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Where can I download an iCal calendar of all important economic binary events?

I can't find one that doesn't miss out on some important events and has burned me in the past. I'd appreciate it if someone had a calendar file source
edit: well I kind of sucked my own dick on this one and found a site that has an iCal download here. I appreciate you guys trying to help though, have a nice Sunday and good luck this week!
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Viewable Calendar of Events (in ical or rss format)

Hello all! It's October and the year's winding down but the events/festivities are winding up for some! I was wondering if anyone knows of an online calendar related to all things occult/supernatural/magical/astrological/lunawitchy etc, which can be added/viewed by others on their phone/web? I know there are pretty calendars sold online but I like being able to set reminders/alarms and being able to plan ahead no matter where I am -- even if I'm not within reach of a paper calendar.
For instance, I always have the "Moon Phases" calendar added to my Google calendar view... It helps me with certain lunar events/practices that I do, and as a bonus -- it helps explain why my sugar gliders are acting weird or eating less than usual. lol (They're nocturnal.) I'm quite surprised at how many people don't know that the Moon Phases (and a few other) public calendars exist for your viewing pleasure for free, so a central location of different calendars or perhaps the actual calendar being made available for access for everyone -- now that's something I'd be interested in having or creating.
If there aren't any that pertains to us/our community, I'd be more than happy to make one (or several) and share it, but I'd need everyone's input on what event(s) to add, the occurrence/cycle the event follows, etc. Maybe an astrological one, lunar, wicca, or an all-in-one of sorts, etc.
If it helps so many people, then why not? Any inputs/thoughts on this?
P.S. Here's the Moon Phases calendar:[email protected]
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Forex Economic Calendar

Forex Economic Calendar
The economic calendar helps traders better understand market fluctuations, the factors that influence them, a forecast for how much the market will change, as well as a look at historical events that have affected markets and by how much. Get more information, visit our website:
#economic #business #money #finance #stocks #trading #investing #calender
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The economic calendar for important events that affects the forex, stocks and commodities markets. (7 NOV - 11 NOV 2022)

The economic calendar for important events that affects the forex, stocks and commodities markets. (7 NOV - 11 NOV 2022) submitted by OP-CDOMarkets to cdomarkets [link] [comments]

The economic calendar for important events that affects the forex, stocks and commodities markets. (31 OCT - 4 NOV 2022)

The economic calendar for important events that affects the forex, stocks and commodities markets. (31 OCT - 4 NOV 2022) submitted by OP-CDOMarkets to cdomarkets [link] [comments]

The economic calendar for important events that affects the forex, stocks and commodities markets. (24- 28 OCT 2022)

The economic calendar for important events that affects the forex, stocks and commodities markets. (24- 28 OCT 2022) submitted by OP-CDOMarkets to cdomarkets [link] [comments]

Does anyone have a Perth sunrise/sunset calendar in ical format?

Google Calendar used to have sunrise/sunset calendar but they removed it. There used to a free ical calendar generator at but that is now a paid subscription service. I tried but the generated times have a offset that doesn't make sense once imported into Google calendar.
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Is it possible to add iCal format calendars to Google Calendar for Android. I can do it on Web, but can't find an option in an Android App?

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Dallas Renegades 2020 Calendar - ical format

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Is there an official Orlando event calendar in ical or Google Calendar format?

I know I've seen that in previous years, but I'm not sure if it was done by BHS or by some kind barbershopper. I haven't been able to find one for this year yet. Does anybody know if one exists?
Edit: Thanks to LolFish42 for pointing out that it is now on the website here: HOWEVER, please note that they (probably accidentally) posted the events there in CENTRAL time instead of eastern time. This means that all the events will show up as being one hour off on our phones when we get to Florida. I'm going to email them about it and hopefully they'll fix it, so you may want to check explicitly if you copy any of these to your calendar.
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How to use forex trading economic calendar?

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How to use The Forex Factory Economic Calendar

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Economic Calendar for Forex Traders

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Export Kronos work schedule to ical or importable calendar format?

As the title suggests, I am looking to see if it is possible to export or link the schedule listed in Kronos to an ical file format, or link it to another calendar application?
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Where can I learn about the jCal calendar format in a simpler way than reading the standard (which looks like its just talking about conversion to an from iCal anyway)?

RFC 7265 ("jCal: The JSON Format for iCalendar")
Primarily, I'd like to know what a simple calendar file needs to contain to be fully valid.
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Euro 2016 Calendar (ical format)

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All of Tomorrowland's 406 performances on 37 stages in handy iCal format. Blow up your favorite calendar software!

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Full Def Con 23 schedule in iCal and Google Calendar format

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Google Calendar listing races in 2013 (ical format)

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I am wondering if there are any versions of the Towson Academic calendar that is google calendar format or in iCal format, so I can import it into my Google Calendar.

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Rugby NRL (Schedules in ical and Google calendar format)

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JLPT kanji calendars (in iCal format)

Minna-san, please enjoy some kanji calendars I've just made!
The source code of the script to make your own calendars:
Suggestions and improvements are welcome!
Edit: To add a calendar to your calendar app, download the file and double-click on it.
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CORONAVIRUS: LES GAINS À LA BAISSE CONTINUENT (Extrait Suivi Hebdo Bourse 6 mars 2020)

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