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[Table] I am deafblind. AMA

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Date: 2014-01-18
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Have you ever been Bill Murray's personal assistant? Of course! I transcribe all of his voice mail and pick out paintings for him to buy.
Thank you so much for doing this AMA. This may sound stupid, but regards to you living conditions, are you currently living with another person or by yourself? Also, are you having any anxiety about losing your eyesight? I live with my boyfriend, but I lived by myself for a few years before he moved in with me. I take care of most of the stuff around the house (cooking, cleaning, etc.). I also work a little online as a writer, but it can be tough, especially now that I'm adjusting to a new life. There's definitely anxiety and fear, but ina weird way, it was worse when I had better vision. I had quite good vision until about 2 years ago when my central vision started to get distorted and my peripheral vision constricted quite suddenly. I was very angry and scared when that happened, but as I've been learning how to adapt, how to approach life in a new way, it has been getting better. I'm still afraid of the moment (if it really ever comes) when I go completely blind but I try not to think aobut it too much. You can't change what will happen so I'm trying very hard not to dwell on what the future holds and appreciate what I have now.
Have any advancements been made since Helen Keller's time in regards to communication? What kinds of things are you doing to prepare for blindness, such as learning Braille? Advancements since HK's time: lots.
Technology has been a wonderful thing. For one, a refreshable braille reader (Link to en.wikipedia.org makes tons of things more accessible. There are a number of deafblind people who use a refreshable braille display to communicate (they can hook it up with an ipad and they can type back and forth).
Of course, there is the cochlear implants (CIs). I got one fairly early in my life, so it has been tremendously helpful. It's not like a hearing person's hearing, but it helps me orient myself more. I can't use my CI in the same way that a blind person can use their hearing, but it definitely helps. (I can hear if a car is close by, I can talk to a number of people, etc.)
Perparations for the future.
I started to learn Braille when my vision took a sudden nosedive aobut 1.5 years ago. I'm at about 60% of my old reading speed. I'm also using a white cane, which requries training. I've also been doing some training with deafblind orientation and mobility experts who teach me a few tricks I can use in my everyday life. I'm also acquainting myself with technology (refreshable braille displays are a biggie, but there are others).
Ah, a few more things that I've been doing to prepare for the future: • working on my hearing. Since I have a CI, I want to improve my hearing as much as possible. I've been starting to listen to radio shows (NPR, etc). I was never comfortable doing that before, but I think I'm getting better.
• learning tactile sign language - I'm fluent in ASL already. (It was my first language.) I'd like to keep my connection to the Deaf community and still have interpreters when I need one.
Thanks for AMA. don't want to be nosey lol but how is your love life? For example has your boyfriend learn ways to communicate with you? Did you meet him before your condition worsen? Hope I'm not over stepping lol. Hahaha, eh I'm a pretty open person.
I have a cochlear implant and can speak/listen really well with people I'm familiar with. We've been together for about 10 years, so I know his voice really well. He knows some sign language and he'll do some tactile sign language in the mornings when I'm groggy and have my CI off.
I met him in college, so he knew m e when my vision was quite good. I had trouble with night blindness back then, but otherwise, it was not bad. Soon after we started to actually date, I told him what was in store for me since I didn't want to surprise anyone (and I didn't want to be with anyone who couldn't handle it). So, he knew...but the recent vision loss has been really hard on him. Maybe...even harder than on me. The worst thing is that he doesn't have anyone to talk to about it since I think most of his friends aren't equipped to deal with stuff like this. It really sucks for him because I'm really not the best person to talk to about my vision loss since it's still (and probably will always be) very emotional. In a way, he's the one getting screwed, not always in a good way (although I do try to do my best in that department).
Ha ha ha ha ha that last part was funny lol I can see why he might be hurting more. Maybe. Just saying. He wishes he could take it away. Not being able to do anything hurts the most. Maybe he can talk with people on one of these sub reddits. Until then thanks for answering :) No problem. Yeah maybe he should look for an outlet online instead of face-to-face. That's a good idea!
My friend asked me a question yesterday, and I told him to look for an AMA, and here you are. His question was "What language do deaf people think in?" While I tried to explain that it was in whatever language they learned, he clarified to say "well, even if they learned to speak it, they have no idea what they sound like. So what goes through their head?" I agree with you. It's more about what language they learned. I also think it's about what language they're currently perceiving. For example, if I'm using ASL with friends, I think in signs. I'll actually visualize it in my head. If I'm speaking (I have a CI, so I have some grasp of what sound is like), I "hear" my words. If I'm reading, I'll almost conceptualize words,e etc. ** As to your friend's comment about deaf people who learn how to speak, I'd say that most deaf people who speak have some degree of hearing. It's almost impossible to teach someone who has no hearing at all to speak fluently. So, I think they still think in their main language. **
1) what are your favorite books? 2) favorite food? 3) favorite ice cream flavor? 4) favorite quote? 5) (the question I REALLY wanna ask but will understand if you dont want to answer) what do you envision love-making will be like down the road when your vision is eventually gone? Man, I can't believe I'm saying this but my favorite quote is from Helen Keller. "The only thing worse than being blind is having sight, but no vision." It reminds me that my brain is what's importnat not what I see or hear. Aha! I was wondering when the sex questions would come. Actually, I have wondered! I've had sex blindfolded and without my CI and...it's funny because it actually makes the experience more intense. I feel touch more intensely, which is...a quite desirable thing during sex. Interestingly, without my CI, I feel less inhibited during sex. I'm not as worried about if my implant is falling off, if I'm making weird noises, whatever. That being said, I've thought about my ability to get partners. It really depresses me to think that I can't get a partner as easily and a lot of men won't find me attractive anymore. (There has been a marked change in how men treat me ever since I started using a cane, and it kind of sucks.) I feel like I won't ever be able to have easy, meaningless sex as women my age can. To be honest, I resent that a little although logically, I know I'm probably not missing out on a lot, but still...it sounds like fun.
Have you found away to experience "art"? I love art and music, but that is nearly impossible for you. Have you found ways to enjoy the artistic contributions of other people? There are lots of way to be creative and artistic.
I'd say that my main creative and artistic channel is words and writing. I read about 50-80 books a year. I'm actually writing a novel right now. I'm also an active writer online. I feel like writing and words give me a platform where I'm truly equal. I have Braille, after all. Stories make me happier than anything else in the world.
I still like visual art. I used to be obsessed with art history and paintings. I painted a lot when I ws a teenager, but I haven't done much of it in a while. I recently started to draw some more things, and I think I'd like to do more of that. I've been looking into an iPad app that will let me zoom in and apply certain colors/paints. (I need high contrast to see well, so my drawings/paintings tend to be bold and aggressive in a way.)
It's weird, music has been one of my least favorite artistic outlets. I played a few instruments when I was a kid (trying to copy my older sister, of all things). But music doesn't seem to move me emotionally as it does for other people. That being said, when I can feel the music, it's a lot more fun. (Tip: the best way to feel music is actually get a balloon and hold it in your hands near a speaker.) I prefer words over music for my emotional needs.
My graduate program centered on interactive communications, and a big part of it was developing assistive tech. Are there (or do you anticipate) any devices that so far do not exist, that you can see being useful? Braille GPS - I have a refreshable braille display, but it's extremely impractical to use when I'm moving around. There are GPS apps for blind folks, but since I can't hear well in noisy environments, that doesn't work for me. I'd looove a braille GPS so I don't have to memorize the route beforehand, which can be hard and confusing. Of course, the market for this is kind of small. :)
This is probably not possible, but in my dream world, I'd love to have some kind of portable vibrator or alert system so I can know when to cross the street. Some busy streets don't have any kind of alert system and the traffic flows in such a way that it's really hard to know when to cross. Pretty sure this tech isn't possible, but throwing that out there.
That's all I can really think of. I think mobility can be a big issue because blind people use their hearing a lot to orient themselves, but deafblind people can't.
I glanced through the comments, and I somehow did not see anyone ask... How are you doing this AMA? I'm not fully blind. I have about 20/300 vision in one eye, and 20/100 vision in the other eye. (The difference makes it hard to focus though.) I have a HUGE monitor so I can enlarge the text without any problems. I also can invert colors, which helps my reading. I definitely read slower now than before though. Yay technology.
That's actually great to hear, imagine if you'd been born some 50 years ago! Yeah, I think about that too. And a lot of the great stuff has only come out in the last few years. (For example...the iPad is great for people with visual impairments and its braille stuff is quite amazing).
This may be weird but I've never met anyone deaf or blind. I always wanted to know are your other senses really increased? Like do you feel vibrations really well or smell things really well? This might be a dumb question but I've always wanted to know. Not a dumb question at all! I think I have a more acute sense of smell and taste than a lot of people. I remember this one time that I went out with a friend to a brewery, and he got a flight of drinks. I was able to identify each drink type (lager, ale, stout, etc. etc.) by taste and smell alone. It's a cool parlor trick. As for vibrations, it's hard for me to tell sometimes. I'll ask someone, "Hey, I feel something, is there something going on?" and s/he will say no, and I'm not sure if I'm just getting phantom vibrations or what. I'm not sure if I have a better sense of touch per se or I just know how to interpret tactile information better. For example, the other day my coffeemaker was kind of making those weird vibrations. After thinking about it for a little and investigating, I figured out that there was something stuck in the grinder. Coffee is important!
I want to ask you this- Are you religious? I'm just curious, that's all. Sorry if it doesn't sound so. Thank You for doing this AMA. You and your boyfriend are amazing amazing. Good luck! No, it makes sense that you'd be curious. Religion has never been a big part of my life. My parents go to church, but they were never really one of those types that read the Bible at all times. In fact, I feel like they go to church more for social reasons. I'm not sure if my deafblindness has affected my beliefs, but I have a hard time believing that there's anything like divine destiny. Things happen because things happen. There's no particular reason for it. In a way, I think being an antagonistic has given me more comfort in the sense I don't believe that "God did this to me." He/She/It didn't. It just happened.
What size font do you prefer? Does this help? I usually prefer size 24 font, but I can read 18 and even 16 but I'll make mistakes. You know, bolding doesn't always help since they might make the words run together if the words are spaced too closely together. That being said, with the proper spacing, bolding does help.
Does the idea of completely losing your vision scare you? Yeah, the thought of going completely blind is pretty unsettling. I'll lose a lot of my independence then. I can still see quite a bit so I can navigate. But without hearing to help me out, it'll be hard for me to get around unassisted.
Would you have rather been born completely deaf and blind or would you prefer how it turned out? I prefer my current condition over being born deaf and blind. It's pretty hard for a lot of people to educate and communicate with a child who is deaf-blind from birth. A lot of them don't get past a certain developmental stage. I was just born deaf so, I was able to learn how to read quickly, and I got a lot more out of my CI becusae I could start off using it with lipreading and visual cues. I think developmentally speaking, I'd definitely go with born deaf/go blind. Although it's tougher emotionally, but, youc an't win everything, I guess.
If you could choose between completely restoring your vision and completely restoring your hearing, which would you choose? I'd choose restoring my vision in a split second. I was born deaf, so I'm so used to it that it's hard for me to imagine that being blind is better than being deaf. The funny thing is that I met a woman who ws born with a visual impairment and lost her hearing ltaer on, and she felt that being born blind was much better than being born deaf. So, I guess it's about what your baseline is. Mine is being deaf, since I already know how to live my life as a deaf person. I'm not as familiar with how to life my life as a hearing blind person.
Also I'm holding out every hope for stem cell therapy to be able to treat these kinds of conditions. Don't ever lose hope - just keep in mind how far technology has come recently, and more importantly how much it has accelerated. Thanks! It'd be nice if the gene therapy thing works out. That being said, I don't want to hang all of my hopes on it since I want to enjoy my life as it is.
Have you ever tried binary? 010001! For what? What would I use binary code for? If this is a HK joke, it's going over my head, so nope, no cookie for you! :)
How bad is your eye site? Say if your boyfriend is sitting on the other side of your couch, can you see him clearly? My left eye is about 20/150 and my right eye is about 20/250. I have no lower field (the lower part of your vision), so I don't see my hands as I type. I have some vision in the upper field, but not a lot. I have two large blind spots just right and left of my central vision, but I can see light and dark in my far peripheries. And if my boyfriend was on the couch opposite of me, I'd be able to see him, but I wouldn't be able to make out much mroe than his eyes, his hair and his silhouette.
This AMA is amazing and so moving. Thank you for sharing your story with us. You mentioned that you've done some drawings recently. Would it be possible to see them here? My boyfriend has a photo. I might need to harass him to get one. It's kind of embarrassing because we were staying at this hotel with a chalkboard on the door. I was kind of bored so I thought, "Hey! I haven't done a drawing in years and years...and I can erase stuff!" It ended up being kind of a creepy drawing. I'll see if I can get a photo.
Hey, not sure if you're still answering questions but I'm curious: I know some members of the deaf community frown upon medical intervention that allows non-hearing people to hear. How do you feel about it? If it is/was/has ever been an option for you, would you go through with the procedure? Ah, the CI debate is something that I'm very familiar with. I actually got a cochlear implant when I was 6, shortly after I was diagnosed with Usher. It's a little weird. If the Deaf folks didn't know that I had Usher's, then they would give me a lot of grief about my cI. Once they found out, they were a bit more understanding about why I got it. All that being said, I don't particularly like how some people in the Deaf community treat the deafblind. They're often seen as poor things that must be protected. To many Deaf folks, blindness is the worst thing that could happen to them, so they project a lot of their fears on the deafblind. It's annoying, to say the least.
That would be interesting 😕 do you have friends? Not being mean, but like people from school and whatnot, and then like they learnt you were getting blinder and left you? Haha yes, I had and still have friends. In fact, most of my friends are hearing and sighted. I didn't go to a separate special education class. I was in the same classes as hearing and sighted students. I've actually never had anyone "unfriend" me when they learned that I had a vision loss. Although to be honest, when I was younger, I didn't really tell that many people about it. My vision loss wans't noticeable by others at that time. Most of my friends have stuck by me. Of course, there have been people who haven't bee n able to handle it, but they tend just to back off. It's not everyone's scene. I get that.
Do you want kids? If so, how do you think your condition will impact your ability to parent? I know i'm not gett any younger, especially with 30 around the corner. But I honestly don't know if I want kids. It doesn't really have much to do with my ability or inability to parent (I think I can do it as long as I have a good support system and a great partner). It's just that it's a big responsibility for anyone and I want to make sure I'm 100% committed to the kid(s). The reason I know I can do it is because I know a number of deafblind women who have children. If they can do it, why can't I?
Have you ever read The persistence of Vision by John Barley? It's about a community of deaf blind people. If you have, what do you think about it? I haven't read it but I'll definitely check it out! Thanks!
Thanks for the AMA! What is your novel about? A nerd turned pickup artist, actually. I did tons of research on the PUA community. It's a fascinating subculture.
How do you read this? What programs do you use on your computer in order to help see and hear what's going on? I have a Mac, so there are a lot of built-in programs. I just invert the colors and enlarge the fonts. I also use transcripts whenever available. It's pretty nifty so far.
What's your favorite kind of music? I'm not super into music, but I seem to like folk music of all things. Whenever it comes on the radio, I'm like, "Hey I like that!" I like the more modern alternative folksy stuff though. Maybe it has to do with the beats.
Do you work? Right now, I'm not really working at a traditional job. I'm trying to start off a writing career. A fulfilling career that's challenging is kind of hard to find for anyone, especially a deafblind person.
How was school for you? School was fine--great, actually. I did all of my schooling before my vision loss got severe. I used an ASL interpreter for classes, and it was not a problem. I went to college and grad school, so it worked out pretty dandily.
I was not aware of the balloon thing, now going to go put on some wicked dubstep and attach party balloons to myself to fully experience the power of Wubs. Hahaha. The balloon trick is great with kids too.
Touche. Does music do anything for you? Even just the vibration patterns? Not to the degree that it does for hearing people who enjoy music. If I can feel and hear the beat, I can get into some dancing, but otherwise it doesn't really affect me emotionally. I read books for my emotional outlet. :)
Have you consisted something like sculpting for emotional outlet? Well, to be honest, I'm not sure I'd like the messiness. Although I did try pot throwing (is what they call it?) when I was a kid and was a miserable failure at making a pot. Reading and writing tend to do it for me, although I should probably try sculpturing. I'd have to find a studio and someone who could work with me though.
Maybe clay? Easy to clean up. Yeah, that's definitely worth looking into. Thanks for the idea!
What's the worst noise you've ever heard and what's the worst thing you've ever seen? Worst sound - motorcycle starting. This was actually one of the first sounds I heard after I got my CI turned on. I thought, "THIS is what sound is like? Screw this."
Worst sight - one of my friends had too much to drink at my apartment and threw up in my sink. Yeah, that was gross and smelled horrible as well.
I think she would use GPS to help get around with public transport and stuff like that. Yeah, I should've mentioned it'd be a GPS for walking etc.
Well, food and sculpting could be seen as art as well. And if the whole senses heightened thing is true, OP likely is able to enjoy and take in those forms of art in ways we could only wish. Yeah, I'm a big fan of food as well! You know, I've never really been that into sculpture. Not really sure why, just doesn't seem my thing. I might try it out but I'd need to find a place where I could do it.
You should take hallucinogens once you're blind and deaf. That would be sooo cool. That'd certainly be an interesting experience! I mostly only drink and drink coffee, so that's pretty hardcore for me. :)
K well for your first trip drink some ayahuasca then come tell me how it went. Hahaha, will do!
Helen Keller walked into a bar and a table and a chair. Aw come on, you can do better. I was expecting HK sex jokes. There's so much material there.
What is your favorite col--dammit, never mind. Blue-green and reddish oranges are my favorite colors. Booyah.
What? Pardon? didn't hear that.
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[Table] IamA 14 year old app developer for iOS AMA!

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Date: 2014-03-24
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How much money have you made with the 5 apps you have released? About $1,000 which really isn't much but since I do it just for fun I consider it a great success. I could also afford and buy my own iPhone 5S because of it to programme further on.
How exactly did you make the money, through game sales? Add revenue? And how many people have played your games for you to have earned $1000? Sales on the apps that costs money, In-App Purchases, and ad revenue. I was not good at tracking downloads when I first started but about 17,000+
Hey Martin! Thanks for doing the AMA. Right now I only have a project that I just started doing the game design for and since I don't have done much I can't really say much but it's gonna be a game for PC, consoles and mobile. It's gonna be free to play and a newely improved and very special version of a versus figthing game ;)
What's your favourite App that you didn't make yourself? My favourite app of all time is probably Impossible Game, I spent many, many hours trying to complete the level "Heaven" and I don't think any game has ever made me so addicted. I also played a lot of Papi Jump in my early days and I got to say that I love that game as well.
The world is still learning that young/youth does not mean a person should not be taken seriously. I suppose the best thing would be when dealing with people online that you're not likely to meet IRL simply don't volunteer your age. I certainly never get asked mine when I'm seeking a contractor etc. I should definitely take that in account the next time I'm seeking a service online! For Xbox, there is XBLA where you can easily distrubute your game and for PC, I'm most likely to use steam or have some kind of client that you use and download from a website. Since the game I'm going to develop is gonna be multiplayer only, you will only have to purchase an account and then you can log in everywhere and it's going to be free to play so I won't have to worry about pirating.
PC, consoles, & mobile! That sounds both impressive AND scary! PC, consoles, & mobile is indeed very scary and I am probably taking on a task a bit to difficult but I have all the time in the world right now so I will make it somehow.
Any advice on how to get started with programming? Any books, courses or tutorials you would recommend? I admire your drive to just start programming and keep going when you're so young! Keep it up! Thanks! I love programming and I'm sure you will as well. I would say that the For Dummies series are great. It all depends on what you wanna learn. For apps I would say go Java or Objective-C and for scripting, C# and if you wanna go in to more in-depth programming that you will have great use of I would recommend C++ since it's probably the most used one. Everyone says that you should start with basic C first before going in to anything else, I didn't do that, and I think I am starting to regret that, slowly. Buy "C for dummies" if you want to understand how programming works since everything is about the same thing, it's logical then go for something else depending on what you want to learn to do. Http://raywenderlich.com has great tutorials as well as "thenewboston" on YouTube. All of these are great ways to start programming! Good luck!
I don't think that C# should necessarily be considered a scripting language. I would recommend python or lua for scripting. True. Was just thinking about scripting in Unity.
How long does it typically take you to create one app, and do you get tired of working on it after a while? The app Kamikaze! 2 came to my mind about a year ago and I started developing it in the summer. I then got sick with mono and didn't do much for a couple of months. I then took up the project again and started working, I had really fun for a while but then I got bored working with it so I took a break and continued a month later. The app was released and finished as late as this February. I think I only spent about 90 hours programming because I don't work when I don't think it's fun and interesting because I only do programme for fun since I don't rely on income. It's more like my hobby. Although Bacon Slash, which is really easy, I spent about 10 hours programming and released it a month later because I spent the time testing it. It differs from app to app but great apps take time, but still, I believe that you should not think about the revenue ONLY about the app and you will succeed.
Very mature response for a 14 year old. I think you'll be very successful in life. I wish you the best of luck in your programming efforts! Thank you! :D I'm glad to hear. I wish you the best of luck in life as well!
Any plans to start on android so your apps can be cross platform? to expand your horizons etc? Yes! I plan on learning a bit of C# and get into unity for a bigger cross-platform game that will probably be released on both PC, console and mobile. Although this will require other people than me as well but at least I am writing a GDD (Game Design Document) for this game right now.
I think if you want to get involve in android developing you have to learn Java only and the Unity Framework of course if you like to do a game. Oh I see, well Java is incredibly similar to Objective-C and I've actually done a bit of programming in Eclipse. The Unity Framework is like chinese to me though but I will make it.
I am looking forward to any of your Android apps. Soon perhaps!
Yea! I can't wait! Follow me on twitter or facebook and you will know when I release anything for android ;)
Are you an Apple employee or are you sub contracted? Hahah nice joke. I actually chose apple because of Objective-C and that our family had an iPad and no android device when I started in 2011.
Sound a like you have a rly supportive dad. Do you mind sharing what ur parents do as jobs because people say parents have to be in related fields for a kid to come natural at programming. My parents are not the smartest so I find myself struggle at everything thinking about giving up studying CS. Which Mac do u use?ur primary os is OSX? Ever considered progressing to Linux? My parents have been supportive but my dad has the ideology of me being independent thus not lending me any money or such, and I think that's a good thing. I can now handle stuff myself. My dad works with crew-management and my mother is a doctor specialized in pharmacology. Never give up programming I'm sure you'll make it. I use a my family's old MacBook 2008. My primary OS is OSX and I'm not considering Linux for now at least.
Wow I'm using macbook 2008 except it's almost broken and the battery life is down to 1.5 hours. Do you have plans for future like university?you will have a great shot at getting into MIT/Stanford! How is your English so good? Lastly thanks for doing this AMA! Haha my Macbook is rather trustworthy although I have serious RAM problems when compiling. I'm not sure, here in Sweden we have a couple of good universities but I'm gonna try to get in to something abroad, as for instance MIT or Stanford. In Sweden we have great english education and we start at an early age but I think I have to thank the internet, TV and video games for most of it. This AMA has been a lot of fun and thank you for your question!
Congratulations on making the apps! I've wanted to start making them as well, so i need to ask, is it that hard to make them? It is not at all as hard as you might think and a lot of fun. Making an app that will be a huge success is extremely difficult but never stop trying and I promise you that you will succeed. Programming is very logical and you get a warm fuzzy feeling in your stomach when you develop something great that actually work! ;)
Thanks for doing the AMA. What different software do you use? Do you have any advice for other people that want to make apps? I have some experience, and I've messed with unity a bit, but i haven't come close to finishing anything yet. No problems! My favourite, and the only one I tried except Unity and Eclipse is Xcode, well mostly because it's the native one for iOS apps. You could easily set up Apportable for it if you want to use Xcode for Android as well. Making apps is difficult and you will most likely not make a hit app in the first try but this can't stop you from keep doing it since I'm sure that the more you try the better you will become and the more the market will appreciate and download your apps. Try analyzing the market and see what the customer wants now. For instance, the whole mobile world is on a flappy bird fever still and right now, many developers are taking advantage of that and developing apps that are similar to Flappy Bird. Bacon Slash is also in a similar style as Flappy Bird and that's one of the reasons it's growing right now. Don't (only) think about the money when developing, think about what type of app you would want in your pocket and everything would go just fine. There are a lot of tutorials for Xcode and it's very easy to use and I highly recommend it. Good luck with your apps!
From where or how did you come up with the ideas for your most successful apps? The Kamikaze concept (which is the most popular one) I'm not really sure how I got but I just thought about a fun simple game with a little theme to it and I came up with Kamikaze.
Do you even lift? From time to time, although I always lift my computer when I rage at games :S.
How much money do you get from ad's? Right now I almost only get revenue from ads because I don't want people paying for games that they might not like very much. And most people don't buy the "Remove Ads" option only about 10%. On Kamikaze! 2 I got $80 dollars last month and Bacon Slash, which was released 4 days ago, is giving me about $7 dollars a day right now (because admob gives you more revenue than chartboost).
Yea, you made a good decision about making it free. I agree with you, drives more downloads as well which is currently the only thing I am looking for.
Would you consider porting your apps to Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, etc. Or are you only iOS? Edit: Crap, someone already asked android. Pretty much my question without the other platforms. Still, as a developer, do you think you should use time on WP and BlackBerry? Why or why not? I think both WP and Blackberry have a rather troublesome environment and it's not very popular. Although if my apps get more popular, I will most certainly release it for both WP and Blackberry but since iOS and Android are bigger markets there is more potential for growth.
Why did you choose mobile development over, I don't know what it's called, computer development? Other than that the book your father gave you was for iOS. Do you plan on moving away from mobile development in the future, or do you see a greater market there? I thought that mobile development is a lot easier to learn and could give me some experience. As a gamer myself, I want to develop bigger games for different platforms and I'm looking to getting in to that soon.
How did you get into programming? What types of programs did you do when you started? Any tips for an aspiring programmer? If you look a bit higher up in the thread you can read how I got in to it ;) Although some tips for you, when developing, try to do it so that you always like it and not get bored with it. If you do get bored, take a break. And try to focus on the product you're going to produce and that you want to make it as good as possible for the customer. Good luck!
Would you be interested in being a guest on another "AMA" forum website? Sure :)
What is the best way to contact you with more information? Email me at: [email protected].
Why do you think games like flappy birds and doodle jump are so popular on handsets? Is it the lack of a market for people wanting six hours of gameplay on a phone game or lack of memory? I think it's just that you can pick it up anywhere and that the simple gameplay makes it usable and fun for all audiences. So I think that the market wants easy games that can be used and enjoyed by anyone and if you can make the user interested and addicted to the game in the same time as you market it properly it will become a hit. Although it will not retain a user base that is willing to purchase or other stuff so the real amount of money lies in games that has six hours of gameplay although these games only target a specific audience.
How good do you see yourself as a programmer? Context: I interviewed several internship candidates for a spot on my team, and most of them said they are "developing games" for Android/iOS but cannot tell the diference between a list and a (binary) tree. Do you plan to get formal education in Computer Science/Engineering? I see myself as a decent programmer, I have never encountered any problem that I couldn't tackle. I can easily look at code and understand the concept and logic of it. I don't know many terms (although I know the difference between a list and a binary tree) but so far I made it and I always find a workaround of some kind when I don't know what to do.
Who is the worst person you have met? I've met a lot of bad people but the worst kind of people are those that tell me that I'm never gonna succeed with anything and that every thing I do sucks and it makes me pissed. But I know and I am going to prove that these people will end up unhappy and doing nothing interesting with their lives while I am out living my dream and changing the world!
Dude i play that too! It is genius ;)
If I start out learning just the basic c language( not ++ or # ) how difficult is it to translate that into languages more useful for app development? By learning C you will understand the basics and logic of programming and since C++ etc. Is built on top of it, you should be able to understand them quickly!
Here is Bacon Slash: Link to itunes.apple.com And Kamikaze! 2: Link to itunes.apple.com
Click more apps by this developer to see my other ones.
Is coming up with the idea for the app or is programming the app harder? Coming up with an idea is not hard but coming up with an idea that might be a hit app is very hard, making this app stunning is 93% of the work. I used to come up with ideas everyday, I still do, but now I filter them out because I realize they will never work.
What kind of app making tool would you wish for that would remove most of the headaches in making an app? Something that would auto-organize all code and explain excactly what this part does so you won't have to read it and understand it everytime if you lose track of it and forget to comment. Also something that will clean up any unecessary code.
I haven't worked with Xcode before so I'm just curious, how does it compare to visual studio? I like the interface better and I would say that it's more smooth and clean. Xcode has a lot of frameworks built in as well andI have tried most of them and Xcode is definitely my favourite.
Hej :) What inspired you to create apps? How did you learn programming? How much money have you made from the apps that you've developed? Can you make a living of it/ do you see yourself making a living off it in the future? Tjena! I always loved computers and especially games. I didn't want to just play the games but also create them myself. But before I started creating games I made scripts and "viruses" and such along with a couple of phishing sites that I spread on sites such as Omegle.com and considered myself a hacker. I then got a book from my father about iOS and Mac programming. I learned everything myself from there and on. Internet and books and myself are the reasons I learned to programme. I got in to game apps because I thought that it was a great way to get into developing games and also nice because at the time I played a lot of games on my family's iPad :) I have made around a $1000 Dollars in total + $80 Dollars that I made the last month from my new app Kamikaze! 2. I don't really see myself working with apps in the future, maybe games for PC and console, but I want to continue in an IT related way. I love tech and I want to do something that includes the human body and IT/tech and create something that changes the world!
Why not android? At the time we only had apple devices but I'm looking in to cross-platform ASAP.
Why do so many of your people enjoy food in tubes? Tubed meat spreads, cheeses, fish roe... I don't know. Bad taste in food I guess.. I don't like any of that though.
What are your opinions on capital gains taxation and abortion Capital Gains Tax in Sweden is good and right now doesn't really affect me. It might be a little to high in some opinions and I partly agree with them. I believe abortion should be a choice for the mother to make and in Sweden it is legal and I support that. It's a moral question but I support it because of stemcells and that if the fetus is not developed enough I believe an abortion should be allowed if the mother wants it.
Don't have a question but just wanted to say I think it's great that you're that young and doing this. Keep it up, dude. You have a bright future ahead of you. Thanks a lot! This type of feedback makes me more excited doing the things I love. :)
Having a grammar error in a company name is not really ideal You're absolutely right. Although there is nothing I can do since the apps I publish get published in that name and I can't change it which is a pity since came up with this name 3 years ago.
If you had to guess where the smartphone/app industry will be in ten years. . . It's really hard for me to say. I don't think it will change that much. New technology of course but the app games industry, which I specialize most in, will probably change pretty much. Games will have increased graphics and performance although smartphones are not real game devices and games like Flappy Bird and Doodle Jump and other simple 2D-games is what the customer looks for because they reach out to a bigger audience. But Clash of Clans for instance keeps their customers and gain more revenue/user and these games will probably just have better graphics and increased performance. In my honest opinion I don't think it will change that much.
How big is your penis? (int)mypenissize {
Int x = sw.penissize * 2;
Return x;
Why would you use a float instead of an int or double? It might grow 0.5 if I'm lucky ;)
Are you related to Pewdiepie? You might think ;) No, sadly I'm not or maybe very distant. But in Sweden we have to Kjellberg-families - one from Stockholm and one from Göteborg and they all go up many generations. I come from Stockholm and Felix Kjellberg AKA PewDiePie from Göteborg so we're not related.
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