Forex Balikbayan Tracking Number / Services

Found this "player" in an ARB match. I'm genuinely amazed by it (their AB and SB stats were even worse)

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[Red Sox Stats] MLB created jWAR (joint WAR) [for pre-arb bonus]. Position players generally graded by wOBA and Outs Above Average. Pitchers generally by a 50/50 split of runs allowed (RA9) and Fielding Independent Pitching (FIP).

[Red Sox Stats] MLB created jWAR (joint WAR) [for pre-arb bonus]. Position players generally graded by wOBA and Outs Above Average. Pitchers generally by a 50/50 split of runs allowed (RA9) and Fielding Independent Pitching (FIP). submitted by MacJonesandCheese to baseball [link] [comments]


Any one whos using stat_arb strat here?
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Ubaka: How Forex scarcity stifle importation, cargo clearance - New Telegraph Newspaper

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Outback fitted with ladder from Nashfabco, ARB awning 2500 touring, and Thule cargo carrier.

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/VX Futures Discrepancy Stat. Arb. Backtest

/VX Futures Discrepancy Stat. Arb. Backtest
If anyone's curious about arbitrage on the /VX Term Structure, I'm currently developing a backtesting model that analyzes discrepancies in the Term Structure. For example, let's say that each of the VIX futures contracts was trading in contango, (M7>M6 ... M3>M2, M2>M1), the model would identify an individual /VX futures spread that IS NOT in contango when the rest of the term structure is in contango. To profit from such a "discrepancy", the model longs the VIX future that's backward, and shorts the further adjacent futures contract. Additionally, the strategy trades the backwardation approach and trades the opposite when the aforementioned conditions are true, but in backwardation. As a result, the spread will most likely (historically speaking), profit from the spread between each two adjacent futures contracts.
I'm happy to update my results as I develop and implement more data and conditions into my backtest.
Backtest includes M1-M6 data (M7-M8 data not implemented yet)

Here are the current results of the backtest:
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Do the Slot stats even jive anymore? My new stats are Tech+21 Cargo+90 No matching location for the +42 stat 🤷🏻‍♂️

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/VX Futures Discrepancy Stat. Arb. Backtest

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First post! Full-sized (I think) Dreadnought-class Sentinel Freighter in yellow and red with cargo boxes and tower style head thingy. Found C-class from a Tier-2 (Promising) Gek system EUCLID galaxy. Glyphs in the pics, stats at the end.

First post! Full-sized (I think) Dreadnought-class Sentinel Freighter in yellow and red with cargo boxes and tower style head thingy. Found C-class from a Tier-2 (Promising) Gek system EUCLID galaxy. Glyphs in the pics, stats at the end. submitted by smf4297 to NMSCoordinateExchange [link] [comments]

Port agents come for Emefiele, say CBN’s forex policy affecting cargo shipment

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Kalman Filter Stat Arb

Preamble: For research purposes I built out a kalman filter stat arb. model inspired by Ernie Chans kalman filter mean reversion model. I then backtested it on a long-short bitcoin etherium portfolio. For a more in-depth breakdown of the strategy and concepts see: Chan, E., 2013. Algorithmic trading: winning strategies and their rationale (Vol. 625). John Wiley & Sons.
The model
The model uses a kalman filter regression to calculate a hedge ratio between bitcoin (BTC) and etherium (ETH). It then monitors the value of the hedge portfolio looking for moments of diversion to enter long or short positions. The test data was compiled BTC and ETH data in 4H time intervals spanning 1035 days.
The Backtest
a step by step procedure below:
  1. Use kalman filter regression (as seen in EC's book) to calculate the hedge ratio between BTC and ETH
  2. Calculate a spread as: S = BTC - (Hedge Ratio * ETH)
  3. Calculate Z score of the Spread (S) using a rolling mean and std. (can use half life from kalman calcs or a set lookback period eg. 10)
  4. Define long entry as -2, short entry as 2 and trade exit as 0
  5. enter a long position when Z score <= -2,exit trade when Z score >= 0
  6. enter a short Z score >= 2,exit trade when Z score <= 0
Figures and results
fig 1. Sample of Kalman spread Z score with trade entry
fig 2. Sample of cumulative portfolio return with trade entry
fig 3. Total Cumulative Return (1035 days of test data)
fig 4. Results Summary
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Port agents come for Emefiele, say CBN’s forex policy affecting cargo shipment

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The Crypto Forex Arb is dead.

The arbitrage from Tether to other Fiat is gone. Gone are the days when you could buy Tether in dollars, and sell Tether in another currency or vice versa.
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Stat Arb with Ornstein–Uhlenbeck Process

Does anyone have a good learning resource for understanding the numerical solution for the Ornstein–Uhlenbeck process?
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Hello 😎 just want to show you much my Forex Robot made on the 28.9 and how much do I have today 😎😏 You really don’t need to know or do anything!!! Just pay the monthly fee, sit back and enjoy the income 😎💵 See next video for the stats today 15.10.22 submitted by UnitedFirefighter630 to CryptomineBot [link] [comments]

Hướng dẫn chơi Binomo Forex trên điện thoại [Mới nhất 2019] - Binomo Việt Nam

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Coming along nicely! 2018 Crosstrek Premium purchased in late October. So far: Lift kit, all lights upgraded by Diode Dynamics, KC perimeter pods, Diode Dynamics 30” light bar and amber pro ditch lights, Thule basket, ARB awning, Maxtrax, RR-2S wheels on Toyo AT, and lots more including cargo build.

Coming along nicely! 2018 Crosstrek Premium purchased in late October. So far: Lift kit, all lights upgraded by Diode Dynamics, KC perimeter pods, Diode Dynamics 30” light bar and amber pro ditch lights, Thule basket, ARB awning, Maxtrax, RR-2S wheels on Toyo AT, and lots more including cargo build. submitted by bright_blue_ to Crosstrek [link] [comments]

New ARB awning/tent on 5x10 converted cargo trailer.

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Jul/5/2022 news \\ Armenia-Turkey cargo & passenger transfers: interview \\ Artsakh births up, deaths down \\ Why was Constitution amended? \\ Concerns about Caspian Sea dying \\ Kazakh oil vs Russia \\ Pashinyan wins lawsuit \\ Reforms & anti-corruption \\ Stats: dollar inflow, passports \\ Soccer!

12 minutes. 3246 words.

interview with Ruben Rubinyan, Armenia's special envoy for dialogue with Turkey

Read the Friday digest for context.

... when?

The sooner the better. Hopefully this summer.

... who will be allowed to cross the Armenia-Turkey border?

Anyone who is not a citizen of Armenia and Turkey. The issue of including or excluding dual citizens will be discussed later. There are many tourists who would like to cross from Armenia to Turkey, or vice versa, via land. A tourist in Yerevan could decide to visit Van before leaving. A tourist in Kars could want to visit Gyumri before leaving. There are many diasporan Armenians who might want to do this.

... how and where will the border crossing take place?

The technical details will be discussed soon, now that a political agreement is reached. We have our preferences on where the crossings should be organized.

... about cargo transfers. Today we import Turkish goods via Georgia and other countries. Turkey was a top-5 trade partner of Armenia.

There will be a direct cargo transfer between Armenia and Turkey. We're talking about cargo jets or passenger jets carrying cargo. Logically, Turkey and Armenia would recognize each other's product barcodes.

... have you considered the risks associated with possible economic "expansionism"?

Obviously. Every country can use tools to protect itself against economic expansionism. Today almost every country has open borders with its neighbors.

... the meetings were first held in Moscow, but have since been moved to Vienna. Is Moscow "out" as a mediator?

There is no mediator. Vienna is just a city where Armenia and Turkey meet. Moscow kickstarted the process, and we're grateful for that.

... Erdogan recently said it's not necessary to involve 3rd countries to normalize AM-TR relations

If Turkey wants to hold these meetings in Turkey or Armenia, instead of Vienna, that means they want this process to be truly bilateral. In that case, it's strange that certain Turkish officials publicly announce that they are "coordinating" the Armenia-Turkey efforts with Armenia-Azerbaijan efforts.
We offered Turkey to open the land border for officials with diplomatic passports. It would be a small step with a big symbolic and practical significance. If Turkey wants the meetings to be held in Yerevan or Ankara, it would be logical for them to agree to this.

... during the discussions, has the Turkish envoy ever promoted Azerbaijan's position?

No. These are two separate processes. They have not made such remarks during the face-to-face talks. Only some Turkish officials, outside of these talks, have spoken about Turkey "coordinating" this with Azerbaijan.

... do you feel international support during this process?

Yes. We've received positive support from global players to promote this process.

... the street opposition has been accusing you of "Turkifying" Armenia and not defending our interests

I was following them at first but have since lost interest. Their claims should at least be somewhat backed up by facts. As we've said, there have not been any preconditions during these talks.

... the opposition claims you are betraying the Genocide recognition

They need to back it up with facts. Turkish envoy hasn't even asked us to ease the international pressure on them.

... are you giving a "corridor"?

This is probably the 1,000th time we've announced that no "corridor" was/is being discussed.

... about opposition's complaints about "Turkish expansionism"

In 1920 Dashnaks asked Turkey for weapons to fight against the Bolsheviks. Was that a "Turkification" of Armenia? When the Kocharyan-ARF alliance launched the process that would later become the "Soccer Diplomacy" under Serj, was that a "Turkification"? When the Serj administration signed the Zurich protocols and conducted the Soccer Diplomacy, was that "Turkification"? So when FM Ararat Mirzoyan attends Turkey for a forum that's considered "Turkification", but not when Serj visits Turkey. Their entire career is built on fluffing up a non-issue and fighting against it.
video, video,

Kazakh president offers EU to substitute Russian oil with Kazakh, and to develop the trade route that bypasses Russia

Tokayev to EU's Charles Michel: You can use our natural resources to stabilize the world and European markets. We should also develop alternative routes, including the Trans-Caspian International Transport Route [China to Europe, via Azerbaijan, Turkey, Georgia].
We were the first country in Central Asia to sign an Enhanced Partnership agreement with the EU, which brought our relations to a new level. We are committed to developing sustainable ties with the EU, our largest trading partner. //
article, article,

U.S. Congresswoman Speier submits NDAA amendment to zero-out U.S. military aid to Azerbaijan

Rep. Jackie Speier's amendment #682 to the FY2023 NDAA would zero-out the military and security assistance to Azerbaijan. It was co-sponsored by Frank Pallone, Adam Schiff, and Judy Chu.
NDAA amendments ruled “in order” by the House Rules Committee will be voted on by the full U.S. House.

anti-corruption: Artsakh authorities charged a hydro director with evading taxes

Prosecutors report: A hydro company director L.G. evaded ֏116m in taxes. He has so far repaid ֏26m. The case is in court.

who will be the mayor of Ani, Shirak?

Municipal elections will be held later this year. Ani municipality was enlarged to include 17 settlements. The main competitors are expected to be QP, ARF, and HHK.
The incumbent is HHK Artak Gevorgyan, who has decided to run for reelection. After the 2018 revolution and the subsequent anti-corruption movements across Armenia, the residents of Ani also launched a campaign to remove their mayor, accusing him of corruption and bribery. Authorities launched an investigation and pressed criminal charges. Gevorgyan refused to resign amid the protests, but the residents didn't allow him to return to his office. The standoff lasted 2 years. The protests resumed in June 2021 after the residents claimed the mayor was abusing administrative resources to assist the Kocharyan-ARF alliance.
QP will nominate Arman Saribekyan to challenge the embattled incumbent. Saribekyan is the manager of HayPost branches in several locations.
ARF has not named its candidate yet.

VIDEO: this is Աղի լիճ, people believe its salty waters have a healing power


VIDEO: Pashinyan spent the holiday near Parz Lake, playing with deers

There is a Caucasian red deer breeding center on the road leading to Parz Lake. It's really fun and the entrance for adults is $0.75, said First Lady Hakobyan.
video & article

Nikol Pashinyan wins the defamation lawsuit filed against him by embattled Constitutional Court judge Hrayr Tovmasyan

A few years ago Pashinyan claimed that after the revolution, judge Tovmasyan (ex-HHK MP) offered his "services" during a private meeting. Tovmasyan denied offering "services" and sued Pashinyan for alleged defamation. As "evidence", Pashinyan showed a pen and claimed it was a symbolic gift from Tovmasyan.
The lower court had sided with Tovmasyan, but the Appeals court overruled it.
Pashinyan will not have to apologize. Tovmasyan will have to pay him $20 as compensation for registration fees.

Armenia celebrated the Constitution Day

Reporter: What day is today?
Random citizen: Tuesday.
Reporter: Have you read the Constitution?
Random citizen: No.
The Constitution was adopted in 1995 and amended in 2005 and 2015. Today the president issued medals and promotions to several officials at NSS, police, justice ministry, IRS, etc.

... NGOs and lawyers met on Tuesday for 6 hours to discuss the upcoming Constitutional reforms

Yeghishe Kirakosyan: When you have a clear connection between various layers of society and the experts involved in the reforms, you end up having an inclusive reform process. I'm glad that today we have a transparent reform process. We've seen that closed processes don't lead to anything good.

... Reform Council member Yeghoryan shares details about previous constitutional reforms and why they were made:

About the 1995 Constitution. The reform panel spent 3 years consulting with international experts, but some suggestions were ignored. The emphasis was placed on the French model. Certain articles were at the time included for specific individuals. For example, the president would need to be a resident of Armenia for at least 10 years. This was written specifically for Levon Ter-Petrosyan. My father [also a Reform Council member at the time] wanted the president to be born and raised in Armenia.
My father wanted to promote the institute of parties. He believed that [Levon's] HHsH had turned into a giant and it would destroy the entire political system in Armenia. He attempted to reform the Constitution in a way to allow blocs to be formed to defeat party totalitarianism. This is why they added the article about MP's ability to vote independently from the party.
Certain parts of the Constitution worked well until 2000. That's why they decided to amend it in 2005. The main purpose was to strengthen president Kocharyan's powers. They told fairy tales about it becoming a "semi-presidential" system. They destroyed Article 47's checks and balances, giving more power to the Executive. So if the parliament didn't give "confidence" to the government, the parliament would be dissolved.
With the amendments, Kocharyan strengthened his powers so he could overcome the parliament, which was a threat to him starting 1999, even though the main opponents were already dead. To justify the power-grabbing amendments, they copied human rights-related articled and claimed that was the main purpose of the referendum.

Pashinyan about the Constitution and parliamentary vs presidential system:

Congratulations on Constitution Day. The non-amendable articles have formed the national vision of our Republic, defining it as a sovereign, democratic, social, and legal state, where the power belongs to the People, who exercise this power through free elections and referendums.
You are aware that a Constitutional Reforms Council and an expert body were formed. By the end of this year, they will present a draft concept of necessary reforms.
The Constitution needs to constantly develop and improve. At the same time, I believe we should maintain the parliamentary system of government because the events of 2021 have shown that this system is capable of withstanding shocks and provides the tools for public discourse and participation.
I congratulate you again. I hope that the law will become, if not the only, then at least a decisive factor in regulating our public and civil relations. //
article, article, article, video, video, video,

only days left until the collapse of the Pashinyan regime

After it became clear the street protests had failed to pick up steam, the protest leaders were asked to comment on why Pashinyan hasn't yet resigned despite their claims that the administration's days were numbered thanks to a "paralyzed city" and "control over the streets". The opposition responded, "the struggle continues".
Pashinyan's chief of staff: Last month, one of the opposition leaders used his network in Los Angeles to circulate rumors that the government had decided to resign. Here is a story regarding that MP.
On June 2nd, one of my friends in the US, who is a business owner, wrote that the opposition is using its network in L.A. to claim that there is a 100% chance the government will soon resign and that it has been confirmed that the power will be transferred to the street opposition.
My friend also told me that many similar business owners, who had made large investments in Armenia and were happy with the Pashinyan administration, were concerned about their investments amid the reports of resignation.
I told them that if they trusted the reports from the opposition, that means they aren't truly "good" businessmen because they can't analyze a situation properly. Finita la comedia. //

Indian foreign ministry's Secretary (West) visited the Tsitsernakaberd Genocide Memorial

Verma's delegation visited the Memorial to lay flowers, a day after holding talks with FM Mirzoyan and signing a cooperation memorandum between India and Armenia.
Did you miss the July 4th news digest?

Azerbaijan violated the ceasefire

Yesterday evening Azeri soldiers used rifles to fire at Armenian positions located in Vayots Dzor province, as well as towards the road leading to Khachik village.
The village mayor's vehicle was damaged. The locals reported that road construction workers were the target. The fire was silenced after countermeasures by Armenian soldiers. No injuries.
article, article,

VIDEO: clashes between ethnic Russians and Azeris, shots fired

Reporter: The incident took place yesterday in Kovdor, Murmansk, Russia. An Azeri resident attempted to enter a nightclub with an underage girl, but the bouncers didn't let them in. Around two dozen Azeris, armed with weapons, attacked the bouncers. [Video shows shots being fired.]
8 people were arrested and several were hospitalized. A bystander Russian teenage boy was beaten. His mother complained that similar fights involving "Caucasians" have become more frequent in the recent year.
Local Russians retaliated by vandalizing Azeri-owned shops. They formed groups and urged the Azeri fight participants to "meet them". However, sources say the participants of yesterday's fights have already fled the city.
Murmansk governor: Everything is under control. Anyone who broke the law will be punished.

Azerbaijan is concerned that the Caspian Sea, at least parts of it, could dry out in the near future and cause major problems

Azeri scientists met to discuss ecological issues relating to the Caspian Sea. They are concerned about the oil industry's impact. There are geological hazards associated with seabed deformation.
The water levels fluctuate dramatically. It was 2 meters higher a century ago. There was a 1.5m drop in the 1930s, followed by a 2.7 rise in the 80s-90s.
Starting 2005, the levels have been dropping by 10cm annually. If the trend continues, within the next 30 years the northern parts will become like the Aral Sea, they fear.
They believe the drop in water levels will cause significant problems for port operators and wildlife.

births have increased in Artsakh

H1 2021: 660
H1 2022: 864
Deaths have decreased by 22%. As a result, the natural population increase was 372.
54% of newborns had a penis.
Top boy names: Davit, Tigran, Hayk. Top girl names: Mane, Maria, Eva.

mothers of hundreds of children born in Artsakh have received gift boxes with diapers and other essential stuff

Anna Astvataturyan Foundation made a donation to 161 women who recently gave birth, to "honor and support the heroic, inspiring, and strong people of Artsakh who choose to raise future generations in their Homeland."
The founded was founded by Anna Astvatsaturian Turcotte, a 44yo US-Armenian writer and philanthropist whose family escaped Baku.
photos & article

Artsakh and Georgia ban the export of wheat amid global food concerns

The Artsakh government has placed an export ban on wheat and barley exports. The news comes a week after a similar ban by Georgia -- which applies to locally produced wheat and barley only -- because their wheat imports were suspended and they are concerned about the depletion of existing reserves.
Georgia's ban will last a year. Artsakh's ban will last until further notice.

why is dram strengthening against the dollar?

QP MP Papoyan: I'll give you the January-May statistics about the net inflow of dollar transfers to Armenia made by individuals. This is while taking into account the outflow.
2020: $149m
2021: $281m
2022: $612m

this is how many people applied for Armenian citizenship during H1 of the year

2017: 4.8k
2018: 5.7k
2019: 6.1k
2020: 4.2k
2021: 3.4k
2022: 9.9k

Russia won't participate in Junior Eurovision 2022 (Yerevan) amid an earlier ban by European agency

The Russian agency that selects singers to represent their country has announced the suspension of the selection process. Russia was told back in May it couldn't participate in the Junior competition in Yerevan. It's unclear why they allowed the selection process to continue until now.
This year the competition is held in Yerevan because last year Armenia's Malena was declared the winner.
article, article,

Russian UTAIR airline launches flights from St. Petersburg to Yerevan

Boss: For the convenience of passengers, we are expanding the route network from St. Petersburg. The launch of international flights from the northern capital is an important event for us and our passengers. We are sure that the new destinations will interest both tourists and businessmen.

Armenia's new national carrier FlyArna inaugurated the second flight route

Yesterday they launched the first-ever flight to Hurghada. Today they flew to Sharm el-Sheikh. Both are popular tourist destinations in Egypt.
FlyArna: We are extremely excited to be operating our second destination to Sharm el-Sheikh; another popular leisure destination for travelers. Motivated by our happy and excited passengers to have their new national airlines, we now look forward to announcing many exciting new destinations in the nearest future.

simplified visa regime for Egyptian citizens

Starting next week, Egyptians will no longer need an invitation from Armenia's foreign ministry or police department to obtain an entry visa.
They can obtain one by contacting the local Armenian consulate, or on the border during the entry if they have certain documents issued by the EU/Schengen/US/etc.

Roma sold Henrikh Mkhitaryan to have enough cash to buy soccer legend Christino Ronaldo? probably not but it's an interesting headline

Heno has just moved from Roma to Inter. Around the same time, rumors began swirling that Roma will buy #7 Ronaldo. A prominent former Roma player Totti doubts this is true because Roma is "cash strapped".
Ronaldo is currently playing for Manchester United.
Henrikh formerly played for Manchester United.
Henrikh moved out of Roma.
Ronaldo is moving to Roma?
article, article, article,

Artsakh's "Nagorno Karabakh" soccer club will play in Armenia's national premier league

The club is registered in Goris but represents Artsakh. They recently won the lower league but weren't allowed to join the main league because they did not meet the minimum requirement about operating youth teams.
The club sent a follow-up letter on why they believe they should be allowed to join. Armenia's soccer federation reviewed the letter on Monday and unanimously voted to welcome the club to the 2022-2023 season.
The following teams will compete: Pyunik (current champions), Ararat-Armenia, Ararat, Alashkert, Urartu, Noah, Van, BKMA, Shirak, annd Nagorno Karabakh.
article, article,

Armenian soccer player Sargis Adamyan joins FC Köln

The 29yo attacker is moving from Hoffenheim to Koln (German league). The contract is valid until 2026.
Koln boss: We are very pleased with the transfer. Sargis is a great player and a great person who is down-to-earth and loyal. His aggressive sprint-intensive work against the ball, and one-on-ones, are his key traits. He can play in almost every attacking position. // You better pay him good then.
Sargis was born in Yerevan and moved to Germany with family at the age of 5. He has since played in several Bundesliga teams.
In FC Hoffenheim he played 53 times, scored 11 goals, and made 5 goal assists.
When he was loaned to Belgium's Club Brugge (current champions), he played 16 times and scored 6 goals.
article, article,

UEFA Europea Conference League

▶︎ Ararat FC is in Macedonia, ahead of the UEFA Europa Conference League match. They will play against Shkëndija on July 7th as part of the 1st qualifying round.
▶︎ Armenian referees will officiate the Gzira vs Atletic Escaldes match on July 14.
article, article,

Pyunik vs Cluj: UEFA Champions League qualification round

The Armenian champions played 0:0 against the Romanian club. They will play the second match in Romania on July 13.

in case you missed

Yesterday's news in English, русский (by Impossible-Ad-). Archive by Armeniapedia. Donate to Armenia & Artsakh here
The accused are innocent unless proven guilty in a court of law, even if they "appear" guilty.
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Pairs Trading Stat Arb

Hi I'm working with millisecond tick data and attempting to run cointegration tests on the data to identify viable pairs of equities. The problem is the timestamps don't match up because of varying levels of liquidity and timing. Anyone have suggestions for how to handle this data?
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I have been away from NMS for a while. Is it just my awful RNG, or do the higher class ships now start with lower stats in cargo, tech, etc.?

It seems like ships got "balanced" because I keep seeing C-class ships with substantially higher starting stats than the S-class counterparts. Or maybe the max-slot ships no longer spawn with max slots opened at higher class?
I've missed a few updates and have a lot to catch up on. Thanks for any info!
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FLIGHT FROM DUBAI TO BANKGOK, 2020 Baim Paula - YouTube Trico International (Pvt) Ltd Best Day Trading Apps In United Arab Emirates 2020 (Beginners Guide) - FxBeginner.Net BUZEKI: HOW I MADE MY FIRST BILLION - YouTube Avoid this tourist SCAM in Colombo, Sri Lanka. 🇱🇰 - YouTube ex Goldman Sachs Trader Tells Truth about Trading - Part 1 5 Easy Bar Magic Tricks Epic Cool Simple Magic Trick - YouTube Earning $11,000 vs. $60 in a Day - YouTube

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5 Easy Bar Magic Tricks Epic Cool Simple Magic Trick Easy Magic Tricks Simple Magic Tricks SUBSCRIBE 5 Easy Bar Magic... Coffee or Die's Marty Skovlund Jr. was given exclusive access to embed with a Special Forces team in the mountains of Afghanistan, and accompany them on a co... Binomo App – https: ... Forex, Bitcoin, Options and Commodities. Category Education; Show more Show less. Loading... Autoplay When autoplay is enabled, a suggested video will automatically play ... Billionaire Businessman Bundotich Kiprop takes us on a tour of his Multi-million homes and companies as he lays bare his billions in this EXCLUSIVE interview... Welcome to Trico Group, when it comes to transporting cargo from one place to another and anywhere in between, we can help you stay ahead the curve. Trico is run by a dynamic and efficient set of ... When travelling in Sri Lanka as a foreigner you'll no doubt be approached by men who try to appear as friendly citizens. They will attempt to coax you to som... CLICK HERE - - On February 7th 2013, the Institute of Trading and Portfolio Managements Managing Partner Anton Kreil was interviewed at... BAPAU FLY FROM DUBAI TO BANKGOK, 2020, Emirates is a state-owned airline based in Garhoud, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The airline is a subsidiary of The Emirates... What does it look like to earn $11,000 in a day vs. $60? Spend a day with Ricky and Azariah as we track their incomes and they share their thoughts on money....