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When did Olivia Newton-John become a Dame?

Who is Kevin Durant role model?
Kevin Durant Uses Charles Barkley's Bold 'Role Model' Take. via
In which country is Hawaii now?
Hawaii, constituent state of the United States of America. Hawaii (Hawaiian: Hawai'i) became the 50th U.S. state on August 21, 1959. via
How do you bet spread in MLB?
To bet on an MLB point spread you must first decide whether you think the favorite will win by more than the spread or if the underdog will lose by less than the spread. Once you decide, go to your online sportsbook, and bet accordingly. via
Was Olivia Newton-John still married?
Newton-John was an activist for environmental and animal rights causes.n...nOlivia Newton-John.Dame Olivia Newton-John AC DBEYears active1963–2022Spouse(s)Matt Lattanzi ​ ​ ( m. 1984; div. 1995)​ John Easterling ​ ( m. 2008)​Partner(s)Lee Kramer (1973–1979)ChildrenChloe Lattanzi via
Do Billy and Victoria have a kid together?
Chelsea gives birth to a healthy baby boy named Johnny and gives up her parental rights so that Victoria and Billy can raise him. via
Who are the new CBS golf announcers?
CBS says that Trevor Immelman, the South African and 2008 Masters winner who began broadcasting golf in 2017 with Turner Sports and joined CBS in 2019, will replace him in the broadcast tower alongside CBS' longtime golf announcer Jim Nantz. Faldo's last appearance will be Aug. via
How do I win a bet every time?
Here are 8 strategies to win more football bets:Follow expert football predictions.Profit with matched betting.Keep a betting record.Change bookmakers.Stay impartial.Know football inside out.Know your markets.Take the small wins. via
How many wrestlers are on Raw?
Counting 205 Live, Raw has over 50 male Superstars and 16 female Superstars. via
What are Puerto Rico citizens called?
Puerto Ricans consider themselves American but are fiercely proud of their island and their culture. They don't usually call themselves Americans or Americanos, but Puertorriqueños or Boricuas. To most Puerto Ricans, my country means Puerto Rico, not the United States. via
Is Vermont in Canada or USA?
Vermont, constituent state of the United States of America. One of the six New England states lying in the northeastern corner of the country, it was admitted to the union on March 4, 1791, as the 14th state. It is sparsely populated, and its capital, Montpelier, is one of the least-populous U.S. state capitals. via
Is The Flash being Cancelled?
It's official: The upcoming ninth season of The Flash on the CW will be its last. It will debut in 2023 and consist of 13 episodes, making this the shortest season of its run. via
Where is a motorcycle most likely to crash?
Intersections. One of the most common locations for motorcycle accidents is at an intersection. According to the NHTSA, nearly half of all motorcycle accidents occur at traffic intersections. Intersections require everyone to pay close attention to determine the right-of-way. via
Who owns rockstar games stock?
Founded in 1993, Take-Two consists of two wholly owned labels, Rockstar Games and 2K. The firm is one of the world's largest independent video game publishers on consoles, PCs, smartphones, and tablets.n...nAbout Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc.NameTitleStrauss H. ZelnickExecutive Chairman x26amp; Chief Executive Officer via
Did Olivia Newton-John still alive?
Dame Olivia Newton-John AC DBE (born 26 September 1948) is a British-born Australian singer, songwriter, actress, entrepreneur and activist.n...nOlivia Newton-John.Dame Olivia Newton-John AC DBEYears active1963–presentSpouse(s)Matt Lattanzi ​ ​ ( m. 1984; div. 1995)​ John Easterling ​ ( m. 2008)​ChildrenChloe Lattanzi via
What does China consist of?
The country consists of 23 provinces, five autonomous regions, four municipalities, and two Special Administrative Regions (Hong Kong and Macau). The national capital is Beijing, and the most populous city and financial center is Shanghai. via
What year did kd go to the Warriors?
On July 7, 2016, that notion became truth as Durant signed with the Warriors to join a lineup that already included All-Stars Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green as well as 2015 Finals MVP Andre Iguodala. via
Are Olivia Newton-John and Elton John related?
Newton-John's maternal grandmother was of paternal Jewish ancestry as well; through her, she is a third cousin of comedian Ben Elton. via
What do you call West Brom fans?
Although known in their early days as the Throstles, the club's more popular nickname among supporters came to be the Baggies, a term which the club itself looked down upon for many years but later embraced. via
Who did Olivia Newton-John have a baby with?
Olivia Newton-John is the mother of one daughter, Chloe Rose Lattanzi, with her first husband, actor Matt Lattanzi. via
How did Vince Gill lose his brother?
Following the death of his older brother Bob, who died from a heart attack in 1993, Gill finally finished the sheet music for the touching song. The final recording, released with MCA Nashville, was rounded out by background vocals by Patty Loveless and Ricky Skaggs who also appeared in the official music video. via
Was Ben Simmons traded?
The Nets traded Harden and Paul Millsap to Philly for Simmons, Seth Curry, Andre Drummond, and two first-round picks. Despite shooting 41% (2nd-worst in career), Harden is on the court and a pivotal piece in Philadelphia's title pursuit. Simmons is owed $113.7 million through 2025. via
What triggers an autoimmune disease?
The exact cause of autoimmune disorders is unknown. One theory is that some microorganisms (such as bacteria or viruses) or drugs may trigger changes that confuse the immune system. This may happen more often in people who have genes that make them more prone to autoimmune disorders.Apr 24, 2021 via
Is Seoul a safe place to live?
– The Safety –nn Seoul is extremely safe, especially for a capital city. Taxis run at all hours and it's not uncommon to see kids as young as five riding the subway by themselves. The worst you might encounter is some drunken rudeness or minor theft, but in general, you can walk the streets at night without worry. via
Is Olivia Newton-John related to Elton John?
Q Are Elton John and Olivia Newton-John brother and sister? No. Even though both were born (18 months apart) in England, the singers are not related. Elton did, however, co-write and sing on the title track to Olivia's 1988 album The Rumour. via
What are college football rankings?
ESPN's Football Power Index (FPI) college football rankings are a measure of team strength that means to predict a team's performance. Projected results are based on 10,000 simulations of the rest of the season. It uses a combination of analytics, including scores to date and a team's remaining schedule.Aug 1, 2022 via
Is Take 2 interactive public?
The Company's common stock is publicly traded on NASDAQ under the symbol TTWO. via
What is my nationality if I was born in Puerto Rico?
All persons born in Puerto Rico on or after January 13, 1941, and subject to the jurisdiction of the United States, are citizens of the United States at birth. via
What are at least 5 Early signs of Lyme disease?
6 Early Symptoms of Lyme DiseaseRASH. A small red bump is likely to appear at the sight of any tick bite, and does not necessarily mean you've contracted Lyme disease. ... FATIGUE. ... HEADACHE. ... FEVER AND CHILLS. ... BODY ACHE. ... SWOLLEN LYMPH NODES. via
When did Olivia Newton-John become a Dame?
Part of her treatment took place at the Melbourne cancer research centre she had helped to fund in 2008, and the Olivia Newton-John Foundation Fund supports research into plant-based treatments for cancer. Her autobiography, Don't Stop Believin', was published in 2018, and two years later she was appointed a hour ago via
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automated forex trading

Trading in the Forex market requires the trader to constantly monitor a huge amount of information. Forex works 24 hours a day, and it is physically impossible to be always ready. Therefore, programs were created that are called: Forex trading robots, Forex EA (Expert Advisors), or just simply Forex bots.

A forex robot is an automated software that independently makes decisions about opening and closing positions based on its trading strategy. The fully automated robot is used for round-the-clock work and exclusion of the trader's emotions when trading on Forex.

The most noticable trading robot among those existing on the market is CarinaBot - a fully automated trading robot of a new generation, which was developed by a team of professional traders and programmers so that everyone can use it for stable and profitable trading.

The statistics for the last three years show more than 296% profit, which is proved by the real actions of traders and their live trading accounts. On average, CarinaBot generates 3.9% profit monthly.

No betting on hope or historical data, but only structural calculation and technical analysis to ensure that every trader can achieve their financial goals using Carina bot.

Learn more
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Automated forex robot

Automation is the trend in the modern world. Computer technology makes it possible to put on the conveyor a huge number of processes that people had to do manually before. And forex trading is no exception. Programs for automated trading on the Forex market are called expert advisors (Forex EA). You can also find other names on the Internet: Forex Trading Robot, MTS (mechanical trading system), ATS (automatic trading system).
An incredible example of a fully automated and profitable Forex trading robot is CarinaBot.

With the help of CarinaBot, you can trade on your own and even manage other investors' money.
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How to Spot Forex Scams?

How to Spot Forex Scams?
Here some of the most common legitimate services that are often exploited by scammers:

Forex Mutual Fund (PAMM) Scams

The Percentage Allocation Management Module (PAMM) takes its inspiration from the traditional hedge fund model, and as a legitimate product is a fantastic way for investors to take part in a managed fund. However, it is important to do proper due diligence first before investing.

EA/Trading Robots Scam

EA (Expert Advisor) modules and Trading Robots can be powerful automated trading tools and are often value-add offerings with legitimate brokers. Investors should understand that trading software only automates a manual strategy. Automation has its inherent benefits, but generating unlimited profits is not one of them. Unfortunately, there are scammers that offer solutions which are not what they claim to be

Trading Signals Forex Scams

Trading signals provide trade ideas or suggestions to traders that will help them take advantage of opportunities in the market.
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What is Arbitrage Trading in Forex?

Arbitrage trading in Forex is a risk-free trading approach that allows individual forex traders to earn without exposing themselves to open currency markets. The technique entails seizing opportunities given by price inefficiencies while they are still available. Arbitrage trading in Forex entails buying and selling different currency pairings to take advantage of pricing inefficiencies.
According to economists Sharpe and Alexander in the 1990s, Arbitrage trading in Forex is defined as “the coetaneous purchase and selling of the same, or fundamentally comparable, securities in two distinct marketplaces for favourably different prices.”
Arbitrage tactics are used by hundreds of people worldwide due to the popularity of forex trading. As a result, someone who engages in arbitrage is referred to as an “arbitrageur.” Simply put, an arbitrageur buys lower-cost assets and concurrently sells higher-cost assets to make a profit with no net cash flow. Arbitrage trading in Forex should not require any capital and should not be risky. In practice, most attempts at arbitrage include both.

What is Arbitrage Trading Strategy?

Arbitrage trading in Forex is a type of trading in which traders attempt to benefit from price differences between highly similar instruments. Arbitrageurs are traders who employ this kind of trading.
Arbitrageurs purchase in one market while simultaneously selling in another related market of equal size. They do this to profit from pricing differences between the two.
Essentially, the identical items might sometimes trade in multiple areas or under somewhat different names in the financial markets. For example, Some giant corporations are listed on many stock exchanges.
Arbitrage trading in Forex is not a prohibited practice. On the contrary, it’s a fully legal trading strategy that may even be considered as helping to boost market efficiency. This is because, after an arbitrage opportunity has been recognized and taken advantage of, the market should begin to self-correct.

Strategies and Methods of Arbitrage trading in Forex

When people think about price arbitrage trading in Forex, they generally think of trading methods and techniques that allow them to earn a quick profit without taking any risks. In general, however, any deal based on the utilization of price inefficiency with “instant” profit, as well as any trade paired with additional elements that allow it to generate profit over time, may both be interpreted as arbitrage.
Arbitration, as previously established, does not always have to take the same shape. We’ve prepared three types of arbitration for you in today’s article, which we feel are highly popular with traders. Some of the strategies of Arbitrage trading in Forex are explained below in detail:

Multi-Pair Arbitrage Trade

The quick realization of a multi-pair transaction is the first approach of arbitrage trading in Forex that, if successful, results in an instant reward. This strategy uses the previously described price inefficiency, which happens when the market cannot swiftly “balance” exchange rate disparities to an optimal / equilibrium condition.

Positive Swaps Arbitrage

Trading positive swaps is another prevalent kind of arbitrage trading in Forex. Almost every trader is aware that you may encounter positive and negative swaps when trading, which is applied if you maintain a position overnight.
This sort of arbitrage trading in Forex entails a specific currency pair, more precisely a buy or sell in the direction of a positive swap, while simultaneously purchasing a fiat currency in the same volume, for example, on an exchange. The profit is thus the revenue from positive swaps, from which all expenses must be removed in addition.

Arbitrage of Undervalued and Overvalued Markets

This sort of arbitration is far more difficult than the previous one. Because it is focused on the search for business possibilities that arise from the relative undervaluation or overvaluation of one of the markets, it necessitates a significant amount of market expertise from traders. This indicates that it is more basic than technical arbitration in this situation, and it is based on key market data, analyses, and forecasts.

Triangular Arbitrage in Forex

Forex triangular arbitrage is a strategy of profiting on price differences in the Forex market by using offsetting trades. To understand how to arbitrage FX pairings, we must first grasp the fundamentals of currency pairs.
When you trade a currency pair, you’re essentially taking two positions: purchasing one and selling the other.
A currency cross is a foreign exchange pair that does not include the United States dollar. The currencies exchange rates in question vs. the US dollar imply a notional, or synthetic, value for a cross.

Statistical Arbitrage in Forex

While not pure arbitrage, Forex statistical arbitrage employs a quantitative technique to find price divergences that are statistically likely to be right in the future. It achieves so by putting together a basket of under-performing currency pairings and an over-performing currency pair. This basket aims to short the over-performers while buying the under-performers.
The premise is that over time, the relative worth of one basket to another will revert to the mean. With this idea, you’d expect the two baskets to have a strong historical association. As a result, the arbitrator must also consider this element while constructing the initial picks. You have to make sure that the market is as unbiased as possible.

Challenges with Arbitrage Trading in Forex

The sheer number of people who use the method is a problem. Price differentials are at the heart of arbitrage, and arbitrageurs’ activities have an impact on those differentials.
Arbitrage will have an impact on the foreign exchange market by forcing currency exchange prices to adjust themselves. By selling, overpriced instruments will be driven down in price. Purchases will drive up the price of underpriced ones. As a result, the price disparity between the two will narrow.
It will eventually vanish or shrink to the point where arbitrage is no longer lucrative. The arbitrage potential will shrink in either case. The enormous number of players in the Forex market is typically advantageous, but it also implies that pricing discrepancies will be quickly detected and exploited.
As a result, in the game of arbitrage trading in Forex, the fastest player wins. If you want to earn a profit, you need the quickest pricing feeds. Given how important execution speed is, selecting the correct Forex arbitrage software may also provide you with a competitive advantage. Before starting trading with real money, feel free to experiment with fresh and different tactics.
Also, due to the pace of today’s market, you’ll almost certainly need to employ a self-acting trading system like Forex robot (bot) or an Expert Advisor (EA), to effectively trade methods like the Forex triangle arbitrage.

Locational or Risk-Free Arbitrage

The Efficient Markets Hypothesis, a notion proposed by economists, binds trade in financial markets, according to economic theory. It implies that markets (or, more significantly, all active investors in them) would efficiently and swiftly process all available information regarding asset values and prices, leaving little, if any, space for price differences between markets and prices moving fast toward equilibrium levels.
Here is the Day trading Risk Management Guide.
Arbitrage Traders may find it challenging to spot price disparities across marketplaces that allow them to acquire assets at “bargain rates” due to the natural tendency for prices to gravitate toward equilibrium levels across markets. There is nothing like a “free lunch,” as renowned economist Milton Friedman put it.
Continue Reading...................
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Reddit Forex Robot - Top 10 for Trading

Reddit Forex Robot - Top 10 for Trading

Forex robot: the best profitable free forex robots of 2021

Forex robot is a term that refers to a robot that operates in forex. In other words, an automated manager of the operations carried out in the foreign exchange market. This robot or automations can advise and manage money .
This type of automation of a free forex robot is possible thanks to the programming in code format of a team of investors or a private investor. In this way, the forex robot works as a financial advisor.
Have you heard of stock market returns and automations but are you new to this? In this guide we are going to explain what a forex robot is, how a free forex robot works, which is the best forex robot and how to open an account. We will also clarify if the forex robot is a scam and how to be successful trading with a forex robot .

Reddit Forex Robot: best for 2021
In this section we are going to mention the best forex robots for 2021:
  • Yuan Pay Group: Trade commission-free with a leverage of up to 1: 500
  • Learn2trade: The Best Forex Robot
  • ForexFury: Compatible with Myfxbook, Metatrader 4 and Metatrader 5
  • Forex Steam 10: configure and customize your forex robot to the maximum
  • Algo Signals: Generate 2% daily profit
  • Binary Strategy Forex Robot: Trade MT4 with Binary Options
  • Forex Astrobot: Forex Robot with 24/7 Customer Support
  • Robomaster EU: 3 Forex Robots in One
  • 1000pip climber system: The easiest to use Forex robot
>>>What broker to choose? Read my eToro Review<<<

What is a forex robot or forex robot?

A Forex robot is an expert financial advisor that allows the automation of analysis processes when operating in the currency market. This enables automated wealth management through the use of complex algorithms and codes to minimize human intervention.
To begin, it is necessary to understand that the forex robot is a software that has to be downloaded and then installed in the analysis tool that you use and that allows automation such as the MT4 forex robot for example. Another important aspect to keep in mind is that forex robots are a tool for trading.
In order to be profitable, the free forex robot can automatically open and close trades based on previous considerations the investor has indicated. Depending on the type of forex robot, there may be more or less customization.
The Forex robot makes its decisions based on trading signals and technical analysis of patterns experienced by currency patterns. The creator of the forex robot has written the catch of how he has to react in each situation, therefore, the programmers are experts or are advised by forex experts.

How does a forex robot work?

forex robotThe operation of a forex robot is similar to a robo advisor because both are programs that work through the code of a programmer. To begin with, there needs to be compatibility with the trading tool that the investor uses, since forex robots can be programmed for specific platforms and with different programming languages.
Once we know this, the forex robot needs a series of inputs and conditions that must be provided by the investor to operate automatically when these situations occur. It is very important to be clear that the forex robot does not work alone, it simply executes operations that respond to a series of patterns that the investor has previously specified.
For example, let's imagine that we choose the USD / JPY pair to trade. The steps to follow in a simplified way to specify the operation of a forex robot are:
  • Choose a technical indicator to look at, for example a moving average in groups of 50 in 1 min steps. For simplicity, let's call it X.
  • Choose another indicator (Y) related to which to cross X
  • The forex robot will look for the first condition (X) to be fulfilled, to later make sure that Y is fulfilled.
  • If X and Y are met, the forex robot will open a position in Forex
  • When the operation is closed, a similar process occurs but with other forex indications. It is important to mention that despite the apparent complexity, the way the user enters this information in the forex robot is simple thanks to the previous coding of the programmer.
So that the Forex Robot does not have to meet only 2 premises, the number of premises may be higher, simply that there will be fewer opportunities, since it will be more complicated for so many conditions to be met

What is the best profitable forex robot? Comparison of the 10 best Forex robots

Now that you know a little more about what forex robots are and how they work, you may have seen the potential of investing with some of them.
>>>For the best two Forex trading systems I wrote a separate review: Trade Juice and Forex Trendy (check out here)
I am going to see a comparison of the best forex robots in 2021:

Yuan Pay Group: Trade with a leverage of up to 1: 500 without commissions
It is the only company in the market authorized to distribute one Yuan digitally. He has 10 years of experiences in the cryptocurrency market. It has a possibility of leverage of up to 1: 500. Allows you to invest in digital currencies.
It has the Webtrader platform for trading and the MT4 forex robot installation is also available . It is a broker without commissions for operations and requires profile verification to start trading.
Average Win Rate: Unspecified
  • Leverage up to 1: 500
  • Forex MT4 Robot
  • No commissions
  • Intuitive use of the platform
  • Possibility of growth
  • Cryptocurrency trading license
  • Some information of interest is missing on the Web
  • Design can be confusing

Learn2trade: the best Forex Robot
learn2tradeIt is a London trading company and one of the leading signal providers in the forex market . Their indications are between 89 and 93% correct . This company is dedicated to the issuance of forex market signals, online trading courses and helps all types of investors. They are experts in risk management and have exceptional customer service.
In addition, this company is so confident in its success rate that it returns money to customers who are not helped by its system in 30 days. More than 2800 people trade this forex robot on a daily basis.
Average Win Rate: 92% Success
  • Experts in teaching trading
  • World benchmark in forex market signal analysis
  • Refund of the money in case of not being satisfied with the result
  • Different packages depending on the time you want to use it
  • Excellent customer service
  • Perfect balance of risk management
  • Community of 2800 people
  • Complexity of use

ForexFury: compatible with Myfxbook, Metatrader 4 and Metatrader 5
This Forex robot performs daily operations with low risk and a refined strategy. It is available for Metatrader 4 and Metatrader 5 and Myfxbook. It has earnings in the last 15 years of 466% and never exceeds 7 daily operations. It was developing for 5 years until it reached its current state. It also has more than 50 updates to adjust parameters and code.
There are two account options, Gold and Diamond; one costs $230 and the other $440.
Average win rate: 93% success on Myfxbook accounts
  • 99% positive customer feedback
  • It has grown 466% in profits in 15 years
  • Compatible with various MT4 and MT5 platforms
  • Trade with low risk
  • Verified Myfxbook accounts
  • Only two options or packages
  • Maximum of 7 daily operations

Forex Steam 10: configure and customize your forex robot to the maximum
This forex robot is fully configurable and can be optimized based on the investor's needs . In addition, this forex robot is safe, since it constantly has people trading with profits. It is important to mention that your results are verified.
The success rate is 75% and has regular free updates. It allows to adjust the risk-reward and avoid the bad operations with a very high margin.
Average win rate: 75%
  • Free recurring benefits
  • Simplified pricing structure
  • Variable risk / reward adjustments
  • It has no variety in the accounts
  • It requires a lot of skill to use due to its high configurability

Algo Signals: generate 2% daily profit
It is a forex robot that is dedicated to providing signals and indications about currencies and cryptocurrencies . It has an association with authorized brokers that provides greater security to its operations. The company allows you to test with a demo account the 2% of daily earnings that it claims to have.
The profitable forex robot provides a Stop Loss point each time a signal is sent with the idea of ​​not having losses. It has different packs depending on the capital and the currencies to operate, ranging from $ 250 and 3 currency pairs to the $ 1000 VIP plan with all currencies included.
Average profit rate: 2% daily profit
  • Demo account available
  • 2% daily earnings
  • Signals in forex and cryptocurrencies
  • Various plans depending on capital
  • Does not show overall average win rate
  • The minimum quantity is high

Binary Strategy Forex Robot - Trade MT4 with Binary Options
This profitable forex Robot that operates in binary options and this puts many into caution, since they have suffered fraud in brokers with this type of operations. However, this forex robot uses detailed backtesting techniques in Metatrader 4 and has been tested for years before we started using it.
Average profit rate: between 70 and 95% profit
  • Uses Metatrader 4
  • Tested for years
  • The price is low, less than $ 200
  • Poor accuracy in average gain
  • Myfxbook may not collect your results
>>>For the best two Forex trading systems I wrote a separate review: Trade Juice and Forex Trendy (check out here)

Forex Astrobot: Forex robot with 24/7 customer support
This is a 100% automated Forex robot created by a famous Forex trader. Metatrader 4 forex robot allows trading in 1 hour, 30 min and 15 min. In addition, it allows you to change the amount of the lot invested when the market is favorable to you.
It offers up to 3 levels of profit making and has incorporated an algorithm to readjust parameters when there is a drastic change in the price of a currency.
Average win rate: up to 80%
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Calendar of 15 minutes, 20 and 1 hour.
  • Between $ 100 and $ 230 its final version
  • Allows you to change the amount of lot invested
  • 3 levels of profit making can become problematic

Robomaster EU: 3 Forex robots in one
We find a group consisting of 8 indicators and 3 Forex scalping robots . These 3 Forex Robots are Big Fish EA Trade Machine and Rocket EA . On the one hand, it is priced between 100 and 200 euros and each forex robot offers special characteristics. Here we will highlight the most important of the 3.
Depending on the robot, you can trade from 1 pair to 15 currency pairs and the potential profit ranges between 10 and 50%. We also found that the time frames vary between 5M and 15M.
Average Win Rate: Unspecified
  • 3 forex robots in 1
  • Many forex strategies included
  • Time frames are 5M or 15M
  • You can trade in different market hours
  • Does not specify average gain
  • The potency benefit has a very wide range

Climber 1000pip system: the easiest forex robot to use
It is a Retail Oriented Forex Robot because it is not focused on the complete customization and naturalization of the trading parameters. It is very easy to use , yet it has solid results. On the one hand, it has a cutting-edge algorithm that is periodically updated.
In addition, you can get direct help from the forex robot creator to improve your knowledge of the automation trading platform and improve your long-term performance .
Average Win Rate: Unspecified
  • It is very easy to use
  • Thought for
  • 4.7 / 5 rating on Trustpilot
  • Myfxbook Verified Results
  • For professionals, free configuration is important
  • Does not specify average gain

How to be successful trading a forex robot?

To be a profitable trader with a forex robot even if we want to invest in a forex broker by ourselves, we must take into account a series of aspects to be profitable in forex 2021:

Choose the correct currency pair

invest with forex robotTo start trading forex we must be clear that a forex currency pair reflects the economy of two countries, since the value of one currency is opposed to the other. When choosing currencies, we can decide by technical analysis or by observing pairs in individual currencies. With this second method, we should look for a currency that is in an uptrend against one that is in a downtrend.
This movement interests us because it generates the possibility of the recovery of one of the currencies, which would add value to us. Also, keep in mind that there are currency pairs that are very stable such as EUR / USD, USD / JPY, AUD / USD or NZD / USD and others are more volatile such as GPB / USD or USD / CAD.

Choosing the right margin and leverage

Leverage in forex is a double-edged sword, because if it is not used correctly, we can lose a lot of money. It is important to note that operating with leverage allows us to carry out a greater number of operations, since we are opening a position in the market in which not all the money leaves our account.
For example, in a trade with 1: 500 leverage we invest $ 1 of our capital and in the market we are investing $ 500. The broker asks for a guarantee called margin to operate with leverage . In other words, you must keep a% of the total value of the investment in your account. It is important to be very careful because the volatility of the currency market can make us reach the Stop Loss.

Carefully measure risk per trade

invest forexThis point refers when giving instructions to the forex robot, carefully mark the percentage of the total capital that is included in the operation. By this we mean that if we have an account with $ 100 and we operate with 100% of our capital, we can lose everything if there is a change in the market.
For this reason, it is recommended that traders have a risk management that ranges between 1% and 3% of the total account . However, there are traders who risk up to 5% and some more, with the risk that this entails. In summary, an affordable goal can result in growing 2% to 3% per month.

Correct risk / reward ratio

To understand this concept, we are going to use the concept of Take Profit and Stop Loss. The Take Profit is the price at which we want to close the operation with profit and the Stop Loss is the price at which we would close the operation to minimize losses. Depending on where we place the Take Profit in relation to the Stop Loss, we will obtain a risk / benefit ratio or another.
For example, a trader can obtain a risk / reward ratio of 1: 1, placing both the Take Profit and the Stop Loss 1 pip apart. Others, however, place it in the risk / benefit at 2: 1. If, for example, both traders successfully close half of the trades, the trader who trades with risk / profit 2: 1 ends up with profits and the trader who traded 1: 1 stays the same.
However, it is evident that it requires more technique to finish with a high hit rate in a 2: 1 ratio than in a 1: 1 ratio.

Use a trading strategy that works

invest in forex with robotThis section seems obvious, but there are strategies that statistically have more options to work than others . Inventing a strategy without having tested it for a long time and a multitude of conditions is a risky decision to invest.
Therefore, we must choose a proven strategy and stick with it. There will be weeks that close with losses and others with benefits, but if the long-term strategy gives benefits, we should maintain it and not change it for one that can offer us benefits for a short period of time.

Are forex robots a scam?

Forex robots have both advantages and disadvantages. It is true that it is not advisable to trade using a forex robot if you are a beginner trader because it is a very volatile market. There is an important factor which is the trust you place in the creator of the robot, but forex robots are not a scam . Like any investment, trading has risk and no operation is 100% safe.
The main problem that can present trading with forex robots is the robot you choose. The rate of return is very important. To be profitable in the forex market with automated trading you must have a high success rate.
This can be complicated, since it depends on each robot, adapting to the market a priori seems complicated for a "machine", however, there are forex robots that achieve it thanks to their complex adaptation algorithms.
For the forex market, there is a rule in which each broker has to present the number of accounts that are losers so that we can know which robots work better or worse. As in the operations of any broker, regulation is going to be a very important factor in placing our trust.

How well to choose a profitable forex robot?

choose forex robotIf you want to choose a perfect forex robot for you, you have to take into account that it will depend on several factors.
First, the broker you work with must have minimum commissions and spreads to generate great profitability with operations . If we operate with a broker with high commissions, even if we achieve positive results with our automated investment, the benefits will be lower.
Second, it is important to choose a forex robot that uses strategies with which we feel comfortable, since there are automations with moving averages, others based on general market patterns or even news. The indicators that forex robots take into account to enter or exit the market are an essential aspect to correctly choose a forex robot.
Lastly, the size of your account. In the same way that it happens when investing money in a CFD broker without using a forex robot, some brokers are designed for very large capital investments and others for small capital investments.
For example, in brokers like eToro from $50 you can already make investments. However, there is another type of them that even investments of over $1,000 do not offer similar conditions to these brokers.

Conclusion: What is the best forex robot?

In this guide we have clarified the information on what is a forex robot , how it works and how to be successful with a forex robot.
In addition, we have seen a comparison of the 10 best forex robots and how well to choose a forex robot. We have also answered the question whether forex robots are a scam, clearly answering no.
Finally, we have seen how to open an account with a forex robot and we have enhanced it with Yuan Pay Group. This broker allows us to trade without commissions, the analysis tools are advanced, since it has Webtrader and Metatrader 4 for PC in addition to positioning itself as the only company that is authorized in the market to distribute the Yuan digitally. Therefore it has great growth possibilities.
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Dropbox (DBX): An Undervalued Cloud Company [Bullish Analysis] DD (New Claims/Info)
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Free Stock Analysis Tools

What tools do you use to research stocks and ETFs? Here's my list, all tools that I mentioned are free to use, with premium features, but let me know if you have anything to add!
Yahoo finance
Yahoo! Finance is one of the leading financial websites, provides financial news, data, stock live quotes, press releases, financial reports, and original content. great place to manage watchlists, and easy to use the app. you can also compare stocks performance easily.

I mainly use this tool for live quotes, news and watchlists.
yahoo finance

My favorite Stock screener - Finviz allows traders and investors to quickly screen and find stocks based on a set of parameters, for example - market cap, Industry, Average Volume, and many more. The platform offers free and premium tools that traders can use to generate ideas and find opportunities for trading stocks, forex, and futures. Visitors on the website get access to the latest financial news, market maps, comparative tools and charts, portfolio tracking, advanced screeners, and sector performance tools.

I mainly use this tool for looking new investment and trading ideas with their screener.
finviz's stock screener
Investing tool that allows private investors and day traders to access analyst's report and see it visually. Tipranks also allows users to have public watchlists and track their weekly performance.

I mainly use this tool to see analysts reports.
TIPRANKS- dashboard

Researching tool that allows comparing company's financials easily and visually, you can compare almost every financial metrics including growth, financial ratios, income statements, etc...this tool is astonishingly easy to use.
you can also see insiders purchases, news, press releases, and keep your favorite stocks in your watchlists.

I mainly use this tool for comparing stock's financials visually.
JIKA.IO - comparing ATVI and EA financials
free stock charts
I use these tools for technical analysis and alerts, the charts are very simple. you can also scan markets and get more trading ideas.FSC is now part of TC2000, so the platform changed a bit, but you can still access the old version.
freestockcharts - perfect for technical analysis
tracks and analyzes hedge fund filings in real-time. Find 13F, 13D, insider transactions, and more. I use it to see if hedge funds bought or sold a specific stock this quarter.
whalewisdom dashboard
Stock Charts & Community - traders and investors can post content and interact with others.
TradingView has real-time scanning, filtering, and fundamental scanning included for free. The screener is incredibly easy to use; you can scan & filter on over 150 criteria. Any idea you have based on technical analysis will be covered. TradingView even has vast amounts of economic data such as Federal Funds Rates and World Economic Growth, thanks to a connection to the Federal Reserve (FRED) database.
TradingView article
Research ETFs with comprehensive ETF screener and database, analysis, and ratings created specifically for ETF investors and advisors. see ETF'S allocations and much more.

Personal note:

I'm sure there are plenty of other tools to find stocks and conduct research, this is just a shortlist of tools that I use regularly. feel free to share your list :)
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Forex Signals UAE – Wave Trendz

Forex Signals UAE – Wave Trendz
Forex trading signals are available from several well-known professional traders. The traders interested in availing these trading signals can do so by paying monthly fees for the same. Although there are a few reliable Forex Signal providers, most of the Signal providers are not trustworthy. Many scammers are providing paid Forex trading signals to earn money. Hence, you must be very careful while selecting any signal providers to follow.
Try the Forex Trading Signal in a Demo Account before using them in your real account. The Signal providers provide their historical trading performance to prove the efficiency of the signals. Don’t trust these performances claimed by them, verify yourself and verify their signal performance in a demo account for at least a month.
Never forget that past performances are not a guarantee of any future performance and there is a risk of losing money while following any Forex Signal provider.

Forex Signals UAE
Forex Signals UAE Provided By Forex Brokers
Before we proceed further on the topic “Forex Trading Signals and Robots”, let me tell you that I personally prefer to trade myself and analyze the trade opportunity before placing any trade. It is always better to analyze yourself and place the trade since you can’t just trust a signal provider with your hard-earned real money. However, you can use these signals to identify and analyze the trading opportunity. If you see it is a strong signal, then you should place a trade. Don’t follow any signal provider blindly. Almost all trading signal providers don’t offer a verifiable trade log for their signals.
With many years of trading experience in Forex trading, I suggest the traders in UAE not follow trading signals blindly. You must verify the trading signal on an MT4 Chart and understand its potential before placing a trade. On Mobile phones it is not easy to refer to the charts and analyze them before placing a trade, hence UAE Forex options traders should be extra careful to analyze while trading on mobile. Although the mobile platform offers a great way of trading on the go, proper analysis and judgment cannot be sacrificed as it involves real money.

Forex Signals UAE
Trading signals generated by your Forex broker are bound to have a conflict of interest. Always take signals from trusted third-party analysts. Some signal providers offer free signals if you sign up with their recommended broker. Such signal providers want you to trade more so that they can earn more commission. You must avoid such Forex signal providers.
Some reputed Forex brokers offer their clients a free subscription to a trusted third-party signal provider. These signal providers are well known for their analysis and recommendations.
Forex Robots or EAs (Expert Advisors) give you an easy way to Forex without sitting in front of the computer for long hours. The trade is placed automatically in your trading account by automated software (called Expert Advisor, EA, or Bot). It looks very easy to go for Forex robots but choosing the right and reliable auto trading software is very difficult. Many of the robots available are fake and don’t help you make money, but the robot providers make money by selling them.
Hence choose the Forex robot (Expert Advisor) software wisely. You must follow the recommended settings and time frame to get a good result from the EA. Initially risk the minimum amount possible and see the result before risking more on any Robot.
For more details visit our website: Forex Signals UAE
Contact: +971 553903113
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My home-made bar replay for MT4

EDIT: (2021-03-24)
I will leave the original post in case anyone wants to see it. But here is the link to the new one:

old post:

I made a home-made bar replay for MT4 as an alternative to the tradingview bar replay. You can change timeframes and use objects easily. It just uses vertical lines to block the future candles. Then it adjusts the vertical lines when you change zoom or time frames to keep the "future" bars hidden.
I am not a professional coder so this is not as robust as something like Soft4fx or Forex Tester. But for me it gets the job done and is very convenient. Maybe you will find some benefit from it.

Here are the steps to use it:
1) copy the text from the code block
2) go to MT4 terminal and open Meta Editor (click icon or press F4)
3) go to File -> New -> Expert Advisor
4) put in a title and click Next, Next, Finish
5) Delete all text from new file and paste in text from code block
6) go back to MT4
7) Bring up Navigator (Ctrl+N if it's not already up)
8) go to expert advisors section and find what you titled it
9) open up a chart of the symbol you want to test
10) add the EA to this chart
11) specify colors and start time in inputs then press OK
12) use "S" key on your keyboard to advance 1 bar of current time frame
13) use tool bar buttons to change zoom and time frames, do objects, etc.
14) don't turn on auto scroll. if you do by accident, press "S" to return to simulation time.
15) click "buy" and "sell" buttons (white text, top center) to generate entry, TP and SL lines to track your trade
16) to cancel or close a trade, press "close order" then click the white entry line
17) drag and drop TP/SL lines to modify RR
18) click "End" to delete all objects and remove simulation from chart
19) to change simulation time, click "End", then add the simulator EA to your chart with a new start time
20) When you click "End", your own objects will be deleted too, so make sure you are done with them
21) keep track of your own trade results manually
22) use Tools-> History center to download new data if you need it. the simulator won't work on time frames if you don't have historical data going back that far, but it will work on time frames that you have the data for. If you have data but its not appearing, you might also need to increase max bars in chart in Tools->Options->Charts.
23) don't look at status bar if you are moused over hidden candles, or to avoid this you can hide the status bar.

Here is the code block.
//+------------------------------------------------------------------+ //| Bar Replay V2.mq4 | //| Copyright 2020, MetaQuotes Software Corp. | //| | //+------------------------------------------------------------------+ #property copyright "Copyright 2020, MetaQuotes Software Corp." #property link "" #property version "1.00" #property strict #define VK_A 0x41 #define VK_S 0x53 #define VK_X 0x58 #define VK_Z 0x5A #define VK_V 0x56 #define VK_C 0x43 #define VK_W 0x57 #define VK_E 0x45 double balance; string balance_as_string; int filehandle; int trade_ticket = 1; string objectname; string entry_line_name; string tp_line_name; string sl_line_name; string one_R_line_name; double distance; double entry_price; double tp_price; double sl_price; double one_R; double TP_distance; double gain_in_R; string direction; bool balance_file_exist; double new_balance; double sl_distance; string trade_number; double risk; double reward; string RR_string; int is_tp_or_sl_line=0; int click_to_cancel=0; input color foreground_color = clrWhite; input color background_color = clrBlack; input color bear_candle_color = clrRed; input color bull_candle_color = clrSpringGreen; input color current_price_line_color = clrGray; input string start_time = "2020.10.27 12:00"; input int vertical_margin = 100; //+------------------------------------------------------------------+ //| Expert initialization function | //+------------------------------------------------------------------+ int OnInit() { Comment(""); ChartNavigate(0,CHART_BEGIN,0); BlankChart(); ChartSetInteger(0,CHART_SHIFT,true); ChartSetInteger(0,CHART_FOREGROUND,false); ChartSetInteger(0,CHART_AUTOSCROLL,false); ChartSetInteger(0,CHART_SCALEFIX,false); ChartSetInteger(0,CHART_SHOW_OBJECT_DESCR,true); if (ObjectFind(0,"First OnInit")<0){ CreateStorageHLine("First OnInit",1);} if (ObjectFind(0,"Simulation Time")<0){ CreateTestVLine("Simulation Time",StringToTime(start_time));} string vlinename; for (int i=0; i<=1000000; i++){ vlinename="VLine"+IntegerToString(i); ObjectDelete(vlinename); } HideBars(SimulationBarTime(),0); //HideBar(SimulationBarTime()); UnBlankChart(); LabelCreate("New Buy Button","Buy",0,38,foreground_color); LabelCreate("New Sell Button","Sell",0,41,foreground_color); LabelCreate("Cancel Order","Close Order",0,44,foreground_color); LabelCreate("Risk To Reward","RR",0,52,foreground_color); LabelCreate("End","End",0,35,foreground_color); ObjectMove(0,"First OnInit",0,0,0); //--- create timer EventSetTimer(60); return(INIT_SUCCEEDED); } //+------------------------------------------------------------------+ //| Expert deinitialization function | //+------------------------------------------------------------------+ void OnDeinit(const int reason) { //--- destroy timer EventKillTimer(); } //+------------------------------------------------------------------+ //| Expert tick function | //+------------------------------------------------------------------+ void OnTick() { //--- } //+------------------------------------------------------------------+ //| ChartEvent function | //+------------------------------------------------------------------+ void OnChartEvent(const int id, const long &lparam, const double &dparam, const string &sparam) { if (id==CHARTEVENT_CHART_CHANGE){ int chartscale = ChartGetInteger(0,CHART_SCALE,0); int lastchartscale = ObjectGetDouble(0,"Last Chart Scale",OBJPROP_PRICE,0); if (chartscale!=lastchartscale){ int chartscale = ChartGetInteger(0,CHART_SCALE,0); ObjectMove(0,"Last Chart Scale",0,0,chartscale); OnInit(); }} if (id==CHARTEVENT_KEYDOWN){ if (lparam==VK_S){ IncreaseSimulationTime(); UnHideBar(SimulationPosition()); NavigateToSimulationPosition(); CreateHLine(0,"Current Price",Close[SimulationPosition()+1],current_price_line_color,1,0,true,false,false,"price"); SetChartMinMax(); }} if(id==CHARTEVENT_OBJECT_CLICK) { if(sparam=="New Sell Button") { distance = iATR(_Symbol,_Period,20,SimulationPosition()+1)/2; objectname = "Trade # "+IntegerToString(trade_ticket); CreateHLine(0,objectname,Close[SimulationPosition()+1],foreground_color,2,5,false,true,true,"Sell"); objectname = "TP for Trade # "+IntegerToString(trade_ticket); CreateHLine(0,objectname,Close[SimulationPosition()+1]-distance*2,clrAqua,2,5,false,true,true,"TP"); objectname = "SL for Trade # "+IntegerToString(trade_ticket); CreateHLine(0,objectname,Close[SimulationPosition()+1]+distance,clrRed,2,5,false,true,true,"SL"); trade_ticket+=1; } } if(id==CHARTEVENT_OBJECT_CLICK) { if(sparam=="New Buy Button") { distance = iATR(_Symbol,_Period,20,SimulationPosition()+1)/2; objectname = "Trade # "+IntegerToString(trade_ticket); CreateHLine(0,objectname,Close[SimulationPosition()+1],foreground_color,2,5,false,true,true,"Buy"); objectname = "TP for Trade # "+IntegerToString(trade_ticket); CreateHLine(0,objectname,Close[SimulationPosition()+1]+distance*2,clrAqua,2,5,false,true,true,"TP"); objectname = "SL for Trade # "+IntegerToString(trade_ticket); CreateHLine(0,objectname,Close[SimulationPosition()+1]-distance,clrRed,2,5,false,true,true,"SL"); trade_ticket+=1; } } if(id==CHARTEVENT_OBJECT_DRAG) { if(StringFind(sparam,"TP",0)==0) { is_tp_or_sl_line=1; } if(StringFind(sparam,"SL",0)==0) { is_tp_or_sl_line=1; } Comment(is_tp_or_sl_line); if(is_tp_or_sl_line==1) { trade_number = StringSubstr(sparam,7,9); entry_line_name = trade_number; tp_line_name = "TP for "+entry_line_name; sl_line_name = "SL for "+entry_line_name; entry_price = ObjectGetDouble(0,entry_line_name,OBJPROP_PRICE,0); tp_price = ObjectGetDouble(0,tp_line_name,OBJPROP_PRICE,0); sl_price = ObjectGetDouble(0,sl_line_name,OBJPROP_PRICE,0); sl_distance = MathAbs(entry_price-sl_price); TP_distance = MathAbs(entry_price-tp_price); reward = TP_distance/sl_distance; RR_string = "RR = 1 : "+DoubleToString(reward,2); ObjectSetString(0,"Risk To Reward",OBJPROP_TEXT,RR_string); is_tp_or_sl_line=0; } } if(id==CHARTEVENT_OBJECT_CLICK) { if(sparam=="Cancel Order") { click_to_cancel=1; Comment("please click the entry line of the order you wish to cancel."); } } if(id==CHARTEVENT_OBJECT_CLICK) { if(sparam!="Cancel Order") { if(click_to_cancel==1) { if(ObjectGetInteger(0,sparam,OBJPROP_TYPE,0)==OBJ_HLINE) { entry_line_name = sparam; tp_line_name = "TP for "+sparam; sl_line_name = "SL for "+sparam; ObjectDelete(0,entry_line_name); ObjectDelete(0,tp_line_name); ObjectDelete(0,sl_line_name); click_to_cancel=0; ObjectSetString(0,"Risk To Reward",OBJPROP_TEXT,"RR"); } } } } if (id==CHARTEVENT_OBJECT_CLICK){ if (sparam=="End"){ ObjectsDeleteAll(0,-1,-1); ExpertRemove(); }} } //+------------------------------------------------------------------+ void CreateStorageHLine(string name, double value){ ObjectDelete(name); ObjectCreate(0,name,OBJ_HLINE,0,0,value); ObjectSetInteger(0,name,OBJPROP_SELECTED,false); ObjectSetInteger(0,name,OBJPROP_SELECTABLE,false); ObjectSetInteger(0,name,OBJPROP_COLOR,clrNONE); ObjectSetInteger(0,name,OBJPROP_BACK,true); ObjectSetInteger(0,name,OBJPROP_ZORDER,0); } void CreateTestHLine(string name, double value){ ObjectDelete(name); ObjectCreate(0,name,OBJ_HLINE,0,0,value); ObjectSetInteger(0,name,OBJPROP_SELECTED,false); ObjectSetInteger(0,name,OBJPROP_SELECTABLE,false); ObjectSetInteger(0,name,OBJPROP_COLOR,clrWhite); ObjectSetInteger(0,name,OBJPROP_BACK,true); ObjectSetInteger(0,name,OBJPROP_ZORDER,0); } bool IsFirstOnInit(){ bool bbb=false; if (ObjectGetDouble(0,"First OnInit",OBJPROP_PRICE,0)==1){return true;} return bbb; } void CreateTestVLine(string name, datetime timevalue){ ObjectDelete(name); ObjectCreate(0,name,OBJ_VLINE,0,timevalue,0); ObjectSetInteger(0,name,OBJPROP_SELECTED,false); ObjectSetInteger(0,name,OBJPROP_SELECTABLE,false); ObjectSetInteger(0,name,OBJPROP_COLOR,clrNONE); ObjectSetInteger(0,name,OBJPROP_BACK,false); ObjectSetInteger(0,name,OBJPROP_ZORDER,3); } datetime SimulationTime(){ return ObjectGetInteger(0,"Simulation Time",OBJPROP_TIME,0); } int SimulationPosition(){ return iBarShift(_Symbol,_Period,SimulationTime(),false); } datetime SimulationBarTime(){ return Time[SimulationPosition()]; } void IncreaseSimulationTime(){ ObjectMove(0,"Simulation Time",0,Time[SimulationPosition()-1],0); } void NavigateToSimulationPosition(){ ChartNavigate(0,CHART_END,-1*SimulationPosition()+15); } void NotifyNotEnoughHistoricalData(){ BlankChart(); Comment("Sorry, but there is not enough historical data to load this time frame."+"\n"+ "Please load more historical data or use a higher time frame. Thank you :)");} void UnHideBar(int barindex){ ObjectDelete(0,"VLine"+IntegerToString(barindex+1)); } void BlankChart(){ ChartSetInteger(0,CHART_COLOR_FOREGROUND,clrNONE); ChartSetInteger(0,CHART_COLOR_CANDLE_BEAR,clrNONE); ChartSetInteger(0,CHART_COLOR_CANDLE_BULL,clrNONE); ChartSetInteger(0,CHART_COLOR_CHART_DOWN,clrNONE); ChartSetInteger(0,CHART_COLOR_CHART_UP,clrNONE); ChartSetInteger(0,CHART_COLOR_CHART_LINE,clrNONE); ChartSetInteger(0,CHART_COLOR_GRID,clrNONE); ChartSetInteger(0,CHART_COLOR_ASK,clrNONE); ChartSetInteger(0,CHART_COLOR_BID,clrNONE);} void UnBlankChart(){ ChartSetInteger(0,CHART_COLOR_FOREGROUND,foreground_color); ChartSetInteger(0,CHART_COLOR_CANDLE_BEAR,bear_candle_color); ChartSetInteger(0,CHART_COLOR_CANDLE_BULL,bull_candle_color); ChartSetInteger(0,CHART_COLOR_BACKGROUND,background_color); ChartSetInteger(0,CHART_COLOR_CHART_DOWN,foreground_color); ChartSetInteger(0,CHART_COLOR_CHART_UP,foreground_color); ChartSetInteger(0,CHART_COLOR_CHART_LINE,foreground_color); ChartSetInteger(0,CHART_COLOR_GRID,clrNONE); ChartSetInteger(0,CHART_COLOR_ASK,clrNONE); ChartSetInteger(0,CHART_COLOR_BID,clrNONE);} void HideBars(datetime starttime, int shift){ int startbarindex = iBarShift(_Symbol,_Period,starttime,false); ChartNavigate(0,CHART_BEGIN,0); if (Time[WindowFirstVisibleBar()]>SimulationTime()){NotifyNotEnoughHistoricalData();} if (Time[WindowFirstVisibleBar()]=0; i--){ vlinename="VLine"+IntegerToString(i); ObjectCreate(0,vlinename,OBJ_VLINE,0,Time[i],0); ObjectSetInteger(0,vlinename,OBJPROP_COLOR,background_color); ObjectSetInteger(0,vlinename,OBJPROP_BACK,false); ObjectSetInteger(0,vlinename,OBJPROP_WIDTH,vlinewidth); ObjectSetInteger(0,vlinename,OBJPROP_ZORDER,10); ObjectSetInteger(0,vlinename,OBJPROP_FILL,true); ObjectSetInteger(0,vlinename,OBJPROP_STYLE,STYLE_SOLID); ObjectSetInteger(0,vlinename,OBJPROP_SELECTED,false); ObjectSetInteger(0,vlinename,OBJPROP_SELECTABLE,false); } NavigateToSimulationPosition(); SetChartMinMax();} }//end of HideBars function void SetChartMinMax(){ int firstbar = WindowFirstVisibleBar(); int lastbar = SimulationPosition(); int lastbarwhenscrolled = WindowFirstVisibleBar()-WindowBarsPerChart(); if (lastbarwhenscrolled>lastbar){lastbar=lastbarwhenscrolled;} double highest = High[iHighest(_Symbol,_Period,MODE_HIGH,firstbar-lastbar,lastbar)]; double lowest = Low[iLowest(_Symbol,_Period,MODE_LOW,firstbar-lastbar,lastbar)]; ChartSetInteger(0,CHART_SCALEFIX,true); ChartSetDouble(0,CHART_FIXED_MAX,highest+vertical_margin*_Point); ChartSetDouble(0,CHART_FIXED_MIN,lowest-vertical_margin*_Point); } void LabelCreate(string labelname, string labeltext, int row, int column, color labelcolor){ int ylocation = row*18; int xlocation = column*10; ObjectCreate(0,labelname,OBJ_LABEL,0,0,0); ObjectSetString(0,labelname,OBJPROP_TEXT,labeltext); ObjectSetInteger(0,labelname,OBJPROP_COLOR,labelcolor); ObjectSetInteger(0,labelname,OBJPROP_FONTSIZE,10); ObjectSetInteger(0,labelname,OBJPROP_ZORDER,10); ObjectSetInteger(0,labelname,OBJPROP_BACK,false); ObjectSetInteger(0,labelname,OBJPROP_CORNER,CORNER_LEFT_UPPER); ObjectSetInteger(0,labelname,OBJPROP_ANCHOR,ANCHOR_LEFT_UPPER); ObjectSetInteger(0,labelname,OBJPROP_XDISTANCE,xlocation); ObjectSetInteger(0,labelname,OBJPROP_YDISTANCE,ylocation);} double GetHLinePrice(string name){ return ObjectGetDouble(0,name,OBJPROP_PRICE,0); } void CreateHLine(int chartid, string objectnamey, double objectprice, color linecolor, int width, int zorder, bool back, bool selected, bool selectable, string descriptionn) { ObjectDelete(chartid,objectnamey); ObjectCreate(chartid,objectnamey,OBJ_HLINE,0,0,objectprice); ObjectSetString(chartid,objectnamey,OBJPROP_TEXT,objectprice); ObjectSetInteger(chartid,objectnamey,OBJPROP_COLOR,linecolor); ObjectSetInteger(chartid,objectnamey,OBJPROP_WIDTH,width); ObjectSetInteger(chartid,objectnamey,OBJPROP_ZORDER,zorder); ObjectSetInteger(chartid,objectnamey,OBJPROP_BACK,back); ObjectSetInteger(chartid,objectnamey,OBJPROP_SELECTED,selected); ObjectSetInteger(chartid,objectnamey,OBJPROP_SELECTABLE,selectable); ObjectSetString(0,objectnamey,OBJPROP_TEXT,descriptionn); } //end of code 
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Beginners Introduction To Price Action Trading – By Nial Fuller

Free Forex Ebook Download: Beginners Introduction To Price Action Trading
What is Price Action ?
Basic Definition: Price Action Trading (P.A.T.) is the discipline of making all of your trading decisions from a stripped down or “naked” price chart. This means no lagging indicators outside of maybe a couple moving averages to help identify dynamic support and resistance areas and trend. All financial markets generate data about the movement of the price of a market over varying periods of time; this data is displayed on price charts. Price charts reflect the beliefs and actions of all participants (human or computer) trading a market during a specified period of time and these beliefs are portrayed on a market’s price chart in the form of “price action” (P.A.).
Whilst economic data and other global news events are the catalysts for price movement in a market, we don’t need to analyze them to trade the market successfully. The reason is pretty simple; all economic data and world news that causes price movement within a market is ultimately reflected via P.A. on a market’s price chart.
Since a market’s P.A. reflects all variables affecting that market for any given period of time, using lagging price indictors like stochastics, MACD, RSI, and others is just a flat waste of time. Price movement provides all the signals you will ever need to develop a profitable and high-probability trading system. These signals collectively are called price action trading strategiesand they provide a way to make sense of a market’s price movement and help predict its future movement with a high enough degree of accuracy to give you a high-probability trading strategy. “Clean” Charts vs. “Messy” Indicator-laden Charts
Download more free Forex Ebooks
Test your Forex EA and Strategy on Forex Tester or an demo account first before investing with live account. Reccomended Forex Brokers:
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Andrew Cardwell RSI Complete Course Set

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Backtesting, Overfitting, etc.

I am building an EA and I am not sure what to think about the data it is generating. My EA profits nicely over 11 years of data from one currency pair. But I think I have overfit the parameters of my EA.
In algotrading, they recommend testing the strategy on a sample of data that I did not use to backtest/optimize. People are saying that the EA should be able to work on a different set of data from the same currency pair, or on other trading pairs entirely, without any modification, in order to be considered a successful strategy.
However, I have also seen people in Forex say that an edge can disappear over time. Some say that their own EAs may only last for a year or two before failing to profit. I have seen others say that their EAs have been running for years, but require occasional adjustment. Others have said that the market may suddenly start exhibiting different behaviors than it did before, and never return to the old state.
I am having trouble reconciling the very academic approach to statistical analysis offered by algotrading with the testimonials I have seen elsewhere.
My EA worked well for the first 11 years of data for one trading pair, but it didn't do well in the 9 years prior to that. The EA did do well on a different trading pair--but using somewhat different parameters than I did for the first trading pair. Note that with the first trading pair I could adjust the parameters up and down in a wide range and still achieve similar results, whereas with the second pair there is a much narrower band of parameters that lead to success. But how narrow is too narrow of a range of success? Is all of this enough for me to conclude that I have overfitted the strategy and must try something else? Does trying something else mean throwing out this strategy and its thesis entirely?
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Forex Robot Trading - Best Expert Advisor For Automated Trading

Forex Real Profit EA provides its customers with an expert advisor who helps them with Forex robot trading. A forex robot is a specialized program, which generates trading signals via mathematical algorithms that use technical indicators. Visit our website to hire your consultant.
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Our Robo Trading account is generating consistent returns for our clients.

Our Robo Trading account is generating consistent returns for our clients.
Hey Forex Trader! Our Robo Trading account is generating consistent returns for our clients.
Contact us to know more and Join us today.
#algotrading #EA #ForexTrading
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Kin Swap FAQ + Video Tutorials + Guides (Multiple Languages)


1) Do I need to swap?
Yes. Kin is migrating to its own Blockchain which will be the only system connected to their SDKs.
If you do not transfer your Kin you will be left with the ERC-20 tokens. The Kin Foundation claims there will be an on-going one way swap method manually via Kin's support staff in the future if you miss the swap window. We have no further details on how this process will work, how long it will take or if it will always be available. Kin ERC20 tokens will not be used in the main Kin blockchain, SDK or apps.
2) Can't I swap back?
No. The original plan was to have a programmatic 1:1 swap always available. This was abandoned.
This is a one-time swap. It is only available through exchange partners.
3) Do I need to swap my Kin if it is in an app like Kik, Kinit, Kinny, Swelly or MadLipz?
No. This Kin is being migrated for you.
4) Do I need to swap my Kin if I have it in an exchange?
Yes. If your exchange is not:
Or you were not previously holding Kin on:
Then you MUST move your Kin in order to swap it. It will not swap automatically.
5) Will other exchanges support the swap?
We don't know. The Kin documentation is unclear, and it seems unlikely based on the time constraints set. If they do, there is no guarantee that there will not be a fee.
6) Are their fees for the transaction?
Kin's documentation has said partners are not charging fees. There still may be network fees. You should talk to the customer support of each service before swapping if you are worried about fees.
7) If my Kin is in a wallet like Jaxx, MEW, Coinimi, etc do I have to swap?
Yes. You must manually swap.
8) Is there any way to swap that is not an exchange?
Yes. CoinSwitch and Changelly are technically not exchanges but also support the swap.
9) Is there anyway to swap that is not a third-party service?
10) How much time do I have?
For the current exchanges you have until April 10th. (EST)
For CoinSwitch and Changelly you have until June 12th.
11) What happens after June 12th?
We have no idea. We are told there will be a manual swap method available for individuals who were unable to swap prior to that time. What this looks like is still unclear.
12) How do I swap?
Right now we are in Phase 2 of the swap, there are less options for swapping currently. You can see the Phase 2 guide here:
13) Should I use FreeWallet, AtomicWallet or TrustWallet?
Both of those services come with risks. FreeWallet is centralized and is owned by HitBTC a controversial exchange commonly accused of scamming.
AtomicWallet requires running third-party software on your system.
Neither are ideal or recommended. If you are using a wallet you should consider buying a Ledger device, or Creating a Paper Wallet?. If neither of those are an option then you can use TrustWallet by Binance.
14) Which exchange is the safest?
That is a matter of personal opinion. Right now your only option is P2PB2B
15) Should I use CoinSwitch?
CoinSwitch is an unknown and fairly new team from India. The process of switching has been smooth for some people so far, but, it is worth proceeding with caution. Multiple virus scanners such as F-Secure and McAffee also suggest it is an unsafe site.
The main problem is that to use Changelly or CoinSwitch you must either manually set up your Ledger to support Kin, or use AtomicWallet or FreeWallet - which is not advisable.
16) When will I get my Kin?
If you use the instant switching from CoinSwitch or Changelly you should get the Kin3 within a few minutes.
If you use Lykke or LAToken you will get your Kin3 March 26th.
If you use any of the other exchanges you will get your Kin3 on March 21st.
For Phase 2 using P2PB2B you will get your coins on April 12th or 13th.
17) Is Trezor supported?
18) If my Kin are in HitBTC do I need to do anything?
Technically no. But, HitBTC has very expensive withdraw fees and a pretty bad reputation. You should check out the guide below for other options.
19) If I am out of the country and away from my hardware wallet for 3-6+ months how will I deal with the swap?
This has been discussed with Kin support, they claim they will have a manual email service for people who are in this situation. No further information has been given at this time. It is unclear if any proof is required or what the process involves. It is unclear if the process is only for ICO holders.
20) What if I have Kin on Stellar from Stellarport etc?
Stellar assets like that are issued as "IOUs" from the Stellar Anchor you bought them at. They are not tokens. In theory, who ever sold you the IOU should have Kin1 tokens that they are holding in balance when issued. They should swap these tokens to Kin3 and provide you with a Kin3 IOU or the Kin3 itself. You will need to contact the support at your Stellar Anchor to confirm more.
21) Are more exchanges coming?
Yes. We know more exchanges are coming, but we have no idea when, or which exchanges.
22) I'm doing your tutorial on How to Build Manual Ledger Transactions but getting the error code op_no_destination?
This means the wallet you are trying to send to isn't activated yet. Wallets on Stellar don't get created when the keypair is generated, they get created by another wallet activating and funding them. You must use the operation "CreateAccount" rather than "Payment" when building the transaction.
23) I'm doing your tutorial on How to Build Manual Ledger Transactions but getting the error code Unsupported Media Type?
Most likely you are on the Kin test network and not the main network. Check the upper right hand corner of the lab and switch to the public network.
24) How do I transfer from MEW?
Simply follow either the How to Swap Kin with Exchanges (Beginners) or How to Swap Kin with Ledger (Advanced Users Only) but instead of sending from a Ledger send the tokens from your MEW wallet. If you choose to do the instant swap you'll need to have a Kin3 compatible wallet such as a paper wallet (How to create a Kin Paper Wallet/What is a Paper Wallet?)
24) I have other questions not answered here?
I've set up a specific Question Thread to better keep track of issues.
25) Where can I stay up to date on this stuff?
Since there hasn't been much official guidance, I've been tweeting about important updates as they develop. You can follow the account I set up here: @crypto_adamsc1


International Guides:


Kin FAQ in other languages:

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How to get started in Forex - A comprehensive guide for newbies

Almost every day people come to this subreddit asking the same basic questions over and over again. I've put this guide together to point you in the right direction and help you get started on your forex journey.

A quick background on me before you ask: My name is Bob, I'm based out of western Canada. I started my forex journey back in January 2018 and am still learning. However I am trading live, not on demo accounts. I also code my own EA's. I not certified, licensed, insured, or even remotely qualified as a professional in the finance industry. Nothing I say constitutes financial advice. Take what I'm saying with a grain of salt, but everything I've outlined below is a synopsis of some tough lessons I've learned over the last year of being in this business.


I'm going to call you stupid. I'm also going to call you dumb. I'm going to call you many other things. I do this because odds are, you are stupid, foolish,and just asking to have your money taken away. Welcome to the 95% of retail traders. Perhaps uneducated or uninformed are better phrases, but I've never been a big proponent of being politically correct.

Want to get out of the 95% and join the 5% of us who actually make money doing this? Put your grown up pants on, buck up, and don't give me any of this pc "This is hurting my feelings so I'm not going to listen to you" bullshit that the world has been moving towards.

Let's rip the bandage off quickly on this point - the world does not give a fuck about you. At one point maybe it did, it was this amazing vision nicknamed the American Dream. It died an agonizing, horrible death at the hand of capitalists and entrepreneurs. The world today revolves around money. Your money, my money, everybody's money. People want to take your money to add it to theirs. They don't give a fuck if it forces you out on the street and your family has to live in cardboard box. The world just stopped caring in general. It sucks, but it's the way the world works now. Welcome to the new world order. It's called Capitalism.

And here comes the next hard truth that you will need to accept - Forex is a cruel bitch of a mistress. She will hurt you. She will torment you. She will give you nightmares. She will keep you awake at night. And then she will tease you with a glimmer of hope to lure you into a false sense of security before she then guts you like a fish and shows you what your insides look like. This statement applies to all trading markets - they are cruel, ruthless, and not for the weak minded.

The sooner you accept these truths, the sooner you will become profitable. Don't accept it? That's fine. Don't bother reading any further. If I've offended you I don't give a fuck. You can run back home and hide under your bed. The world doesn't care and neither do I.

For what it's worth - I am not normally an major condescending asshole like the above paragraphs would suggest. In fact, if you look through my posts on this subreddit you will see I am actually quite helpful most of the time to many people who come here. But I need you to really understand that Forex is not for most people. It will make you cry. And if the markets themselves don't do it, the people in the markets will.


Save yourself and everybody here a bunch of time - learn the basics of forex. You can learn the basics for free - BabyPips has one of the best free courses online which explains what exactly forex is, how it works, different strategies and methods of how to approach trading, and many other amazing topics.

You can access the BabyPips course by clicking this link:

Do EVERY course in the School of Pipsology. It's free, it's comprehensive, and it will save you from a lot of trouble. It also has the added benefit of preventing you from looking foolish and uneducated when you come here asking for help if you already know this stuff.

If you still have questions about how forex works, please see the FREE RESOURCES links on the /Forex FAQ which can be found here:

Quiz Time
Answer these questions truthfully to yourself:

-What is the difference between a market order, a stop order, and a limit order?
-How do you draw a support/resistance line? (Demonstrate it to yourself)
-What is the difference between MACD, RSI, and Stochastic indicators?
-What is fundamental analysis and how does it differ from technical analysis and price action trading?
-True or False: It's better to have a broker who gives you 500:1 margin instead of 50:1 margin. Be able to justify your reasoning.

If you don't know to answer to any of these questions, then you aren't ready to move on. Go back to the School of Pipsology linked above and do it all again.

If you can answer these questions without having to refer to any kind of reference then congratulations, you are ready to move past being a forex newbie and are ready to dive into the wonderful world of currency trading! Move onto Lesson 2 below.


This may come as a bit of a shock to you, but that random stranger on instagram who is posting about how he is killing it on forex is not trying to insprire you to greatness. He's also not trying to help you. He's also not trying to teach you how to attain financial freedom.

99.99999% of people posting about wanting to help you become rich in forex are LYING TO YOU.

Why would such nice, polite people do such a thing? Because THEY ARE TRYING TO PROFIT FROM YOUR STUPIDITY.

Plain and simple. Here's just a few ways these "experts" and "gurus" profit from you:

These are just a few examples. The reality is that very few people make it big in forex or any kind of trading. If somebody is trying to sell you the dream, they are essentially a magician - making you look the other way while they snatch your wallet and clean you out.

Additionally, on the topic of fund managers - legitimate fund managers will be certified, licensed, and insured. Ask them for proof of those 3 things. What they typically look like are:

If you are talking to a fund manager and they are insisting they have all of these, get a copy of their verification documents and lookup their licenses on the directories of the issuers to verify they are valid. If they are, then at least you are talking to somebody who seems to have their shit together and is doing investment management and trading as a professional and you are at least partially protected when the shit hits the fan.


Many people jump into Forex, drop $2000 into a broker account and start trading 1 lot orders because they signed up with a broker thinking they will get rich because they were given 500:1 margin and can risk it all on each trade. Worst-case scenario you lose your account, best case scenario you become a millionaire very quickly. Seems like a pretty good gamble right? You are dead wrong.

As a new trader, you should never risk more than 1% of your account balance on a trade. If you have some experience and are confident and doing well, then it's perfectly natural to risk 2-3% of your account per trade. Anybody who risks more than 4-5% of their account on a single trade deserves to blow their account. At that point you aren't trading, you are gambling. Don't pretend you are a trader when really you are just putting everything on red and hoping the roulette ball lands in the right spot. It's stupid and reckless and going to screw you very quickly.

Let's do some math here:

You put $2,000 into your trading account.
Risking 1% means you are willing to lose $20 per trade. That means you are going to be trading micro lots, or 0.01 lots most likely ($0.10/pip). At that level you can have a trade stop loss at -200 pips and only lose $20. It's the best starting point for anybody. Additionally, if you SL 20 trades in a row you are only down $200 (or 10% of your account) which isn't that difficult to recover from.
Risking 3% means you are willing to lose $60 per trade. You could do mini lots at this point, which is 0.1 lots (or $1/pip). Let's say you SL on 20 trades in a row. You've just lost $1,200 or 60% of your account. Even veteran traders will go through periods of repeat SL'ing, you are not a special snowflake and are not immune to periods of major drawdown.
Risking 5% means you are willing to lose $100 per trade. SL 20 trades in a row, your account is blown. As Red Foreman would call it - Good job dumbass.

Never risk more than 1% of your account on any trade until you can show that you are either consistently breaking even or making a profit. By consistently, I mean 200 trades minimum. You do 200 trades over a period of time and either break-even or make a profit, then you should be alright to increase your risk.

Unfortunately, this is where many retail traders get greedy and blow it. They will do 10 trades and hit their profit target on 9 of them. They will start seeing huge piles of money in their future and get greedy. They will start taking more risk on their trades than their account can handle.

200 trades of break-even or profitable performance risking 1% per trade. Don't even think about increasing your risk tolerance until you do it. When you get to this point, increase you risk to 2%. Do 1,000 trades at this level and show break-even or profit. If you blow your account, go back down to 1% until you can figure out what the hell you did differently or wrong, fix your strategy, and try again.

Once you clear 1,000 trades at 2%, it's really up to you if you want to increase your risk. I don't recommend it. Even 2% is bordering on gambling to be honest.


This is a rule I created for myself and it's a great way to help protect your account from blowing.

Sometimes the market goes insane. Like really insane. Insane to the point that your broker can't keep up and they can't hold your orders to the SL and TP levels you specified. They will try, but during a flash crash like we had at the start of January 2019 the rules can sometimes go flying out the window on account of the trading servers being unable to keep up with all the shit that's hitting the fan.

Because of this I live by a rule I call the 500 Pip Drawdown Rule and it's really quite simple - Have enough funds in your account to cover a 500 pip drawdown on your largest open trade. I don't care if you set a SL of -50 pips. During a flash crash that shit sometimes just breaks.

So let's use an example - you open a 0.1 lot short order on USDCAD and set the SL to 50 pips (so you'd only lose $50 if you hit stoploss). An hour later Trump makes some absurd announcement which causes a massive fundamental event on the market. A flash crash happens and over the course of the next few minutes USDCAD spikes up 500 pips, your broker is struggling to keep shit under control and your order slips through the cracks. By the time your broker is able to clear the backlog of orders and activity, your order closes out at 500 pips in the red. You just lost $500 when you intended initially to only risk $50.

It gets kinda scary if you are dealing with whole lot orders. A single order with a 500 pip drawdown is $5,000 gone in an instant. That will decimate many trader accounts.

Remember my statements above about Forex being a cruel bitch of a mistress? I wasn't kidding.

Granted - the above scenario is very rare to actually happen. But glitches to happen from time to time. Broker servers go offline. Weird shit happens which sets off a fundamental shift. Lots of stuff can break your account very quickly if you aren't using proper risk management.


Generally speaking, there are 3 trading methodologies that traders employ. It's important to figure out what method you intend to use before asking for help. Each has their pros and cons, and you can combine them in a somewhat hybrid methodology but that introduces challenges as well.

In a nutshell:

Now you may be thinking that you want to be a a price action trader - you should still learn the principles and concepts behind TA and FA. Same if you are planning to be a technical trader - you should learn about price action and fundamental analysis. More knowledge is better, always.

With regards to technical analysis, you need to really understand what the different indicators are tell you. It's very easy to misinterpret what an indicator is telling you, which causes you to make a bad trade and lose money. It's also important to understand that every indicator can be tuned to your personal preferences.

You might find, for example, that using Bollinger Bands with the normal 20 period SMA close, 2 standard deviation is not effective for how you look at the chart, but changing that to say a 20 period EMA average price, 1 standard deviation bollinger band indicator could give you significantly more insight.


Understanding the differences in which timeframes you trade on will make or break your chosen strategy. Some strategies work really well on Daily timeframes (i.e. Ichimoku) but they fall flat on their face if you use them on 1H timeframes, for example.

There is no right or wrong answer on what timeframe is best to trade on. Generally speaking however, there are 2 things to consider:

If you are a total newbie to forex, I suggest you don't trade on anything shorter than the 1H timeframe when you are first learning. Trading on higher timeframes tends to be much more forgiving and profitable per trade. Scalping is a delicate art and requires finesse and can be very challenging when you are first starting out.


Yeah...I'm a geek and grew up with the Transformers franchise decades before Michael Bay came along. Deal with it.

Forex bots are called EA's (Expert Advisors). They can be wonderous and devastating at the same time. /Forex is not really the best place to get help with them. That is what /algotrading is useful for. However some of us that lurk on /Forex code EA's and will try to assist when we can.

Anybody can learn to code an EA. But just like how 95% of retail traders fail, I would estimate the same is true for forex bots. Either the strategy doesn't work, the code is buggy, or many other reasons can cause EA's to fail. Because EA's can often times run up hundreds of orders in a very quick period of time, it's critical that you test them repeatedly before letting them lose on a live trading account so they don't blow your account to pieces. You have been warned.

If you want to learn how to code an EA, I suggest you start with MQL. It's a programming language which can be directly interpretted by Meta Trader. The Meta Trader terminal client even gives you a built in IDE for coding EA's in MQL. The downside is it can be buggy and glitchy and caused many frustrating hours of work to figure out what is wrong.

If you don't want to learn MQL, you can code an EA up in just about any programming language. Python is really popular for forex bots for some reason. But that doesn't mean you couldn't do it in something like C++ or Java or hell even something more unusual like JQuery if you really wanted.

I'm not going to get into the finer details of how to code EA's, there are some amazing guides out there. Just be careful with them. They can be your best friend and at the same time also your worst enemy when it comes to forex.

One final note on EA's - don't buy them. Ever. Let me put this into perspective - I create an EA which is literally producing money for me automatically 24/5. If it really is a good EA which is profitable, there is no way in hell I'm selling it. I'm keeping it to myself to make a fortune off of. EA's that are for sale will not work, will blow your account, and the developer who coded it will tell you that's too darn bad but no refunds. Don't ever buy an EA from anybody.


You are going to find that this subreddit is frequented by trolls. Some of them will get really nasty. Some of them will threaten you. Some of them will just make you miserable. It's the price you pay for admission to the /Forex club.

If you can't handle it, then I suggest you don't post here. Find a more newbie-friendly site. It sucks, but it's reality.

We often refer to trolls on this subreddit as shitcunts. That's your word of the day. Learn it, love it. Shitcunts.


If you've made it through all of the above and aren't cringing or getting scared, then welcome aboard the forex train! You will fit in nicely here. Ask your questions and the non-shitcunts of our little corner of reddit will try to help you.

Assuming this post doesn't get nuked and I don't get banned for it, I'll add more lessons to this post over time. Lessons I intend to add in the future:
If there is something else you feel should be included please drop a comment and I'll add it to the above list of pending topics.



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Strategy 2000$ in 10 minutes never loses very easy trick 2019

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Strategy 2000$ in 10 minutes never loses very easy trick 2019

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