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(NO SPOILERS) How much coin in Gold dragons would it take to Arm an army with Quality weapons and Armour/Discerning Armour in peace time?

Been playing a lot of total war lately (mostly medieval 2) and seeing that every factions soldiers are wearing faction colours and have good quality weapons and Armour (at least the higher tier soldiers)
How much in gold dragons (if we believe that your noble neighbours and the king will ignore why you're starting to arm and train your people into a professional army) would it be outfit say a thousand or more troops with quality (by westeros standards I guess) gear to the last man in your army?
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What is the Forex Peace Army?

What is the Forex Peace Army?
The Forex Peace Army is one of the best possible research resources for you as a trader as a beginner. This organisation can help you best pick out your broker or find a different broker if you would like to switch. The Forex Peace Army best broker also fills their site with forums, blogs, books, and other information to help best educate you on the world of Forex and Forex trading.
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ForexPeaceArmy is biased in their site reviews

I posted a review for ForexEnvy about a year ago on their website, and I checked it day by day. They never posted the review. I gave ForexEnvy a 1-star review because they are scammers, and it's impossible to earn money from them.
I based my buying decisions on ForexPeaceArmy, until I realized that they don't publish all your reviews. They're biased as hell. When I contacted them about it, they never replied.
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plus500 review forex peace army

plus500 review forex peace army
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So... Spain kept invading me, sending armies through Gaul and I destroyed their armies. They immediately asked for peace, so I decided to meme and go “yeah sure give me osca and we can have peace.” We’ll they sold me osca for peace and 800 gold. They immediately attacked the town the next turn.

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Assume that you have magical power and skill on Dumbledore-level, more gold than Malfoy and a secret army of followers. Your goal is world peace. What do you do?

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[WP] The world has been peaceful for centuries now. No fire-spitting dragons, no soul-eating demons, not even the occasional undead army. Jobless and in need of gold, the Mage Guild then decides to auction off some of its more harmless “trinkets”. What could go wrong?

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You are a wizard, you have all the power and skill of Dumbledore, more gold than Malfoy, a secret army of loyal followers and one goal: World peace. What's your strategy?

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[World of Warcraft]: How Blizzard's new lizard broke a 10 year old loot system, started an in-game genocide, and sparked a player war in their first 48 hours of release.

Unto you is charged the great task of keeping the purity of time. Know that there is only one true timeline, though there are those who would have it otherwise. You must protect it. Without the truth of time as it is meant to unfold, more will be lost than you can possibly imagine.

-Nozdormu, Dragon Aspect of Time
On November 28, Dragonflight, the ninth expansion in the popular video game (and frequent Hobby Drama subject) World of Warcraft, released. Our story follows the calamitous ramifications that came from the overlooking of one line of code in the weeks before this expansion's launch. But in the words of Nozdormu there is only one true timeline, and the events which will eventually set this story into motion begin more than 10 years ago, on September 25, 2012.

Part 1: Out of the Mists

On September 25, 2012, Mists of Pandaria, the fourth World of Warcraft expansion, released. Players rushed to explore the newly-discovered island of Pandaria seeking riches, adventure, and of course, mounts.

What are mounts (and why should I care)?

For those who haven't played WoW or similar online games, players tend to focus heavily on making sure that their character looks cool. Whether it’s to stand out in groups and show off, or because players enjoy dressing up and decorating their avatars to fit the story they want to weave around them, character appearance and accessories are a central aspect of the game. Much like in real life, people in-game dress up to impress both others and themselves.
There are a lot of ways to do this, but one of the most common ones is collecting mounts (the vehicles that players use to run, swim, and fly around in the world). Mounts are large, flashy and, unlike armor and weapons, don’t become obsolete when a new expansion releases. Like other rewards in the game, mounts come in varying degrees of rarity, with the least attainable often being the most coveted, and some are incredibly rare. Some of the rarest mounts in the game are owned by less than 1% of the playerbase years after their introduction to the game, and ones that can be traded outside the game can go for absolutely obscene amounts of money.
Not all players farm mounts based on their prestige, mind you. Some simply go after mounts that they think look cool. At present there are over 900 mounts in the game, ranging from dragons to an undead flying horse named Invincible to a giant robot helicopter head, so rest assured that there’s something for everyone!
However, every once in awhile you get a mount that’s both obscenely rare and that the community thinks looks especially cool, and suddenly everyone wants it; either so that they can fly around on it, or so that they can flex on the noobs that can’t.

Back to Pandaria: Enter The Heavenly Onyx Cloud Serpent

It’s 2012. As players storm the shores of Pandaria, many charge towards a new world boss called The Sha of Anger, one of a pair of newly added and extremely difficult enemies that randomly spawn in two of the game’s outdoor zones. The Sha can be killed every 15 minutes, but can only be looted once per week, with the chance to award high-quality armor (among other things). Many players are hunting down the Sha to get said armor (their old gear having become obsolete with the new expansion), but many more are after a more elusive prize listed on the boss’s loot table: [The Reins of the Heavenly Onyx Cloud Serpent].
The Heavenly Onyx Cloud Serpent is coveted because of its visually striking design and bright colors. It both looks good and stands out in a crowd (literally glowing with bright white light), which means everyone wants it. But as more and more of the unwashed masses spill upon the continent of Pandaria to slay the Sha in an attempt to get their very own photonegative dragon, one thing becomes clear. It’s rare. Possibly more rare than any mount added to an enemy’s loot table before. Unlucky players who didn’t get the mount on their first try will have to simply wait until the weekly loot-lockout resets on Tuesday to try and kill him again, or bring their alts (additional characters on their account) to kill him for extra tries.
The weeks pass by. Players begin doing the new raids and out-gear the armor offered by the Sha of Anger, but he continues to be beaten to death nearly as soon as he spawns by a massive, rabid community of increasingly frustrated mount hunters. The more kills players rack up without seeing the mount, the more rare they realize it is, which makes getting it all the more prestigious and increases the desire to farm it further. Someone asks Blizzard to confirm the mount is actually in the game and there isn’t some hidden requirement to unlock it, which Blizzard does, insisting that it just has a low drop rate.
Weeks turn to months. Someone runs a database search and discovers that nobody in the game of 10 million players has the Heavenly Onyx Cloud Serpent yet. They take this information to a forum post that’s directed at Blizzard. The community becomes upset as they realize they’ve been farming a mount that may not actually be in the game yet. Blizzard realizes they made a mistake.

Oops, no dragons! - How Blizzard broke the Sha’s loot table (the first time)

So what happened? Well, the Sha of Anger’s loot table works as follows:
  1. When a player kills the Sha of Anger for the first time each week, the game internally rolls a random number ranging from 1 to 100.
  2. If the game rolls a 1 to 59, the player receives gold and nothing else happens.
  3. If the game rolls a 60 to 100, the player is marked as receiving a piece of loot, at which point the game rolls a SECOND random number to determine what piece of gear the player is awarded from a weighted loot table of class-specific armor (so that a rogue doesn’t accidentally get paladin armor, which they can’t use). The Heavenly Onyx Cloud Serpent is on this loot table as an incredibly low drop.
Well, that’s how it’s supposed to work. In reality, Blizzard either never added the Heavenly Onyx Serpent to the loot table, or accidentally set the weighted chance of awarding it to 0. (They never clarified which they had done, only that they’d made a mistake and fixed it).
So we’re a few months into Mists of Pandaria and all is finally right with the world (of Warcraft). The Sha of Anger has begun dropping its mount as intended. Overjoyed (and irate) players flock to kill him with new found hope and optimism and soon discover a second, far more horrifying truth…
It’s still insanely rare.
The reason Blizzard took so long to realize the mount wasn’t dropping was because, even when correctly added to the loot table, it was so rare that it almost never dropped. The game doesn’t officially publish any sort of drop percentages for its loot, but estimations made by players put it somewhere between a 0.02% to a 0.01% drop rate. That means that on average, the Sha will drop one mount every 7,500 kills. One of, if not the, lowest drop rate of any mount in the game.
When it became clear just how rare this mount truly was, many players (such as myself) gave up on farming it. It just wasn’t worth the hours of camping and thousands of attempts it would take (spread out over multiple years or multiple max-level alts) to farm the Sha for such a tiny chance at getting the mount, no matter how cool it looked. Others made as many characters as they could and parked them at the spawn points to get as many kills as they could each week, racking up thousands of kills over hundreds (or thousands) of hours of farming.
And the world (of warcraft) spun on. The Heavenly Onyx Cloud Serpent remained one of the most prestigious mounts in the game due to its unique look, bugged introduction, and tiny drop chance. After ten years of farming it’s owned by less than 1% of the game’s playerbase, and when it occasionally appears on the Black Market Auction House (an in-game market where a single instance of a rare non-tradeable item is made available for purchase at auction with gold) it regularly goes for the game’s maximum gold cap of 9,999,999 gold (currently valued at 900 USD based on the WoW game-time token’s US regional price).

You must decide which path you will take. Which story you will tell. An ancient enemy has returned. You will play a part in the events to come and you will have to make a difficult choice, as we did. My story is already written. But yours - and that of all Dracthyr - is only beginning to unfold.

-Nozdormu, Dragon Aspect of Time

Part 2: The Unwitting Herald(s)

On September 11, 2022, nearly 10 years to the day from the first explorers setting foot onto the shores of Pandaria and beginning the long chain of events that are now so close to their culmination, a redditor by the name of u/Jibbles2020 will make a post that unknowingly heralds the impending chaos.
Jibbles is playing on the Dragonflight Beta, a test version of the new expansion that a small group of players are invited to try out before the official launch in order to test the functionality of new systems and gameplay mechanics. Importantly, items earned on the beta cannot be kept when the beta closes and are not transferred to your main account.
Today, Jibbles is trying out the new race/class combination added in the Dragonflight Beta, the Dracthyr Evoker. After completing the introduction questline Jibbles finds himself flying through Pandaria and notices that the Sha of Anger is up. “Why not?” he thinks to himself, landing and quickly dispatching the boss that he outlevels by five expansions.
The unthinkable happens to Jibbles.
He gets the mount.
What would be a cause of boisterous celebration at any other time leaves a bittersweet ache in Jibbles’ chest. The cruel whims of RNJesus have decided to award him a mount dropped every 1 in 7,500 kills on a test account he will lose when the expansion launches in a few weeks.
Jibbles takes this painful irony in good spirits and posts about his horrible luck on the WoW subreddit where, amazingly, another user, u/Bodehn, mentions that the same thing happened to her while testing her Dracthyr on the beta.
The community shares a laugh in solidarity with these two players, and the astronomical luck (both good and bad) it must have taken for both of them to get the Heavenly Onyx Cloud Serpent within a day of one another on a temporary server that will close within a month.
None among the posters or commenters consider that this could be anything more than a fluke. A freak accident that befell two unfortunate beta testers. Some commenters joke about how this is a prime example of why you should never kill a boss that drops a rare item on the beta. Others speculate that it would be funny if Blizzard made drop rates higher on the beta as a joke. The posts drift off the front page as posts inevitably do, replaced by news of new features and content and release dates in the ever-changing whirlwind of information and excitement that comes with an expansion on the horizon. Jibbles and Bodehn, and their astronomically bad luck, are all but forgotten.

It is time! I will expend everything to bind every thread here, now, around the Dragon Soul. What comes to pass will NEVER be undone!

-Nozdormu, Dragon Aspect of Time

Part 3: Tuesday, November 15, 2022

The timeline that follows is reconstructed based on the progression of information recorded in forum, reddit, discord, and WoWHead posts related to Dracthyr and The Sha of Anger over the course of the evening on Tuesday, November the 15th. Stories told from the perspective of a specific character are speculative retellings based on an accurate timeline of when and how community knowledge about the event developed, and are informed by my experience as a mount farmer of 12 years who has participated in the discovery of similar bugs/exploits over my time playing the game. All events not related to a specific hypothetical character are completely factual.

It’s 6:15pm, Eastern Standard Time.

After an extended maintenance lasting most of the day, phase 2 of the Dragonflight pre-patch has come online and is available to play on the live US/Oceanic servers (EU servers will not have access until tomorrow, as their maintenance is on Wednesday). With it comes the Dracthyr Evokers, available to players a few weeks ahead of the official expansion launch.
It takes about an hour to get a newly-created Dracthyr (who start at level 58) through the introductory questline and to the level cap of 60, at which point they are set loose to explore the world (of Warcraft) at their leisure.

It’s 7:15pm, Eastern Standard Time.

Dracthyr pour into the capital cities of Stormwind and Orgrimmar en masse. Most unlock the ability to fly and head to kill elemental lords that have been added for a limited-time pre-patch event which also opened today. Others head to the city training dummies to test out their new class abilities. Others still begin flying to old raids and dungeons to farm armor sets that they think will look good on their new lizards.
We do not know how the event, ten years in the making and mere minutes away from its grand culmination, began. We do not know who first saw the Sha spawning in Kun-Lai Summit and decided to pause for a moment to try their luck. Perhaps it was a player in this last group, flying to some old raid in search of a staff or a pair of pauldrons. Perhaps it was one of those still camping the Sha weekly, hoping desperately for the mount and seeing their new Dracthyr as just another weekly 0.01% chance at the prize that has eluded them for so long. Perhaps it was even Jibbles or Bodehn, hoping in vain to relive their moment of glory.
We do not know how the event that is now at long last upon us began.
But we know what followed.

It’s 7:20pm, Eastern Standard Time.

The Sha of Anger dies, as it has done every 15 minutes for the past 10 years.
The mount farmers, fewer tonight due to the multitudes that have taken a break to enjoy the pre-patch festivities, are given their standard gold and long-worthless pieces of armor.
But this first Dracthyr, who has killed the sha of anger for the first time, receives something different.
They have received the Heavenly Onyx Cloud Serpent.
Players take notice. It’s common to ride a new mount in celebration upon receiving it, and a character’s guild is automatically notified in the chat window when their guildmate receives an especially rare drop such as the Heavenly Onyx Cloud Serpent. At first the luck and humor of Blizzard’s new dragon race receiving this elusive dragon mount amuses those farming, offering the mix of curses and congratulations that so often follow a fellow player receiving a rare reward.

It’s 7:35pm, Eastern Standard Time.

The Sha of Anger dies, as it has done every 15 minutes for the past 10 years.
A second Dracthyr, either encouraged by his comrade’s luck or simply making a quick pit-stop to try their hand at rolling the dice of fate, is among the masses who have beaten it down. Around them stand the mount farmers, many of whom were present at the kill which occurred at 7:20pm and have since switched to another alt for another 0.01% chance.
This Dracthyr, too, has received the Heavenly Onyx Cloud Serpent.
When bugs, especially beneficial ones, are discovered in World of Warcraft, the process is often more akin to the breaking of a dam than the flipping of a switch. In a game with as many random numbers as WoW it can be hard to differentiate what should be attributed to luck from what may be the result of something more.
But this is odd.
Mount farmers and guildmates alike have seen a Dracthyr get a mount that should drop once every 7,500 kills twice within the past hour, and each must have been the character’s first-ever attempt.

It’s 7:50pm, Eastern Standard Time.

The Sha of Anger dies, as it has done every 15 minutes for the past 10 years.
Five Dracthyr stand around it this time, and while not every one receives a dragon, two do. Oddly, none receive armor.
Calculating and estimating drop rates is something that almost becomes second nature to long-time WoW players. Knowing how likely you are to get a mount, pet, or piece of armor allows you to more efficiently decide how best your time in the game should be spent in order to reap the maximum number of rewards possible, or be the most likely to receive the specific reward you want. Dedicated mount farmers are especially adept at calculating these rates, as knowing your odds of receiving a mount allows you to estimate the average amount of farming time required to get your coveted prize.
The most accurate way to determine an item’s drop rate is to review data submitted by other players about whether or not they received the item after killing the boss. If 500 players kill a raid boss and 5 get a mount, it is likely that the boss has around a 1% chance of dropping that mount (assuming all players had equal odds to receive the item, as is usually the case with rare drops such as mounts). As with any statistical estimation, the larger your sample size is the more accurate your estimation will be. But while a sample size of two Dracthyr is too small to accurately estimate anything beyond the fact that something has gone wrong with the Sha of Anger, a sample size of five begins to afford a very rough idea of odds.
It appears that Dracthyr have a 40% chance of receiving the Heavenly Onyx Cloud Serpent.

It’s 8:05pm, Eastern Standard Time.

The Sha of Anger dies, as it has done every 15 minutes for the past 10 years.
Twenty Dracthyr stand around it. Six ride glowing black and white dragons. Once again, none have received armor.
Only six riders indicates that perhaps the drop rate for Dracthyr isn’t quite 40%, but with a sample size this small variations are bound to occur.
One player, an avid mount farmer who has hunted the Sha for years and is intimately familiar with the way its loot table operates (due to the bug that occurred ten years ago) has just realized what happened.

Oops, all dragons! - How Blizzard broke the Sha’s loot table (the second time)

If you recall, the Sha of Anger’s loot table works as follows:
  1. When a player kills the Sha of Anger for the first time each week, the game internally rolls a random number ranging from 1 to 100.
  2. If the game rolls a 1 to 59, the player receives gold and nothing else happens.
  3. If the game rolls a 60 to 100, the player is marked as receiving a piece of loot, at which point the game rolls a SECOND random number to determine what piece of gear the player is awarded from a weighted loot table of class-specific armor (so that a rogue doesn’t accidentally get paladin armor, which they can’t use). The Heavenly Onyx Cloud Serpent is on this loot table as an incredibly low drop.
Note that each class has their own loot table in order to guarantee that each is able to use any armor awarded to them.
What then, hypothetically, might happen if a class simply did not have a loot table?
  1. When that player kills the Sha of Anger for the first time each week, the game would internally roll a random number ranging from 1 to 100.
  2. If the game were to roll a 1 to 59, the player would receive gold as normal and nothing else would happen.
  3. But if the game rolled a 60 to a 100 and that player were marked as receiving a piece of loot, but the player in question did not have a weighted loot table of class-specific armor from which the game could choose a reward, then, hypothetically, the game would be forced to award the only piece of loot automatically added to each class's table. The Heavenly Onyx Cloud Serpent.

It’s 9:35pm, Eastern Standard Time.

The Sha of Anger dies, as it has done much more quickly every 15 minutes for the past two hours.
A cloud of fourty Dracthyr riding fourty black and glowing white dragons rises from the corpse.
Another sixty Dracthyr sit down and begin a 20 second logout animation. Most of these Dracthyr have never sat before in their brief 65 minutes of existence. Many will never stand again.
News of the glitch has begun to spread like wildfire on private forums as players attempt to tell their friends of this unique opportunity to get one of the rarest mounts in the game. Most are careful to not announce the discovery too loudly or too publicly, knowing they likely have mere hours before Blizzard notices their mistake and rapidly corrects it, and the more openly they discuss what they’ve found, the sooner it is likely to be fixed.
The clock is ticking. Game breaking exploits like these tend to be fixed in hours, not days, and all know it will not last to the next loot reset occuring on November the 22nd, almost seven days away. A 40% chance is far higher than the typical 0.01%, but it’s not a guarantee, and while players can farm a coin that allows them to reroll for a second drop to improve their odds, many still find themselves among the unlucky few that do not walk away with a mount. These players know that if they want to benefit from this oversight, they need to do it now. But due to the high level that a Dracthyr starts at, the game prevents players from making more than one on any specific realm.
Unless of course.
You simply deleted them.
Hours after their painstaking creation and minutes after first stepping foot on the foreign soil of Pandaria, many of the Dracthyr unlucky enough to have not secured a mount for their player log out and are unceremoniously destroyed. Their deaths make way for the creation of new Dracthyr with, most importantly, new loot lockouts. No such time or consideration is taken in the creation of this second wave, a randomizer allows players to create their draconic cattle seconds faster, and those seconds could be the difference between making it to the Sha before Blizzard realizes and fixes their disastrous mistake. Where a few hours ago players leisurely explored the new introductory questline, taking in the sights and scenery so lovingly crafted by the developers, now a garish wave of blues and purples and whites and golds races through it with one unifying thought in their minds.

It’s 10:20pm, Eastern Standard Time.

The Sha of Anger dies, unceremoniously dispatched by waves of fire and a flurry of hundreds of flashing chromatic draconic fists within moments of its triumphant return. Many that felled the monstrosity are themselves dispatched mere seconds later in the midst of the resulting vortex of black and glowing white, having utterly failed in the singular purpose for which they were created. From the ashes of their destruction yet another generation of garish lizards rise and begin the 45 minute sprint to their own demise.

Wednesday, November 16, 2022

It’s 1:01am, Eastern Standard Time

The primary news aggregation site for World of Warcraft, WoWHead, has posted an article notifying the playerbase that a loot issue has been discovered with the Sha of Anger that is providing Dracthyr a higher than normal chance to receive the Heavenly Onyx Cloud Serpent.
Commenters report that Blizzard fixes the issue within minutes of this article being posted.

It’s 1:20am, Eastern Standard Time.

Thousands of brightly colored Dracthyr who have just finished their most recent mad dash through the introductory questline are joined by thousands more that have just read the new WoWHead article. They kill the Sha of anger almost before he can finish speaking.
Each receives 38 gold.
The window of opportunity has closed.

Know that even as things appear to unravel, they do so with greater purpose.

-Nozdormu, Dragon Aspect of Time

Part 4: The Day the World (of Warcraft) Stood Still

It’s November 16, 2022, 9:00am, Eastern Standard Time

Players across the United States and Oceanic realms are waking up to the news, which is now being posted and discussed on all major sources of World of Warcraft information and discussion, that there was a window of time yesterday where one of the rarest, most prestigious mounts in the game was obtainable in a coin flip. And most of them missed it..
Fortunately, the World of Warcraft community is renowned in the gaming sphere for their capacity for level headed discussion and mature presentation of-I’m just kidding they lost their fucking minds.
I just quit the game.
Another joke, after some people had to do over 10k attempts for them.
Yeah, glad I didnt purchase DF yet, played the beta.. Im done if they dont remove these mounts.
This is stupid unfair.
Welp.So someone has like 2k attempts or more since mop dropped,But some guy just do this and gets nalak,sha and galleon mount. Truly a classic move by blizzard.
They need to remove the mounts people got as Dracthyr. This is ridiculous. I farmed the Sha of Anger for years on dozens of toons to get it, around 8500 attempts. People shouldn't be able to log on and get it in one try because of a bug. Don't get me wrong, I'd do it too if I were them. But Blizzard needs to do right by a major community in their game. I'm really frustrated right now. It's shitty that people are being awful about people being upset about this. Y'all didn't play by the same rules. Why insult how I play a game when you want the same reward for doing nothing?
it's absolutely asinine that people think that mounts gained through a VERY OBVIOUS EXPLOIT should not be removed - what's even more crazy are the people saying "i didn't get to the exploit in time, so i think you should give everyone the mount for free to make it fair". the mounts should be removed. if you want it, go farm it or buy it like everyone else did. i really hope blizzard does right by the people that put actual effort into getting these mounts over the span of multiple years. this is just sad and gross.
In addition to frustrated US and OCE players who missed this bug, EU players, who had never even had the opportunity to attempt it because the error was fixed before their version of the pre-patch went live on Wednesday, weigh in.
Already fixed, big sad for EU & the people who missed it
25 kills a week, for years. Just for US to get it via a bug that gets hotfixed before EU even comes up. Those mounts had better be removed. Or compensate everyone else. This is insulting.
There are, of course, the occasional revelers…
YEESSSS After so many years I finally got the mount due to this bug.
finally got the mount after 30 attempts glad I tried this before it blew up
Who are usually met with even more calls to have the mount stripped from them.
They better remove the mounts.
This is not fair. Either let it go for a day so others can have a chance or remove it. Already at 1.5k kills and tired of doing it :(
Exploited mounts should be removed, because as it stands right now it's both spit in the face of those who spent thousands of attempts to get it and those who would still try to get it after the exploit. What is the point of trying to get it now, as even if you get super lucky and manage to obtain it now, it would be meaningless as people would just assume you got it through exploit by default.
Some amongst the playerbase see bugs like this (and their subsequent exploitation) as just another part of the game, especially on patch days, and are happy to see their fellow players get an opportunity to secure such a rare reward they otherwise wouldn’t have gotten.
I hope people get to keep them.
Honestly they should leave it. The 15 min wait simulator is stupid and puts pressure on people to just sit around 15 min at a time on an army of alts every week.
good job to all the people that got the mounts. To the rest of the miserable whiners...... Get a life! Stop bein so miserable!
A few people want Blizzard to go the other direction and give everyone the Heavenly Onyx Cloud Serpent.
The only way for Blizz to make this right would be to give us all the mounts as well
They should just give the mount to everyone or at least increase the drop chance to 1%
Calls to have the Heavenly Onyx Cloud Serpent be raised to a 1% chance (the normal drop chance for rare mounts) have been common for years, and with the player base debating how best to address this issue, many suggest it as a solution that would allow lucky Dracthyr to keep their mounts, but give other players a better chance to get a dragon of their own going forward.
Yeah, this is a good chance to fix it to be a 1% drop chance. It will still be rare but it wont be absurd
...Please blizz either increase the drop rate and/or make it farmable infinitely on 1 character…!
No mount/pet should've been lower than a 1% drop chance, period. Introducing 0.01% drop chance collectibles was a mistake.
However when bugs like this one have popped up in the past Blizzard has generally displayed a policy of quietly fixing them and not addressing the issue further, either with a public response or a rollback of the awarded items. Some players resign themselves to the belief that Blizzard has done all they will do on the matter.
This is the perfect time to fix all of these low drop chance mounts to something like 1/100. All world boss mounts & Love rocket should be standardized to either 1/100 or 1/200 like every other mount drop in the game.
I agree, but they won't do it. Remember when the fishing mount in BFA had a high drop chance at the beginning of the expansion? Ya. I missed out on that bug also.
And this guy, who has no idea what’s going on and really just wants the undead flying horse.
Any chance this works for Invincible?
(It’ doesn’t)

It’s November 16, 2022, 10:00pm, Eastern Standard Time

After a day of anger, bargaining, and depression (which is honestly hilarious when you remember this is about dressing up virtual paper dolls) the WoW community is moving towards a resigned acceptance that Blizzard will stay silent. The Dracthyr that were lucky enough to kill the Sha in time will keep their mounts, the drop rate will stay as abysmally-low as it’s always been, and the world (of Warcraft) will spin on. For many, the prepatch experience has been soured slightly by the feeling that they’ve just missed their chance to take advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity.
For the second time in as many days.
The unexpected happens.
Blizzard releases a list of hotfixes (small adjustments or bug fixes made to the game outside of a major patch) that went live a few minutes ago.
Buried among them, with no other mention of the chaos that has occurred over the last 24 hours, is one sentence:

“The drop chances for Son of Galleon's Saddle, Reins of the Heavenly Onyx Cloud Serpent, Reins of the Cobalt Primordial Direhorn, Reins of the Thundering Cobalt Cloud Serpent, and Solar Spirehawk have been greatly increased.”

It is not clear what greatly increased means.
It doesn’t matter.

It’s 10:15pm, Eastern Standard Time.

The Sha of Anger dies, as it has done every 15 minutes for the past 10 years.
Two hundred players of all classes (although there are probably a few more Dracthyr, since it never hurts to hope a little) stand around its body. Each waits for the second it takes for the game to assign loot with bated breath.
Two players receive the Heavenly Onyx Cloud Serpent.
The drop rate is ~1%.
After ten years spanning six expansions, the dream of the adventurers that first set foot on the shores of Pandaria so long ago are finally realized.
The Heavenly Onyx Cloud Serpent is farmable.

Compared to all else that has happened, it is a small change to the timeline, and one of which I approve.

-Nozdormu, Dragon Aspect of Time


So what of your humble narrator?
Well, dear reader, it’s not a HobbyDrama post without a little personal investment on the part of the author. For you see I was one of those players that stormed the shores of Pandaria more than ten years ago in hope of securing a Heavenly Onyx Cloud Serpent of my own.
When the community finally determined just how rare the mount truly was, I gave up on farming it. Instead, like Jibbles or Bodehn or that first Dracthyr, I limited my attempts to the occasional pitstop on my travels. I racked up a few hundred kills between my alts this way over the past 10 years, but like a person buying a Powerball ticket when the pot gets large enough, I had never seen these kills as anything other than a fun shot at a mount I never actually expected to get.
I was among those who suggested blizzard raise the rates to 1% over the years, as I don’t think any reward in a game like WoW should be so rare as to make it unfarmable. But much like with my occasional Sha kill, I never expected these recommendations to bear any fruit.
I was not, sadly, among the garish waves of sacrificial drakes that felled the Sha on that fateful evening of November the 15th. I’d played for about an hour when the patch went live and leveled my Dracthyr through the starting area, but as those second and third Dracthyr were first discovering that something had gone wrong, I was logging off for the evening.
When I woke up the next morning to news that I’d missed a coin toss for a mount I’d wanted for the past decade. I was bummed that I’d missed my chance, but happy for the players that had been luckier than I had. Glitches like these (and the stories that come with them) are part of what make patches fun, and at the end of the day we’re all just trying to make our virtual little paper dolls look as cool as possible. I expected Blizzard would ignore this glitch now that it was fixed. “Exploit early and often.” is a saying in the WoW community for a reason, after all.
I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the news that Blizzard had raised the drop rates, even if we didn’t know what they were yet. Like any good researcher I knew the only way to find out our collective odds was to contribute by adding yet another player to the kill data that is so critical to have, so I logged onto my character, flew to Kun-Lai Summit, and waited.

Wednesday, November 16, 2022

It’s 10:15pm, Eastern Standard Time.

The Sha of Anger dies, as it has done every 15 minutes for the past 10 years.
I stand among two hundred players of all classes, waiting for the second it takes for the game to assign loot with bated breath.
The loot window continues its animation for a half second longer than usual, telling me I’ve been awarded a piece of loot and the game is now rolling a second die to determine what I’ll receive from my class-specific table.
The window flashes to display the piece of loot that’s been selected for me.

I have received Heavenly Onyx Cloud Serpent.

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I separate peaced an American tribe for gold and they immediately migrated to another province, taking my army with them

I separate peaced an American tribe for gold and they immediately migrated to another province, taking my army with them submitted by Jimmeh23 to eu4 [link] [comments]

Oct/25/2022: __ New Artsakh road to shorten travel between capital & north __ Satellite control center __ Lydian miner is being acquired __ Interview w/ Artsrun: drones, reforms __ Defense budgets: AM vs AZ __ Russian officials banned from Armenia __ Economy +14% __ Azeri sanctions __ Geo-U.S. ties

17 minutes, 4386 words.

new road in Nagorno Karabakh is expected to cut distance between capital Stepanakert and Martakert by 20 kilometers

The new Stepanakert-Martakert road will pass through the village Chankatagh instead of Drmbon. Today, if you want to travel from the northeast (Martakert) to the south (Stepanakert), you need to reach all the way west (Drmbon). The new road is a diagonal connection (via Chankatagh).
This is the largest road project in Artsakh since the war. The asphalt is ready, they are working on signs and barriers. is financing the construction (which means donors like you).

tender is announced to re/build parts of North-South highway in Armenia

The sections of the Tranche-4 highway that will see roadwork are the 21 km portion of Agarak-Vanadzor and the 11 km portion of Vanadzor-tunnel.
Companies have until December 23rd to submit their bid.

Armenia's own satellite control center will open this year

Armenia launched its first-ever satellite in May. It's being serviced by a Spanish company "Satlantis". The government announced plans to establish a satellite control center in Armenia "soon" and to train local experts. It's part of the bigger plan to develop the space industry in Armenia.
High-Tech Ministry: The control center for the ArmSat-1 satellite will open by yearend, we have made the necessary financial allocations.
The satellite is operating as expected and is passing the tests. These tests are being completed ahead of schedule, and the results are more positive than expected. This will allow us to open the control center ahead of schedule as well. The data captured by the satellite will be accessible only to Armenia.
Pashinyan: The satellite will be used to monitor state borders, prevent emergency situations and disasters, nature protection, urban development, and geology.

Armenia's economy +14.1% in January-September

Industrial output +10%
Agriculture -1%
Construction +14%
Services +27%
Trade turnover +14%
Electricity production +17%
Exports +64%
Imports +62%
Consumer price index +8.6% (+9.9% in September)
Price index for manufactured goods +4.1% (-3.3% in September)
source, source, source,

Chaarat gold miner wants to acquire Lydian gold miner

A gold miner called Chaarat is operating in Kapan, Syunik. They recently appointed a guy named Mike Fraser as CEO.
We also learned recently that Lydian was planning to launch Amulsar mining next year, but they were having some internal discussions around something.
Chaarat has confirmed media reports that they are in talks to acquire "Lydian Armenia" from its parent company "Lydian Canada Ventures Corporation".
There is no certainty at this stage, that the proposed Acquisition will be completed.
Chaarat is a gold mining company which owns the Kapan operating mine in Armenia as well as Tulkubash and Kyzyltash Gold Projects in the Kyrgyz Republic
Swedish national Pavel Anderson owns 45.5% of Chaarat Kapan. It employs over 1,000 people. It is the 34th largest taxpayer in Armenia, with ֏4.7 billion since January.
Lydian has estimated that Amulsar contains at least 70 tons of gold. That translates to $3.3 billion in reserves, as of writing this.
source, source,

defense expenditures of Armenia and Azerbaijan

Armenia plans to increase the defense budget by over 40% next year.
Approximate defense spending per year converted into million dollars:
Year: Armenia / Azerbaijan
2016: 453 / 1,400
2017: 464 / 1,530
2018: 523 / 1,670
2019: 652 / 1,850
2020: 634 / 2,240
2021: 601 / 2,700
2022: 713 / 2,700
2023: 1,238 / 3,129
(numbers are approximate)
source, source, source, source, source, source, source,

interview with military expert Col. Artsrun Hovhannisyan

Reporter: You always sat that we must analyze what type of war we will fight in the future, and only then build an army suited for that type of warfare. Is this what's being done today?
Artsrun: I left the system a year ago so I don't know all the inner workings, so I don't know if that's what's being done.
I do see many positive developments, such as an increased defense budget and certain appointments. I know many of the appointees, and I know they are the right pick.
Education is still not ideal but it has undergone reforms. I have received information that one of the departments is being fully transformed. I cannot mention more.
So yes, there are many positive changes inside Defense Ministry. It makes me very happy. But since I don't know everything, I don't know if they have a clear doctrine on where we are headed. This should have been done after the 1st Karabakh war.
Reporter: Why wasn't it done then? Did we believe there wouldn't be another war?
Artsrun: For political and economic reasons. I don't know, maybe we considered ourselves as the "victorious army" and slept on a pillow. Or maybe we thought Russia would help prevent a war. I don't know.
Reporter: You are an army specialist who officially serves as an adviser to a relevant parliamentary committee. Today we hear a lot about army reforms. Have you not seen any discussions around the comprehensive doctrine that you say is a prerequisite?
Artsrun: No. But that's something they don't have to bring to Parliament. It's a document that CoGS has to develop. CoGS could discuss it with the Security Council, and possibly the Government, but not necessarily Parliament.
Certain parts deriving from that document will, eventually, enter Parliament. For example, I've mentioned that certain reform proposals make me happy. We are switching from less frequent 90-day to more frequent 25-day reservist retraining, and contractor salaries will double if they pass certification. These are all entering Parliament separately.
Defense Ministry has set certain requirements for this certification. I wanted the requirements to be even stricter, but it's okay, this is not bad. A stricter approach is the right approach, it will lead to better quality. There is plenty of room for improvement, though.
Reporter: Why is there plenty of room for improvement, why do we have shortcomings, isn't the army command motivated to improve the army?
Artsrun: It's a problem with a lack of knowledge and the school they graduated from. Perhaps the majority of decision-makers are too old today. They live in a different time, with different standards. Times change, but the stack of documents does not.
Why does the army pay ֏50,000 for a ֏5,000 shovel? I'm not talking about corruption schemes. It sounds absurd, right? It's a result of using a 19th-century army structure.
We know that in the 21st century you will fight the battles at night, so why are we still holding most of the training exercises during the daytime, with motionless targets? We are doing everything wrong: train during the daytime, shoot while lying, shoot 9 bullets only, and shoot at a still target.
Reporter: About weapons from India...
Artsrun: [takes out his cock]. Another fantastic direction is South Korea. I've also spoken about Swedish weapons, etc. India is a great direction. Better late than never. What I like about Defense Ministry's visit was the participation in the defense expo and the meetings with private companies.
We have a lot to discuss regarding our domestic defense industry and its shortcomings. It has fantastic projects but lacks the correct strategy. That is why today, we must import as many weapons as possible, and worry about our domestic industry only in the medium-long term (2+ years). It's a topic for another day.
India is rearming its own army at a massive scale. You know they have a large army. People often ask why we buy Indian weapons that haven't been acquired [and tested] by others. They haven't been acquired by others not because they are bad, but because [of supply shortages]. They are modernizing faster than they produce. This is why exports are small. This is true for China as well; they've become a major exporter only 4-5 years ago.
Reporter: Armenian drone manufacturers present their UAVs and claim it's ready for mass production. Is this a myth?
Artsrun: If I answer honestly, I will slightly harm our manufacturers and the state. I will say the following. We have legal and organizational problems and too much bureaucracy in the military industry inherited from USSR.
Then we have 3-5 drone manufacturers, with great achievements, that simply refuse to cooperate with one another. It's a pointless competition.
Reporter: How can they compete if they don't have a market?
Artsrun: It's a mess that needs a solution and better financing/treatment from the state. There is also an issue with access to Western components. So, we cannot rely on domestic producers. We must import lots of drones right now. If we can purchase a few hundred drones from abroad within the next several months, that would be great.
There are local manufacturers that have the cash but need other forms of assistance from the state. Within 1-2 years, we can help these companies deliver serious products if we work on it.
Reporter: What about the shortage of Western components?
Artsrun: I won't say much but the ongoing geopolitical changes and the West's changing attitude towards Armenia can open up new opportunities. We can have results if we work hard.
Reporter: There are complaints about the lack of significant engineering work in trenches, and that most of the deaths are a result of this. We don't have blindazh, etc.
Artsrun: Those who claim there haven't been significant engineering efforts are, to put it mildly, lying. The area where we were deployed, and this is a brand new frontline formed after the 2020 war, has seen a massive amount of engineering work.
It will never be enough, though. If they bring you 5 tractors, you will ask for 10. If they bring 10, you will ask for 20. You can always find areas of improvement, new roads, trench modifications, and deeper holes.
What the critics should have criticized is the type of trenches we are building. We need a trench model that protects against drone strikes.
Reporter: But you are expecting non-experts to understand all that.
Artsrun: Then why are these non-experts so convinced about their knowledge of engineering work? It's okay if they criticize without understanding. What's not okay is the agenda-driven criticism to form a certain trend.
Reporter: Should our soldiers actually be in those trenches, or it's time for us to get out?
Artsrun: Stay there for now, but change their design. You are going to get struck from above, while your tench is designed to protect you from horizontal fire.
Reporter: Deputy mayor Tigran Avinyan recently stated that our soldiers were a lot more prepared in September 2022 than during the "bardak" of the 2020 war. Is this true?
Artsrun: It is true that soldiers were significantly more prepared. They have become more vigilant, they act more carefully after learning from 2020 mistakes. The decentralized command has become very trendy in our army, but we need serious work to institutionalize it. Today, our soldiers are fighting in a way that's not written in the "books" yet. It should be the opposite. We must develop our school.
source, Tags: #ArmyReforms source,

"Women’s Economic Empowerment in the South Caucasus" conference was held in Yerevan

Public officials and figures gathered to discuss maternity and social protection, economic opportunities, and unpaid care.
Labor Minister Mkrthcyan: Ensuring women's equal participation in decision-making processes and promoting gender equality is one of the key topics in our policy. We appreciate the cooperation with the UN and the role of the "Women Accelerator" program that promotes entrepreneurship and SMEs. It is being implemented in several provinces.
We are also co-financing centers that provide support to victims of domestic violence and trafficking. //

Q3 stats: incidents of pressure on journalists, compliance with right to information

The number of defamation lawsuits against media this year: 24.
Pressure on journalists:
2021 Q3: 23
2022 Q3: 18
Violation of the right to receive and disseminate information:
2021 Q3: 31
2022 Q3: 20
In some instances, journalists do not receive the requested information within the required 5 days. A month later they are told "it's classified".
To address the issue, the government adopted a new law last month to raise the fines for officials who fail to respond promptly: from ֏10k-֏50k to ֏30k-֏70k (triple if repeats within a year).
more, source,

bill drafted: more movies and programs will be available for residents with hearing disabilities

The bill, authored by QP MP Batoyan, would increase the number of programs in Armenian Sign Language or subtitles and will clarify the concept of sign language. TV networks will be required to air at least 1 movie a day in sign language, while the cartoons will be required to be disability-friendly.
Live or pre-recorded messages from the Premier, President, and other public figures, as well as entertainment events during state holidays, will be required to be disability-friendly.

ruling party MP accuses Russia of conspiring with Azerbaijan to extort a "corridor" from Armenia

Reporter: Is it possible to sign the AM-AZ peace treaty this year?
QP MP Gagik Melkonyan: That's the goal encouraged by superpowers. Whether it will happen or not depends on Ilham Aliyev, but judging by his behavior, it's unlikely to happen this year.
Reporter: Putin has invited Aliyev and Pashinyan. What are your expectations?
Melkonyan: Nothing good. I'm not even sure if it will take place. The king of Russia could have organized it during the recent Astana forum.
Reporter: Why do you dislike the idea of holding a meeting in Moscow?
Melkonyan: Because Aliyev becomes unhinged in Russian platforms, and behaves properly in Western platforms. Moscow enables him.
Reporter: Are you suggesting Russia is showing favoritism towards Azerbaijan?
Melkonyan: Have you not been paying attention? Yes.
Reporter: Is the West "pressuring" Armenia? [Context: Russia's foreign ministry suggested that the West is using NGOs to pressure Armenia to become anti-Russia and to harm AM-RU relations.]
Melkonyan: I have not seen any "pressure". It is Russia that has set a goal of obtaining a joint "corridor" with Azerbaijan. //
Kocharyan's faction leader Seyran Ohanyan criticized Pashinyan instead when asked to comment on Russia's refusal to assist Armenia.
Ohanian: Why did Pashinyan even ask CSTO for help without first declaring martial law in Armenia and using the domestic resources to the fullest extent? He only screams for help. //
source, source, source,

Armenia denies entry to Russian parliament MP Zatulin for public comments "against Armenia"

Konstantin Zatulin, a friend of pro-Russian ex-president Robert Kocharyan, gave an interview to ARF's media outlet last week. I covered his points in October 17 digest.
He suggested that Armenia is not being a "good ally" to Russia, he wanted Armenia to be thankful that Russia hasn't asked Armenia for military support in Ukraine, he suggested that Armenians were being genenrally ungrateful, and he was critical of Armenia's efforts to build closer ties with the West. He also suggested that Armenia owes a "corridor" to Azerbaijan.
The Armenian parliament has informed Zatulin that he is no longer allowed to enter Armenia for "statements that damage the development of friendly and allied relations between [Armenia and Russia]."
Zatulin called the entry ban "insulting" and "unexpected". According to him, he had plans to visit Jermuk to learn about the damage caused by Azerbaijan to civilian infrastructure. Now he might not be able to visit.
In related news. The government is preparing a bill to criminalize any violent action or statements aimed against Armenia's sovereignty. Advocating for Armenia to become part of Russia could land you in prison. Robert Kocharyan and Ruben Vardanyan recently found themselves at receiving the end of criticism for comments about "Russian Union" and "Tatarstan".

... RT's Margarita Simonyan is also banned from entering Armenia

Margo: Константину Затулину, много лет яростно поддерживающему Армению, нынешний начальник Армении запретил въезд в Армению. Мне, кстати, тоже. Красаучик жи есть, что тут еще скажешь. [Nikol banned me.]
source, source, source, source, source, [source,](news/2022/10/26/simonyan/)

Security Council officials from Armenia and U.S. discussed the AM-US bilateral relations

Sec. Con. Armen Grigoryan and Biden's Special Assistant at the National Security Council Amanda Sloat held a telephone conversation to discuss the agenda of expanding AM-US relations.

U.S. has no comments on Iran's recent military exercises on the Azerbaijan border

Context: Iran held military exercises on the border while warning Azerbaijan against any attempts to forcefully open a "corridor" via Armenia. The U.S. has also called on Azerbaijan to withdraw its troops from occupied territories of Armenia, and to refrain from using force.
Question: Azerbaijan is concerned about the military exercises held by Iran on their border. Comment?
Ned Price: No particular comment. We want to see a stable Caucasus region, where we work both with Armenia and Azerbaijan to de-escalate border tensions.
source, source,

Canada, as a democratic state, is obliged to support fellow democratic Armenia to defend its territorial integrity: Canada's Speaker of the House, reportedly after meeting Armenian delegation

The Armenian parliamentary delegation is in Canada.
Gevorg Papoyan: During the meeting, Mr. Oliphant (Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Foreign Affairs) praised the democratic processes that began in Armenia in 2018, and expressed Canada's readiness to continue to help in this direction.
We also discussed the statement made by the Speaker of the House, in which he stated that Canada, as a democratic state, must support democratic Armenia in the defense of its territorial integrity and sovereignty, so that Canada won't face similar problems tomorrow.
We appreciate the decision to open a Canadian embassy in Armenia. Our Canadian colleague informed us that it is a sign of support for Armenian democracy. //

Azerbaijani officials are concerned about sanctions and embargo by France and EU, as a response to their September aggression against Armenia

Several Azeri MPs and public figures are unhappy about a pro-Armenian resolution that the French Senate plans to discuss next month. They are concerned about sanctions and defense assistance to Armenia.
Concerned Azeri officials: This resolution will also call upon every EU country to suspend the import of oil and gas from Azerbaijan. It will require certain rights for Armenians in Karabakh, things related to Armenian cultural heritage and Lachin corridor. The resolution will pave way for military assistance to Armenia.
We have launched a petition against this resolution. Baku should also review possible sanctions against Paris. Boycott products made in France. //

French-led Francophonie discussed Azerbaijan's aggression against Armenia

QP MP Yeghoyan: The 34th congress of the Parliamentary Assembly of Francophonie (Europe) was held in Barcelona. The topic of Azerbaijan's military aggression was included in the agenda on the spot.
Our delegation presented all the details. It is obvious that there is a major increase in focus on this conflict. We heard clear words of support from the parliamentarians of France, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg, and Greece, as well as various Francophonie representatives.
On November 14 the French Senate will discuss a resolution condemning Azerbaijani aggression. //

Pashinyan criticizes Azerbaijan for creating obstacles to search operations

Pashinyan: Since the September 14 ceasefire, Azerbaijan has been creating different obstacles for search operations of dead bodies of Armenian soldiers in the zone of the latest Azerbaijani occupation. This is anti-humanistic and unacceptable behavior.

OSCE assessment team visited Jermuk

Jermuk mayor took the team to the front lines and briefed them on the damage caused by Azerbaijan's September aggression. The OSCE team inspected and recorded the situation, visited the damaged aerial ropeway and other parts of the town.

ambassador-at-large Edmon Marukyan met the OSCE chairman Andrzej Kasprzyk

They discussed regional security and peace. Marukyan presented the consequences of Azerbaijan's September aggression and emphasized the targeted nature of the international community's response, as well as the OSCE's role in preventing future aggressions.

International Association of Genocide Scholars condemns Azerbaijan's actions

The Board strongly condemns Azerbaijan's invasion of Armenian territories and the ongoing aggression against the population of Nagorno Karabakh.
The Board expresses concern about the risk of genocide against Armenians of Nagorno Karabakh.
original, source,

Armenia and Turkey will soon discuss the implementation of the recent agreement to lift the blockade on air cargo transport

Special envoys Rubinyan and Kilic recently agreed to allow AM-TR air cargo transfers and border crossings for citizens of 3rd country. The latter can be used by diasporan Armenians to cross into Turkey's border regions to visit historical Armenian sites as tourists, said the officials.
Another meeting will be held soon to discuss it. They have not yet decided when and where.
Turkish media writes that the traffic between AM-TR amounted to 40,000 tons of goods and 140,000 passengers despite the direct border being closed, and that these numbers can increase tenfold if the border opens.
source, source,

Armenia-Vatican relations

FM Mirzoyan has arrived at the Vatican to celebrate the 30th anniversary of diplomatic relations. May Armenia enjoy peace, said Cardinal Parolin. The Vatican held a prayer for Armenia
The Cardinal also discussed the figure of St Gregory of Narek, the most beloved figure in the Armenian religious tradition, pointing out that this saint, so central to Armenian national identity, was named a Doctor of the Church by Pope Francis in 2015, and added by him to the General Roman Calendar several years later.
Mirzoyan thanked the Pope for raising Grigor Narekatsi to the rank of Doctor of the Church, and Pope's principled position on the Armenian genocide.
source, source,

Georgia-U.S. relations (not so good)

October 4 news digest has the context. Georgia's ruling party is split into "Russia-friendly" and "anti-Russia" deputies. The Georgian government, headed by the "Georgian Dream" party, is criticized by Ukraine and some in the West for being too pro-Russia.
Question: Are you aware of the new list of sanctions assigned by Zelenski targeting the inner circle of the Georgian oligarch Ivanishvili who has been in charge for 10 years? Have you had any consultations with Ukrainians?
U.S. State Department: We remain committed to working with Georgia’s Government as it undertakes the EU-suggested reforms. We want to work with Georgia on its broader European aspirations.
Question: We've spent millions for decades to help Georgia become a strong democracy. How concerned are you about their apparent drift toward Russian orbit? When Georgian MPs attacked the U.S. ambassador, you had to defend your ambassador, which is unprecedented for the 30 years of diplomatic relations. And when you look at the MPs of the ruling parties who are talking about the supposed plot by the U.S. to drag Georgia into a new war with Russia, how concerned are you when you see those events and statements?
U.S. State Department: We are concerned. We’ve voiced our concern about some of the government's actions. The government's actions, including moving backward on important democratic reforms, have created setbacks. These actions have also deepened polarization within Georgian society rather than unifying the country around the core issues of Euro-Atlantic integration. We still remain committed to working with Georgia to make the reforms needed to meet its Euro-Atlantic goals.
source, source,

German state leader: Russian gas should resume after the Ukraine war

Saxony state premier Michael Kretschmer said Russian gas should again be part of Germany's energy mix once the conflict ends.
Social Democrat party leader Saskia Esken opposes the idea: "Even after the war, we will clearly not build up our dependence on Russian energy supplies again."
source, [redacted]

education & universities

QP MP Babken Tunyan: Education's share in the budget (2.7%) is small and there are opinions that it's necessary to increase it, but on the other hand there are concerns that if we were to increase the budget by 50% today, they simply wouldn't know how to spend it.
Education Ministry: That is true for certain areas, but our general 2021-2026 educational program is broad enough to absorb those resources. We plan to rebuild hundreds of facilities, labs in thousands, and retrain the teachers.
QP MP Tunyan: Regarding university mergers. I wasn't aware that most of our famous universities, which we consider "advanced", are not even in the list of top-10,000 best universities. We've long spoken about the need for education reforms. What are your plans in this area?
Education Ministry: Don't expect any success stories if the focus is only on universities. This is why we have adopted a policy of reforming the entire chain, from preschool to university. Our goal is to have 4 universities on the list of top-500 by 2030. It will be discussed in parliament soon.
QP MP Hovik Aghazaryan: I've been researching this for two years now. The road traffic is considerably better during school breaks because parents aren't double and triple parking. Perhaps it's time to provide school buses?
source, source,

Premier's Cup: cross-country running competition

The annual running competition for Armenian and foreign amateur joggers was held on Parakar-Ejmiatsin road. Over 1,200 participants, separated into several age and gender categories, took part in the 10-kilometer race.
The ֏15 million prize fund was split between the top 20 performers. The tournament has gained sponsors that are helping with organizational work.
Pashinyan issues medals to winners and promised to increase the prize fund for schoolchildren in the future.
The winners in the "foreign citizen" category were Polina Turova and Vassili Zinkov, both from Russia.
Men's and women's winners were Yervand Mkrtchyan and Ellada Alaverdyan respectively.
The oldest participants were Manya Margaryan (turns out it's also her birthday, age unknown) and Hakob Tutunjyan (1941).
full, source, source,

if you could hear a solar storm slam against the Earth's magnetic field, this is what it would sound like


partial solar eclipse was visible from Armenia

It lasted from 13:52 to 16:24. Watch it here.

Yerevan has greenhouses where they grow the plants you see in the city | VIDEO

The "Green" department's 20-hectare nursery and greenhouse are enough to cover 95% of the needs this autumn. They employ dozens of specialists to grow around 50 types of plants.
The plants, which include մետաքսե ակացիա, ճապոնական սաֆորա, արևելյան սոսի, are adopted to and feel good in Yerevan climate. Recently they've been focusing on the local mass production of evergreen plants.
The city plans to open a new eco-park next to the nursery, install a rainwater irrigation network, etc.
video, source,

if you missed

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The accused are innocent unless proven guilty in a court of law, even if they "appear" guilty.
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**GBA/GB/GBC (All loose unless noted)**
Mario Pinball Land (CIB Box Damage) - $40
Spider-Man GBC - $10
Harry Potter GBC - $10
Super Mario Bros Deluxe GBC - $18
Killer Instinct GB - $9
Mortal Kombat 2 - $12
Mortal Kombat 3 - $12
Pokémon TCG - $20
Oddworld Adventures - $10
Yoshi GB (CIB just missing inserts) - $40
Donkey Kong Country - $18
NFS Underground 2 - $10
Super Mario 3 - $18
Spyro Orange - $9
Super Mario Advance (with manual) - $18
Megaman Zero 2 - $23
Harry Potter Sorcerer & Harry Potter Chamber - $15
Popeye (With manual) - $20
Super Ghouls N Ghost - $60
Lego Star Wars II & Star Wars Droid GBA - $15
Megaman Battle Network 6 Falzar - $65
Mario Tennis Power Tour NFR - $30
Activision Anthology (with manual) - $27
Mario Golf - $17
Yugioh Dungeon Dice Monster - $10
Sonic Advance 2 (No label) - $20
Dragonball Legacy of Goku II - $22
**Gamecube (CIB unless noted)**
Luigi’s Mansion - $60
Need For Speed Underground (No manual) - $9
Zelda Twilight Princess (No manual) - $90
Viewtiful Joe - $35
Mario Sunshine - $40
Mario Kart DD (No manual) - $54
Capcom VS SNK 2 EO - $60
Mario Party 7 - $55
Mario Power Tennis - $35
Mario Golf Tour - $25
Smash Melee (Manual damage) - $55
Luigi’s Mansion (Slight damaged/no man) - $48
F Zero GX (Sun fading on spine) - $75
Smash Bros Melee (CIB price sticker on manual) - $55
Mario Party 4 - $60
Yugioh The Falsebound Kingdom (One cib, one no manual) - $18, $14
Animal Crossing (Player choice) - $50
Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life (No manual) - $20
TMNT ( no manual) - $20
TMNT 2 Battle Nexus - $40
Zatchbell Mamodo Fury (No manual) - $145
Final Fantasy Chronicles - $15
Simpson Hit and Run (No manual) - $55
Sonic Adventure Battle 2 (No manual) - $35
SSX Tricky (Loose) - $17
NBA Street (Loose) - $10
SSX 3 (Loose) - $12
Fifa Street 2 (Loose) - $13
Kirby Air Ride (Loose) - $60
Star fox Assault (Loose) - $30
Resident Evil 2 (Loose) - $80
Star Wars Rebel Strike (Loose) - $9
Crash Cortex (Loose) - $8
Crash Tag Team (Loose) - $12
Bloody Roar (Loose) - $30
Mario Sunshine (Loose) - $25
NFL Street (Loose) - $13
Sonic Heroes (Loose) - $22
Sonic Heroes (player choice) - $32
Smash Melee (One loose, one no manual) - $45, $52
Avatar (Loose) - $10
Zelda Collectors Edition (Loose) - $45
Mario Kart DD (Loose) - $55
Pokémon Colosseum (No manual) - $130
Fairly Odd Parents Shadow (Loose) - $12
Pokémon Channel (Loose) - $28
Spyro (Loose) - $10
Donkey Konga (Loose) - $10
A Day of Reckoning (Loose) - $12
Sonic Riders (Loose) - $17
Wrestlemania X2 (Loose) - $10
Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life (Loose) - $17
Godzilla Melee (Loose) - $20
Naruto Clash of Ninja (Loose) - $7
Harry Potter Chamber (Loose) - $8
NFS Underground (Loose) - $9
**N64/NES/SNES (All loose)**
Star fox 64 - $22
Yoshi Story (Label tears) - $20
Wrestlemania 2000 - $15
Super Mario 64 - $40
Mortal Kombat 4 - $23
Zelda Ocarina - $32
Nightmare Creatures - $25
Zelda SNES - $30
NBA Jam - $10
Mike Tyson Punch Out (2 copies) - $37
Zelda Gold Cart NES (2 copies) - $20
Super Metroid - $70
Mario Fun With Letters - $17
Super Mario World (3 copies) - $18
Megaman 3 - $35
Super Mario Kart - $30
The Mask - $90
Mortal Kombat - $13
WF Attitude N64 - $10
**Switch (CIB unless noted)**
Panzer Dragoon - $35
New Super Mario Bros Deluxe - $40
Immortals Fenyx Rising (Brand new) - $16
Crash 4 It’s about Time - $20
Super Mario Party (2 copies) - $40
Pokémon Let’s Go Eevee (Loose) - $30
No More Heroes 3 (Sealed) - $25
Animal Crossing NH - $38
Rocket League Collectors - $35
Diablo III Eternal Collection - $27
Minecraft Dungeon Hero Edition - $20
Minecraft Story Mode Complete (Loose) - $65
Trine Ultimate Collection - $20
Zelda BOTW - $37
Mario Tennis (Pal Version) - $27
Monster Hunter Rise Deluxe - $27
**DS/3DS (CIB unless noted, I have 2 of most of these)**
Detective Pikachu (loose) - $25
Hyrule Warriors Legends - $21
Pokémon Moon (One loose, One CIB) - $15, $20
Transformers Dark of Moon - $8
Animal Crossing New Leaf (3x available loose, q cib) - $12
Smash Bros 3DS (3x Loose, 3x CIB) - $10, $12
Harvest Moon Tale of Two Towns
Yoshi New Island (2x loose) - $12
Minecraft New 3ds Version (2x loose) - $18
Sonic Boom Fire & Ice (Sealed new) - $40
Mario Kart DS (CIB 2x) - $15
Kirby Battle Royale - $30
Super Mario 3D Land - $12
Mario Kart 7 - $12
Sonic All Star Racing - $12
Pokémon Pearl (All inserts no manual) - $45
Pokémon X - $30
Epic Mickey Power - $10
TMNT - $14
Tomb Raider Underworld - $15
Professor Layton Unwound Future - $20
Harvest Moon Cute (Loose) - $30
Monster Hunter Generation (Loose) - $10
Enchanted (Loose) - $2
Pokémon Black - $80
Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon (One cib, one loose) - $15, $12
Power Rangers Mega - $10
Peggle Dual - $14
Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition - $18
Monkey Ball Touch & Roll - $8
Dragonball Fusions - $60
Mario Party Star Rush - $20
Paper Mario Sticker Star - $18
Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer - $15
Etrian Odyssey V - $60
Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Blue (Loose) - $20
Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon (Loose) - $48
Final Fantasy XII (Loose) - $15
Mario 3D Land (Loose) - $8
Kirby Squeak Squad (Loose) - $20
Pokémon White (Loose) - $60
Theatryrhythm FF (Loose) - $10
Final Fantasy III (Loose) - $12
Sonic Boom Fire & Ice (Loose) - $14
Mario Party Island Tour (Loose) - $11
Kirby Super Star Ultra (Torn label loose) - $18
Mario Party DS (Loose) - $8
Metroid Pinball (Loose) - $43
Wario Master Disguise (Loose) - $18
Super Mario 64 DS (Loose) - $13
Super Mario Bros (Loose) - $11
Mario Bros 2 (Loose) - $11
Lego Ninjago Shadow of Ronin (Loose) - $7
Luigi’s Mansion (Loose) - $35
Zelda Ocarina of Time (Loose) - $17
Zelda Majoras Mask (Loose) - $17
Zelda A Link Between Worlds - $25
Zelda Tri Force Heroes - $15
**Wii/Wii U (CIB unless noted)**
New Super Mario Bros U - $13
Sonic Secret Rings (Loose) - $6
Pac Man Party - $8
Mario Party 9 - $40
RE Archives - $15
RE Umbrella Chronicles - $15
Sonic Colors (2 copies) - $12
Yoshi Wooly World - $20
Super Mario 3D World - $13
Nerf N Strike Double Bundle - $20
Super Mario Maker - $12
Lost In Shadow - $35
Super Mario Galaxy (3 copies) - $12
Mario & Sonic Olympic Winter Games - $10
Super Mario Galaxy 2 (3 copies) - $20
Godzilla Unleashed - $35
Smash Bros Wii U (3 copies) - $12
Mario Super Slugger - $25
Zelda Twilight Princess Wii (One no manual, one loose) - $15, $10
Splatoon - $12
Silent Hill Shattered Dimensions - $95
Super Mario Bros Wii (4 copies 3 CIB, One loose) - $20, $15
Farcry Vengeance - $5
Pokken Tournamnet - $12
Smash Bros Brawl (2 Copies) - $15
Pokepark 2 Wonders Beyond - $32
Zelda Skyward Sword (No manual) - $16
Mario Kart Wii (2 copies) - $22
Donkey Kong Country - $12
Wii Sports (3 copies) - $20
Wii Sport Resort - $25
Wii Sport Resort Big Box - $30
Sonic Unleashed - $12
Bully Scholarship Edition - $13
Sonic Riders Zero Gravity - $13
Sonic The Secret Rings - $9
Metroid Prime 3 - $15
Mario Party 9 (Loose) - $31
Harvest Moon Animal Parade (Loose) - $17
Super Mario Bros U (Loose) - $11
Wario Ware Smooth Moves (Loose) - $13
Manhunt 2 (Disc and manual) - $13
Pokémon Battle Revolution (Loose) - $16
Donkey Kong Country (Loose) - $9
Mario Strikers (Loose) - $12
Wii Sports (Loose) - $16
Tales of Symphonia (Loose) - $8
RE Umbrella (Loose) - $9
Mario Kart Wii (Loose) - $17
Super Mario Galaxy 2 (Loose) - $15
Mario Party 8 (Loose) - $18
Wii Sports (Nintendo selects) - $20
Sonic Lost Worlds Six Edition - $35
Animal Crossing Amiibo Fest - $15
Ghost Recon Wii - $7
**PS1/PS2 (CIB unless noted)**
WCW Backstage Assault - $14
Tomb Raider Chronicles (Case crack) - $18
WF 2 Know Your Role - $15
The Godfather The Game (2 copies) - $14
Kingdom Hearts Rechain - $9
Tenchu Fatal Shadows - $30
Reloaded - $24
Syphon Filter 1 & 2 (Both GH 2 has some ware) - $17 for pair
Ninja Assault - $25
Incredible Hulk PS1 - $16
Looney Tunes Acme Assault - $10
Parasite Eve (GH Manual, case damage) - $62
GTA Vice City - $10
Crash Tag Team Racing - $10
Time Splitters - $20
Suffering Ties That Bind - $35
Smackdown VS Raw 2008 - $8
Kengo Master of Bushido - $10
Ratchet Going Commando (No manual) - $12
Cartoon Network Racing - $18
Finny Seven Waters - $20
Kingdom Hearts 2 - $8
God of War - $15
Full Metal Alchemist 2 (No manual) - $20
Tekken 5 - $18
Soul Calibur II - $10
Teen Titans - $19
MK Shaolin Monks - $23
Kingdom Hearts ReChain - $10
Ratchet & Clank (No manual) - $11
Spyro Enter Dragonfly - $10
Scarface - $35
Smackdown VS Raw 2007 - $12
Ratchet Up Your Arsenal (2 copies) - $15
Indiana Jones Emperors Tomb - $15
Bloodrayne - $16
Yugioh Duelist of Roses - $20
Smackdown VS Raw 2006 - $12
Sly Cooper Theivus Racoonus - $15
Hot Wheels Turbo Racing - $15
Jimmy Nuetron Attack of Twonkies (Cracked disc tested and works) - $8
Tekken 4 (2 copies) - $15
RE 4 Steelbook (No strategy guide, no bonus disc) - $45
Max Payne 2 - $10
Smackdown VS Raw - $12
Scooby Doo Night of 100 Frights - $14
Smackdown Shut Your Mouth (No manual) - $12
Midnight Club 3 Dub Edition - $20
Mortal Kombat Armageddon (2 copies) - $12
Gauntlet Dark Legacy - $25
Mortal Kombat Deception - $15
Island Xtreme Stunts - $15
Rumble Roses - $23
RE Code Veronica X - $12
Need For Speed Most Wanted - $15
Breath of Fire Dragon Quarter - $17
DMC Lot (1-3 all CIB) - $17
Baulders Gate Dark Alliance - $10
The Bouncer (No manual) - $19
Extermination (No manual) - $14
Twisted Metal 2 - $30
RE Directors Cut Greatest Hits - $30
Vigilante 8 - $18
Tiny Toon Adventures Pluckys Big Adventure - $8
Contra Legacy of War - $18
Star Wars Episode 1 Jedi - $17
Mega Man 8 - $20
Spyro The Dragon (2 copies) - $20
Frogger 2 - $10
Frogger - $6
CTR Greatest Hits - $17
Spongebob Super Sponge - $9
40 Winks - $25
Final Fantasy VII - $35
Metal Gear Solid (Manual has water damage) - $30
Gran Turismo 2 - $10
Evil Dead Hail To The King - $45
Dragonball Z Sagas - $15
Killer 7 (No manual) - $20
Tenchu Wrath of Heaven (Loose) - $12
Spawn The Eternal (No back cover art) - $21
Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance - $12
Spongebob Battle for Bikini Bottom - $10
Naruto Ninja 4 (Bad cover art damage) - $18
Mortal Kombat Trilogy (Cover art/manual damage) - $27
Battle Arena Toshinden 3 (Slight manual ware) - $35
Resident Evil 2 (No manual) - $40
Mortal Kombat Trilogy (Gh Version) - $30
Neopets Darkest Faerie (No manual) - $12
Crash Wrath of Cortex - $14
Tony Hawk Lot (Pro Skater, Downhill Jam, American wasteland only pro skater with manual) - $17
Wrestling PS1\2 Lot (War zone, Backstage assault, WCW vs world disc, Smackdown 2009 disc) - $30
UFC Throwdown (No manual) - $6
Star Wars Episode III - $10
Vampire Night - $40
Guilty Gear XX Core - $25
Lego Island 2 (cracked case) - $20
South Park Rally - $20
Megaman X6 - $40
Dragonball Z Budokai Tencachi (Loose) - $12
Apocalypse (Loose) - $10
Suikoden (Loose) - $45
YS Ark of Naphitism (Loose) - $40
Gauntlet Seven Sorrows (Loose) - $15
Manhunt (Loose) - $17
Crash 2 (Loose) - $8
RE Directors Cut (Loose) - $20
Dragon Quest VII Cursed King (Loose) - $18
Castlevania Chronicles (Loose) - $120
La Pucelle Tactics (Loose) - $10
Red Ninja End of Honor (Loose) - $40
RE Demo Disc (Loose) $12
Tekken (Loose) - $10
FF IX (Loose) - $10
Sly Cooper Theivus Racoonus (Loose) - $9
Twisted Metal III (Loose) - $9
FF VII (Loose) - $17
FF Tactics (Loose) - $15
Super Dragonball Z (Loose) - $10
Soulblade (Loose) - $12
Backyard Wrestling (Loose) - $8
Spider-man (Loose) - $17
FF Anthology (Loose) - $10
Bujingai (Loose) - $18
**PS3 (CIB unless noted)**
Midnight Club LA - $10
Spider-man Edge of Time - $55
Spider-man Shattered Dimensions - $55
Wolfenstein - $14
Silent Hill Downpour - $50
God of War Ascension (No manual) - $15
Terminator Salvation - $15
Wanted Weapons of Fate - $18
Best of PSN (3 copies) - $50
Fast and Furious Showdown - $9
Kane & Lynch Dead Men - $10
TDU2 - $14
London 2012 - $17
Spider-man 3 Collectors Edition - $40
RE 6 Anthology - $18
NCAA Basketball 10 - $50
Game of Thrones - $12
Farming Simulator 13 - $15
AC The Americas Collection - $10
Gundam Crossfire - $15
Smackdown VS Raw 2010 - $13
Enslaved Odyssey to West - $10
Ico Shadow of Colossus - $15
Rockband - $6
Prince of Persia - $9
Ultimate MVSC 3 - $18
The Sly Collection (manual damage) - $38
NFS Most Wanted - $10
Red Dead Game of The Year - $8
Castlevania Lords of Shadow - $12
Iron Man - $15
Iron Man 2 - $12
Lego Star Wars Compelet Saga - $9
W2K15 - $8
Mass Effect Trilogy - $18
AC III Steelbook (No manual) - $8
The Darkness - $13
Dragon Age II - $10
Final Fantasy XIII - $10
God of War III - $8
God of War Collection - $13
Nascar Unleashed - $12
Dark Souls II Steelbook - $20
White Knight Chronicles II (Loose) - $14
Dragonball Ultimate Tencachi (Loose) - $12
Jak & Daxter Collection (Loose) - $18
Minecraft (Loose) - $8
Madden XX Collector Edition - $18
Jak & Daxter Collection (No manual) - $20
Time Crisis 3 - $12
Time Crisis Razing Storm - $40
Rockband 3 - $20
**PS4/PS5 (CIB Unless noted)**
Deadrising - $13
Diablo Ultimate Evil Edition - $20
Bloodborne (PS Hits Sealed disc loose inside) - $14
Dying Light The Following Enhanced (PS Hits sealed new) - $20
PUBG - $6
Bound By Flame - $9
Batman Telltale Series - $10
Dishonored - $8
Lego Marvel Collection - $14
Cris Tales - $12
Uncharted Collection (Also includes disc only for Uncharted 4) - $18
Extinction (Sealed) - $10
Doom 3 VR (2 sealed copies) - $6
Red Faction Guerilla - $12
Dead or Alive 5 Last Round - $20
Darksiders Warmaster Edition - $17
Infamous Second Son - $7
The Walking Dead - $9
The Walking Dead Season 2 - $9
COD Combo Pack WW2 & Infinite Warfare - $25
Odd World Soul Storm PS5 (Sealed) - $25
Rise of Tomb Raider 20th - $12
AC III Remastered - $14
Fallout 4 GOTY - $12
Overwatch Origins - $12
PS VR Demo 3 (Sealed) - $12
Final Fantasy XIV (Sealed) - $12
NFS Heat - $12
Elder Scrolls Gold Edition (Sealed) - $16
Mafia 3 (Sealed) - $14
AC Unity - $(
Mafia 3 - $9
Super Street The Game (Sealed) - $11
Ratchet & Clank (2 copies) - $11
Trine Ultimate Collection - $20
Grand Age Medieval - $12
Battlefield 1 - $4
Rockband 4 Plus Rivals - $50
Guitar Hero Live - $20
The Outer Worlds - $10
Wasteland 2 (Sealed) - $20
Dark Thrones/Witch Hunter - $20
Xuan Yuan Sword 7 (2 copies) - $30
Doom - $8
WWE 2K19 - $12
Mortal Kombat XL - $8
Final Fantasy XIV Online - $16
Death Stranding - $10
Death Stranding Steelbook - $30
God of War 3 - $13
Ace Combat 7 - $15
The Order 1886 - $10
Sniper Elite 3 - $12
FF XV - $5
Star Wars Battlefront II - $6
Ghostbuster The Game - $17
God of War - $8
The Cruel King & Great Hero Storybook Edition (Sealed) - $60
RDR 2 Steelbook - $27
GTA V - $8
Minecraft PS4 Edition - $17
WWE 2K16 - $12
Amazing Spider-man 2 - $40
Lego Dimensions (2 copies) - $25
WWE 2K15 - $8
Hellblade Senuas Sacrifice - $16
King of Fighters XIV Steelbook - $20
Detroit Become Human - $12
Conan Exiles - $23
Iron Man VR - $8
Dynasty Warriors 9 Empires - $35
The Long Dark (Loose) - $20
Batman Return to Arkham (Loose) - $6
Agony (Loose) - $12
Amazing Spider-man 2 (Loose) - $35
Trails of Cold Steel 3 (Loose) - $15
Trails of Cold Steel 3 - $20
WWE 2K19 (Loose) - $10
Batman Arkham Knight (Loose) - $6
The Order 1886 (Loose) - $6
Tails of Iron PS5 - $30
The Forgotten City PS5 - $15
Edge of Eternity PS5 - $20
Harvest Moon One World - $20
Farcry 6 Steelbook PS5 - $30
Fortnite Minty Legend (Sealed One copy ps4, one ps5) - $10
Bayonetta/Vanquish 10th Anniversary Pack - $25
AC Valhalla Steelbook - $40
Chivalry II PS5 (Sealed) - $20
Beyond A Steel Sky Steelbook - $30
Tribes of Midgard PS4 - $10
Persona 5 Strikers (Sealed) - $12
Minecraft Story Mode - $15
Deadpool PS4 - $40
Grand Kingdom PS4 - $20
Dying Light 2 Steelbook - $40
**PSP/Vita (CIB unless noted)**
Lego Jurassic - $12
Lego Ninjago Shadow of Ronin - $12
Freedom Wars (Sealed brand new) - $30
Ben 10 Galactic Racing - $36
Dragonball Z Tenkaichi Tag Team - $70
GTA Vice City Stories (GH Version) - $25
WWE All Stars - $15
Walking Dead (Loose) - $17
Call of Duty Black Ops (Loose) - $17
Amazing Spider-man (Loose) - $44
Final Fantasy X (Loose) - $16
Wolfs Among Us (Loose) - $14
Mortal Kombat (Loose) - $19
Madden 13 (Loose) - $18
Dragons Crown (Loose) - $17
Uncharted (Loose) - $20
Ape Escape On The Loose - $10
Miami Vice - $15
Crisis Core VII - $25
The Warriors - $50
Valkyrie Profile Lenneth - $40
Juiced 2 - $12
GTA Vice City Stories - $30
Lego Batman - $12
Napoleon Dynamite - $10
God of War Chains (Loose) - $15
Metal Gear Peacewalker (Loose) - $15
Lego Star Wars II (Loose) - $8
Jackass (Loose) - $10
GTA Chinatown (Loose) - $25
GTA Liberty City (Loose) - $14
Blazeblue Chrono Phantasma Extend - $28
Crisis Core (Loose) - $15
Final Fantasy UMD Movie (Loose) - $8
**OG Xbox/Xbox 360 (CIB unless noted)**
Jurassic Park 360 - $30
Bullet Witch (No manual/poster) - $19
Lollipop Chainsaw - $35
Spider-man Web of Shadows (No manual) - $40
COD Advanced Warfare Atlas Edition - $15
Beautiful Katamri - $20
Outrun 2 - $25
Charlie & Chocolate Factory - $6
Bakugan Battle Brawlers 360 (No manual) - $12
NCAA Basketball 2010 - $45
Darkwatch (No manual) - $15
Iron Man 2 - $13
Transformers Fall of Cybertron - $40
Stranglehold - $9
Dante’s Inferno - $12
Silent Hill 4 The Room - $45
Tork Prehistoric Punk (No manual) - $15
Fable - $9
Doom Resurrection of Evil - $12
Magic Battlegrounds - $12
Buffy The Vampire Slayer - $20
Rocky Legends - $12
Family Guy Back to Multiverse - $40
Borderlands\Dishonered 2 Pack - $14
NFS Lot (Shift, Most Wanted, Shift 2) - $30
Sonic Heroes (No manual) - $18
Ultimate Spiderman - $25
Spec Ops The Line - $12
FEAR 2 - $13
FEAR 3 - $16
FEAR Files (No manual) - $30
Halo 3 - $6
Halo Reach - $8
Skate 2 - $15
The Witcher 2 Assassin Enhanced Edition (No poster) - $17
Bioshock Limited Edition - $23
Deadpool - $35
Magna Carta 2 - $30
The Amazing Spider-man - $17
Guitar Hero Live - $12
NFS Most Wanted - $40
Simpsons Game - $32
Modern Warfare 3 Steelbook Edition - $15
Shadow Hedgehog (No manual) - $38
NCAA Football 14 (No manual) - $105
Asuras Wrath - $40
COD Black Ops Combo Pack - $22
Harry Potter Deathly Hollows - $10
Need For Speed Carbon Limited Edition - $30
Gears of War Collector Edition - $25
COD Black Ops 2 - $12
Skate 3 - $7
RE Operation Raccoon City - $8
Fable II - $8
Gears of War Triple Pack (No manual) - $12
Army of Two Devils Cartel - $10
Halo 2 - $10
Flashpoint Red River - $18
Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Collector Edition (Game only cib) - $25
Transformers War of Cybertron (No manual) - $25
Transformers Fall of Cybertron (No manual) - $30
Metal Gear Rising Vengeance - $18
DMC HD Collection - $12
Thor (Loose) - $12
Castlevania Curse of Darkness (Loose) - $17
Minecraft Xbox 360 (Loose) - $10
Jurassic Hunted (Loose) - $12
Wet (Loose) - $12
X Men Origins Wolverine (Loose) - $23
Spider-man Shattered Dimensions (Loose) - $30
Spider-man Edge of Time (Loose) - $35
Castlevania Lord of Shadows - $12
Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm - $12
Raw 2 (No manual) - $17
Hitman Absolution (Sealed has tear) - $20
**Xbox one (CIB unless noted)**
Slime Rancher - $15
Desperados 3 (Sealed brand new) - $18
Minecraft Story Mode $10
Minecraft Story Mode Season 2 - $20
Dynasty Warriors 9 Empires - $37
Alien Isolation - $10
TMNT Mutants in Manhattan - $37
Citadel (Sealed new) - $10
Cris Tales - $14
Star Wars Jedi - $8
Borderlands 3 Deluxe Edition - $45
Minecraft (3x available) - $12
Guitar Hero Live - $20
Devil May Cry 5 - $10
Sniper Elite 3 - $9
Rocket League Collector Edition - $12
Power Ranger Battle for Grid - $12
Power Ranger Battle for Grid Super Ediiton - $20
Metro Redux - $10
Fallout New Vegas Ultimate (Sealed brand new) - $20
Killing Floor 2 - $16
Dark Souls Remastered - $14
Dragonball Xenoverse 2 - $10
Rise of Tomb Raider - $8
Wasteland 3 (Sealed brand new) - $13
Dragon Age Inquisition - $7
Call of Duty WW2 - $8
Call of Duty Modern Warfare - $20
Assassins Creed Chronicles - $10
Rockband 4 plus Rivals - $20
Red Dead 2 - $15
GTA V $12
Mafia Definitive - $12
WWE 2k19 - $13
Darksider Genesis - $12
Final Fantasy XII Zodiac Age (Sealed brand new) - $15
Sniper Contracts - $14
Mad Max - $10
Dirt Rally 2.0 - $20
Shinning Resonance Refrain (No manual missing inside art) - $20
Doom Slayers Collection - $12
Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1+2 - $15
Lego Bundle (Star wars force, marvel super heroes, worlds) - $15
Lego Dimensions (with base) - $35
Minecraft (Disc only) - $8
Hotel Transylvania Scary Tale (2x available) - $17
Farcry 6 Steelbook Edition (Sealed brand new) - $65
Fortnite Minty Legends Pack (Sealed brand new) - $18
DMC Definitive - $10
Unwritten Tales 2 - $7
Batman Arkham (2x available) - $7
Injustice 2 - $5
Destiny Bundle (The collection and 2) - $15
Battlefield Bundle (1, 4, 5, Hardlines) - $20
Mortal Kombat 11 Premium Edition - $18
The Surge 2 (Sealed new) - $10
Sleeping Dogs Definitive - $13
GI Joe Operation Blackout Gold - $16
Balan Wonderland - $7
Rustler - $14
Story of Seasons Friends - $20
Phoenix Point Behemoth (Sealed brand new) - $18
Port Royale 4 - $20
Terraria - $10
Overwatch GOTY - $8
Farcry 5 Steelbook - $50
**Sega (Loose unless noted)**
Sonic Spinball - $7
X Men - $7
Sonic The Hedgehog - $17
Beavis & Butthead - $14
Garfield Caught In The Act - $12
Mortal Kombat II (In box missing manual) - $15
Sonic The Hedgehog 2 (In box no manual) - $12
**Consoles/Handhelds (No box unless noted, Add a charger for $2)**
Black/Turquoise 2DS XL (Boxed no paper inserts) - $200
Black N64 (No expansion pak or controller all cords) - $60
Lime Green New 3DS XL (Slight cosmetic ware) - $215
PSP 1000 (Boxed no paper inserts,charger included) - $100
Blue 3DS XL (Mint condition) - $150
Red 3DS (has charging issue) - $100
Black 3DS (modded) - $120
Purple 3DS (Peeling on top of console) - $100
GBA SP Cobalt (Has green battery cover) - $75
Pink DS Lite - $50
Coral DS Lite Bundle (5 games included) - $75
Blue DS Lite - $55
Grape Gameboy Color - $65
Atomic Purple GBC - $70
PSP 1000 - $65
**Controllers/Accessories (Loose unless noted)**
Hori Mario Switch Controller - $20
Ocean Blue PS2 Controller - $20
Extreme Green N64 Controller - $65
Blue PS1 Controller - $12
SNES Controller - $20
Blue PS4 Controller - $25
Gray Camo PS5 Controller (Brand new sealed) - $62
Black PS4 Controller (Damage) - $20
Red PS3 Controller - $25
Atomic N64 Controller - $15
White Wii Pro Controller - $15
Surf Blue Xbox Series S/X Controller - $50
Black Xbox 360 Controller - $20
Day One Xbox One Controller - $25
Black Wii Pro Controller - $15
Xbox One Controller (Damaged) - $20
Pokeball 3DS Case - $15
Gameboy Bag - $20
**Damaged/Non Working/Parts Only Items**
35 Game Untested Disc Only Lot (Includes mario kart dd, Spyro games, animal crossing ect) - $75
Mario Kart DD (Non working disc) - $30
**Cases/Manuals Only, Incomplete Games**
FF X Manual - $2
Lunar Legend Manual - $25
Zelda 4 Swords Manual - $8
Ratchet & Clank Tools Manual - $3
Mario Kart DS Manual $3
Fallout Manual - $3
Star Ocean Til The End of Time (Missing disc 2) - $9
FF Chronicles (Missing chrono trigger disc) - $30
Call of Duty War Collection (No manual, missing WAW disc) - $14
Super Paper Mario (Case only) - $4
Smackdown Here Comes The Pain (Case only) - $12
Wii Sport Resort (Case only) - $6
GTA V Xbox 360 (Miasing game disc) - $5
Forza Horizon 4 (Case only) - $3
Batman Arkham City (Case and manual only) - $3
Animal Crossing City Folk (Case only) - $4
Smash Brawl (Case/manual only) - $6
Spongebob Movie GC (Case/manual only) - $5
FF XV Deluxe PS4 (No game disc) - $14
Mario Galaxy 2 (Case/manual only) - $10
Marvel VS Capcom Xbox One Steelbook only - $12
NFS The Run Xbox 360 (Case/manual only) - $4
Dark Cloud (Disc/manual only) - $8
Star Wars Jedi Knight (Case/manual only) - $3
Links Awakening Switch (Case only) - $10
Mega Man Switch (Case only) - $8
Lego Incredibles Switch (Case only) - $6
Batman Telltale (Case only) - $3
Tekken Tag 2 PS3 (Disc/manual only) - $10
FF Tactics PSP (Case only) - $5
TNA Impact (Case/manual only) - $4
Smash Bros Wii U (Case/manual only) - $6
Little Big Planet (Case only) - $3
**Sealed Stuff**
Asuras Wrath PS3 (2 copies) - $70
NFS Most Wanted PS2 - $50
Juiced 2 PS3 - $35
Silent Hill HD Collection Xbox 360 - $35
Max Payne 2 OG Xbox - $30
AC Rogue Xbox 360 - $12
Take the entire sealed lot - $270
**PC Games (Selling as a lot only)**
Guild Wars 2, Witcher 3, Rayman Raving (Sealed), Diablo - $40
submitted by Kalykollects to GameSale [link] [comments]

It's the Indie Accords Black Friday Sale! 60 Books either 99 cents or less!

It's the Indie Accords Black Friday Sale! 60 Books either 99 cents or less!

Happy Post-Thanksgiving Hangover everybody!

Welcome to the First Indie Accords Black Friday Sale! We have 60 fantasy and sci-fi books by indie authors going for 99 cents or free - including some SPFBO and SPSFC finalists! All of these books will be on sale from now until November 28th, so no need to rush.
And if that tickles your fancy, head on over to the link below for some old fashioned browsing. Hope you find a book (or 60) you're excited to grab!
Thanks everyone, and Happy Holidays!
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Crypto Scam -

I just wanted to put a warning out there to people regarding a Crypto Scam going on at present. They are using the butchering the pig technique to get you to put USDT in a Metamask wallet. Once in the wallet they get you to connect to the Dapp Claiming that you will get a return every 6 hours or can use smart contracts to get returns.
The scam itself started several months ago for me, where a women contacted me "By Accident" claiming that a person had given her the wrong number. She kept messaging me every day and after several weeks started talking about a project she was working on called Quantum Swap. At first I was not interested but having continued conversations with her she started trying to find weaknesses to make me start to want to think about investing. In this instance it was my mother and that I was working to help her and better her retirement.
I sadly did invest, and started seeing returns earning more than I'd ever seen. We built the amount up but they then tricked me foolishly into a smart contract of which they wanted triple the amount of USDT I had to get the funds back. It went on for two stressful weeks, In that we knew there was something not right at this stage.
In my initial checks on everything, it all seemed fine however having then looked I found a post on a Forex trading army forum with the exact same scam:
She started using the name Maggie on Signal and then started a WhatsApp conversation using the name Wang Yifei the same as scam linked above.
I can still see many different transactions to the wallet ID on Etherscan. Where I believe many others are trying this and wanted to put awareness out there.
Sadly I have lost a lot of USDT, and I was hesitant to post on reddit due to people mocking others for falling for these scams. I've reported it to the authorities and really just wanted to put something out here, should anyone be in contact with this scammer to help save your funds.
If you have suffered from this scammer or any similar scam please don't feel ashamed or embarrassed. These people are low lives and they preyed on me regarding my mother to get me to invest and they are good at what they do.
Anyone with a similar experience is more than welcome to message me.
submitted by ruler202 to CryptoScams [link] [comments]

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