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Opinions wanted: Choosing Broker after SNB Floor Removal

Hello, I am conflicted about the options for a brokerage account that I am now facing in light of recent events and would enjoy hearing others opinions.
Pertinent Information:
I recently received an email from Finfx stating that they could no longer accept US clients but had secured a deal with a broker in Grenada called "Tallinex". All of my funds, open positions, and accounts are to be moved automatically to a Tallinex server the first of next month.
I have long considered hedging my risk by holding accounts with multiple brokers, and because of recent events I am more inclined than ever to do so. The only issue I am facing is selection of brokers. I have always known that if i were to open a US account it would be with FXCM but I am not sure about how safe that would be now, especially if my goal is to hedge risk; However, as far as US accounts go they are by far the least expensive to trade. So my questions are:
  1. Should I keep my funds with Tallinex? I am conflicted about their reviews and regulatory standards.
  2. Should I open an account with FXCM? They are by far the least expensive broker I know of and are very well regulated and known, but would my funds be safe there if they close down?
  3. Should I open accounts at two different brokers to hedge my risk? Perhaps one in the US as a primary account and one off shore that allows hedging and higher leverage. And if so should those two brokers be FXCM and Tallinex?
I prefer being able to be able to hedge and have access to high leverage, however i would weight the cost of daily trading lower than the risk of having my funds in an account where it would not be safe.
My current Opinion is that I should open an account with FXCM as I do not necessarily need to hedge or use high leverage, however I am unsure of the relative safety of doing that. If it is to risky than perhaps another US broker like OANDA would be good because I can feel safe with my money being there as well as their prices (though they are not stellar).
Thanks for any and all responses! I have lurked this sub for almost a year for entertainment and relaxation, but I hope to be more active in the future.
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FinFX booth at the Mosow Forex Expo 2013 - Duration: 16 seconds. 278 views; 6 years ago; 0:44. FinFX - Best FX Broker Northern Europe 2013 - Duration: 44 seconds. 363 views; 6 years ago; This item ... Video on pros and cons on Fin Pro Trading Forex Broker Pure ECN account is the way to go 400:1 le... Best forex trading site You can visit the Blog Blog link http://www.ifcmarkets... All about Trading in Forex and Binary Option Marked. The BEST Online Currency Strength for Scalping Use this site to improv... Banco Central Ruso recorta las tasas. 360T amplía su equipo. Fusión Sorpresa de FinFX. Puede mirar este video y los videos completos de archivo en la página ...