest economy along with the nation’s dogged Covid Zero policies. Authorities also issued a sweeping set of measures to recalibrate their pandemic response on Friday, publicly outlining a 20-point playbook for officials aimed at reducing the economic and social impact of containing the virus.
Taken together, the policy shifts by President Xi Jinping’s government will likely ease two of the biggest headwinds to China’s growth outlook and add fuel to a market rally that sent a gauge of Chinese shares in Hong Kong up 17% in the past two weeks.
It’s a stark reversal from the gloom that descended over markets in late October, after Xi’s elevation of close allies to the highest rungs of power stoked concern that ideology would trump pragmatism for the most powerful Chinese leader since Mao Zedong. The Hang Seng China Enterprises Index has now erased losses suffered in the immediate wake of last month’s Communist Party Congress, swinging from one of the world’s worst-performing stock gauges to among the best.
The central bank and the banking regulator didn’t immediately reply to requests for comment out of working hours on Sunday.
Authorities have sought to defuse the property crisis with a raft of measures in the past few months, including cutting interest rates, urging major banks to extend 1 trillion yuan ($140 billion) of financing in the final months of the year, and offering special loans through policy banks to ensure property projects are delivered.
China also expanded a key financing support program designed for private firms including real estate companies to about 250 billion yuan this week, a move that could help developers sell more bonds and ease their liquidity woes.
One of the biggest policy changes in the latest notice is to allow a “temporary” easing of restrictions on bank lending to developers.
China began imposing caps on bank’s property lending in 2021, as authorities sought to tighten the reins on a bubble-prone industry and curb leverage at some of the nation’s largest developers. Banks not meeting the current restrictions will be given extra time to meet the requirement, said the people.
In addition, regulators encouraged banks to negotiate with homebuyers on extending mortgage repayment, and emphasized that buyers’ credit scores will be protected. That may alleviate the risk of social unrest among homebuyers who have engaged in a widespread boycott on mortgage payments since July.
China’s $2.4 trillion new-home market remains fragile and property debt defaults have surged. Price declines in the existing-home market were the most extreme in almost eight years in September, according to the latest official data. At banks, the proportion of bad loans related to property has surged to 30%, according to Citigroup Inc. estimates.
Signs of easing property curbs and pandemic restrictions have led to a sharp rebound in China assets. A Bloomberg Intelligence gauge of Chinese developers’ stocks jumped a record 18% Friday, with Country Garden Holdings Co. surging 35%.
Still, the financial backstop is dwarfed by the looming debt maturities facing developers. China’s property sector has at least $292 billion of onshore and offshore borrowings coming due through the end of 2023. That includes $53.7 billion in borrowings this year, followed by $72.3 billion of maturities in the first quarter of next year.
— With assistance by Charlie Zhu, Zheng Li, Emma Dong, Heng Xie, Jiejing Cai and Dingmin Zhang by Bloomberg News
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Trip Report: 2 weeks walking around Japan viewing red leaves, going to collab cafes, and looking for G-Witch corn puffs

When it was announced back in September that Japan was re-opening, I auto-piloted to find a flight there, booked for November 13-27, and decided to figure the rest out later. The only thing that I knew for sure that I wanted to do was visit Square-Enix's Artnia store / cafe, and I figured I would also be able to see some red leaves while I was there.
This was my 2nd trip to Japan. My first trip was back in 2019 during April, when I visited Tokyo, Kyoto, Takayama, Hakone and Kamakura. I also caught a cold front in early April, and as a result the cherry blossoms were in full bloom in multiple spots. I saw a shit ton of shrines and temples (I almost filled out half of a goshuincho on my first visit), traveled mostly with a group, had a 2 night ryokan experience, made various restaurant plans/reservations, and booked a lot of tickets (namely the Hida Ltd Exp to Takayama) to make use of my 7 day JR.
This trip was different from my last. I had a few ideas about what to do and had a fairly skeletal itinerary with a few days where I hadn't penciled in anything. I visited during fall, only added 1 new stamp to my goshincho, was traveling entirely by myself, opted for more anime and hobby stuff since I was alone, walked into multiple random restaurants, etc. I followed the Japanese twitter accounts of various things I liked and saw the dates of events/etc that were happening and I planned accordingly.
What I ended up doing
Rather than a full play by play, I'm just gonna ramble about [stuff].
Random Things
Character / Collab Cafes
Anime Stuff
Special Transit
Overall, I had a great time. Was nice to travel around again after the pandemic. Things I would do differently is... buy Tokyo Banana in Tokyo since it was sold out at Narita. I bought the little custard cakes that have Pooh faces on them instead. Whenever I go back again, I'd like to go in spring again as there are multiple gardens I'd like to see in person (Hitachi Seaside Park, Ashikaga, Fuji Shibazakura Festival).
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My Full Plan for this Week 11/28 + Challenge Update (4 Earnings Plays, 3 MAJOR Economic Event , 3 Stocks + 10x Lotto)

My Full Plan for this Week 11/28 + Challenge Update (4 Earnings Plays, 3 MAJOR Economic Event , 3 Stocks + 10x Lotto)
Hello ladies and gentlemen
I'm ash and I write detailed DD on stocks and events, so last week I published my Full plan and analysis.In this post, we will cover
  • This week’s Earnings
  • This Week's Major Economic Events
  • This week’s Watchlist
  • This Week’s lotto 10 bagger Play

$2k to $100k Challenge Update

Big Week, we made a lot of $$$ correctly calling that JPow will be dovish, as a matter of fact, the day of the meeting after we had a bunch of reports come out in the am (and the market reacting poorly to them) I doubled downed a said we will a surprisingly dovish JPow based on the numbers we got that morning, and we did!Proof:
We will go more in-depth into what he said later on as it changes a lot of things now.
We also nailed GDP and PCE predictions as well.
Job numbers were surprising on Friday, usually, these don't really have an effect on the market that's why I had no play for them, but since JPow said it's a key focus moving on forward, the market took a hit on bad numbers. (they are not as bad as people think, ill explain when we discuss the next job numbers plays),
For earnings, MRVL paid off as it ran hard before the earnings at which point I got out (because why risk it with earnings, IV crush, etc…) but the earnings play itself was wrong, so an L there, DG puts paid off well.
From the watchlist, NFLX was an absolute BEAST, sold at 300%+, and re-entered some more for that gap fill, been pounding the table on that one for weeks and we keep banking off it!
Our 10x play VIX puts, was successful as well, it didn't 10x but still went 22.5 to 19, 200-300% play ( I didn't take the play btw)
For those who don't know, I'm 33 trading days in a challenge where I trade live every day, starting with $2k (actually $1.8k) and trade my way to $100k, live in front of everyone every day.
Options Starting Amount: $1000 Day 38 Closing Amount: $14,097 Port % Change: 1410%
Futures/Commodities Starting Amount: $800 Day 38 Closing Amount: $1918 Port % Change: 102%
I sold most of my swings from last week as they ran 50-500%+,Sold COIN at loss (what a turd), Sold AMD at breakeven (I'm an idiot lol), TQQQ (50%-70%), NFLX (300%+), SPX (100%-500%), TSLA (50%-100%)
Like I said last week as we approach the 200MA on the daily SPX, I'm moving more into cash,
I have now around $12K in cash and hold
  • AFRM 01/20/2023 17.50 C
  • NFLX 12/30/2022 330.00 C
  • SPX 12/08/2022 220.00 C

Major Economic Events

Monday 12/05
10:00 AM ISM Non-Manufacturing PMI (Nov)
Thursday 12/08
08:30 AM Initial Jobless Claims
Friday 12/09
08:30 AM Core PPI (MoM) (Nov)
08:30 AM Core PPI (YoY) (Nov)
10:00 AM Michigan Consumer Expectations (Dec)
10:00 AM Wholesale Inventories (MoM)
So normally the only important event this week would be offcourse PPI and for the most part, it is, but after JPow made it clear how workforce participation is the final part to tame inflation, people will be keeping an eye on the initial Jobless claims.
While this is not a job report, we can expect some sort of market reaction to it, especially given how poorly the Friday report did. Now speaking of the Friday report, The reason why it was so off is that household surveys and NFP are measured in very different ways, likely people with jobs or the gig economy are skewing the data. ADP report showed us that people are still losing jobs. I think we will be ok here, but it's a little too soon to tell.
PPI is going to be a very important report, usually, it comes after CPI, and usually, it follows it, so it might be safe to assume if PPI is good so will CPI and vice versa.PPI YoY is expected to come in at 7.2% vs 8% Previous and MoM 0.2% vs 0.2% Previous
Core PPI YoY is expected to come in at 5.9% vs 6.7% Previous and MoM 0.2% vs 0% Previous
So it seems that forecasts are pretty dovish here, and if we are able to meet expectations or beat we should get a nice run as people start to price in a CPI beat as well, and not only that but our second PPI report decline in a row.
I think we continue the trend here and we meet expectations, there are a lot of price reductions that weren't even priced in yet from the last report, so ill be getting an ATM SPX Call 12/14 on Thursday as a play for PPI.


PS we played all these earnings before in my 1st or 2nd weekly watchlist, we have come full circle, nice!

Mon 5 Dec

After Close - GitLab Inc. ($GTLB)
  • Technology
  • Estimate Earnings Call Time: 4:05 PM EST
  • Estimates: EPS $-0.154 & Revenue $106M
  • Options pricing in a 16.4% move on earnings
  • My Play: Flow is slightly bearish, and tech missed for the most part, but GTLB has been beasting the past few earnings and RBC & BofA expect a beat, I'm going with calls on this one.

Thurs 8 Dec

After Close - Lululemon Athletica Inc. ($LULU)
  • Retail Trade
  • Estimate Earnings Call Time: 4:05 PM EST
  • Estimates: EPS $1.96 & Revenue $1.81B
  • Options pricing in an 8.8% move on earnings
  • My Play: Flow is very bullish, Long lines this holiday, shows how resilient this stock is. Taking calls.
After Close - DocuSign Inc ($DOCU)
  • Technology
  • Estimate Earnings Call Time: 4:05 PM EST
  • Estimates: EPS $0.42 & Revenue $626.9M
  • Options pricing in a 17.8% move on earnings
  • My Play: Flow is very bearish as is to be expected, I don't understand why there is a 10B company just for signing documents, taking puts


- AMZN Long
AMZN ran on record holiday shopping numbers but has since lagged behind, if it is able to hold 21MA on the daily, it can bounce to the 50MA, taking a swing position if 21MA holds
- MRVL Long
Despite earnings, MRVL has great fundamentals and a great-looking chart, looking to add a long position here, will cut below 50MA. Holding for 200MA test
- AMD Long
AMD has been stuck in a channel for a while now, if it is able to break through the $79 resistance, this can quickly test the 200MA, Will wait for the trigger to enter a position

Bonus Potential 10 Bagger Play

This is the 3rd im doing NFLX as 10x play but, we made a lot of $$ on it the first 2 times, Taking the same week 325c for the gap fill, That is a $10 move to $330. The speed at which the gap fills will determine how much $$ we make, so fingers crossed for a 1-day fill.
Alright, so that's it for this week, ill be doing this every week and going through the previous week’s play to see how much we gained and where we went wrong.
If you have any questions let me know, none of this is financial advice!
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Minmaxing a Righteous Fire Juggernaut….and I finally broke through 20 mil dps (in standard)

Minmaxing a Righteous Fire Juggernaut….and I finally broke through 20 mil dps (in standard)
Edit: The POB's should have had "Is the enemy a boss" setting to no to reflect the maximum mapping damage. I updated these since some were stuck on uber boss settings. I also added "Area" under AOE radius to better illustrate the magnitude of RF's coverage since the radius is squared when calculating area. I couldn't find the exact radius of Consecrated Ground but some of the values for enemy c ground is between 12-18. Based of the poe wiki image for radii, my visual confirmation of c ground is somewhere between 15-20, closer to 18. Also I left flasks off by default so if you're worried about elemental damage, you can turn those on to see the ele max hit values.
[New gems - Blasphemy will have 25% less curse effect instead of 10% increase.
Flammability lvl 20 will have -36% fire res instead of -44%
Elemental Weakness lvl 20 will have -30% res instead of -44%With these upcoming changes, you can expect overall DPS to be comparable to the current standard/map boss setting. If you can handle self casting 2 curses, then the current damage won't change much at all.]
(Pure RF/VRF DPS is in millions; I’m a RF purist and I think throwing traps looks and feels stupid. I’ll use Scorching Ray sometimes early in the game if my progression is slow. Inquisitor has two sets of numbers to reflect Rf with and without being on Consecrated Ground.)

So I’ve been playing RF Juggernaut for a while now since Guardian got stomped into the ground. I never bothered to make a guide for Juggernaut because there were so many Inquisitor fans plus I didn’t need the competition in trade, heh. I’m going to be skipping 3.20 and returning to standard to try to grind for some mirrors. There seems to be a shift in interest towards Juggernaut again and I won’t be competing for the same items so here’s some info. Try not to take this as a guide for 3.20 or as a recommendation to spend your time in the same manner. This is just a showcase of what is possible with PURE RIGHTEOUS FIRE in a league (and standard) from a RF enthusiast and what has worked for me so far. I spent Kalandra league exploring RF Inquisitor while switching gear with a Juggernaut to compare. All but one of these POB’s are for a Juggernaut through various stages of upgrading; one is of the Inquisitor at ultra high investment. I didn’t bother doing the progression of the Inquisitor because there’s plenty of that around. I didn’t really sell much of my gear as I was progressing so I thought it would be interesting to Jugg noobs if I reverse engineered my build and posted some numbers. The numbers are rough estimates as my gems are awakened and max level and I’m obviously not sure exactly when I bought certain upgrades; it will matter less in the lower budget versions since the damage scaling is so weak. Also, I swapped my +4 amulet with a sensible +2 for the non-standard examples because you won’t get that next league heh. My current Juggernaut build is the result of brewing in 3.15 when everyone quit.
Level 1 - Juggernaut Budget (straight out of campaign 1-2 div, 1-2 days)
Benchmarks: 10 endurance charges on demand with Redblade Banner, Death’s Door, 2 Kaom’s Sign, 6 links with Tabula Rasa, Talisman with Whispers of Doom
Level 2 - Juggernaut Medium (~20div, 1-2 weeks)
Benchmarks: Replica Farrul’s Fur and 6-linking it, start leveling awakened gems, buy a couple 3-mod jewels, Transcendent Mind
Level 3 - Juggernaut High (~175 div, 3-5 weeks)
Benchmarks: Forbidden Flame/Flesh: Aspect of Carnage, Watcher’s Eye, 1 cluster, 3 4-mod jewels, +2 Sceptre, 21/20 Vaal RF, +2 amulet, 2x Enlighten lvl 4
Level 4 - Juggernaut Ultra (~750-1000 div, 6 weeks-end)
Benchmarks: Mageblood, 2x Maven helm, 3 clusters, 7 4-mod jewels, 2x crafted rings, awakened empower lvl 5, +4 amulet
Level 4 - Inquisitor Ultra (additional 50-75 div for +1/+2 armour and other crafted gear)
Notable: Same clusters, base jewels, jewelry, mageblood, weapon(Due to gear overlap, the inquisitor is short about 60% inc damage since I didn’t want to craft 2 more separate rings, and recraft my sceptre, so feel free to add that on to have Inquisitor squeak by a win on damage under perfect conditions ie cons ground)
Level 1000 Juggernaut Beef Supreme (Standard, 1000’s of divines x_x)
The power behind the build:
BASE damage
Vaal RF lvl 37 - Mirrored sceptre, +1/+2 body, +4 Kalandra mirror amulet, +1 shield, awakened empower
INCREASED damageAscendancy (Unyielding) - 8% inc dmg and 6% inc aoe per endurance charge
Skill tree cluster (Disciple of the Unyielding) - 8% inc dmg and 3% inc aoe per endurance charge
Charge Mastery - 3% inc dmg per E/F/P charge
Sceptre influenced suffix - 10% inc dmg per endurance charge
So in this build, 1 endurance charge = 29% inc damage
MORE damageForbidden Flame/Flesh Aspect of Carnage - 30% more damage, 10% inc damage taken
5 frenzy charges = 20% more damage
DAMAGE OVER TIME MULTIPLIERBase jewels X 7 - 6% DOT multi, 8% Fire DOT multi, 16% inc dmg, 7% lifeNew amulet suffix - 56% DOT multi (Kalandra mirror)Ring essence - Adding soon on mirrored rings
+6 Curse Hands of the High Templar - Level 34 Flammabilty and level 30 Ele Weakness, Blasphemy support2x Maven influenced helmet - Nearby enemies take 9% inc dmg, Nearby enemies have -12% fire resistance.Cluster jewel (Lord of Drought) - 10% inc AOE, 40% inc flammability effect (I think this is getting nerfed)
My build currently has 11 endurance and 5 frenzy charges. I need to craft another shield with the same stats but on a synthesized base with max endurance implicit. There are also +2 max endurance charge rings now due to recombinators so I need to mirror 2 of them or one plus a Kalandra’s Touch. 25 mil is within reach but 3.20 will most likely tank my mapping damage with the curse changes. Bossing damage is going to be massively increased toHere is the thought process behind my build style:
  1. I’m slow at reacting to the 100’s of things happening on screen so killing most of the screen automatically appeals to me. I started with harbinger and breach leagues on a potato comp so I loved having my screen freeze and stuff ending up dead around me after it caught up. As such, tankiness and AOE are extremely important to me which is why Juggernaut has become the premier RF build for me ever since I switched to it after Guardian.
  2. I’ve never liked bossing in this game because of the severe penalty in damage which sucks really hard for DOT builds. I’m looking forward to the 3.20 curse changes as I have loads of bossing content stockpiled in standard.
  3. I have a background in retail so the trade system in POE comes naturally for me. Along with this I can only play for short periods of time before the speed and flashy animations numb my brain. I have a slow and steady approach to accumulating currency in the game so expensive upgrades aren’t so bad because I play lazily while I watch TV or a movie.
  4. I am rarely compelled to do league challenges so my build reflects optimization for smooth mobility, AOE, and damage as opposed to more tankiness and single target damage for bosses (at least in the early stages of progression). I usually focus on farming and buying key upgrades before prices get too crazy, then I comfortably tackle stuff like bosses much later when I’m overgeared.
  5. I used to try to clear atlas asap to run the league content for currency but earn most of my currency crafting now. The content I run the most reflects this: Metamorph, Harvest, expedition, essence.
  6. I'm primarily a standard player who only plays league if something new shows up that will potentially outclass something in my gear. +4 amulets dragged me into Kalandra -_-
My thoughts on Inquisitor vs Juggernaut after minmaxing both:
  1. Damage: Because I know how to farm specific content and craft items for profit, I don’t get stuck in the early progression phase for long. The inquisitor’s barely higher damage (because I start mapping with 10 endurance charges on Juggernaut) in the tiny consecrated ground AOE just doesn’t feel good because you generally have to be stationary when taking down a rare/boss. As a Jugg it’s the same if you have a single target skill and stop to attack with it. I tried Bottle Faith when I stopped for a rare/boss and it feels like crap to manage another button for that. This won’t be an issue for more technically inclined players.EDIT: I added area to my spreadsheet to show how much area where INQ outdamages Jugg and how much where it's under.
  2. AOE: With similar skill trees and some gear, Juggernaut has way more AOE. Sure, you could use awakened inc AOE and other AOE investment on Inquisitor. Well with those same adjustments on Juggernaut, you would just have way more AOE regardless. The Juggernaut applies about the same damage as Inquisitor at high investment over a much a larger area. If you are primarily running content like maps, blight, expedition then that means more AOE with the same damage is higher dps because more monsters are getting cleared per second.
  3. Tankiness: A temporary molten shell with 50% reservation determination feels really bad coming from 10+ endurance charges on a juggernaut, especially because the charges keep refreshing with Replica Farrul’s Fur. If you don’t mind limited buffs then it’s simply that INQ has better elemental defenses and Juggernaut has better physical defenses at a similar budget. Stacking Endurance charges is more work and crafting, but it means you don’t have to run a 50% determination. Mageblood allows both builds to drop Purity of Fire and any other max res gear so elemental defenses feel the same in the endgame save for Inquisitor’s larger health pool at roughly equal investment. If I'm dying it’s usually a combination of AN, essences, and/or wrath of the cosmos with 4-6 altars so it kind of gets lost in that content. It’s kind of awkward because the larger health pool should give INQ the edge in the early game but if you’re pushing corrupted red maps to clear atlas, you’re always pushing the limits of your defenses and will generally die anyway. In the endgame, I’m always pushing the limits of damage as a minmaxer so I never invest excessively into life unless it’s on a 4-mod jewel with 3 damage mods, or it’s close to my main skill tree. For me Replica Farrul’s Fur makes this heavily favor Juggernaut because of the lack of defensive downtime. I ran RFF and 10 endurance charges on my INQ at one point just to see if I could drop determination but that didn’t feel right either because INQ can’t gain nearly as much from charges as the Jugg can. On another note I was thinking about changing the INQ into an AFK bosser due to the limited C ground AOE and ultra high regen, but that got nerfed so…. maybe I’ll revisit the idea at another time. The last thing to consider is that Juggernaut’s inherently larger AOE is a defensive layer in itself because you’re always killing more monsters than an Inquisitor so you’re just getting attacked less with the same investment and non-boss content.
  4. Stats: Due to where each class starts and how I path along the outside ring of the skill tree, Jugg has a harder time fixing dex/int than Inq does with STDEX. My particular Jugg build is unique heavy which puts a lot of pressure on the other rares for resists and stats. Mageblood is such a big deal for Jugg since you can get 60 dex and resists taken care of in one shot. I will generally hold big crafting projects until after I get a Mageblood so I don't have to deal with crafting res/stats.
There’s probably more that I missed but I guess you can just ask me whatever and I’ll explain what I can…except for beginner stuff. Pohx put a lot of work into helpling RF noobs so go check out his work and support him. I’m just here to clear any misconceptions about Juggernaut RF.
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A decomposing body was removed from a well in a rural village. When the police, as usual, checked missing person reports instead of this leading to the identity of the victim it instead lead them to the killer.

A decomposing body was removed from a well in a rural village. When the police, as usual, checked missing person reports instead of this leading to the identity of the victim it instead lead them to the killer.
(So I've been doing a lot of Chinese cases lately. I of course still plan on doing crimes from other countries again but I've found this one during research for another case and it is just too insane, convoluted and interesting for me to hold off on doing it)
On July 13, 2010, a man was walking along a remote dirt road alongside some abandoned houses in Sunji Village in Shanghe County located in China's Shandong Province with him travelling this route to save time as he was needed in another village for an urgent matter. Once he began walking along the dirt road to the abandoned house he had to stop because of a horrendous stench with the smell getting worse and worse the more he walked. He soon found that the source of the smell was an old well around one foot in diameter. Due to the sunlight, he was able to see something stuck inside the well so he used a lighter to better discern what the object was and saw a pair of human feet.
The police arrived alongside the rest of the villagers and rushed to the scene with the police encountering their first problem. The well was too narrow so after negotiations the police had an excavator come in and they with the help of the villagers would dismantle the entire well to retrieve the body and luckily this effort went perfectly as the corpse was retrieved without any damage being done.

The well
The excavation
The body belonging to a male was naked, heavily decomposed and the face had already skeletonized. Initial examinations showed that the body was 183cm tall, weighed 180kg, was 30 - 40 years old and had been dead for around 3 months - 1 year. The cause of death was blunt force trauma as he had suffered blows to his head and face with that observation leading to the case being classified as a homicide. The police believed that the murder was well thought out and likely premeditated as the killer took great steps to make identification difficult such as removing the clothes and striking the face but also since he disposed of the body in the abandoned well which was too narrow for the body to be removed from without drastic measures and located in a remote area few people ever went to. The police examined the crime scene for clues and found an axe at the bottom of the well which was underneath the corpse before it had been removed with the murderer likely disposing of it in the same place as his victim. The axe was retrieved where forensics confirmed that it was the murder weapon although unfortunately, this axe was the only physical evidence found at the scene.
The axe
There were no fingerprints or DNA evidence on the axe to identify who wielded it but it still proved to be a tremendous help. This type of axe was specially made as it was outfitted with metal reinforcements to prevent the head from falling off the handle. Only one store in Shanghe County sold this type of axe so when the police questioned the owner he provided them with a purchase record and explained that out of the 80 he had purchased only 13 were sold and that although he didn't remember the name or look of his last customer his records showed that he sold such as axe in December 2009 meaning that month is the absolute earliest the murder could've happened. After further questioning the villagers they later revised the estimate as several had stated that around January 28, 2010, they saw some dark red substances near the well and on the snow with the police believing that to be blood so they now had confidence that the victim had died in January 2010.
Despite this progress, the police were still no closer to identifying the victim let alone catching the killer so they directed their efforts there. 17 people were reported missing in Shanghe County but they were all ruled out as being the victim so the police made their search province-wide and after that didn't work they even went national to no avail. That was until the police retraced their steps and reexamined the 17 missing locals and found one name they did like. 33-year-old Wang Xiyuan was born in 1976 and operated a large chicken farm and was a married man with three kids. Although he went missing on March 9, 2010, and not in January it was still the closest match so far so the police decided to investigate his case. According to his wife, Wang left home that day and never returned. The police would be disappointed however when Wang was described to them as his height and physique did not match the body but right when they were about to leave they were told something interesting. Wang had purchased a Volxswagon Santana which he had sent to a repair shop to get painted before his disappearance. The Santana however was a new vehicle and less than half a year old and yet he wanted to spend a lot of money to fully repaint an expensive new vehicle.

Wang Xiyuan
The police went to the repair shop and questioned the employees who stated that a man had come in to paint the vehicle red but after the paint job was finished the owner never returned to pick up the car so the employees not wanting to keep it on their property and potentially affect their business drove it to a foothill next to the repair shop and soon led the police to the vehicle which was right where they had left it. The car was in remarkably good shape with no sign of a collision and when they examined the vehicle looking inside, underneath and checking the wheels they found nothing out of place and inside the trunk there was nothing but a few dead leaves. One of the officers however noticed a dark red spot in the middle of one of the leaves which was a different shade of red than the car's paint. It took four attempts but eventually, a blood sample was extracted from the leaf and run for DNA and soon the results came in and rather than the DNA matching Wang it instead matched the deceased meaning that whoever the body was he had been in the trunk of Wang's car. It appeared that the police were right to look into Wang despite the discrepancies not because he was the victim but instead because he was the killer.

Police examining the car.
The police initiated a manhunt for Wang while the police looked into his activities starting by pulling his phone records. They found that in January 2010 around the time of the murder Wang had frequently contacted two phone numbers from Tianjin but after the incident, all correspondence had ceased. The Shanghe authorities asked the Tianjin police to track down the phone numbers and they soon got back to them stating that they belonged to two men named Han Baoshan and Han Benli who the police made efforts to track down thinking that they may be Wang's accomplices. Despite the same family name the two were not brothers but still described as having a friendly relationship

Han Baoshan
Han Benli
The police went to Han Baoshan's house and easily enough that's exactly where he was. He explained that he and Han Benli were fellow villagers and they went to Shandong Province to do some work for Wang but he denied that they had ever taken part in any crime especially not murder. But when they went to Han Benli they saw that he wasn't home nor had he been in months with the police hearing that he had fled with Wang but then the police uncovered some alarming but truly illuminating information. Han Benli's family reported that he had been missing and hadn't been home since he left with Han Baoshan for Shandong with him not even returning or contacting them during the Chinese Spring Festival but that was only the start. Han Benli was 183 cm tall, 32 years old, had a burly build and the last time his family ever saw or had any contact with him was on January 24, 2010. In light of these facts, the police obtained DNA samples from his family and compared them to the corpse and they came back as a match with the body in the well being identified as Han Benli.
The police immediately brought Han Baoshan in for interrogation on July 29 finding it more than curious that he didn't seem to care or report his "good friend" as missing when he went to another province with him only to come back alone. Han Baoshan denied killing or having anything to do with Han Benli's death simply stating that Han Benli went to work elsewhere rather than returning but after the police persisted with their interrogation and showed him Han Benli and Wang's phone records indicating that they both stopped making calls on January 24 he soon broke down and confessed but his confession only complicated the case further.
In September 2009 the two did travel to Shandong to do work for Wang and a woman named Zhang Hongxia that part was true but what was this work exactly? Well as it turned out they were both hired killers with Wang paying them both 100,000 yuan to carry out a hit and the man Wang wanted them to kill was a seemingly innocuous wreath shop owner named Zhang Benling. The two never asked why Wang wanted him dead and instead got right to work. The two were also introduced to Wang by a man named Zhang Chunxiang. Zhang Hongxia and Zhang Chunxiang were also arrested and gave their own confessions. Although the two Hans did not ask for the reason behind the hit Zhang Hongxia and Zhang Chunxiang would explain to the police that Wang was good friends with Zhang Benling who would regularly contribute money to Wang's chicken farm but that he was having an affair with his wife who was Zhang Hongxia and the husband and wife did not get along with Zhang Hongxia even accusing her husband of being a domestic abuser. Eventually, Zhang Hongxia wanted to divorce him but didn't know how to do the legal requirements but also knew that if she and Wang killed him directly they would almost certainly be caught so they decided to do a murder for hire plot.

Zhang Benling
The two would soon come to find that this humble wreath shop owner would be a harder target to get rid of than they would've ever thought. Their first plan was to simply stage a car accident and made sure to follow him but his parking space was too small, close to the roadside and the narrow space wouldn't give them much space to start up their vehicle and run him down. And to complicate matters further Zhang Benling soon found out he was being followed so he would go to great efforts to be in public places meaning that the two could not strike or shoot him with the guns and axe they had obtained.
The two had help though as Wang's accomplice Zhang Hongxia was the target's wife and would covertly inform the two Hans about his whereabouts and activities and later on Wang told them to change their strategy. In October 2009 the two made a bomb and stealthily loaded it into Zhang Benling's car with the bomb being set on a timer to explode with him inside. And the bomb worked it just didn't kill the target as Zhang Benling when in his car the day it exploded realized that he forgot to buy water so he went back into the store to buy some water and when he left he watched his vehicle explode. Both Hans now had to try again and they attempted to use the bomb strategy but this time instead of a time bomb it would be remotely detonated so in November 2009 they placed another bomb in Zhang Benling's car but this trick was also foiled because Zhang discovered the bomb and quickly got rid of it before it could explode. The two were getting desperate and planned on just striking him with the axe but they were unable to find any trace of him when attempting this plan. Zhang Benling as mentioned was an unremarkable man he just owned a small reef shop, didn't have many social relationships and had no bodyguards to protect himself and yet they couldn't succeed in killing him.
Understandably, Zhang Benling was feeling quite paranoid and told his sister about all that had been going on with his sister asking if he had offended anybody or had business rivals but Zhang couldn't think of anybody who would have such an intense hatred for him. Calling the police was suggested but the two decided against this as Zhang Beling had never been injured yet and there was no real evidence of a crime (I'm guessing the bombs weren't found) and the police were generally not the best at making substantial protection measures so Zhang simply continued his life but under increased vigilance.
Wang as you could guess was not happy with what had been going on as 40,000 yuan had already been wasted on the plot as the two asked for wages and room and board expenses and Zhang Benling wasn't even injured let alone dead. And the two Hans had begun trying to extort Wang threatening that he would expose his plan to have Zhang Benling murdered and the fact that he was an adulterer who had an affair with his friend's wife so Wang relented and increased the reward to 140, 000 yuan. Wang now had to come up with a plan to sow conflict between the two and deal with the extortion problem so Wang would contact the both of them (separately) and gave them a new offer telling them that if they killed their partner in crime then they would get the full reward for killing the partner rather than having to split it between one another for killing the man they had failed to. The two unbeknownst to each other agreed as due to the illegality of what they were doing and with money at stake they worried one may reveal the secret and that it'd also be hard to explain to their families why they returned home with no money and most importantly neither could be sure the other wouldn't turn on them.
On January 24, 2010, While Wang and Zhang Hongxia were at home enjoying some tea both Hans met up in private under the guise of discussing further plans to kill Zhang Benling and the two began their fight although it didn't last long as Han Baoshan struck Han Benli with the axe he had brought killing the other man. Wang was then given a phone call by Han Baoshan and Wang was a bit surprised to hear that he had won due to being the weaker of the two but he soon drove over to the scene with his vehicle and the two loaded Han Benli's body into the truck and drove to the well which Wang already knew of due to being a local. They took off all of Han Benli's clothes and dumped him into the well head first and afterwards dropped the axe into the well along with him. The two then incinerated his clothing. Han Baoshan was paid his 140, 000 yuan and the next day he returned to Tianjian.
Although far more convoluted than they had been expecting the police had solved the case with the exception of Wang still being at large. The trial for Han Baoshan, Zhang Hongxia, and Zhang Chunxiang began in early 2011 and Zhang Hongxia was sentenced to 11 years imprisonment, Zhang Chunxiang's sentence is unknown and Han Baoshan was sentenced to death with two years reprieve with Han Baoshan's sentence being automatically turned over to a higher court for approval as is procedure with death sentences in China. The higher court approved the sentence but because it was a death sentence with reprieve that means if Han Baoshan practiced good behaviour, deeds or didn't break the law in prison his sentence would automatically be reduced to life imprisonment which it was in 2015.
As for Wang he still remained on the run with seemingly no leads as to his identity being found anywhere with there being zero sightings of him and his bank, ID and phone card having never been used since January 2010 and none of his friends, family or business partners had been in any contact with him when questioned by police with them starting to believe that Wang had died while on the run. In October 2012 the police reviewed his phone records one more time and found a text message that had been overlooked. The message was sent to all of his family members and relatives and it said "Brother, I went to hide my debts, and I will come back in two years." however, the text was not written in the local accent and didn't use appropriate customs meaning that the text was sent by somebody else pretending to be Wang. Further investigations also revealed that Wang's chicken farm owed 1 million yuan in debts. It is with this in mind that the police started believing that in another twist of fate Wang may have become a victim of crime as well
The text message.
Despite the debts, the police knew that isn't one of the reasons why Wang fled as nobody ever came to collect and he could still make profits from his farm or even mortgage his new car. If Wang was already dead the police had a likely suspect so they visited Han Baoshan in prison and interrogated him but he denied killing Wang stating that he never returned to Shandong after heading back to Tianjian with the police soon verifying this and ruling him out as a suspect. Something worth noting is that the day of Wang disappearance was an especially bad one as there was heavy snowfall and severe fog which was a rare occurrence in the area.
The police visited Zhang Hongxia in prison but she refused to speak to them believing that they were trying to use her to arrest Wang but when they explained that Wang may be dead and presented their evidence Zhang Hongxia explained that he fled because he was worried about Han Benli's body being found. She explained that after the disappearance she called Wang's brother and came over to help at the farm and then Zhang Hongxia told the police to investigate her husband Zhang Beling as the murderer. Another curious thing was the police managing to secure Wang's mobile phone records and learning that despite disappearing in March his mobile phone was used a single time in June with it being possible the phone was used by mistake. The person who used the phone was named Sun Moumou but due to her physique and stature being much lower than Wang's the police held off on questioning her and instead went to question Zhang Beling.
Zhang Beling was a likely suspect once the police thought about it. He knew about Wang's debts and if he secretly knew about the affair and murder plot at the time he would surely have motive. When questioned Zhang Beling denied any involvement but said something curious when referring to Wang and Han Baoshan "His way of killing was so stupid, how could he have thought of throwing the body there? If it were me I would've dragged them to the cremation ground and burnt them to ashes so that you can't find them" The police were initially going to question Zhang Beling as a formality but now he was their number one suspect.
Zhang Beling was a reef shop owner but he also handled several other affairs in the village such as funeral ceremonies, handling death certificates, and cremation. But to cremate a corpse in China you need to abide by strict guidelines. A hospital needs to issue a death certificate, the village committee needs to issue a relevant application and if it's a suspicious death the police also need to approve. All the bodies cremated locally abided by said procedures so the police began to check neighbouring counties and cities checking their records for March 2010.
They found that at a funeral home in Laoling there was a photocopied driver's license of a corpse transported named Zhang Zhaoqi with the photo looking very similar to Zhang Beling. Despite the possible fake name all the corpses transported were still real deceased people and conducted under the proper procedures but they took Zhang Zhaoqi's fingerprints that the funeral home had on file and also Zhang Zhaoqi's handwriting samples and compared them to Zhang Beling's and they were both a match.

The fake ID and handwriting sample
The police noticed something odd when comparing the records with one name appearing twice that being somebody named Ding Moujia a 78-year-old man who was cremated in Shanghe County's Funeral Home in November 12, 2009, but strangely enough he would be cremated a second time in Laoling in 2010. When Ding's family were called they confirmed that he had been cremated in 2008. It would appear that his name was used to cover up the destruction of Wang's body. The police were completely baffled at the turn of events as they were now investigating the victim for the murder of the suspect. Although certainly suspicious the police did not arrest Zhang Beling was they still couldn't prove that Wang was dead and they only had him on forged documents and they still couldn't explain how Zhang Beling would've gotten around the regulations.
The police would soon catch a break when they questioned the owner of an auto parts store named Tian Moumou who stated that on March 9, 2010, Zhang Beling's car broke down and he was called in to help and when he did there were two being in the vehicle with the other person being Wang with that meaning that Zhang Beling was the last person to see Wang alive. The police believed the murder took place near the story where Zhang Beling ran the funeral home but by the time they realized this it was near the end of 2012 and Zhang Beling's lease on the building expired in October 2010 and in the meantime the building went through several different owners and renovations meaning that in all likelihood no evidence was left remaining.
Or so they thought, Zhang Beling owned a big wooden sofa chair that he kept in the funeral home and when the building changed owners Zhang Beling insisted that he carry it on his own citing how heavy it was. They made another visit to the prison to question Zhang Hongxia who said that one day she found the cushion was gone and Zhang Beling stated that it had been dirty so he simply threw it away which was unusual due to being in a poor and rural area where most people would wash and reuse the item rather than getting rid of it.
Feeling that there was likely evidence present on it the police began looking for that chair and it was easily found still being in Zhang Beling's home. They cleaned the dust off the chair and began examining it but found nothing so they began removing the wooden stacks to see if any evidence was left behind underneath them and this gambit paid off as the police discovered traces of dried blood and extracted DNA samples from them with the results confirming the blood as belonging to Wang. The police also discovered a driver's license underneath the chair and learnt that Zhang Zhaoqi wasn't an alias but a real person whose identity Zhang Beling had stolen. Zhang Beling was arrested and confessed. The police also learnt that Sun Moumou was the girlfriend of Zhang Beling's accomplice whom he named as Li Wenxi

Police investigating the chair.
According to his and Li's confession, he and Zhang Hongxia often fought and after a particularly bad one she ran away from home and didn't come back so worried he went to the telecom company to request his wife's call history and found out about all the calls made to Wang and about their affair which cause him to grow enraged and also explained why his phone bill which he had complained about for so long was abnormally high. On March 9, 2010, he invited Wang to his store for an explanation (which is where they were going when his car broke down) and once there (Li was also there) demanded why he had been seducing his wife which resulted in an altercation the two forced him onto the chair and hit him with a wooden stick until he fell unconscious.
They then took him to the back room to wait for him to wake up but when he never did they realized that they had killed him. They then panicked and realized that they needed to get rid of the body so Zhang Beling went to the village committee to explain that he had lost the most recent death certificate and needed it replaced so he was issued a blank certificate which he then filled in with Ding Moujia's information and drove to Laoling with Wang's body.

The doctored death certificate
Once at the funeral home they presented the forged certificate to the staff who saw it as legitimate and agreed to let them cremate the body. Before throwing his ashes off the Shanhua Bridge and into the Majia River and then sent the fake text message as Wang stating that he fled due to his debts. Zheng Beling stated that he didn't know about the plot to have him killed at the time and felt guilty about what he had done but when the police came to him in July - August 2010 to explain that his wife was arrested for putting a hit on him with Wang as her partner he explained that all of his guilt and remorse disappeared.
Zhang Beling and Li were both put on trial and on April 25, 2014, they were both found guilty of intentional homicide Zhang Beling was sentenced to life imprisonment while Li was given a sentence of 9 years.

Zhang Beling in court
Other Asian Crimes
The Liver Harvester (North Korea)
Baek Baek Gyo. The cult that killed 400 people (Korea)
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Two people would be arrested for killing a teenaged boy after his body was found. But to everyone's shock, the victim seemingly came back to life. (South Korea)
The Samut Songkhram Rapist (Thailand)
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Shitaya Sadomasicism incident (Japan)
Dolmeori Beach Human Remains Incident (South Korea)
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The Mary Murders (Turkmenistan)
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The serial poisoner who continued his spree while in prison (Nepal)
An unknown European arrested and convicted after attempting to stowaway (Taiwan)
The man who targeted Asian expat workers and killed two with a hammer (Bahrain)
A dismembered torso found at the bottom of a well whose alleged owner would shockingly come back to life (China)
A failed robbery inspired by Brazil's Fortaleza Heist (Kazakhstan)
The Hanging Maid Video (Kuwait)
Adam's House (Bangladesh)
The Iron Cage Corpse Case (China)
The public murder of Hareb Al Aamri (United Arab Emirates)
A man convicted of murdering his wife claimed that she just ran away. To everyone's shock he was telling the truth (China)
The Dismembered Woman who came back to life and revealed that rather than murder she was instead a trafficking victim (China)
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[Flight Simulators] The Papa Tango Affair: The Story of The Developer Who Tried to Seize Control of the Flight Sim Mod Community by Sparking a Fight Between Flight Sim Fans and American Airlines.

Flight Simulation is not unique in the gaming world for having a robust modding community. Perhaps a bit more unique is the manner in which these mods, typically called “add-ons” within the community, are roughly divided into two categories of “payware” and “freeware.” As the names imply, payware refers to paid add-ons while freeware refers to those available for free download. Microsoft and other flight sim developers actively encourage the development of both payware and freeware add-ons and include tools with their simulators to aid in their development. All of this is done in the name of realism. High quality add-ons based on real-world aircraft and locations increase the immersion for the virtual pilot.
The modern state of flight sim payware and freeware is largely taken for granted by players who have come to rely on a wide variety of aircraft, liveries, scenery, and more all available online. Thanks to the open nature of flight sim modding and development, there’s a very low barrier to entry and anyone dedicated enough can drop a few 3D models on the ground at their local airport, try their hand at creating a new aircraft from scratch, or repaint their favorite plane in the livery of any airline they please and share these creations via sites like
However, for a brief period from 1999-2001, a series of legal maneuvers and intimidation tactics attempted to undermine the open nature of flight sim and change the rules of the add-on world. This is the story of the Papa Tango Affair, the trademark battle that threatened to reshape the future of flight sim.  

Fun With International Copyright Law

In the late 90s, internet commerce was still in its infancy, so most payware flight sim add-ons were distributed in boxed copies available at retailers or by mail order from catalogs. Sharing retail shelf space with products from recognizable game developers gave payware an air of prestige and legitimacy, and customers came to expect higher quality and better service from payware developers.
Those turned off by the high price of payware could turn to the World Wide Web, where a robust community of developers and modelers created add-ons which were freely distributed via free ad-supported libraries such as AVSIM, or membership supported ones such as MicroWings.
In many cases, payware and freeware coexisted in a peaceful symbiotic relationship. It was a common (but not universal) practice for payware developers to pay large licensing fees to aircraft manufacturers and airlines for the use of their trademarks; these were commercial products after all. Therefore, it wasn’t economically feasible for payware developers to license and include repaints and liveries for every single airline in their packages. This is where the freeware world stepped in.
Although commercial use of a trademark clearly required the approval of the rights holder, publishing a free add-on was generally considered fair game, or at the very least a legal grey area. While making a high quality plane for flight sim was a difficult undertaking, creating a new texture for one was relatively straightforward, so didn’t take long for most payware aircraft to have dozens or even hundreds of free repaints available for every conceivable airline.
How freeware repaints for payware aircraft are distributed has historically been a bit of a contentions issue within the flight sim community, but payware developers could generally focus on making the plane and leave the airline liveries to the community.
So purchase the legally licensed plane, download the definitely not commercial repaint, and everyone is happy and probably not breaking any laws.
However, not everyone was satisfied with the status quo.  

Litigation. The American Way!

Flight sim forum and freeware library had for some time hosted a collection of models and textures of various aircraft on their website for use in flight sim. This of course included large airlines such as American Airlines. That was, until August of 1999 when the site received a letter from Dallas law firm Gardere & Wynne who represented the airline. The letter warned that's unauthorized use of American’s Trademarks "creates an incorrect perception that there is an association… between you and American Airlines.” contacted the law firm and over the course of their conversation it became clear that American Airlines was making an effort to scrub all unauthorized use of its trademarks from the internet. This meant any aircraft published with a livery from American Airlines, American Eagle, TWA, and others had to be removed from the site immediately. attempted to contact American Airline’s licensing agent, Equity Management, to negotiate a blanket license for the use of American’s liveries for freeware flight sim add-ons. Unfortunately, the license agent told them that American Airlines had already entered into an exclusive agreement with an unnamed software developer who had licensed American trademarks for use in an unspecified flight sim project.
Soon more sites such as MicroWings and American Airlines Virtual Airlines were contacted by American Airlines’ lawyers and were also forced to remove American’s branding from their sites. News of the cease and desist letters spread through the flight sim community and even saw some coverage by more mainstream sources such as The Mercury News.
The backlash against American Airlines was growing on the various flight sim forums while speculation ran wild over the identity of this unknown publisher which had signed the exclusive deal.
In an attempt to quell the angry virtual pilots, the unknown publisher reached out to AVSIM and other outlets which agreed to publish an anonymous statement.  
It is a known fact, as has been stated previously on a number of Flight Sim Internet sites and newsgroups that the vast majority of the Flight Sim Community has, for almost a decade, flaunted copyright law by making available, as freeware, shareware and surprisingly, payware, the images, trademarks, logos and brands of many airlines without the legal owners permission.
We, as a commercial publisher, approached American Airlines for permission to use their trademarks and brands in future products so as not to flaunt copyright law. Their response was to invite us, at our discretion, to talk with them and negotiate a license for the use of all their copyright images, trademarks, logos and brands; past, present and future, with their airlines, their subsidiaries and divisions which we were happy to do.
In a similar vein, we have entered into other agreements with many other airlines but we are not prepared at this stage to disclose the names or the details of these airlines.
The benefits of this confidential and exclusive agreement in terms of product will be made legally available to the Flight Sim Community in good time.
We would ask the Flight Sim Community to respect the fact that the matter in question has come as a surprise to us who for so long have been active supporters of freeware.
We are, of course, now talking to American Airlines about the freeware issue and should a fair and beneficial solution be found, a press statement will be released with details.
While no one could argue that American Airlines didn't have a legal right and obligation to protect its trademarks, American’s approach came off as heavy handed. After all, these were freeware projects for flight simulator. Nobody was making any money off of them and if anything it increased brand visibility for American Airlines.
In an opinion piece on the issue, AVSIM’s lead writer and CEO Tom Allensworth envisioned a nightmare future in which freeware authors could be forced to pay license fees for a trademark, or in the case of exclusive deals sold to payware developers, have to navigate a complex web of rights holders all just to produce a virtual plane that would be given away for free. Across the forums simmers decried the death of freeware and complained that flight simulator would get a little less realistic over corporate greed.
Speculation continued over the identity of the anonymous publisher, but one name kept coming back up. Papa Tango...   But given the title of this post you probably already guessed that...

The Papa of Flight Sim Drama

Papa Tango, named for the ICAO phonetic alphabet pronunciation of the initials of its founder and lead Peter Tishma, was one of the bigger names in the early flight sim payware scene.
Papa Tango would release many products for Microsoft Flight Simulator 1998 and 2000 including various utilities, scenery packs, and aircraft. They would also serve as a publisher for other developers such as Phoenix Simulations. The most notable release from Papa Tango would come in July of 1999, when thanks to a commercial agreement signed with former F-1 Driver turned airline owner Nikki Lauda, Papa Tango released Fly Lauda, a collection of aircraft, scenery, and flight plans based on the real Lauda Airlines. The product proved popular with fans and soon a second collaboration titled Lauda 425 was released in which players take the copilot seat of a Lauda CRJ-100ER featuring audio and voiceover captured from the flight deck of a real Lauda flight.
Papa Tango’s approach of licensing real airlines assets for use in flight sim appeared to be paying off. It was only logical for the developer to continue to cultivate these kinds of relationships, so they signed deals with other airlines and groups such as British Airways, American Airlines, and the One World Alliance. Soon enough, Papa Tango and Peter Tishma would become famous within the flight sim community for their license agreements… although probably not in the way that anyone hoped…

AVSIM. Your Source for Flight Sim Drama Since 1997

The first signs of trouble for Papa Tango came in August of 1999, around the same time of the American Airlines cease and desist letters. It started when the popular flight sim news site and forum AVSIM published a less than stellar review for the developer's Flight Academy add-on. While the review was critical of the aircraft, flights, charts and panels included with the add-on, significant praise was given to the scenery of Yugoslavia included in the pack.
While Flight Academy as a whole would score a dismal 50/100 in AVSIM’s review, the Yugoslavia scenery portion of the add-on would be awarded the coveted AVSIM Award of Excellence (AOE). Much to the chagrin of AVSIM lead Tom Allensworth, Papa Tango proudly advertised the AOE on the listing for the whole of Flight Academy, even though technically it was given only to the scenery portion.
It’s worth noting here, that during his life, Tom Allensworth was a bit of a controversial figure in the flight sim world. This was largely due to his tendency to pick very public fights with other simmers on his forum if things didn’t go his way. As a result, the AVSIM forum as a whole developed a reputation within the flight sim world as the saltiest collection of boomer aviation nerds on the internet.
So, when word reached Allensworth that Papa Tango had misused their award, AVSIM released a statement calling Papa Tango out for misleading customers and severed their advertising partnership with the developer. Allensworth being a man of principle (and spite) couldn’t let Papa Tango’s unethical behavior go unpunished so he also reneged on his promise to keep Papa Tango’s name out of AVSIM’s reporting on the American Airlines controversy, publicly confirming that Papa Tango was indeed the developer who held the commercial agreement with American Airlines.
Papa Tango responded to AVSIM with their own statement posted to AVSIM rival, in which they countered that they had permission to use the AOE on their product and had done so for the benefit of AVSIM. They dismissed the request for clarification as unrealistic since AVSIM was attempting to police Papa Tango’s own website. AVSIM responded once again with another statement in which they called Papa Tango childish and unethical for misusing their award and stated that all future recipients would need to sign a license stipulating how the award could be used in their adversing. The matter was finally resolved a few days later with Papa Tango agreeing to amend their listing saying the product won the AOE for Scenery.
The slapfight between AVSIM and Papa Tango would have barely registered on the flight sim drama scale were it not for the American Airlines namedrop... Now, not only had Papa Tango violated the sanctity of the AVSIM Award of Excellence, but they were also confirmed to be the anonymous commercial partner who, according to legions of flight simmers, threatened the very existence of freeware flight sim add-ons.

Dealing With An Internet Mob: Dos and Don’ts

Papa Tango attempted to quell the angry voices in the flight sim community by issuing another statement in which they claimed no responsibility for or advance knowledge of American Airlines attacking freeware and claimed that they would work with the airline to find a solution that would allow freeware development to continue while maintaining the value of their own commercial license. They defended their commercial agreement saying they were simply following the law, and it was the fault of the freeware developers for knowingly flaunting trademark law that had brought American's legal team down on the flight sim world.
At the same time, flight sim fans flooded American Airlines’ email support with questions and complaints about their freeware policy. Now, keep in mind, this was 1999, and facing down an angry internet mob was still a fairly new and scary concept for large non-tech focused companies. So American Airlines did the most logical thing and responded to the tens of emails by immediately throwing their commercial partner under the Airbus.  
We hope you will understand that the events of the past few weeks were not motivated by our desire to be heavy handed with flight simulator enthusiasts, but rather by our desire to honor the licensing commitments we have with other companies.
There is some good news to report. We understand that negotiations are under way between our primary Internet licensee, Papa Tango, and several flight sim-related websites concerning the availability of our logos on those sites for download by flight sim enthusiasts. Preliminary reports indicate that progress is being made, and thus, we are hopeful this situation will be resolved sometime very soon.
  Essentially, Papa Tango was telling the flight sim community that they were negotiating with American Airlines for the benefit of freeware, while American Airlines said their cease and desists were for the sole benefit of Papa Tango.
In response to these revelations, forum members organized a boycott of both Papa Tango and American Airlines. For American Airlines, this boycott likely barely registered on their sales radar. For Papa Tango, the boycott meant there was now a very real risk of them losing their core audience.

Into the Lion's Den

In attempt to clarify their position Papa Tango’s lead Peter Tishma arranged a Q&A session to be held on the AVSIM forum. Unfortunately, this forum, like much of AVSIM from before ~2004, appears to have never been archived and has therefore been lost to time. Fortunately, thanks to a summary posted by Tom Allensworth a few days later… and later letters sent by Papa Tango’s attorneys threatening legal action due to defamation… it’s safe to say that things got heated very quickly.
In his summary, Allensworth stated that the forum was opened for discussion as scheduled but Tishma was nowhere to be found. As a result of this delay, by the time Tishma was online, the tone of the posts had already become hostile leaving him alone facing a multi-pronged assault in multiple threads.
Over the course of the discussion and subsequent summary, several key facts came out which shed additional light on American Airlines's deal with Papa Tango.
  1. Tishma had provided the American Airlines license agent with a list of sites hosting freeware which included, Simflight, American Airlines Virtual Airlines, Indiana University at Pennsylvania (IUP), MicroWings, and AVSIM.
  2. The only sites which had received a cease and desist from American Airlines were MicroWings, which charged a membership fee for access to the files,, which offered a premium tier for downloads, and American Airlines Virtual Airlines. The first two could be construed as profiting off of American’s assets, while American Airlines Virtual Airlines could have been seen as confusing for potential customers looking for American’s website.
  3. AVSIM, Simflight, and IUP, which distributed freeware with no fee had not been contacted by lawyers representing American Airlines. This seemed to imply that even though the airline knew of the existence of these sites thanks to Tishma, they didn’t care enough to send a cease and desist.
  4. It was Papa Tango’s intention to ensure that the freeware community respected the trademarks of the real world airlines they were basing their designs off of.
  5. Papa Tango had paid American Airlines £25,000 for the rights to their logos and needed to protect this investment by any means necessary.
  6. Papa Tango did not intend to charge freeware developers a sub-license fee for the trademark but did intend the limit the number of freeware developers who could sub-license their licensed trademarks in proportion to Papa Tango’s sales.
  7. Papa Tango believed it didn’t need the freeware developers and their participation would be “a gesture on their part and would contribute towards the costs of helping to service their hobby.”
  8. Papa Tango was seeking to discuss who should be in control of the “licensed” freeware sites and who would police “un-licensed” ones.
  9. Papa Tango believed the freeware American Airlines offerings competed directly with their payware offerings.
In the view of Allensworth, Tishma was arrogantly attempting to convince the flight sim world that he had an exclusive deal with American Airlines granting him rights to all published freeware and payware add-ons featuring American’s assets, when in reality all he had was a commercial agreement to sell products with their logo. Tishma was effectively trying to stifle competition, which was somewhat understandable considering that his "competitors" were giving their products away for the hard to beat price of free.
From the statements made by Tishma, it was clear that the “freeware issue” that he claimed he was trying to resolve was in fact an issue entirely of his own making. American Airlines had only gone after sites which they viewed as selling their assets and yet Tishma specifically referenced freeware as a whole in all of his public statements and private discussions with site admins.
It seemed clear that Tishma had overstepped his boundaries and American Airlines appeared completely uninterested in backing up his claims. The Q&A session had clearly backfired, and the movement to boycott Papa Tango products was gaining steam. And so with his back against the wall and nobody coming to his defense, Tishma pulled what would become a classic flight sim move…   Double down and threaten legal action against your critics!

Send in The Lawyers

In August of 2000, Papa Tango put out another press release in which they reiterated their stance on freeware saying that they wanted to ensure that freeware could flourish “within the terms of its agreements with its licensed parties.” and that “as an added benefit for the community, Papa Tango Limited will join with its licensors to take action against any commercial party who are seen to exploit any freeware, without permission, for publishers own commercial gain.”
The statement goes on to claim that the online attacks against Papa Tango, which unfortunately now included death threats against the developers and their families, were based on false and defamatory information which possibly originated from a competitor.
Papa Tango then claimed that they were working to restore freeware which had been “unfairly removed.”
Publicly, Papa Tango was in full damage control mode, trying to reframe themselves as the hero working to ensure the future peaceful coexistence of both payware and freeware within the confines of applicable trademark law.
Privately, they were working to squash the critical online discussion running rampant on the forums and in newsletters. Papa Tango sent a barrage of cease and desist letters to various publications in the flight sim world. Some, such as TheMag FS News chose to print retractions rather than face Papa Tango in court.   AVSIM, chose to fight; because everybody knows, nobody out-assholes AVSIM.   In a letter sent by Papa Tango’s attorneys to AVSIM, and subsequently published by AVSIM for extra spite points, Papa Tango highlighted what it classified as rampant misinformation in a thread entitled "BOYCOTT PAPA TANGO.” The letter alleges that AVSIM moderators actively engaged in discussion defaming Papa Tango and Tishma which implied approval on the part of AVSIM as a publisher. The letter highlights such gems as “PTL are described as "greedy, self indulged scum bags" and "Tishima" (undoubtedly a reference to Mr Peter Tishma of PTL) as "a money grubbing, back stabbing little puke head" and "that scum”.”
Allensworth responded on AVSIM to Tishma with
In so far as the single message that did contain the words included in the document above did violate our terms and conditions, we have accordingly removed that message in keeping with our terms. As for the rest of the material contained in this letter, we wish Mr. Tishma and his legal team the best of luck in stemming the tide of ill will that his actions over the last year have generated. AVSIM Online Inc. looks forward to resolving any further issues that Mr. Tishma may have with our publication in a relevant U.S. Court of Law.
  Allensworth had told Tishma to “bring it” but since flight sim legal threats basically never actually make it court, Tishma and Papa Tango finally gave up and went quiet.

The Status Quo Returns

In April of 2001, AVSIM made an announcement releasing a letter they had received directly from American Airlines regarding the status of freeware add-ons using the airline’s trademarks.
I understand that you have created or are distributing an American Airlines livery for flight simulator programs. We at American are flattered that you have taken the time and effort to recreate or distribute our livery. We believe that we have the most recognizable and attractive livery in the industry, and that our livery is one our company's most valuable assets. Naturally, we must always take steps to protect such a valuable asset. That is why the livery and the marks appearing on the plane are registered trademarks of American Airlines. That is also why we cannot allow unlicensed commercial use of the marks or the livery.

As far as we can tell at this time, you are simply creating or distributing the American Airlines livery as a hobby, and you are not seeking to make money by doing so. We also believe that you do not have an associated commercial enterprise that you are using the livery to bolster. If this is true, then we do not have an objection to your use of the livery so long as you sign and return this letter in the appropriate space below so that we can prove that we have adequately protected and monitored our marks.
  Just a week later AVSIM announced the creation of an online registration system for those wishing to create and distribute Amercian Airlines liveries. All the freeware developers would need to do is include a statement in a conspicuous place with their download:
Not for commercial sale. Not affiliated with or endorsed by American Airlines.
  With the new system in place, AVSIM had produced what Papa Tango had claimed they were working on for nearly two years; a system for freeware developers to use American Airlines trademarks within applicable commercial agreements and trademark law. The matter of freeware use of real world airline trademarks was finally a resolved issue… or at least it was in the case of American Airlines. In any case, the freeware community could continue to operate as it had for years, skirting trademark law by giving things away in a non-commercial setting.

A Man of Many Faces

So what happened to Tishma and Papa Tango?
Tishma’s name began floating around flight sim message boards again later in 2001 when it was reported by AVSIM that he had filed a patent for a multi-purpose driving/boating/flight simulator for PC. Across the forums and message boards Tishma was mocked for what was characterized as his filing for a patent on flight simulators.
Papa Tango’s reputation never recovered and by 2002 the company and it’s parent, Corporate Worldwide Limited, would be formally dissolved by bankruptcy courts in the UK.
However, Tishma just couldn’t stay away from controversy and would continue to operate in the flight sim world under various aliases and other companies.
Another company started by Tishma, World Air Sim, found itself embroiled in another controversy when it was caught repackaging old Microsoft Flight Simulator 2000 add-ons for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002 with no included patches to make the old planes work in the new simulator.
Tishma would reappear again in 2002 after the result of an “investigation” by AVSIM revealed him as the head of add-on developer Ariane Design. Ariane generated further controversy for delivering sub-par products and refusing to refund customers. Despite this, the company remained around until at least 2014 before fading away.
I couldn’t find any references to Tishma or his companies post 2014 so it’s possible that he has either finally given up developing flight sim add-ons or has just gotten really good at concealing his identity.

Scary Stories to Tell Flight Simmers at Night

In the aftermath of the American Airlines incident, Papa Tango became something of a bogeyman within the flight sim community. Across various threads, the company and it’s license agreements were blamed for everything from Microsoft Flight Simulator 2000 being delayed to the Concorde being removed from Flight Simulator 2002.
Papa Tango would pop up as an example when add-on developers or trademark holders were caught engaging in shitty behavior in a number of sim communities.
Tom Allensworth would write a brief retrospective on the Papa Tango Affair in 2012 as part of AVSIMs 15 year anniversary, in which he praised himself for standing up to Tishma and saving the flight sim hobby.
Self aggrandizing aside, the AVSIM post raises an interesting question. What if Papa Tango had succeeded in convincing the freeware world that they would need to sub-license liveries through commercial rights holders? What if American Airlines, seeing the drama unfold around their brand, had stepped in and struck down all American Airlines themed flight sim add-ons? Would other airlines have followed suit? If the freeware community hadn’t fought back against Papa Tango, would there still be freeware aircraft based on real world airlines? Would this kind of behavior have spread to other modding communities? Would any of this have held up outside of internet court?
In the end it’s impossible to say what might have been had it not been for the stubbornness of late 90s internet forum users. In any case, the same old status quo around payware and freeware holds today; Purchase the legally licensed plane, download the definitely not commercial repaint, and everyone is happy and probably not breaking any laws.  


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