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Vale a pena entrar em sites de trade? tipo binomo e iq option?

Sou totalmente desinformado no assunto e tava pensando em ganhar uma graninha, vale a pena se arriscar nesses territorios?
vlw pela ajuda ai
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Binomo Review 2022

Binomo Review 2022
The financial market is flourishing with young traders investing in financial markets. The change in the market scenario is also bringing in technological advancement.
Several brokers are coming up to support traders and offer the best trading services. Binomo is one of the brokers providing the best trading features and tools. To learn more about the broker, we have a brief Binomo review.
The review will guide traders to understand brokers and how it works to serve traders online.
What is Binomo?
Binomo is an Indian broker offering its trading services. It is a legitimate trading platform with proper regulations and security for traders.
The broker caters to more than 113 countries.
However, it is prevalent in India, Brazil, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Turkey.
The exchange was introduced in 2014 under the ownership of the Dolphin corporation. The platform has more than 9 lakh active traders and 30,000,000 successful weekly trades.

Is Binomo safe?

Binomo is a safe trading platform with the International Financial Commission (IFC) regulation. The authority looks after its trading services and ensures a secure trading environment.
Thousands of traders use the platform for advanced trading services. Also, the broker is categorising as A member of the regulatory body. Therefore, the broker works according to industry standards to offer the best possible trading.
In addition, client risks come under the insurance of Binomo of $20,000 to protect in disputes.

How to start trading at Binomo?

Traders can easily register and be a user of Binomo broker services. Here we have the process of how they can trade with the trading platform:


The first step to begin investing with Binomo is by getting registration. Traders can register easily with Binomo. By providing basic details such as name, number, address, email id, and payment method, traders can register on the platform.
Next, they must get the broker's validation to access the platform.

Demo Trading

Binomo also provides traders with the feature of actual and reel trading. In addition, traders can use a demo account to practise trading with virtual funds.
They can experience real market investments and use strategies, tools, and other facilities.
The broker offers $1000 as a virtual currency to invest in assets. Thus, an excellent way to learn to trade for beginners in the market.
Traders learn without actual investment and are familiar with the financial world.

Real-Time Trading

Binomo is a straightforward and less expensive platform. Traders can begin trading with a minimum deposit of $10. In addition, it allows traders to place orders at $1. Traders can select the asset and use market trends, indicators, and tools to analyse the market.
Next, they can open their position and keep analysing to find the best opportunities.


Like deposits, the withdrawals at Binomo are simple. Therefore, traders can make quick and easy withdrawals. However, the platform requires traders to cross a specific limit of trades to free withdrawals.
A trader having below-the-limit withdrawals pays 10% fees. Also, it requires the information in support of the account to be proper and complete. Traders with incomplete and wrong information cannot access deposits and withdrawals.
The broker provides the withdrawal amount within three working days from the withdrawal request.
The payment method that traders can use are:
  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Neteller
  • Jeton

Binomo Trading App

Binomo is gaining popularity with time which calls for having a trading app to make access easy. Traders can download and install the app on their mobile devices to trade anytime and anywhere.
The platform works for iOS and Android mobile devices. Traders can get notifications and alerts and monitor trade with the app. Also, they can perform several other advanced features.


Binomo review is a short introduction to the trading platform. It gives brief details on the broker's history and is safe for traders. Besides, traders can know how they can begin trading with Binomo.
Simple registration to open an account and deposit funds. Traders get to trade in the market. Also, they can use a demo account to practise and a trading app to trade anywhere.
Overall a complete package for traders to get support from the broker and invest easily.
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NewsWatch TV Reviews The Best Forex News Sites

News, especially international news, is the lifeblood of every Forex trader. However, not all Forex news sites offer the best, or the most complete information. And since timing and global market analysis is everything in the Forex world, having the most current and thorough information on global events and market conditions will likely influence investment decisions. As in war, getting critical information is the key to victory.
NewsWatch TV Reviews
One of the most widely acknowledged Forex news site is BusinessWeek. It is the website of the same magazine bearing its name, and its main advantage is the efficient organization of its news. The latest events on any part of the globe can be easily pinpointed and accessed by viewing the different sections and through a handy search box. And the news reports carried within these sections are of very good quality, being uploaded continuously throughout the day as it happens. There are plenty of topics on forex and even include free access videos. Another great thing about this site is that there are dedicated sections for small businesses and investing, which contain annual reports and stock information. All of these make the site a veritable goldmine of current business events.
Newswatch reviews
Another well acknowledged site is Reuters. This group is well known for its global and very thorough coverage (facilitated by its staff of 15,000 people scattered over 91 countries), and the quality of their site reflects this dedication. What's useful to forex traders will be the Investing section, and a page called Reuters Financial Products which seeks to educate investors on various business aspects. Reuters also supports FX trading, and a lot of news about the market is available at the site.
NewsWatch Cost
Then there is Bloomberg. It also has global and thorough coverage, but what sets this site apart is its dedication to financial data analysis. As such it has a dedicated portion on its home page which displays FX rates, equity indexes, and a lot of other financial information. There is also a dedicated section tackling stocks, mutual funds and even an economic calculator. There are even investment tools provided on site to further assist the investors in analysis.
Newswatch AMC
These three forex news sites are among the most well-cited by several reviews, which all attest to their usefulness in the financial realm. It is best to see each one individually to determine if they will actually be suitable for one's specific needs and information requirements.
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24/7 live news sites or channels about forex/global economy

Hello, I'm interested if anybody knows some good live news feed about the global economy, websites/channels/.. Thank you
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Forex news sites that explain what actually moved the market

Any (free?) suggestions where I can find news sites that explain why the market moved?
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FOV Review - Assetto Corsa

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Why are there many people on social media sites sending out private messages to people to try to lure them into the "forex trading scam" where they send you to a fake website to steal your money? Is this actually successful?

Forex trading scams has actually been successful in recent times due to the fact that the trading community is growing up and everyone wants to make money.
Forex scams tend to lure traders in with the promise of high returns on their investment with little to no risk. From adverts on social media to setting up fake websites, fraudsters use lots of tactics to trick investors into handing over their money. The scammers often disappear after they’ve received payment, leaving investors with nothing.
A growing number of scammers use social media to advertise fraudulent investment opportunities. They often use images and videos of luxury items to trick people into making an investment. If you’re contacted out of the blue about a forex investment opportunity, it’s likely to be a scam. Never transfer money to the firm/broker if they do.
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Hurricane Forex Trading Mastodon Server and our other sites

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Tumblr’s official review of most popular Genshin Impact Characters on the site in 2022

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Site for Forex Traders

Site for Forex Traders
This website will help you stay afloat in the Forex game, it’s so packed and tailored for Forex traders ready to scale their game
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Why Does Forex trading site want me to fund using Bitcoin?

Hey, does anyone here have experience having to fund their trading account with bitcoin?
I met someone on Instagram. Has an account with more than 11k followers. Seemed like a legit. Person. The type that does the I will teach you how to trade, or trade for you and keep 40% of the gains.
So I said ok.
I wanted to give it a try. Feel like I'm window shopping and passing by all these opportunities to learn new things just because of my bias filter that says "scam" each time I hear Bit coin or something new...
Usually my gut feeling and how these people come across tells me no.. but this time I was like "yes" let me try and find out.
So, the guy asks "how much would you like to start with". I say "I'd like to fund 100, and 50-100 continuously every month." And the guy said "ok".
Then he sends me this link (I won't share it) not sure if it violates group policies or comes across as promoting.
Anyway. I get the link and go to the website to sign up. Then to veryfimyself it asked me to upload my drivers license or ID etc. And that it would take up to 3 days to verify.
In the mean time he (my account manager) tells me to fund using Bitcoin because apparently its faster.
Is that true? Is it a thing now to fund trading accounts even those that trade stocks and forex with bitcoin?
Please don't just reply and say "scam." Please give me a rational opinion or an experienced based answer. Trying to figure out if I should proceed or not.
Thank you.
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[Steam] Weeklong Sale • Up to 90% • +200 deals with at least 100 reviews • Assetto Corsa (80%), Generation Zero (80%), Watch_Dogs 2 (80%), Cloudpunk (65%), Hunt: Showdown (60%), Steelrising (35%) and more

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Notice: It is possible that Reddit may introduce affiliates in the links without my authorization, so if you want to support me, I recommend entering through my website.
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⚠️ De nouveaux sites non-autorisés proposent des investissements sur le Forex ⚠️

L'AMF et l'ACPR a publié une nouvelle liste de sites web n'ayant aucune autorisation pour proposer des investissements sur le Forex, la voici :
The AMF and the ACPR have published a new list of websites that are not authorised to offer Forex investments:
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I found it odd that Skill Up makes no mention that he is friends with GoW writer Alanah Pearce in his review. Then it hit me. Was she really hired over connections or... was it her massive influence on YouTube creators and gaming sites. Let's dive deeper

I found it odd that Skill Up makes no mention that he is friends with GoW writer Alanah Pearce in his review. Then it hit me. Was she really hired over connections or... was it her massive influence on YouTube creators and gaming sites. Let's dive deeper submitted by VGperson to KotakuInAction [link] [comments]

Scam Warning -Turbo Review: Forex trading bot securities fraud (Canary Islands - Faber, Merino, Brito) Interpol has details and offering reward. - UNREGISTERD - Beware. Aliases also used all including the word "Turbo".

Scam Warning -Turbo Review: Forex trading bot securities fraud (Canary Islands - Faber, Merino, Brito) Interpol has details and offering reward. - UNREGISTERD - Beware. Aliases also used all including the word submitted by AlmostThereKids to Scamorama [link] [comments]

Just today I have removed about 5 KIA re-design posts, 5 no-context feedback requests, and banned 10 people for putting links to their Fiverr sites. It might be a good time to review the rules:

1. Work offer or request (free or paid).
Don't even say "I've got a friend, here's his link"
2. Low effort post (seeking free consultency)
This means KIA re-designs and feedback requests with zero information.
3. Crowd sourced or spec work link
We hate Fiverr. We hate DesignCrowd. We hate all crowd-sourced sites. Don't post anything from any place like that. If you put a link, it can be to your portfolio, and that's about it.
4. Meme, image macro, or social media screencaps
5. Sharing personal information
6. Spam
7. Uncivil or disrespectful
Don't insult people, critique their work.8. Other violation of reddit sitewide policies
9. Asking for feedback
GIVE US CONTEXT. We can't critique something we know nothing about.
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Get timely and updated #forex news on WikiFx 24/7 via the site and mobile apps

Get timely and updated #forex news on WikiFx 24/7 via the site and mobile apps
They is always news on Forex and the economy at large 24/7 available on WikiFx, We do your homework by making the research, visit us now for full coverage on 24hrs news
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YouTube Binomo Review - SCAM SYSTEM! Binomo  Live Trading Session  Live Earning Proof  Crypto Market Strategy Sunday Trading Strategy How to earn Money Online  Binomo  Swaggy d - YouTube Rs.4000 Profit Binomo Como Operar na Binomo - Funcionalidades e Ferramentas ... Earn Money Daily From Binomo Without Investment  Invest 0 ... Is Binomo a scam or legit broker?Binomo Review OPÇÕES BINÁRIAS - USE ESSE SITE COMO SINAIS E SEJA FELIZ ...

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SEJA UM AFILIADO! ABRA UMA CONTA NO LINK ABAIXO: APRENDA MINHAS ESTRATÉGIAS PESSOAIS: https://www.cursoretraca... Register on Binomo and get free 1000 $ to your demo-account: How to earn Money Online Binomo Swaggy d #How #to #earn #Money #Online... Welcome Back 😊 Visit Binomo Download App : Binomo Link For PC / laptop : Join Telegram Cha... ME SIGA NO INSTAGRAM (TraderCamargo): acesse: LINK PARA TREINAMENTOS , PLANILHAS DE GERENCIAMENTOS E MAIS...: https:... Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. business ideas in tamil,tamilnadu,small business ideas in tamil,business ideas,small business ideas - Duration: 4:49. BLUE MEN business ideas in tamil 211,532 views Before Starting To Trade On The Platform, The Client Needs To Analyze Their Financial Capabilities And Familiarise Themselves With The Terms Of The Agreement On The Provision Of Services On The Site." Is Binomo a scam or legit broker? No, it is not safe to trade with Binomo. Binomo is owned by Dolphin Corp., which is an offshore company registered in St. Vincent and the Grenadine. We advise all ... My online review seeks to showcase a few unpleasant hard facts relating to the internet marketing world and, in particular, all of the Get Rich Quick software applications being created and ... Curso Opções Binárias que Recomendo: Cadastre-se nas melhores corretoras: #1 Iq Option: #2 Bin...