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plus 500 bonus:Advice For Those New To Forex Trading

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FS Red Bandana Box Logo hoodie size M $500 plus shipping

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In need of logo rework, color pallet, plus social media templates [willing to pay up to $500]

**DESIGNER FOUND** Thank you to everyone who reached out. Sorry if I was not able to directly thank you - there was a ton of inquiries.
Hi there -
yesterday my business partner and I decided that we will no longer work together. She said I can keep our brand name but I would need to rework our entire creative strategy which includes: our logo, social media templates, and color pallet.
The industry is mental health and the creative style is clean and professional but also, fun.
If you have shareable experience and would be willing to help, I can pay up to $500.
Please send me a DM!
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Plus 500 Bites The Virtual Currency Bullet – Launches LiteCoin Trading - (Forex Magnates)

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France Télévisions : plus de 500 000 euros pour les nouveaux logos ?

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Risk Premium - Building a Foundation for Trading

If I were able to go back in time to the beginning of my trading journey with one idea, it would be “risk premia.” It is vital for any trader to understand the idea of risk, and how you are compensated by taking on said risk. Risk premia/premium should be the very foundation upon which you build upon. I consider it the easiest way to make money. All you must do is hold an asset for a certain amount of time to generate returns. This is why buy-and-hold is often the benchmark to see if a more active system is worth the effort. For equities, you see stockholders taking advantage of risk premium to generate higher returns than treasury bonds (risk-“free” rates). As interest rates get higher, so do the risk-free rates, which makes stocks look less attractive.
It's a lot easier to paint a picture using bonds. Bonds are used by companies or governments to raise money from investors. While bond prices have an impact on how investors make decisions, we will use flat numbers to keep things simple. Assuming bond price of $100 per bond and 5% interest rates for both, if you had the choice between buying bonds from Microsoft or from the local grocery store, which one would you choose?
A more risk-savvy investor would always choose the Microsoft bonds, as they are much less at risk of defaulting or failing to pay investors back. Now, if the local grocery store offered 15% interest, investors would then consider the difference in interest rates to decide. Since there’s a 10% spread in interest, the risk premium is 10%. For accepting a higher risk of default, you accrue 10% more interest on your investment. These opportunities appear in Forex, but they aren’t nearly as apparent.
Here is a research paper that explores the idea of how risk premium causes seasonality, or patterns in price that occur at regular intervals. This is a very heavy read for most traders, but the gist of it is this: Holders of USD are exposed to the negative fundamental news that affects the dollar during the New York open. As EUR is naturally a riskier currency (blanket monetary policy over several countries with different levels of economic health is not ideal) than the USD, it must appreciate to compensate investors for holding onto a riskier asset. The holders of the USD know their currency is exposed to more risk during the NY session, so they move to an asset that is less exposed to these events. JPY is where risk-averse investors will flee to. Meaning, the USD value falls during the NY session as investors move to a safer currency. The safer currency is JPY. The increased supply of USD naturally means a stronger EUR. Simple supply and demand mechanics.
If you’ve made it this far, this is why you should care. Here is what we call a market inefficiency. There’s a repeating pattern in that offers active traders a chance to gain abnormal returns on a daily basis. All due to a risk-based assessment of the market. Risk causes uncertainty, which we can take on in exchange for alpha.
So, the strategy. We buy EUR when the NY session opens and sell when it closes. Then short EUR and GBP when the London session starts. We will test from the beginning of 2002 to Oct 2022, so almost a 20-year backtest. The chart and stats. Well, it appears that the author may have been onto something. Now let’s see what happens when we add GBP and JPY into the mix. Here we keep the original strategy but sell JPY on the NY market open and buy when the Tokyo session starts. We also buy and sell GBP in the same manner as EUR. Here is the chart, and stats. While admittedly not as impressive, it still shows the pattern is there. Considering we're exposed to market risk around the clock, I'm honestly surprised this came out so positive. The point of concern here is the flat equity curve in recent years. This may be due to increased intraday volatility plus central bank intervention from both JPY and GBP this year. While volatility can make us money, it is not always our friend. The amount of liquidity and lack of intervention in the EUR may be our saving grace with this strategy, but as the stats show, JPY might be the most profitable asset. So, let’s find out. The chart and stats. Again, not as impressive. Seems like focusing on the more stable EUR is the best way to trade this idea.
Let’s talk about tempering expectations though. There are no trading costs considered, as this is a “perfect world” testing environment. We’re just seeing if the idea holds, and it appears to do so. This strategy may or may not be tradeable depending on your broker’s trading environment, in fact, I suggest you don't trade this until you come up with a risk and money management strategy. The backtest results are extremely optimistic (this is my disclaimer). There are also no stop losses or take profits, so a clever trader may incorporate something like ATR to make it a more profitable idea.
What we have here is a trading strategy based on a real market inefficiency. No fitting stories to price curves, no market myths, and hard evidence that the idea works. The strategy is extremely simple with hard quantifiable rules. While the average profit is very low, remember that we have not set any take-profit rules, stop losses, reinvestment strategies, or risk management rules, meaning it assumes lot sizes do not change as the account grows. There is plenty to build upon and experiment with. While trading is very difficult, all you really need is one discovery and a bit of creativity to be successful. For example, here is a free potential edge you can imply from this research and mess around with.
My intention with this post is to stop the infighting about different trading strategies and encourage users here to dig to find research on trading strategies that follow actual market mechanics. They are out there, but sometimes you need a second pair of eyes and another brain to really understand what the research is saying along with finding the implications of said research. The best thing you can do when it comes to trading is to collaborate with others and share ideas and findings. Having hard evidence that these ideas and findings are real is key though.
Credit: A user named PCZ on the Zorro forums was where I got this idea from. Part of the point I wanted to prove is that finding profitable and statistically proven strategies is possible if you look hard enough. These papers often include a trading strategy as well. I will be the first to admit that none of my trading strategies are original, but modified versions using techniques I’ve picked up over time. My code will be left as an exercise for my fellow programmers (I’m sure any of you can figure it out with some effort), but please note that I use true-to-life market open times rather than what the user found to be the best so results will vary.
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The Elon Musk Scam

So Elon Musk is purchasing Twitter, and you can bet that fraudsters are taking advantage of the situation. As Elon Musk spends the majority of the week in the news, so do Elon Musk-themed scams—and they seem to be on the rise. A swarm of responses from the guy himself in reaction to a statement.
If you have faced these kinds of scams or posts, report a scam with Report Scammed Bitcoin.
The URLs in their responses are all shortened. Whichever one a user chooses, they all lead to the same website. And like other Musk fans, Sebastian also fell into this trap.
Sebastian will always recall the day he lost £407,000 with a mixture of fury and guilt. Otherwise, the preceding night had been unremarkable.
Before she went to bed, he and his wife watched a Netflix series together, leaving him to fiddle with his phone on the couch. Then he got an Elon Musk-related Twitter notice.
"Musk tweeted, 'Dojo 4 Doge?' and I questioned what it meant," Sebastian said to the BBC. So I clicked on the link to the new event below to find out that he was giving away Bitcoin!
Sebastian clicked the link and arrived at a well-designed website where the Bitcoin giveaway appeared to be ongoing. There was a timer counting down, and the website promised participants they could double their money.
Elon Musk's Tesla team was running the competition. It invited people to send anything from 0.1 Bitcoin (worth approximately £4,300) to 20 Bitcoin (about £860,000), and the team would send back double the amount.
Sebastian double-checked the verification logo next to Elon Musk's name and then tried to decide whether to send five or 10 Bitcoin.
"'Take the maximum,' I thought, this is real, so I sent 10 Bitcoin."
As the timer wound down for the next 20 minutes, Sebastian waited for the prize to land in his Bitcoin wallet.
He sat there refreshing his screen every 30 seconds from his house in Cologne, Germany. Then, finally, he watched Mr. Musk tweet a new, cryptic message and was reassured that the giveaway was genuine.
Sebastian remarked, "I recognized then that it was a hoax," when the website's timer gradually decreased to zero.
My heart thumped loudly as I threw my head upon the couch cushions. I believed I had just thrown away a lifeline for my loved ones, my early retirement fund, and all the approaching holidays spent with my children."
To tell my wife, I walked upstairs and sat on the edge of the bed. I told her I had made a significant error when I roused her from sleep."
He spent hours sending emails to the fraudulent website and tweets to the false Elon Musk Twitter account to recover all or a portion of his money. However, he gradually believed that he had irretrievably lost the money.
Analysts have identified which Bitcoin addresses or wallets are operated by so-called "giveaway scammers" and have tracked the increasing amount of money they are making. Sebastian's 10 Bitcoin was the most they'd ever recorded losing in one transaction.
After spending several days with a sorrowful heart, he found Report Scammed Bitcoin and reported his incident to its form. He expected to get a result in his try to recover his money. So he talked with the expert of RSB and got some excellent suggestions and recommendations on the recovery process.
In 2021, fraudsters were reportedly earning record-breaking amounts. In the first three months of this year, giveaway gangs have already made more than $18 million (£13 million), compared to the $16 million earned for all of 2020.
Moreover, data predict that the number of casualties this year will surpass that of prior years. In 2020, around 10,500 individuals fell for the fraud, but analysts have already identified 5,600 people who have contributed money this year.
Since the advent of the frauds in 2018, the crooks' methods have not altered much. They construct Twitter profiles that resemble those of celebrities such as Elon Musk and billionaire investor Chamath Palihapitiya.
In certain instances, like the one that deceived Sebastian, fraudsters utilize the stolen accounts of notable individuals to guarantee that the accounts receive the blue verified checkmark, making them seem more trustworthy.
They wait for the legitimate accounts to tweet and then publish a reply that makes it seem like the celebrities tweeted the fraud to their millions of followers.
Twitter is a popular medium, but you may find giveaway frauds on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.
Sebastian desires that foreign authorities take action against the fraudsters and that Bitcoin exchange owners assist proactively. But, this is a harsh truth that foreign authorities and other big investigation organizations do not go all the way to investigate and recover the money as they put their limit on gathering information and tracking the criminal.
People who have lost money might get assistance from organizations such as RSB. They recommend that the appropriate parties work on these matters and assist those parties through legal contacts, consultations, and procedures.
"Bitcoin is too simple to steal. All exchange platform websites should know their clients' identities and if criminals are exploiting a particular wallet address."
In July 2020, a large-scale but short-lived Twitter breach enabled fraudsters to post using famous accounts such as Bill Gates, Kim Kardashian-West, and Elon Musk.
We recommend you get in touch with the Report Scammed Bitcoin if you've lost money sent to the applicable BTC address. Additionally, we recommend that you pay no attention to any of the many Elon Musk-related Bitcoin giveaways that are now ongoing.
Please read our latest articles on recent scam trends and the lists of categorized scammers. In addition, we have a dedicated list on the investment blacklist, forex scammer list and cryptocurrency scammer list.
One thing that stands out about these schemes is how inventive the con artists are in their attempts to convince you to join them. These are not lazy generic websites, and they are just wacky enough to fool Elon Musk enthusiasts into thinking they are genuine article.
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Game2Give 2022 Special TWAB

On December 6, 2022, the Bungie Foundation kicks off its annual Game2Give fundraising campaign. The fourth edition of the campaign will feature a two-week streaming marathon from Destiny 2 community content creators, a slate of brand-new exclusive donation and fundraising incentives, and some very special Dawning-themed streams.
This year’s edition is extra special as the Bungie Foundation is officially announcing that their flagship iPads for Kids program has a new name! Introducing... Little Lights! To celebrate this community-inspired change, they are also launching the Little Lights mobile app to provide an even more robust patient experience, available exclusively as part of the Little Lights program.

2022 – A Year in Review

The Bungie Foundation is proud to celebrate an incredibly successful year and it is all thanks to the amazing Destiny community you have all built. Nearly 100% of the Bungie Foundation’s funding comes from our community, so we’d like to extend a sincere, heartfelt thank you to each and every one of you who continue to show up time and time again to help do good in the world! Here are a few highlights from 2022:
  • Provided humanitarian aid to people impacted by the war in Ukraine through our partnerships with Direct Relief and the International Rescue Committee
  • Kicked off of our 5-year anti-racist graphics research grant with Yale University
  • Launched our first international hospital (Germany) into the Little Lights program
  • Through our partnership with Team Rubicon, aided disaster relief in regions affected by devastating hurricanes, such as Puerto Rico and Florida
  • Through the College Success Foundation, created a scholarship and mentorship program for youth from low socio-economic backgrounds who are interested in STEAM. The program supports students through their entire four-year college career

Getting Involved With Game2Give

Beginning today, November 22, our site is officially open for registration and we encourage anyone thinking about fundraising to get signed up! There is an amazing slate of fundraising incentives on offer as well as the official launch of our lifetime fundraising program—the Light Keepers Guild!
Exclusively during Game2Give 2022, fundraisers will have the opportunity to earn rewards starting at just $500. The below levels can only be earned during Game2Give 2022. Light Keepers Guild status does not apply.
$500 – Foundational Layers Emblem
Image Linkimgur
Everyone’s favorite TwitchCon emblem is back! Fundraisers who hit the $500 level during the event will receive two codes* for the Foundational Layers emblem.
$1,000 – Bungie Store Gift Card
Fundraisers who reach this level during the event will receive a $50 Bungie Store gift card plus all lower tier event rewards.
$2,500 – Digital G2G 2022 Hall of Fame Poster
Fundraisers who reach this level during the event will receive an entry onto the Game2Give 2022 Hall of Fame and digital copy of the poster plus all lower tier event rewards.
$5,000 – Physical Hall of Fame Poster + Custom DOTEXE Jersey
Fundraisers who reach this level during the event will receive a physical copy of the Hall of Fame poster and a customized DOTEXE jersey plus all lower tier event rewards.

Light Keepers Guild and How It Works

All individual fundraising efforts since Game2Give 2019 will now count towards the Light Keepers Guild totals. Registration for each event must be under the same email address. If you have already earned any of these rewards in previous campaigns, you will not receive additional copies.
$2,500 – Metagalactic Bloom Emblem
Image Linkimgur
$5,000 – Function of Grace Emblem
Image Linkimgur
You have seen a few of these rewards before, but we are excited to introduce the newest tier: $10,000!
$10,000 – Core of the Nova Emblem + Small Luminescence Shader
Image Linkimgur
Our newest tier and one that we are especially fond of. These two exclusive items have been designed specifically to match our Little Lights app.
Image Linkimgur
Additional Tiers
We know that some of our Light Keepers have surpassed these levels already and we want to let you know that we have more rewards planned! While we cannot share these details just yet, we do have both digital and physical rewards planned for individuals who reach the $25,000, $50,000, and $100,000 tiers. Stay tuned for details in early 2023.


Fundraising isn’t the only way to join in! It wouldn’t be Game2Give without a batch of fresh new incentives for our amazing donors across the globe. This year we have four incentives that can be earned during the campaign. As in previous years, all rewards can only be earned once per unique donor but donations are cumulative which makes unlocking higher tiers easier when you make multiple donations.
$10 – Arc Propellant Emblem
Image Linkimgur
$25 – Respite’s Focus Emblem
Image Linkimgur
$60 – Tenderhearted Shell, Exotic Ghost
Image Linkimgur
$100 – Light Hearted, Exotic Sparrow
Image Linkimgur
Our first ever Sparrow themed to our Little Lights program! And yes, its exhaust leaves a trail of hearts!

Other Ways to Get Involved

If streaming or fundraising isn’t your speed and you are unable to donate at this time, that is all 100% OK! We will have a packed schedule of featured streamers and content you can enjoy during the campaign. Be on the lookout for your favorite streamers—our full schedule will be available on December 6 at! Every view of a stream, every share, re-tweet, or shout-out about the campaign helps.
Remember to use #game2give and #littlelights when spreading the good word!
Be sure to follow the Bungie Foundation on Twitter @BungieLove for everything Game2Give related, special content about our mission and impact, and all stream schedules.
Thank you, Guardians, for all your support and for enabling us to do all this amazing work!
With love,
The Bungie Foundation
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So I called RC Ventures for info on the SIC update matching BBBY's (and have a new spin off theory with Catterton

So I called RC Ventures for info on the SIC update matching BBBY's (and have a new spin off theory with Catterton
So I figured I'd get the update straight from the source...
(image for mobile post)
(Phone update a bit below)
8/18/2022 SEC Form 4

Only that when I called, Kleinberg Kaplan answered.

Wall Streets Best kept Secret
I asked if RC Ventures was no longer associated with that number and I was told it was the wrong number. I entered the number I called in Google and got this.

Cohen in the name?
Kleinberg Kaplan Wolff & Cohen
Same phone number. Turns out a founding member of the firm in the 70s was named Cohen. credit to u/OneSimpleOpinion for the find.
Why is RC Ventures associated with this phone number?
Maybe a cohencidence.

Well I used the wayback machine and it shows Kleinberg has had this number since 2016. Either they handle(d) some things for RC Ventures, or the SEC is late to update RC Ventures number.
Cohen's first 13d with Kleinberg Kaplan Wolff & Cohen (his earliest large Gamestop buys). Looks like the SEC website is late to update RC Ventures contact info, as Oslham's number is listed on his latest forms.(in contrast to SEC descriptors outside the filings. I assume RCV is through Oslham now, unless I find a current DE filing from RCV w/ Klienberg's number).
The most interesting thing to me about this place is what I found they have in their 100 person office, which Cohen would know about from his dealings there).
19 partners in private equity that could be a part of the deal?
Cohen's letter mentioned "BBBY fulfills financial sponsors (plural) interests.
If this was already too much and speculative for you , you won't enjoy the rest.
You may have seen some Warren Icahn posts from Cohen's tweet
Ryan Cohen by Day, Warren Icahn by night. There's an article with Icahn suggesting an "unlock" spin off (see unlock post) and of Icahn making a tender offer like Cohen might do with the bonds (Carl Icahn Can Cause a Government Investigation, Too I'm now titling my novel of M&A "The Board Meets at Midnight...." ).
For the Warren Buffet angle, I found some things interesting with Kraft Heinz.

Now the neighborhood of Kleinberg ,Kaplan, Wolff, and Cohen is a place called little Brazil. This was entertaining to me as I've been looking at the Kraft Heinz deal that Buffet did. He worked with Brazilian private equity (for the first time in his career) 3g capital for the deal to acquire Heinz.
Location of 3g to Kleinberg Kaplan Wolff and Cohen
Not far. Of course who knows, just interesting to me (500 fifth ave to 600 third ave) About 2 blocks north and 4 blocks west. Is 3G capital involved in the deal?
Back to Kraft Heinz. Later Kraft Heinz spun off Mondelez and focused on the international market.
Fun fact (credit u/iamhighnlow Yang Xu is global treasurer and on executive committee at Kraft Heinz. She's also on the board of Gamestop since June 2021).
On her linked he she noted at Kraft she " Expanded scope to include Strategy, M&A, VC")
This color looked kind of familiar. Anyway, the bigger point is that they focused on the international market. If you see my L Catterton post, they wrote a paper about the baby market in China and how it's a HUGE opportunity. I believe Baby will go international with direct to consumer shipping with Dragonfly on board. They are ecommerce specialists who could help Bbby as well. Their team is stacked with people that worked at Wayfair, an online furniture company.
Maybe expand to Brazil as well. It's having a lot of capital in flow.
Catterton paper found by u/Movingday1
Focusing on the Chinese market for now
China also increased their 2 child policy back to 3 child
150 billion dollar children's wear market.....(yeah, the Gmerica trademark includes clothing....).
Quick timeline recap timeline Patty Wu moves to Buy Buy Jan 2021 after being at Catterton funded Honest Company earlier in career as head of Baby division-
she also worked at Mattel get toys into China with the focus on helping parents understand importance of play u/n3rdacalypso credit.
Oct 6 2021 Catterton published article on huge China opportunity.
Nov 2021 Cohen tweets I have a small wee wee ( baby talk, done in reverse on Twitter timeline)
Jan 13 2022 (also a day of a big GME price increase in 2021 credit u/iamhighnlow ) Cohen starts buying BBBY shares.
Feb 24, 2022 changes at Dragonfly board as they shuffle around, as often the case when a private company goes public. Seemed to increase their share count to 120 mill plus from previous 39.75 mil count
Feb 28 Cohen buys all his BBBY calls over a few days
March 6 Cohen letter to BBBY board.
March 24, standstill agreement with BBBY
Now the funny thing with the share offering of 12 million shares is that BBBY said they could use it for acquisitions. Lol. Who would think they could with their debt?
Well u/edwinbarnesc thinks they'll do something in particular that would allow it. Ill leave it to him to post.
I think Dragonfly merges into subsidiary Buy Buy. Whatever type of merge or how they go about it, they don't really need to pay Dragonfly as it they would eventually spin off as part of the deal. Dragonfly has 6 total investors. And they are all the board members. Cohen, Cheng, Blake Day and company. They have total control, and they wouldn't mind being "acquired" by BBBY if it meant they could spin off soon after.
Catterton can use 500 mil to go toward abl loan that u/quaeratioest says is needed before a merger or acquisition can happen. Meanwhile perhaps Cohen does do a tender offer to 2024 bondholders and clears up the debt there. Leaving them with a ton of debt released with no bond par due till 2034. That would help BBBY immensely.
In response to the RC Ventures having no chance of changing their sic to 5700 of BBBY's, I'll give you this example of Icahn who had his holding company (like RC Ventures) with a SIC listed outside financial categories.
Click on plus sign by company information.
As I've noted ,the SEC may not even update their SICS but possibly once a year around June outside of reverse mergers for their website. Someone commented that they may even be years behind on the updates there. So maybe the SIC was indeed updated elsewhere like Delaware and Whalewisdom scraped it. Regardless of the SIC theory...

u/BiggySmallzzz and I have been looking at ways BBBY could do a merger or acquisition. Microsoft acquired Linked in through a special sell side process before any public awareness occured, you can read about here.
Different sell side processes can happen where banks approach possible buyers and the bid processes happen outside the public eye. Some more private than others. Since BBBY is acquiring rather than selling Baby or BBBY in this first step to a spin off, shareholder votes wouldn't be required. You can look into it, and see the history in the 2019 letter from Olshan Frome. How they talked about an acquisition there they thought was a bad business deal that was basically an executive decision.
So Buy buy acquires Dragonfly through the subsidiary that is Baby. Since Dragonfly is a private company with no shareholders outside the board and possibly members of the team, they don't even need to be part of a sell side process, and can just choose to go with BBBY (I believe). Even if it wasn't the case, we wouldn't have to know until the deal was done.
In BBBY's case, this could be pertinent to offer BBBY to other bidders to do shareholders right in the case of the sale/spinoff or merger with another company. Afterwards it may or may not require an emergency meeting of BBBY shareholders like we saw with Twitter and Musk, depending on NY state, and BBBY bylaws, but most likely it would.
Dragonfly and Baby merge and form a new company and new name, maybe even something as simple as Buy Buy international. Perhaps it would be a joint venture agreement as well if Gmerica, which has trademarks for clothing is part of the process?
GME next to Build Buck BunnY (BBBY) (pasted together) a well timed bus slightly hides full name and that they're next to each other in moving picture gif. credit to u/MapleCoconutBananas/
Brands as a rule use previous logos to form new ones. Kraft Heinz Red and blue turned to this Purple color for Mondelez. A Gmerica (GME) Red, combined with BBBY Blue, gets you the purple for the spinoff. And the nod to Buffett and his Heinz purchase to form Kraft Heinz, in what later became an international spin off Mondelez.
BBBY changed to the same CT Corp as Gamestop for the first time in company history.
CT Corp works with 70% of fortune 500 companies. They are under an umbrella that has a multitude of services including assistance with legal compliance in mergers and aquistions among other things. u/edwinbarnesc )

Seems the purple violet theme is strong in the latest Gmerica collection . Seems a new brand color is being released soon. Bed Bath instagram also had several posts in a row in this color late Aug.
5 different nft's all with purple or violet. The New York one has just a smidge of Purple in this fast moving shot behind the pizza delivery motorcyclist.
Drop me some funny nfts if your inclined
(not the real one) roaringk1tty.loopring.eth
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How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Fed - a Bearporn Saga

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Fed - a Bearporn Saga
tl;dr Short-Term Doom, Long-Term Prosperity
I will start with energy, because that is where the economy starts. Everything is energy. All production, all consumption. Debt is just a claim on future energy/resources, and is typically purchased on the expectation of repayment of principal/interest (money is just tokenized energy), based upon an expectation of real economic growth of the debt issuer (assuming interest rates are positive). When you live in a world where everyone has more energy to use and consume on an annualized basis, economies see real growth. The opposite also usually holds true, absent financialization tricks to mask the decline. So, where are we today? Conveniently BP has excellent data on this stuff going back to 1965, and keeps it here:
You can download a spreadsheet there called “Statistical Review of World Energy – all data, 1965-2021.” It has a handy tab called “Primary Energy – Cons capita,” which tells you what the annual per capita consumption of energy is in gigajoules, broken out into various geographic groupings. Here is what that looks like for roughly the first decade of data:
Notice how energy consumption per capita is trending upwards from 1965 to 1973? Those were pretty good times. America had cheap and abundant domestically produced conventional onshore crude oil, and a massive manufacturing base that thrived off of it in the glory days after WWII when we dominated pretty much every market that existed. Unfortunately, in 1973 this thing called an energy crisis happened, as our conventional production was going into decline, and Europe, Japan, and other economic competitors were back on their feet after WWII and seeking to increase their share of the economic pie (using energy).
Note the consistent declines in global energy consumption per capita and OECD consumption per capita during 1974 and 1975. So, what did the S&P 500 do in 1973 when this energy crisis suddenly arrived on the market?
From January ’73 to October ’74, the S&P 500 lost about half of its value. Business plans, debt, and earnings all ran into the hard wall of an energy crunch and reset market expectations as inflation driven by energy shortages reared its ugly head. The E on the P/E side of the equation changed suddenly, and anything based on TTM or pre-crunch estimates was total garbage.
Around this same timeframe, some relevant events also happened. In 1971, Nixon took us off the gold standard and ended the monetary system (Bretton Woods) that had existed since WWII ended. Prior to that dollars could be exchanged for gold at a set rate, but some stagflation in 1971 made the whole system unstable and unworkable for America, so it had to go. By the time the energy crunch hit in 1973, the US knew it needed to do something to stabilize its supply of energy, its global reserve currency, and its access to real assets to fund future growth. So in July 1974, Nixon sends his new Treasury Secretary, former Salomon Brothers bond trader Bill Simon, to Saudi Arabia on a top secret mission. Bloomberg learned about it from a FOIA request decades later, and wrote a cool article about it:
Here’s the tl;dr on the article, from the article itself:
“The basic framework was strikingly simple. The U.S. would buy oil from Saudi Arabia and provide the kingdom military aid and equipment. In return, the Saudis would plow billions of their petrodollar revenue back into Treasuries and finance America’s spending”
That word petrodollar is also important. In early 1945 FDR entered into an alliance with Saudi Arabia, and Saudi Arabia agreed to sell and price oil in dollars. Most other oil producing nations of the world quickly joined the club, and we liked this. If countries outside of the Soviet system needed energy to grow their economies, they needed reserves of dollars, and debt denominated in dollars. We will return to this topic later.
So, we had obtained a fat stack of funding from the Saudis to dig our way out of this energy crisis thing. The process was pretty rocky, resulting in the 1970s, but eventually this nice man named Paul Volcker ratcheted interest rates high enough so that the stagflation could be beaten into submission, while around the same time enough capital had reached E&P companies to enable capex to flood the market with new cheap energy, turning boomtowns of the 1970s like Houston into ghost towns in the 1980s. Newly developed offshore fields in the Gulf of Mexico and North Sea pumped energy like it was going out of style, and the market had a really good time for about 20 years.
Since all of that energy came online in the early 1980s, global consumption per capita has generally trended upwards every year until 2018. We kept finding new ways to economically pull oil and gas out of the ground (new fields, deepwater, fracking shale), and get it into the hands of consumers so they could use more of it to grow the economy. This lifted billions of people out of poverty, allowed the agricultural revolution to feed them with nitrogen fertilizers made from natural gas feedstock, and provided predictably priced (mostly) inputs for heavy industry. This was an all around great thing for business, and American Boomers as a group made a metric fuckton of money riding the wave during the entirety of their working lives.
So, what does the most recent decade of BP per capita energy consumption data look like?
Pretty much a plateau globally from 2011-16, small increase in 2016, top in 2018, and downwards trend since (with 2020 being a big down anomaly for obvious reasons). There’s variation around that whether you look at OECD, EU, Non-OECD, but the peak for all of them is 2018. People have less energy to work with today than they did four years ago.
Unless more energy gets injected into the system, it is very hard to stimulate real growth, and financial instruments (like bonds) that track anticipated real growth reflect that with high prices and low (or even negative) interest rates. In a world where everything is growing, I want my loans to at least reflect the real rate of economic growth, otherwise I am losing money. Looked at bond yields over the past decade lately? They didn’t seem to be pricing in a lot of real growth at any duration. Why do you think that is?
People can argue about the definition of peak oil all they want, but 2018 appears to be at least a localized peak when scaled to global population. The key to reversing this is producing enough energy at a reasonable price, so that people can start using more of it. That would reflect an economy that is growing in real terms. That takes lots of money. Which brings us to the next chapter of this story, a very brief overview of geopolitical stuff that happened from the fall of the Soviet Union to the recent start of World War III.
The year is 1991, the Soviet Union falls and this country called Russia suddenly has a lot of available energy reserves that previously weren’t getting a lot of circulation outside of the walled-off Soviet Sphere. These abundant energy reserves were recognized immediately for what they could be: a giant engine of additional economic growth to fuel the 1990s and beyond. That’s what happened. A country in Europe called Germany had this bright idea to build out a massive heavy industrial and manufacturing base, fueled by cheap Russian natural gas, which could easily be pipelined in from the fields in western Russia and eastern Ukraine. The plan worked, and Germany became an economic powerhouse with a massive trade surplus. Germany did not control the energy it used, though, so its position was precarious. To make matters worse from an economic perspective, over time Germany decided it did not like cheap energy due to environmental concerns, and had this very intense political aversion to nuclear power (another cheap, energy-dense method of generating baseload electricity). So, Germany decided to get rid of its nuclear reactor fleet, reduce its number of coal powerplants, and replace them with natural gas power turbines for baseload electricity generation, supplemented by semi-reliable solar and wind power, which is not suitable for baseload generation.
Eventually this brutal mafia boss named Putin takes over the country, and becomes President for Life of Russia’s energy reserves. He does not care for America, has actively sought to collapse us for decades, did not like the fact that he was forced to sell oil in dollars, and would do anything he thought he could get away with to make Russia strong vs. its competitors, especially America.
Fast forward to his invasion of Ukraine earlier this year. The U.S./Eurozone/Allied response was to hit Putin and Russia with sanctions. Much like prioexisting sanctions on Iraqi or Iranian oil, these sanctions did nothing to actually keep his oil and gas off the market. Putin did not like the sanctions or Allied support for Ukrainians, so he decided to weaponize his most strategic resource: natural gas flows to Europe. Eventually we got to here, where Germany’s 30-year economic miracle died almost overnight:
That is decades of GDP that just got wiped out, on top of all sorts of weird multi-sigma anomalies like $1.5 Trillion margin calls in European electricity futures markets. None of the stonks you own have priced in this reality. Not even remotely. Bonds have seen a ton of volatility (check the MOVE index), and it is really hard to find buyers for treasuries with this much uncertainty around future real economic growth prospects, while this thing called the Federal Reserve is raising interest rates, and starting to sell lots of bonds into this market.
There are billions upon billions of dollars of formerly productive assets sitting in Europe now, completely cut off from reasonably priced energy supplies that allow those assets to be economically competitive. Capitalism really does not like these sorts of inefficiencies, and is designed to fix them, so that costs of production can be as low as possible and competitive. It takes staggering amounts of resources and capital to just move production like that from where it is no longer competitive, to areas where it can be (like on the opposite side of the Atlantic, close to America’s and Canada’s abundant energy resources). Russia probably wouldn’t mind buying that stuff at firesale prices and building out a manufacturing economy of its own next to its own energy resources, but America really would not like that, and the existence of sanctions makes that maneuver pretty difficult. As far as America is concerned, we paid for all of that stuff through an investment called the Marshall Plan about 70 years ago, specifically so that Russia could not have it.
And now we come to the Federal Reserve and the Petrodollar. The federal reserve has only two priorities: (1) full employment; and (2) price stability. Employment is currently close to all-time highs. Price stability is at a place not seen since the 1970s. As we have reached the edge of our petri dish during a supercycle of energy and economic growth, the fuel is dwindling, from both natural (depleting reserves) and unnatural (war) causes. The show simply cannot go on at these levels. We are constantly bumping up against the limits of energy, and it is creating chaos in the availability of reasonably priced energy, which affects commodities and food, which causes inflation, and which restricts real growth. The energy crunch is here.
You can’t just print more dollars and create more energy instantaneously. Europe is about to try by printing Euros to provide subsidies for energy that it doesn’t produce, which isn’t priced in Euros, alongside price caps over the world’s most essential commodity, which it doesn’t control. The UK is getting in on this act, too. This will cause two things: (1) hyperinflation; and (2) energy shortages and rationing.
Meanwhile, that Putin guy is now demanding payment in Rubles for his oil and gas. He wants valuable real assets (foreign currency, hard assets, technology transfers, whatever) for his stuff, just like America gets from the Petrodollar. He is also refusing to sell it to anyone who tries to cap the price of his stuff. This, more than the Ukraine invasion itself, has caused World War III. It is a direct attack on the supremacy of the Petrodollar, which America cannot abide. The Petrodollar is central to our national security strategy. Recently Saudi Arabia has entered the chat, and agreed to sell its oil to Europe and Asia at reduced rates (not fully priced in dollars). It is not clear to me at this point if this is a temporary relief valve to our allies to relieve forex pressures, or if the Saudis have allied with Putin. The fog of war is real, and events are unfolding in real time, but markets hate uncertainty.
Turning back quickly to the hyperinflation issue, what will be the effect of the European countries printing not-dollars to subsidize energy they don’t produce or control in sufficient quantities to meet their needs? The hyperinflation will definitely affect citizens and some businesses quite harshly (Goldman Sachs says 20%+ in the UK, and a government spokesperson affirmed that this was a reasonable estimate). It will also have the effect of concentrating national wealth in a handful of energy production and distribution related industries that are vital to the national security of those countries. Enter the Federal Reserve and America’s greatest weapon (we actually use it, unlike our nuclear stockpile): interest rates and the Petrodollar.
Used properly interest rates and the petrodollar become a many birds with one stone solution to a lot of nagging problems. One, with recent large pro-Putin protests in the Czech Republic, Germany, and other Eurozone countries facing staggering and bankrupting energy bills, there is a risk that these countries could leave Team America, and try to cut a deal with Putin. It would take a while to get past the sanctions, but where there’s political will there’s a way. This outcome is unacceptable to America and can never be permitted.
As the Federal Reserve raises interest rates and sells its massive bond stockpile to combat inflation arising out of the energy crunch, much like it did in the 1970s, all sorts of second and third-order effects start happening, like sovereign debt crises. Countries keep reserves of dollars to buy energy, and as a result of regularly needing to transact in dollars, issue dollar-denominated debt. As interest rates in the US rise and bonds are sold, the global supply of dollars decreases. It is harder to get dollars, and foreign currencies dependent upon a stable or growing supply of dollars depreciate. They need to use more of their own currency to get the same amount of dollars that they used to. Much like the energy situation, a supply/demand imbalance arises. Also, quite a lot of the record high levels of corporate debt around the world are priced in dollars. That debt was also issued predicated upon growth assumptions that probably did not include an energy crisis, World War III, and stagflation. As you might imagine, this can cause a lot of problems.
Why then, do you ask, would America keep raising rates and selling bonds when markets are screaming “hey guys, big energy crisis over here, maybe turn on the liquidity a bit more”? Well, the amount of liquidity it would take to patch the gaping hole in German GDP is beyond anything we can reasonably do. That would lead to hyperinflation in America, which can never be allowed. The only thing that truly threatens the accumulated wealth of a nation (which the Federal Reserve protects in America) is hyperinflation. It killed the Weimar Republic, and it will kill what we currently recognize as the European economy. The wealthy and wealth of this country can survive market crashes, but not hyperinflation. Hyperinflation is an economic weapon of mass destruction, and you just can’t predict the outcome with any reasonable certainty (other than real bad).
Also, we are kinda tapped on liquidity after the Covid money fountain, and finding ourselves at the end of a business/debt cycle while we bump up against the chaotic limits of available energy. So, what happens when the Federal Reserve raises interest rates and sells bonds to continue tightening liquidity into this mess? Something in the global economy pops, starting in Europe (remember that $1.5 Trillion margin call in electricity futures). Hyperinflation destroys their economies, and they need a bailout/reset. In return for the bailout, we can give them the dollars they desperately want (we can create them at will). In return we only ask for all of their critical, national-security adjacent energy assets, which American capital can then operate for them starting from Europe’s new, lower baseline of reset economic growth. Some of the plant and equipment (natural gas turbines, very nice), along with intellectual property, can also be used to develop a more robust manufacturing economy here in America, close to comparatively cheap and abundant supplies of energy. We have done this with our allies before. In March of 1941, before America entered WWII, we sent the UK about 40 mothballed, decrepit destroyers from storage, and all we asked for in return was postwar dissolution of the British Empire and control over the global monetary system. It was a really amazing deal for America. We have profited immensely.
The other part of the puzzle is the staggering amounts of capital that will be needed to properly invest in energy and manufacturing infrastructure in America over the next decade. We basically have to onshore Germany, and replicate their trade balance that just vanished, plus some if we want actual growth. That is just a crazy amount of money, but we have to do it. The problem is that a huge chunk of our economy’s money is tied up in the stonks you retards have been buying hand over fist at a time when bond yields were screaming “NO REAL GROWTH.” Reversing this trend means inversing you. Your stonks gotta be crushed so that we can reset our growth baseline back to something reasonable, providing a multi-year runway of growth that will not bump up against energy limitations and make everything chaotic again. Once that happens, the Fed can turn the money spigot back on and the high interest rates will ensure that capital is allocated efficiently to the sectors where it will be most productive, like energy and manufacturing.
In the short to medium term this is going to be a rather volatile and unpleasant process, if you are not aware of what needs to happen. The old world of globalization is over. The heavy industry and production will be relocated here on our fortress continent, where we can keep our investment safe from bad actors like Russia in an increasingly dangerous world. The pivot is not coming until the reset happens. If you love America, sell your stonks and wait for the crash (or gamble on the timing of it like a degenerate with puts or UVXY, which I am doing), then go long as balls American treasuries, energy, manufacturing, and short dollars so the rest of the world can buy all the stuff we are about to make so we can all prosper. The Fed is on our side. You can make money in any market as long as you are flexible.
In the meantime I will conclude with a few fun bearporn centerfolds that I collected from around the internet:
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for first pc is this a good deal 500$ canadian

for first pc is this a good deal 500$ canadian submitted by nautikl to pcmasterrace [link] [comments]

Big Bada Boom. The one two Icahn Cohen Punch. A scenario for the MOAS

Big Bada Boom. The one two Icahn Cohen Punch. A scenario for the MOAS
This is a hypothetical and I'm not saying it plays out this way. But at least some pieces seem imminent. I'll clean up wording after I post, let me know of any hard to read areas I may have missed.
Edit: u/lowblowguy says you couldn't borrow shares to profit off a price spike. You could use margarine \sic]) to profit off a price spike though. Updated.
I originally wrote this to post anonymously on Superstonk but what the hell. I'll share it here. I'll leave the censorship as towel stock in.
(image for mobile browsing)
In one scenario GME would issue shares to towel holders 1 for 1 once BBBY increases share issuance to 104 million, or BBBY holders get a cash option under another scenario.
News of baby acquisition causes towel to rise to price to GME (around dollar level Cohen sold at) and causes the "meme" basket to run.
Dragonfly, the board Cohen Blake and Cheng are on, move to managing Baby, at least in part, with their teams ecom expertise. Their experience in quality brand acquisition (of over 25 brands) could later allow them to expand this subsidiary to the "Mall" experiences others have speculated about. Offering a quality alternative to Amazon. I think this can start with Baby and Dragonfly added to GME.
Towel had a 12 mil share offering just completed. If they do one more 12 mil offering bringing them to 104 million shares, they also set up a share perfect 2 for 1 reverse triangular merger with Icahn Enterprises after using the up to 20% cash option involved in those.
This I theorize would occur AFTER the GME /cash goes to towel holders and GME and/or Cohen acquires Baby and causes the basket to run.

Current towel share count 92,362,695 after 12 mil share offering completed. Former CFO Arnal seemed to emphasis 12 mil shares provocatively on the towel call in Aug. Was it a plan to issue 12 mil shares twice? in two separate offerings?
Infinite truth says follow the white rabbit (possibly Ghost writer for RC). The rabbit's clock was stuck on 12 in the official Carol tale. Alice tells him he's right at least twice a day....

credit to u/MapleCoconutBananas/ for Build Buck catch
To get to 104 mill towel shares with 150 mil dollar offering from 92,362,695, you'd need an additional 11,637,305 shares. That would be an average of 12.88 per share.
150 mil was also RC's gross into BBBY shown on his 144 form filed Aug 17 as well as the amount GME offered IMX if they "progressed well". Now there is unlock language all over towel calls and material which is indicative of a M&A or sale of the Baby. Even Patty Wu's president brand role of the Babe is to "unlock " value, literarily in her job title. They say they are progressing toward unlocking this value toward the end of the year, and ceo Gove reiterated this on her promotion to permanent CEO late Oct.
Jan 3 is 9 months from Cohen's ultrasound tweet. March 10th is Patty Wu's second vest unlock of shares at 9 month. And Cohen's "I got my 8th booster and now 2 inches taller" would line up with March 10th if baby was born on Nov 10. (Even though babies are technically 10 months old at birth ,9 months is commonly associated with full term)
(Cdc schedule 4 to 6 month mark is when the 8th booster occur at the 6 month mark. Babies can grow up to an inch a month. 2 inch growth aligning with Wu’s (Baby president) share unlock at her 9 month vest, and babies 6 month anniversary. Hence, the 69 tweets).
Apparently, Cohen's real life baby may be born around Nov 10 as well. Perhaps Jan 3rd is something too, like when shares would actually be distributed, lining up with futures expiration cycle theory and the month GME sneezed. New year may make things easier for accounting purposes as well.
Towel focused part of deal
There is 322.76 million shares of Icahn enterprise, ticker IEP. Icahn owns over 80% of shares.
Icahn adds shares of towel over a 10 day period (max delay in reporting over a 5% stake) before announcement from Cohen's offer for Baby. Icahn gain a greater stake ( up to 19.09%, max previously agreed for affiliates) . He may already have a bit under the 5 percent reporting requirement (about 4 million) picked up around Oct 25th (Good Will short hunting post), or over a longer stretch.
It's announced a cash tender offer or share exchange will be proposed to GME shareholders. Worst case, Dragonfly reverse mergers and goes public as a separate company with a tender offer around $20 a share to BBBY holders, or
towel holders get a share of GME. Either way, Boom. Icahn then offers the 2 to 1 option (to integrate with his West Point branding currently found in towel stores) after cash or GME distribution. And enjoys squeezing the shorts again like he did with Herbalife.
2 to 1 IEP to BBBY exchange with a 20% cash option in this scenario.
Icahn still owns controlling stake of his company with this deal, at 25% (and will receive back about 80 million shares on deal completion from his BBBY holdings, bringing him back up to 34% ownership in IEP while also receiving a stake in GME or cashback from his accumulation of towel up to 19.09%
Reverse triangular merger maths paragraph.... ( 80% of shares or 258.208 with 20% as cash option from 258 is 206.5664 shares needed. Icahn owns 277. (206 from 277 is about 74.57% - close, ha). They're also sitting on 6 billion dollars I hear as well. 206.5664/ 2 towels= 103.2832 = need about another 11.58 mil share offering from towel (as mentioned above).
Bond stuff paragraph..... (Now there's a stipulation in the bond prices right around the 12 dollar level as far as conversions going from bonds to shares in their new offering (decision due by Nov 15 for bond holders - Another cohencidence, Cohen's form 144 filing has a 90 day deadline after filing that arrives on Nov 15 the day the bond yah or nay is due from bondholders -(even though he sold Aug 16 and Aug 17 it's interesting). I haven't taken a look at it closely but I think it need to stay below or around that level for about a month or so for conversions to happen). There’s also the possibility of a third party approaching and offering a tender offer for all the bonds).
Ichan resulting shares maths paragraph...(Comes to 19.85 mil shares of towel which will later covert back into 39.7 shares of IEP. So, in effect Icahn will really only be diluting his stake in IEP (From 206.56 leaving behind 71 mil shares or so, and regaining 80 million shares of IEP at deal close ). Or about 110 million shares versus his previous 277 million share stake (coming to a new 34.29 % ownership of IEP). 19.85 mil shares of towel before acquisition and GME distribution nets him 19.85 mil share of GME or cashback, lessening the sting of decrease in ownership of IEP.
Towel holders have an emergency meeting similar to Twitters this year to approve share swap.
This occurs while giving towel holders insane value for their shares (Basically 2015 levels when towel was at 173.18 mil shares outstanding and marketcap was a 27x from current).
It's announced mid day, so towel shares trade up to around 12.88 where towel unloads a boatload with their 150 mil offering, and then shortly thereafter rises to the price of GME (in anticipation of towel holders receiving a share of GME). This could effect the basket leading to a runaway on its own. BBBY has the right to issue shares from treasury at any time so they don't have to get the amount perfect.
Lets just say towel shares are now valued at GME shares, that's 25 a share potentially overnight towel could be trading at, or around 30, where Cohen sold. Seems like that would liquidate a lot of the dumb stormtroopers of the investment galaxy.
But the best part isn't done yet.
$54 a share of IEP current trading price x 2 = 108.00 a share of towel worth of IEP, you can sell or keep your shares.
Plus the Gme or cash distribution around $20- $25, brings a $127- $133 a share value minimum. Sound absurd? In 2015 BBBY was trading at a high of around 76 a share with
173.18 million shares.
104 million shares, That's a 49.917 % difference.
$76 to $133 (decreased share count here) is a 54.54% percent difference. Net 6 percent difference total account for share count and price. I need help with math at times, but that seems a plausible scenario all in all. Especially with other valuations having gone up so much with all the money printing.
GME focused part of deal
First it’s important if you’re not aware Cohen described wanting baby to be “the ultimate destination for Baby in his letter to the board of towel. He used the same terminology before being added to the chair of Gamestop, and used the same terminology of Ultimate Destination when describing Chewy.
The plan: 1 GME share or cash distributed to each share of towel holders (near future 104 million total) in exchange for baby (which they'll add to a subsidiary of GameStop, and give GME shareholders baby shares. This could be in the form of a share launched on FTX marketplace. If they did it as an nft (which IMX specializes in, that could be problematic to shorts according to others who have posted as each nft has a unique serial and all transactions can be transparent).
This also points to the Cohen going dark on Twitter, a delisting of sorts for part of towel's baby. "Delisting" is known as going dark, and can involve being relisted elsewhere like China (GME hidden secrets.txt nft, upper right of skull, that code brings an SEC filling of an NFT company that did just that and relisted to China.

credit to u/chemfreak for BGPY7 lead
GME issues more shares for the acquisition (assuming they don't have shares in the treasury at the moment, or have maxed out their 1 billion share issuance approval from the splividend, in which case an acquisition may not need a shareholder vote).
The 500 million Catterton loan, and the Dragonfly board could put up their own funds as an alternative. Along with a 20% ipo to the public that would help return some liquid equity. This would allow the move to be made quick and really catch shorts by surprise.
I believe Dragonfly could do a reverse merger in this scenario taking this private company public. A different way to IPO. 20% may also be offered to the broader market before shares are distributed to GME holders if vote passes.
Gmerica will start with branding on the baby clothes (which their trademark is good for and was ready to use late Aug), and the ultimate destination for babies could launch an international direct to consumer emphasis, along with expanding GME's offerings from age zero and up through their current child toy option offerings. While also continuing to expand to clothing and take advantage of Babies agreements and infrastructure. Of course this would be a large shift from GME as a monolithic gaming based company, but adding a subsidiarity would be the first step in a larger move if they were ever to pivot. Baby is a profitable business run under Cohen could inject more cash into GME in the short and long term.
Wu spent time at Mattel making inroads to China there and emphasized the importance of play whereas currently Chinese parents on the whole, emphasize book study to a degree of spending over 40k a year on average. credit: u/n3rdacalypso u/movingday1
The government sees this as a problem since these parents are spending so much here instead of having more children. The government even reversed their 2 child policy and have it set now at 3. Anyway, to add to this theory Dragonfly got 500 mil from Catterton for M&A and Catterton literally wrote the whitepaper on the baby opportunities in China. 150 billion dollar child clothing market and general direct to consumer opportunities within China and abroad.
More tinfoil - Cohen’s violet then red heart . A Buffet company used this dark purple color scheme when they spun off the parent company and refocused on the international market. Is that baby's new color? The heart was also used in the Chewy logo, perhaps the heart will make a return with Baby.
Thanks u/edwinbarnesc and u/iamhighnlow for talking some ideas out with me.
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Ontario Grocery Deals - Week of November 24 to 30

Sorry for the lateness of this week’s post. I have been using an inherited, probably first generation, Microsoft Surface to write these posts because I don’t have my work laptop while I’m on mat leave. It has started perpetually restarting in a loop, but will let me use it for a few minutes in between restarts at each time. So now I’m struggling to finish this up on my phone.
I wanted to post what I’ve got so far and then circle back when I have time to add to the Best Deals of the Week. If there’s any tech savvy readers, who might be able to help me trouble shoot, feel free to reach out. If you’re feeling generous, I added a “Buy Me a Coffee” link via my Instagram Linktree. If you find these posts valuable and would like to throw me a dollar towards the purchase of a new laptop, it would be greatly appreciated. I’m having a hard time justifying the purchase of something new while I’m getting 33% of my income on mat leave.
I’m going to focus on grocery deals this week, because Black Friday has never been my jam.
You can find deals, links to referrals with sign up incentives, coupons, tips, and recipes on my Instagram ( I try to post new content everyday. If you’re interested, Flashfood has upped their sign-up referral bonus to 8$ when you use my code and spend 10$ on the app.

Best Deals of the Week

Hopefully, I’ll get to this section today.
In the meantime:
40k points for 100$ on general merch at Loblaws, Zehrs, and Independent and 20k points for 100$ spent on general merch at Real Canadian Superstore!
There is a new Unilever promotion running until December 22, 2022. Spend $20 or more in one transaction on Dove, Dove Mens+Care, Axe, Tresemme, SheaMoisture, St. Ives and Vaseline products and upload your receipt to receive your $5 reward. Limit of 1 reward per receipt, but you can claim the reward multiple times.

Good prices on staples:

Farm Boy
  • 1.49$/lb Broccoli crowns
  • 3.99$/lb Ground beef
Food Basics
  • 88¢ Kraft Dinner, Heinz Beans, Campbell's soup, or Uncle Ben's Fast & Fancy rice
  • 88¢/lb Oranges
  • 1.88$/lb Grapes
  • 1.88$/lb Frozen whole turkey
  • 2.88$/lb Lean ground pork or boneless pork loin
  • 3.88$ Schneider's bacon. Pair with mailed out coupon for 4$ off when you buy 2, if you haven't already used it.
  • 1.88$ Black Diamond slices
  • 98¢ Mangoes
  • 1.88$ Carrots or Onions 2lbs, or Broccoli crowns
  • 2.88$ Eggos
  • Spend 50$, get 500 Scene+ points (5$ value). Scan the barcode in the flyer at checkout for this offer. Valid until Sunday November 27.
  • 3.69$ Lysol cleaners. Buy 3, get 350 Scene+ points (3.50$ value). Almost buy 2 get 1 free.
  • But 2 Dempsters bread and get a free Sara Lee Little Bites. Use 2 x 2$ off printable coupons for an even better deal.
Sign up for their emails and get 5$ off your first purchase of 40$ or more. I like to have a couple of email accounts that I use specifically for these types of email subscriptions so they don't clog my main account.
Fortinos LOBLAWS
  • 99¢ Cloverleaf Tuna. 25¢ Eclipsa cashback rebate.
  • 89¢ Milano cookies
  • 9.99$ Tre Stelle Cheez Made Burgers or Nuggets. Get 1,000 PC Optimum points (1$ value) for each. Plus, there’s a printable coupon for 2$ off. Link via Instagram under Dairy Farmers.
  • Spend 50$, get 500 Scene+ points (5$ value). Scan the barcode in the flyer at checkout for this offer. Valid until Sunday November 27.
  • 2$ Grape Tomatoes or Mini Cucumbers. 25¢ Eclipsa cashback rebate.
  • 6$/30 Eggs. This is a great price! We eat a lot of eggs as it’s a cheap and easy protein and kids love scrambled eggs. I may even buy 2 flats of 30 and hard boil a bunch of them for a large batch of egg salad for weekday lunches.
  • 4$ Schneider’s bacon. Use the Buy 2 get 4$ off mailout if you have it.
  • 1$ Carnation Evaporated Milk. (Scene+ price). There are blue tear pad coupons in stores for 1$ off any item that has the blue Dairy Farmer’s logo on it, which is a lot of products, including the Carnation Evaporated Milk. I haven’t found any of these coupons yet, so I’m assuming that they are a hot commodity. Use a coupon for each to make them free.
  • 5$/2 Dempsters bread. Use two printable 2$ off coupons to get these loaves for 50¢ each. Link via Instagram.
  • 7$/2 Kellogg’s cereal. Get 100 Scene+ points (1$ value) when you buy 2. Use 2 printable 2$ off coupons and upload to for 2$ off each box. You will earn 1$ from this transaction. Link via Instagram.
  • 3$ Cheez Its, Snap’d, or Town House Crackers. Use the 1.50$ off Websaver printable for the Cheez Its, or the 1$ off printable for the Snap’d. Link via Instagram. Upload the receipt to for the 1.50$ off the Cheez Its, or the 1$ off the Snap’d. The Cheez Its will be free.
  • 1$ Unico tuna. 25¢ Eclipsa cashback rebate.
    • 3$ Pearl Milling Pancake Mix or Syrup. Use 1$ tear pad coupons that are still available in store.
Giant Tiger
  • 1.97$ Christie Crackers. Stock up for your holiday charcuterie.
  • 1.72$ Knorr Sidekicks. These are really popular in my area as a request from our local food bank.
  • 3.97$ Giant Value cheese block
  • 3.99$ Sponge Towels or Cashmere toilet paper. Limit 3 of each. If you buy 25$ worth of Kruger paper products, you can upload your receipt for a 10$ gift card. Good time to stock up. Scotties facial tissues are also a Kruger product if you want to mix and match. There were peelie coupons available in the past that will pair with this to get even more savings.
  • 97¢ Steam & Go Potatoes 1lb, or Baby Carrots 340g. The potatoes are handy for a quick side. They cook in the bag in the microwave in a minute or two.
  • 3.33$ Kelloggs or Post Cereal. Pair with the 2$ off Kellogg’s printable coupons and cashback rebates for extra savings.
  • 4.99$ Skinless, boneless, chicken breast
  • 1.99$ Dole Coleslaw
  • 1.99$/lb Tomatoes on the vine
  • 1.99$ Broccoli Crowns
  • 4.44$ Selections Cheese Blocks
  • 3.49$ Carnation Hot Chocolate. If you got a 4$ off coupon in the mail this week, then you can use it for a freebie on this. Plus get 1,000 PC Optimum points (1$ value).
  • 2$ No Name Marshmallows. 1,500 PC Optimum points (1.50$ value).
  • 1$ Blueberries ½ pint. 25¢ Eclipsa cashback rebate.
  • 69¢ Campbell’s soup. STOCK UP price.
  • 1.97$ Astro Original Yogurt. Pair with 50¢ tear pad coupon.
  • 99¢ Cucumbers. 25¢ Eclipsa cashback rebate.
  • 3.99$ Dove Bar Soap, Body Wash, Deodorant, or Hair Care. Get 1,000 PC Optimum points (1$ value) for each. CheckOut51 has 1.50$ cashback rebates on Dove Body Wash and Deodorant. There’s also some printable coupons that might still be available. I have to clean up my Instagram Linktree, but I haven’t had time. See if they work for you.
Real Canadian Superstore LOBLAWS
  • For every 100$ spent on Home, Electronics, Toys, Baby, Cosmetics, Health and Beauty, Joe Fresh and Pharmacy get 25,000 PC Optimum points (25$ value). Now is a great time to stock up on soaps, paper products, lotions, toothpaste, etc. RCSS price matches, so you can get even better deals.
  • 8$ Lean Ground Beef 1kg
  • 1.99$ Potatoes 10lbs
  • Spend 9$ on Casa Mendosa, Wonder Bread, D’Itaiano bread or buns and get 2,500 PC Optimum points (2.50$ value). Combine with the buy 1, get 1 free printable coupons for more savings.
  • Spend 15$ on Beyond Sausage (and I think Beyond Meat is also included) and get 1,500 PC Optimum points (1.50$ value). The sausages at my RCSS are priced between 7.49$ and 8.49$. Use 2 printable 2$ off coupons. Link via Instagram.
  • 5.49$ Hungry Man XL Bowls. Get 2,000 PC Optimum points (2$ value). 2$ cashback rebate from CheckOut51 with a 1$ bonus cashback rebate if you buy at specific stores including RCSS making this 49¢.
  • Spend12$ on Kellogg’s cereal, get 5,000 PC Optimum points (5$ value). Use 2$ off printable websaver coupons and 2$ cashback rebate and price match Freshco to make these a money maker.
  • Buy 2 Hellman’s mayo/sauces and get 4,000 PC Optimum points (4$ value). The sauces are 4.99$ at RCSS, so it’s almost buy 1, get 1 free.
  • 3.99$ Coca Cola or Canada Dry 6x710ml. Get 1,000 PC Optimum points (1$ value). Price atch No Frills flyer price of 2.99$ to get an even better deal.
Shopper’s Drugmart LOBLAWS
  • This weekend is the mega redemption weekend. Redeem 70,000 points, get 100$ worth of product, 130,000 points for 200$ worth of product, or 250,000 points for 400$ worth of product. If you have the points, it might be a good time to get Christmas gifts. Shopper’s sells electronics like Nintendo Switches, Xboxes, Tablets, etc. The Switch is 399.99$, redeem 250,000 points and you get 400$ worth of points.
  • 6.99$ Cottonelle toilet paper. There is a loadable PC Optimum points offer for 6,000 points (6$ value) when you buy 2.
  • 5.99$ Bounty paper towels. Get 2,000 PC Optimum points (2$ value) when you buy 2.
  • 1.69$ Lays Chips Saturday/Sunday only
  • 3.29$/12 Eggs Saturday/Sunday only
  • 2.49$ Wonderbread. Use printable buy 1, get 1 free coupon. Saturday/Sunday only
  • 2.99$ No Name or PC Peanut butter. Saturday/Sunday only
  • 1.69$ Quaker Dip/Chewy bars. Spend 10$ on Quaker products, get 3,000 PC Optimum points (3$ value). STOCK UP for school lunches. Pair with 50¢ printable coupons from and 50¢ cashback rebate for more savings. 25¢ Eclipsa cashback rebate.
  • 2.59$ Primo tomato sauce. Get 600 PC Optimum points (60¢ value) for every purchase. Price match Loblaws, Independent, or Zehrs price of 1$ to get these for 40¢ each.
  • Spend 50$, get 500 Scene+ points (5$ value). Scan the barcode in the flyer at checkout for this offer. Valid until Sunday November 27.
  • 1.29$ Cucumber. 25¢ Eclipsa cashback rebate.
  • 1.99$ Blueberries when you buy 3 or more. ½ pint. 25¢ Eclipsa cashback rebate.
  • 1.99$ Carrots or onions 2lbs 100 Scene+ points (1$ value) when you buy 2.
Sign up for emails and receive 5$ off your purchase of 40$ or more
  • 98¢/lb Oranges
  • 3.98$/lb Skinless, boneless chicken breast
  • 2.97$ Deli Express Bacon
  • 1.87$ Raspberries and blackberries
  • 2.44$ McCain Breakfast potatoes or fries. Pair with 1.50$ printable coupon. Link via Instagram.
  • 2.47$ Maxwell House instant coffee. 25¢ cashback rebate from for any coffee purchase. 25¢ Eclipsa cashback rebate.
  • 4.47$ Becel Plant Based Bricks. 1$ cashback rebate from CheckOut51 or 1.50$ printable coupon. Link via Instagram.
Zehrs/ Loblaws/Independent LOBLAWS
  • 1.99$/lb Whole chicken or pork loin
  • 4$/2 Blueberries pints. 25¢ Eclipsa cashback rebate.
  • 3.99$ Butter. STOCK UP price. Butter freezes really well.
  • 3.49$/lb Ground beef. Excellent 2022 price.
  • 1$ Primo tomato sauce or Unico passata
  • 7.99$ Beyond Meat Sausages. Get 1,000 PC Optimum points (1$ value) for each purchase. Use 2$ off printable coupon. Link via Instagram.

Easy Cashback Offers:

Eclipsa app ( cashback 25¢ for each of the following items (limit of 1):
  • Lettuce
  • Blueberries
  • Milk
  • Coffee
  • Granola bars
  • Tuna or salmon
  • Cucumbers
  • Evive Smoothies
  • Genuine Health supplements
Upload your grocery receipts to Caddle for 10¢ cashback. Link via Instagram.
Did I mention CheckOut51 has rebates on beer and wine? (
Extra savings on food can be found by using the Flashfood app, which sells near expiry groceries for large discounts.

Coupon Freebies and Gift Card Offers

FREE! Every 6 months you can request a coupon for a free product from Henkel Canada. They make laundry detergent, Purex, Pursil and Snuggle, etc. Fill out their contact form and select the request coupon radio button. They will send a free product coupon. Link via Instagram.
Free Ice Cream! You can request a coupon for 4$ off any Chapman's ice cream products once a year by filling out a quick online form. Coupon will be mailed in a few weeks. Link via Instagram.
Free Poise pad sample pack available. Link via Instagram.
Free sample of Affresh dishwasher cleaner. Link via Instagram.

Price match tips:

  • Most stores won't price match Rexall or Shoppers Drugmart.
  • Loblaws owned stores limit price matching to 4 items per UPC. Different flavours will have different UPCs. Some cashiers don't know their policy and will try to limit purchases to 4 items only.
  • Showing a virtual flyer like the Flipp app links included in this post is sufficient for price matching. You don't need to find a physical flyer.
  • Download the Flipp app and long press the price matches to "clip" them. You can find these clippings in the Lists section for easy reference at checkout.
  • Not all stores will price match every store. Each store will determine their own local competition. They should have this info posted somewhere or ask at the cash and they can tell you.

Frugal Tip of the Week:

Frugal Tips will return next week or this week if I can get the Surface to work.
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Scammed online, need pro-revenge ideas.

Mt Fellow South Africans (read in your best Cyril voice)
This is quite a long post, because a lot happened.
I needed a part for my old VW Caddy (ABS pump, prohibitively expensive new, worth more than the vehicle), so I started making calls to the used spares places on Google. One I found is called Looking4Spares, up in Gauteng. They have an online form you can fill, and they distribute your request, description, and part number, with your contact details, to over 200 other dealers - sounded like a good idea.
Pretty soon I got some responses, on Whatsapp. One from an 062 number, calls himself Reshen, said he had the part in stock, 1500 bucks. I asked where he was, and he gave me the name of the business, in Umgeni Road. I check out the website, they seem legit. I type the address into Google streetview, there it is. I read some reviews, all normal. A few reviews said they don't answer their phones very promptly. I tried the numbers, sure enough, no one answers. Then he calls me. I say 'send me a pic of the part, I need to make sure'. So he does. It's the correct part, no question - I can see the sticker, everything matches what I have on my car, good to go. I say send me an invoice, let's do this. Invoice comes, on the letterhead of the place of business. All looks fine, made out to me, even a VAT amount. He says Courier Guy can bring for 275 extra, must he book it? I think 'sure, they must do this a lot, it's coming by road, part is not big, will take 2 days, that's a fair price'. He needs full address, plus postcode and 2 contact numbers. I provide.
So I give him my trust, and I make the payment. Later that evening, I get a Whatsapp from another 062 number, with the Courier Guy logo on the Whatsapp header. Message says part will be delivered tomorrow between 10 and 12, please make sure someone is there to collect. That's when the alarm bell started to ring - I live in Knysna, and there is no overnight service from Durban to here. Then a new message from Reshen - courier made a mistake with the price, can he call me, he knows it's family time, same where he is, blah blah. I say 'sure'. He calls and says he needs an extra R350, they sent it overnight. If that's not OK, he will refund the full amount. I say I'm happy with it coming by road, just let it come. He hangs up.
Now my BS radar is on full alert. I do a reverse image search on Google for the pic he sent. First result, identical pic. He took it off Gumtree, someone selling it there for R4,500. I text him and say' you know what, I'll take up your offer of a refund'. No reply.
I immediately call the Nedbank Fraud dept (his account is also Nedbank, same as me), they take the info, say it can take 4 weeks to investigate. Not much help, I have to say. This clearly happens a lot.
I whatsapp him the next day, asking for the tracking number. No reply. I try a few more times. Doesn't reply or answer the phone (I have no landline, only the number he knows). So I google what to do with a fraudster on Whatsapp. You can report. I do, it says the last 5 messages will be sent to HQ, and then deletes the whole conversation, including the number! Fortunately I still have it in my contacts.
OK, so in hindsight I was too trusting, gave him the benefit of the doubt. I've called the business in Umgeni Road, and managed to get through. The dude there says they get plenty of people asking for this guy, says is it an 062 number? So this POS is on the contact list for the company in Gauteng that sends out the blanket query. He collects the queries, and runs his little scam, using a legit storefront as his bona fide. I should have been more cautious, but I don't do this often, and I'm a trusting kind-of-a-guy. R1,775 is not a lot of money, but the fact this POS is operating with impunity is grinding my gears, big time.
Does anyone have some really sweet suggestions as to how I can hurt this scumbag? He knows my address, obviously, and I don't know where he lives, so it has to be really sweet, if you get my drift.
TL;DR: Got scammed, need revenge!
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Forex Cards in India

Forex Cards are trending nowadays as many people oftenly plan to travel to foreign countries. These cards are a medium of making payments in dining, shopping, or wherever you want to spend money.
If you don’t have a forex card, try to issue it as early as possible because it is a golden opportunity for people who frequently plan to go abroad. There are unlimited banks that offer the facility of forex cards in India, but we have mentioned some of them. Let’s go through them one by one:-

HDFC Regalia ForexPlus Card

You don’t need to be worried about currency exchanges when planning a trip to or studying in the US. HDFC Regalia ForexPlus Card comes up with USD currency. Furthermore, the currency exchange charges are zero. You can block your card through internet banking for temporary reasons if you are not traveling for the time being.
Features of Regalia ForexPlus Card
Fees & Other Charges
You must pay some charges when issuing the Regalia ForexPlus Card. However, some of the major charges & fees that are being levied by HDFC are mentioned below:-

Also Read: Fortrade review

MakeMyTrip HDFC Bank ForexPlus Card

Forex Plus Card by HDFC is one of India's best cards as it suits students and workers who work abroad. Having this card only provides the convenience of currency available in your wallet or account, but it is also loaded with lots of features that are mentioned below:-
Features of ForexPlus Card by HDFC
Fees & Other Charges
The fees and other charges being levied by HDFC Bank ForexPlus Card are mentioned below:-

Axis Bank Multi-Currency Forex Card

Axis Bank Multi-Currency Forex Card is India’s best card that is suitable for people who are living in abroad for studies or planning a short trip abroad. You can store upto 16 different currencies at a time in a single card. Having this card in your hand makes your trip memorable, and at the same time, you are stress-free.
Features of Multi-Currency Forex Card
Special Features Applicable Only For Student
Fees & Other Charges

ICICI Bank Sapphiro Forex Prepaid Card

Sapphiro Forex Prepaid Card by ICICI Bank comes under the category of premium card which is charging very high on issuing a card, i.e., Rs. 2,999 in the initial year Rs. 999/annum chargeable second year onwards).
Charges & Other Fees


If you are planning for a short trip, working or studying abroad, the above card helps you at every stage. Furthermore, Forex cards make your trip stress-free because you don’t have to convert your country's currency into foreign currency. With a single forex card, you can roam to different foreign countries across the globe.
These cards accept various currencies at a time, allowing you to do shopping in any corner of the world. The main advantage of issuing a forex card is that you will get decent rewards, discounts, or bonuses while shopping or dining. But, every bank offers different features on forex cards.
More Related Articles At: Trending Brokers
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[WTS] LMT Rear Fixed Iron Sight, Matech BUIS, CQD sling mount, Aero Sport Cantilever 30mm mount, A2 Carry Handle, parts bin (WA)
Big table of stuff for sale. Some good stuff, some iffy stuff, some shitty stuff, and some free stuff. Shipping included.
Most payment types accepted. No comments, No Goods and Services allowed with any payment types.
I’m reasonable when it comes to reasonable offers. Will consider offers for bundles as bundles save me on shipping.
Big bundle deal: I will sell everything left on the table to you for $450 $170.
Dibs reigns supreme.
Please don't use chat.
I can send these out Thursday morning.
—————————————THE GOOD————————————
LMT Rear Fixed Iron Sight: $120
Catch and release off of here, got another at the same time and only need one. Practically flawless. Finish your Mk18 clone with style.
Matech Flip Up Back Up Rear Iron Sight: $50
Great condition. Finish that M16 A4 build in the back of your safe.
PSA A2 Removable Carry Handle: $40
Great condition, light use only. Remember kids, logos disappear under spray paint.
Aero Precision Sport Cantilever 30mm Ring Mount, 2 Inch Offset: $60
BNIB, catch and release.
Kaw Valley Precision .625 Adjustable Gas Block: $25
Only 150 rounds through it, worked great, but couldn't adjust it without removing my handguard due to a poorly planned build. Moderate salt from parts bin and rail installation, plus some Loctite residue. Attaches via set screw.
CQD Rear Sling Mount: $25
Brand new from Charlie's. Never installed, ordered two by mistake. Clone correct for your Mk18 Mod 0.
SBA3 Pistol Stabilizing Brace with Split Fix: $70
Very good condition, has the PSA end cap, comes with Split Fix so it's really nice and solid for attaching to your impossibly small forearm since you would never shoulder this. No receiver extension, spring, buffer or hardware included.
"B" marked CAR-15 Aluminum Stock and Buttpad: Bushmaster?: $85
Not sure if this is a real Bushmaster or something else, but certainly resembles the ones I can find on Gunjoker and elsewhere. Some salt (dings exposing some bare metal). There's also a piece of loop side Velcro glued to the front of the inside to provide a tight fit to the receiver extension. No receiver extension, spring, buffer or hardware included.
—————————————THE IFFY————————————
PSA M4 Style Waffle Stock: $15
Gently used, PSA marked, only salt evident is on the sling clip. No receiver extension, spring, buffer or hardware included.
Mossberg 500/Maverick 88 Pump and Stock Furniture Kit: $15
Very good condition. Comes with hardware for stock.
Magpul MOE Polymer Rifle Length Handguard with Heat Shields: $15
Pretty salty, scuffed all over. No structural issues. MLOK.
Olive Arrow Adjustable Foregrip: $20
Good condition. Honestly a cool little grip. Twist it 90 degrees to lock or unlock. I'd keep it, but I don't have any rifle with a picatinny handguard that doesn't already have a KAC broomstick.
XTech Tactical ATG Adjustable Pistol Grip: $15
Good condition, has the screw and washer, 3 different angles. Very nifty especially if lending your rifle to someone with different arm geometry. Like a T-Rex.
3x Milspec A2 Pistol Grips with hardware: $5 each, added on to any other purchase.
Might be Anderson, Luth, PSA, all new or lightly used. .
2x Milspec triggers, less than 500 rounds each: $5 each, added on to any other purchase.
One is PSA, one is Anderson. If you really want one and can't buy anything else, $10 each. Or $10 for both. You decide.
2x OTIS M4/M16 cleaning rod extension sets: $10 alone or $5 add on.
Technically these are genuine wartime take-homes from a combat zone by yours truly. Larp as an... armorer POG?
—————————————THE SHITTY————————————
Unknown ~11" Keymod Handguard, 2 mismatched barrel nuts, and crowfoot wrench: $20 OR $10 add on with any purchase over $25
Came with a BCA upper. Salt here and there from installation, etc. This abortion of a kit is the result of me trying and failing to find the right barrel nut for this irredeemable handguard. The two barrel nuts are slightly too short for the handguard (or the handguard is too long on the receiver side), but if you cut off about 1/4" off the receiver end of the handguard, it would line up fine with the receiver. Both barrel nuts fit the rail fine and bolt right up via the included screws, they're simply recessed into the rail when they should be flush. The Mentium wrench fits both barrel nuts. This would be perfect for all you fosscad kids out there who need a shitty handguard and don't mind cut marks on it. Please take it off my hands.
QD Adjustable FDE sling from Amazon: $10 add-on only.
It... works. Some salt and dirt. I also have one in Ranger Green, same sling different color, unpictured. Can send photo on request.
The Chinesium Collection (red dot, riser, 45 degree offset mount, 2x MLOK rail sections): $15 alone, or $10 add-on.
Again for you 3d printing guys. Shitty picatinny micro red dot with a cover, it works, some salt. Riser and rail sections have some salt.
Ebay Armorer's Wrench: $20 alone or $10 add on.
It's shitty but it does work. I wish I could give it away but it's heavy as all get out so shipping would kill it.
Gun Show Foregrip/Bipod Combo: $12 or $5 add on.
Used to be FDE, rattlecanned black, the black will come off easily (heck, it's already peeling). Relive your pleb days with this piece of history.
—————————————THE FREE————————————
The following items are free with any purchase. Pick one or two, I don't care
Orbit Key Finder Chip: BNIB but probably crap compared to the Air Tags. Find your car keys when you lose them at the gun range. See, firearm related.
Blackhawk Ambi Safety Selector: BNIB
4x Gun Cable Locks: 1-800-273-8255
Fox Tactical Single Point Bungee Sling: Nothing tactical about this but it worked fine on my Kel Tec. Some salt on the lobster claw. If you really want this, I'll put it an envelope by itself for $7
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Nigeria limits ATM withdrawals to promote digital currency NEWS
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AITA for wanting to get paid to make a cake?

I ( 16 M ) have always loved baking, ever since I was a little kid! My mom ( 53 F ) works at a fairly small company, about 150 people. Yesterday she asked me if I could bake a cake with the company logo on it. She asked this because we’re going down to another city, where the office is located, for a happy hour which she hosts. I’m not going, obviously lol, I’d just be in a hotel room. When she asked me, I said yes because I’ve always wanted to do something like this! She said she wanted it to be 2 feet long, 3 layers, each one a different flavor, and molding chocolate for the letters.
I said okay and that was it. Today I asked her how much I’ll be getting paid and she just looked at me and said “ You’re not getting paid. What would you even need money for? “ I just looked at her confused and said “ New clothes, and for the effort. This is a 2 foot cake with multiple flavors, plus I’m making homemade buttercream AND molding chocolate. “ She rolled her eyes at me and told me that I should just do it because they’re a small company. Here is where I might be the asshole. I told her that I wouldn’t do it unless she paid me for it, and she started shouting at me that I’m self centered and don’t care about her, and just stormed off. I didn’t want much, just $120 and that’s all. I feel like I’m the asshole for making her upset and being selfish, but I think that people should get paid for their work and effort! AITA? Edit: I need to be more specific, there are 150 people at the company but I’m estimating that there will be 74 - 100 people at the happy hour Edit 2: Yes, I’m paying for the ingredients with money I won from my school fair Edit 3: Lordy so many edits- Thank you all for the support, it means a lot :) sorry if I don’t reply to you, but just keep that in mind. And yes, I will admit that I probably should have asked bout the price before, so I’ll take responsibility for that. Update: Moms coworkers found out. Guess who has $500 😎
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[USA-NM][H] Huge DMG Gameboy Variant Collection ~590 Cartridges [W] paypal

$14,000 OBO through paypal Willing to split up but must be substantial chunks that don't make it more difficult to sell the rest
I'm selling off my personal game collection. Pictures are of the exact games you will receive. I have established price from pricecharting but feel free to offer what you think is fair.
This is quite the huge collection that I have been piecing together for a few years. The main focus was to find as many label variants as I could to which I have a near complete set of what is currently known. Some variants are a little more obscure than others, so please feel free to ask about any of them. Many of these are incredibly difficult to find so this is surely a rare opportunity to find them all in one auction.
I have personally cleaned, tested, and authenticated all games to the best of my ability. All games are working while there are a handful that take a few tries to get going as expected. I have not replaced the internal batteries in the few games that have them, so assume this will still need to be done if desired.
There are around 505 USA region games, 1 empty USA box, 7 sealed limited run games, 15 manuals, 30 games from other regions, and 51 extra games that are in variable condition. I've also included over 500 clamshell cases that I've picked up. I estimate around 95% of the cases are authentic.
I've tried my best to describe everything but please see pictures to judge for yourself or ask if something needs more clarity
USA Region
1 4-In-1 Fun Pak
2 4-In-1 Fun Pak (USA-1)
3 4-in-1 Fun Pak Volume II
4 The Addams Family
5 Alleyway
6 NBA All-Star Challenge
7 NBA All-Star Challenge 2
8 The Addams Family Pugsley's Hunt (slight cart yellowing and took a few tries to get going)
9 Animaniacs
10 Animaniacs (USA-1)
11 Alien Vs. Predator
12 All-Star Baseball 99
13 Asteroids
14 Adventure Island
15 Adventure Island (USA-1)
16 Adventure Island II
17 Adventure Isnald II (USA-1)
18 Arcade Classic 1 Asteroids Missile Command
19 Arcade Classic 2 Centipede Millipede
20 Arcade Classic 3 Galaga Galaxian
21 Arcade Classic 4 Defender Joust
22 The Adventures of rocky and Bulwinkle and Friends
23 Altered Space
24 Attack of the Killer Tomatoes
25 Arcade Classics Super Breakout Battlezone
26 The Amazing Spiderman
27 Aerostar (USA-1)(major label damage)
28 Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle
29 Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle (USA-1)
30 Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle 2
31 Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle 2 (USA-1)
32 Bonks Adventure
33 Bonks Adventure (USA-1)
34 Bonks Revenge
35 Bonks Revenge (USA-1)
36 Bubble Bobble
37 Bubble Bobble (USA-1)
38 Bubble Bobble Part 2
39 Bubble Bobble Part 2(USA-1)
40 Blades of Steel
41 Blades of Steel (USA-1)
42 Burger Time Deluxe
43 Burger Time Deluxe (USA-1)
44 Balloon Kid (2-line gameboy logo)
45 Balloon Kid (3-line gameboy logo)
46 Boxxle
47 Boomer's Adventure ASKIK World
48 Batman Return of the Joker
49 Batman the Video Game
50 Batman Forever (slight label whitening on side)
51 Brainbender
52 Black Bass Lure Fishing
53 The Blues Brothers
54 Baseball
55 Bust a Move 2
56 Bart Simpsons Escape from Camp Deadly
57 Best of the Best Championship Karate
58 Bases Loaded
59 Brain Drain
60 Battle Unit Zeoth
61 Bubsy II
62 Beavis and Butthead
63 Breakthru
64 Bo Jackson 2 Games in One
65 Barbie Game Girl
66 Bomberman GB
67 Boggle Plus
68 Battleship
69 Battletoads
70 Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure (Corrected)
71 Battle Arena Toshiden (USA-1)
72 The Chessmaster
73 The Chessmaster (USA-1)
74 The Castlevania Adventure
75 The Castlevania Adventure (USA-1)
76 Centipede
77 Centipede (Accolade)
78 Caesars Palace (slight label damage)
79 Caesars Palace (USA-1)
80 Chase HQ
81 Chase HQ (USA-1)
82 Casino Fun Pak
83 Casper
84 Championship Pool
85 College Slam (Label Whitening)
86 Captain America and the Avengers
87 Cliffhanger
88 Contra the Alien Wars
89 Catrap
90 Choplifter II
91 Castlevania Legends
92 Cool Spot
93 Cutthroat Island
94 Cosmotank
95 Donkey Kong
96 Donkey Kong (USA-1)
97 Donkey Kong Land (NFR)
98 Donkey Kong Land
99 Doneky Kong Land (USA-1)
100 Donkey kong Land (USA-2)
101 Donkey Kong Land 2 (NFR)
102 Donkey Kong Land 2
103 Donkey Kong Land 2 (USA-1)
104 Donkey Kong Land 2 (USA-2)
105 Donkey Kong Land 3
106 Disneys Aladdin
107 Disneys Aladdin (USA-1)
108 Dragons Lair
109 Dragons Lair (player logo variant)
110 Dragons Lair (USA-1)
111 Darkwing Duck
112 Darkwing Duck (USA-1)
113 Disneys Duck Tales
114 Disneys Duck Tales (DMT Error)
115 Double Dragon (2-line gameboy logo)
116 Double Dragon (3-line gameboy logo)
117 Double Dribble 5 on 5
118 Double Dribble 5 on 5 (USA-1)
119 Disneys Jungle Book
120 Disneys Jungle Book (USA-1)
121 Duck Tales 2
122 Duck Tales 2 (USA-1)
123 Daedalian Opus
124 Daedalian Opus (USA-1)
125 Disneys Little Mermaid
126 Disneys Little Mermaid (USA-1)
127 Dr. Mario (2-line gameboy logo)
128 Dr. Mario (3-line gameboy logo)
129 Dr. Mario (USA-1)
130 Dr. Mario (USA-2)
131 Disneys Hercules
132 Disneys Pinoccio
133 Disneys Hunch Back of Notre Dame
134 Disneys Pocahontas
135 Disneys Mulan
136 Desert Strike
137 Day of Thunder
138 Dr. Franken (yellowed case)
139 Dennis the Mennis
140 Dracula
141 Dexterity
142 Daffy Duck
143 Double Dragon 3
144 Double Dragon II
145 Dead Heat Scramble
146 Disneys toy Story
147 Dragon Heart
148 Elevator Action
149 Elevator Action (USA-1)
150 The Empire Strikes Back
151 The Empire Strikes Back (USA-1)
152 Elite Soccer
153 Extra Bases
154 Felix the Cat
155 Felix the Cat (USA-1)
156 Final Fantasy Adventure
157 Final Fantasy Adventure (USA-1)
158 Final Fantasy Legend II (USA-1)
159 Final Fantasy Legend III
160 Final Fantasy Legend III (USA-1)
161 Final Fantasy Legend
162 Final Fantasy Legend (USA-1)
163 The Fist of the North Star
164 The Fist of the North Star (USA-1)
165 F-1 Race
166 F-1 Race (USA-1)
167 Fastest Lap
168 Faceball
169 Ferrari Grand Prix Challenge
170 Fish Dude
171 F-15 Strike Eagle (chipped Case)
172 Fifa Soccer 96
173 The Flintstones King Rock Treasure Island
174 The Flintstones
175 The Flash
176 The Fidgetts
177 Foreman For Real
178 Frogger
179 Frank thomas Big Hurt
180 Fortified Zone
181 F1 Pole Position
182 Flipull
183 Godzilla
184 Godzilla (USA-1)
185 Golf
186 Golf (USA-1)
187 Go!Go! Tank
188 Go!Go! Tank (USA-1)
189 Ghostbusters II
190 Ghostbusters II (USA-1)
191 Gear Works
192 Goal!
193 Getaway
194 Great Greed
195 George Foremans KO Boxing
196 Game and Watch Gallery
197 Gargoyles
198 Game of Harmony
199 Gremlins 2
200 Home Alone
201 Home Alone (USA-1)
202 Heavyweight championship Boxing
203 Heavyweight championship Boxing (player logo variant)
204 Hudson Hawk
205 Hatris
206 Hook
207 The Humans
208 HAL Wrestling
209 Hyper Lode Runner
210 High Stakes Gambling
211 Home Alone 2
212 Heianky Alien
213 The Hunt For Red October (yellowed case)
214 In Your Face (yellowed case)
215 Info Genius Spanish Translator
216 Info Genius Spell Checker and Calculator
217 Ishido
218 Iron Man X-O Manowar in Heavy Metal
219 Jimmy Connors Tennis
220 Jeopardy Sports Edition
221 Jeopardy Teen Edition
222 Jordan vs. Bird One on One
223 Jack Nichlaus Golf
224 Jurassic Park
225 Judge Dredd
226 Jeep Jamboree Off Road Adventure
227 James Bond 007
228 James bond 007 (USA-1)
229 Jeopardy
230 Jeopardy (USA-1)
231 Ken Griffey Jr Presents Major League Baseball (NFR)
232 Ken Griffey Jr Presents Major League Baseball
233 Kirbys Dream Land
234 Kirbys Dream Land (USA-1)
235 Kirbys Dream Land 2
236 Kirbys Dream Land 2 (USA-1)
237 Kirbys Pinball Land
238 Kirbys Pinball Land (USA-1)
239 Kibrys Blockball (NFR)
240 Kid Dracula
241 Knights Quest
242 Killer Instinct
243 Klax
244 Kwirk (case is very chipped)
245 The Legend of Zelda Links Awakening
246 The Legend of Zelda Links Awakening (USA-1)
247 The Legend of Zelda Links Awakening (USA-2) (whitening on top of label)
248 The Legend of Zelda Links Awakening (USA-3) (whitening on top of label)
249 Lock n Chase
250 Lock n Chase (USA-1)
251 The Lion King
252 The Lion King (USA-1)
253 Looney Tunes
254 The Legend of the River King
255 Mega Man
256 Mega Man (USA-1)
257 Mega Man II
258 Mega Man II (USA-1)
259 Metroid II
260 Metroid II (USA-1)
261 Milons Secret Castle
262 Milons Secret Castle (USA-1)
263 Mr. Chins Gourmet Paradise
264 Mr. Chins Gourmet Paradise (USA-1)
265 Malibu Beach Volleyball (2-line gameboy logo)
266 Malibu Beach Volleyball (3-line gameboy logo)
267 Mickeys Dangerous Chase
268 Mickeys Dangerous Chase (USA-1)
269 Mickey Mouse Magic Wand
270 Mickeys Ultimate Challenge
271 Madden 97 (whitening on top of label)
272 Marble Madness
273 Mercenary Force
274 Micro Machines
275 Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
276 Miner 2049
277 Mortal Kombat
278 Mortal Kombat II (whitening on top of label)
279 Mortal Kombat III
280 Mouse Trap Hotel
281 Monster Truck Wars
282 Marios Picross
283 Missle Command (chipped case yellowed)
284 Ms Pacman
285 Marus Misson
286 Madden 95
287 Madden 96
288 Muhammad Ali Heavyweight Boxing
289 Mysterium
290 Maui Mallard in Cold Shadow
291 Mega Man III
292 Motorcross Maniacs (2-line gameboy logo)
293 Motorcross Maniacs (3-line gameboy logo)
294 Motorcross Maniacs (USA-1)
295 NFL Football (2-line gameboy logo)
296 NFL Football (3-line gameboy logo)
297 NBA Live 96
298 NHL Hockey 95
299 NFL Quaterback Club 96
300 NFL Quaterback Club II
301 The New Chessmaster
302 Ninja Boy
303 Nail n Scale
304 Nobunagas Ambition
305 NHL 96
306 Navy Seals
307 Nascar Fast Track
308 Nintendo World Cup
309 Nigel Mansells World Championship
310 Nemisis (dirty case)
311 Operation C (USA-1)
312 Olympic Summer Games
313 Poekmon Red
314 Pokemon Red (USA-1)
315 Poekmon Blue
316 Pokemon Blue (USA-1)
317 Poekmon Yellow
318 Pokemon Yellow (USA-1)
319 Panel Action Bingo
320 Pinball Dreams
321 Primal Rage
322 Pyramids of Ra
323 Pipe Dream
324 Play Action Football
325 Pac in Time
326 Pit Fighter
327 PGA European Tour
328 Paper Boy
329 Pinball Fantasies
330 Pac-man
331 PGA Tour 96
332 Paperboy 2
333 Prehistorik Man
334 Penguin Wars
335 Penguin Wars (USA-1)(label fading near top)
336 Popeye 2
337 The Pagemaster
338 Pinball Dreams
339 Power Mission
340 Quarth
341 Qbert
342 Quarterback Club
343 Q Billion
344 Q Billion (USA-1)
345 Qix
346 Radar Mission (2-line Gameboy Logo)
347 Radar Mission (3-line Gameboy Logo)
348 Robocop (R after Gameboy Logo)
349 Robocop (TM after Gameboy Logo)
350 Revenge of the Gator
351 Revenge of the Gator (USA-1)
352 Raging Fighter
353 Raging Fighter (USA-1)
354 Rescue of Princess Blobette
355 Rescue of Princess Blobette (USA-1)
356 Robin Hood Prince of Theives
357 Race Drivin
358 Race Days
359 The Rugrats Movie
360 The Real Ghostbusters (small label damage near center)
361 The Ren and Stimpy Show Veediots
362 Roger Clemens MVP Baseball
363 Riddick Bowie Boxing
364 Rampart
365 Street Racer
366 Superman
367 Spiderman Xmen
368 Spot
369 Skate or Die Bad n Rad
370 SeaQuest
371 Solitaire FunPak
372 Super Scrabble
373 Snoopys Magic Show
374 Sword of Hope
375 Shanghai
376 Sneaky Snakes
377 Speedy Gonzales
378 Spiderman 2
379 The Smurfs
380 Street Fighter 2 (USA-1)(faded label)
381 Super Breakout
382 Star Trek the Next Generation
383 Shaq Fu
384 Sumo Fighter
385 Samuri Showdown
386 Serpent
387 Super Chase HQ
388 Super Chase HQ (USA-1)
389 Side Pocket
390 Side Pocket (USA-1)
391 Space Invaders (USA-1)
392 Space Invaders (USA-2)
393 Ren and Stimpy Sapce Cadet Adventures
394 Square Deal
395 Super Mario Land
396 Super Mario Land (USA-1)
397 Super Mario Land (USA-2)
398 Super Mario Land 2
399 Super Mario Land 2 (USA-1)
400 Super Mario Land 2 (USA-2)
401 Sword of Hope II
402 The Simpsons Bart vs. The juggernaut
403 Super Battletank
404 Super Offroad
405 Star Trek 25th Anniversary
406 Soports Illustrated for Kids The Ultimate Triple Dare
407 Super RC Pro AM
408 Super RC Pro AM (USA-1)
409 Star Wars
410 Star Wars (USA-1)
411 Small Soilders
412 Soccer Mania
413 Swamp Thing
414 Super Return of the Jedi
415 Stargate
416 Sports Illustrated Championship Football and Baseball
417 Tumblepop
418 Tumblepop (USA-1)
419 Talespin
420 Talespin (USA-1)
421 Top Rank Tennis
422 True Lies
423 Tiny Toons Babs Big Break
424 Teenage Muntant Ninja Turtales III Radical Rescue (yellowed case)
425 Teenage Muntant Ninja Turtales Clash of the Foot Clan
426 Tasmanian Story
427 Turok
428 Trax (USA-1)
429 Track and Field
430 Track and field (USA-1)
431 Turrican
432 Turrican (USA-1)
433 Titus the Fox
434 Tom and Jerry
435 tom and Jerry (USA-1)
436 Tecmo Bowl
437 Tecmo Bowl (USA-1)
438 T2 the Arcade Game
439 Top Gun Guts and Glory
440 Tennis
441 Tennis (made in Japan variant)
442 Tennis (USA-1)
443 Tetris Attack
444 Tetris Attacl (NFR)
445 Tesserae
446 Tetris Plus
447 Tetris 2
448 Tertis 2 (USA-1)
449 Turn and Burn
450 Turn and Burn (USA-1)
451 Tetris Blast
452 Tetris
453 Tetris (made in Japan Variant)
454 Tetris (no dash error)
455 Tetris (USA-1)
456 Tetris (USA-2)
457 Tom and Jerry Frantic Antics
458 Tomagotchi
459 Tiny Toons Adventures Wacky Sports
460 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II Back From The Sewers
461 Torpedo Range
462 Taz Mania 2
463 Track Meet
464 T2 Judgement Day
465 Urban Strike
466 Ultra Golf
467 Ultra Golf (USA-1)
468 Ultima Rise Of Virtue
469 Ultima Rise of Virtue 2
470 Vegas Stakes
471 WCW The main Event
472 WordZap
473 World Series Circuit
474 World Series Circuit (USA-1)
475 Wario Land II (NFR)
476 WWF King of the Ring
477 WWF Super Stars
478 WWF Super Stars 2
479 Wizards and Warriors Fortress of Fear
480 Winter Olympic Games
481 Waynes World
482 WWF War Zone
483 WWF Raw
484 Were Back a dinosaurs Story
485 Wave Race
486 Wave Race (USA-1)
487 World Bowling
488 World Bowling (USA-1)
489 Wario Land
490 Wario Land (USA-1)
491 Who Framed Roger Rabbit
492 Who Framed Roger Rabbit (USA-1)
493 Wario Blast
494 Wheel of Forturne
495 Wheel of Forturne (USA-1)
496 World Cup 98
497 Wordtris
498 Wild Snake
499 Yoshis Cookie
500 Yogi Bear Gold Rush
501 Yoshi
502 Yoshi (trasparent players choice logo)
503 Zen Intergalactic Ninja
504 Zoop
505 Zool
1 Balloon Kid Empty Box
2 Spankys Quest Limited Run
3 Amazing Penguin Limited Run
4 Metal Masters Limited Run
5 Tail Gator Limited Run
6 StarHawk Limited Run
7 Star Wars Limited Run
8 Star Wars Empire Strikes Baack Limited run
1 Robocop
2 Tecmo Bowl
3 Godzilla
4 GoGo Tank
5 Bill and Teds Excellent Adventure
6 Panel Action Bingo
7 Daedalian Opus
8 Tetris
9 Stra Trek 25th Anniversary
10 Blades of Steel
11 Bonks Adventure
12 Turn and Burn
13 Track and Field
14 Adventure Island
15 Bill and Ted German
Other Regions
1 5 Games in 1 Game boy Gallery (UKV)
2 Bamse (SCN)
3 Baby T-Rex (FFG)
4 Bust A Move 3 DX (EUR)
5 Choplifter III
6 Dropzone (UKV)
7 Fire Fighter (UKV)
8 Glucksrad (NOE)
9 Golf Classic (EUR)
10 Hook (ITA)
11 The Jungle Book (EUR)
12 The Jungle Book (HOL)
13 Joe and Mac Caveman Ninja (UKV)
14 Le Temple DU Soleil (FAH)
15 Les Schtroumpfs Autour Du Monde (FAH)
16 Le Bossu (FAH-1)
17 Matthias Sammer Soccer (NOE)
18 Magnetic Soccer (NOE)
19 Max (UKV)
20 Tetris (JP)
21 Out to Lunch (UKV)
22 Pop n Twinbee (NOE)
23 Palamedes (NOE)
24 Reservoir Rat (EUR)
25 Soccer (UKV-1)
26 Splitz (UKV)
27 Winter Gold (EUR)
28 World Beach Volley Ball (FFG)
29 V-Rally (EUR)
30 Little Indian in a Big City (EUR)
1 4 in 1 Fun Pak
2 4 in 1 fun Pak Volume 2
3 Alleyway
4 All Star Challenge
5 Castlevania Adventures
6 Arcade Classic 3 Galaga Galaxian
7 Baseball
8 Bart Simpson Escape From Camp Deadly
9 Casper
10 Championship Pool
11 Caesars Palace
12 Donkey Kong Land 2
13 Desert Strike
14 Dexterity
15 Disneys Toy Story
16 Fifa Soccer 96
17 F-1 Race
18 F-1 Race
19 Golf
20 Game of Harmony
21 Heianky Alien
22 Ishido
23 Ken Griffey Jr Major League Baseball
24 Olympic Summer Games
25 Play Action Football
26 Pac-Man
27 Pac-Man
28 Qix
29 Q Billion
30 Super Mario Land
31 Super Mario Land 2
32 Super RC Pro AM
33 Super Scrabble
34 Star Trek The Next Generation
35 Side Pocket
36 Super Return of the Jedi
37 Soccer (UKV)
38 Super Mario Land
39 Super RC Pro AM
40 Tetris Plus
41 Tetris Plus
42 Tetris Plus
43 Tennis
44 Torpedo Range
45 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Fall of the Foot Clan
46 Tiny Toons Adventure
47 Tetris Attack
48 Wild Snake
49 Wild Snake
50 Wave Race
51 WF War Zone
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A transcript of Tommy Tallarico's lecture to a teenager from June 5, 2020

ReviewTech USA did a funny stream all about the narcissism and emotional insecurity exhibited by Tommy Tallarico, especially when he was cosplaying serving as CEO of the Intellivision company and trying to raise funds for Intellivision Amico. Rich found a video of a 14-year-old boy ragging on Amico on his 122-subscriber game channel, where Mr. Tallarico talked up this boy in the comments of his skeptical/mocking video.
In an effort to stave off more teenage mockery and hang on to their investors, Mr. Tallarico appeared on the teenager's channel, and gave an interview where he mostly talked about himself. Rich estimated that Tommy did most of the talking, and he was right: 87% of it, in fact for a total of 66 minutes and 36 seconds. Lukas spoke for 13%, or 9 minutes 47 seconds. He explained "feature creep," spoke about visiting his very good friend, the eldery Ralph Baer, and Tommy's general awesomeness, including how they were going to "kick Atari's ass."
I'll paste in as much as I can in as few comment sections as Reddit allows, then overflow as needed. Hold on to your Zunes!
Lukas 00:00
Cool. Welcome to Lukas I Guess. Today on the show. We have a big special guest. His name is Tommy Tallarico. He's worked on over 300 games created the touring experience Video Games Live and now is the CEO and television and is here on the show to talk about the new console. The Emiko. Yo,

Tommy Tallarico 00:22
well, that's that's a heck of a introduction. I appreciate it. I sound very important. That's a lot of pressure. I don't like it. I'm kidding.

Lukas 00:30
A lot of questions.

Tommy Tallarico 00:32
All right. How old are you, Lucas? I'm 1414. You know, let me see I was when when the original Intellivision came out in 1979. Well, I didn't get one till Christmas in 1980. So I was I was just about to turn 13. So I was your age. Last year when the original Intellivision came out? 40 years ago.

Lukas 00:59
So what do you think I got wrong in that video? It was made like, very fast. I didn't really?

Tommy Tallarico 01:06
Okay. Well, well, I mean, there was a few, there was a few things that, I think just some informational things. For example, Intellivision was actually the first 16 bit video game machine and a 16 bit processor, which is crazy to think about, because, you know, the turbo graphics 16, which was the late 80s. And then, of course, the Sega Genesis, and the super, super nintendo 1989. It 90, were like 10 years later. So it was cool, but it was an actual 16 bit. Chip, you know, and you could see the difference. If you look at the Atari 2600 that came out in 1977. If you look at the graphics of that machine, and then the Intellivision machine, you could actually see, you know, a kind of a a big upgrade. In fact, one of the TV commercials or a number of different TV commercials at the time in the late 70s. And early 80s, was a guy by the name of George Plimpton, George was a he was a big author back then. And a very kind of well respected had this, you know, very proper British accent and things. And he would always go on TV and in magazine ads and always compare the graphics. Let's, let's compare the Intellivision to the Atari, which do you prefer? And they would show like The Atari machine playing like, which one would you prefer to play a baseball game, and it would show like four dots. And that was like the Atari the whole Atari game. And then it would show the Intellivision which you know, had the running man here, that's still our logo. And you'd see like the Running Man animations and all nine players on the field and all these colors, and he's like, you decide. And so it was pretty funny. So, so so it was actually the first 16 bit machine. But yeah, you know, you know, I think that one of the reasons I thought it'd be good for us to talk is to kind of, maybe we can talk about a little bit, who our machine is for and kind of what makes it different and unique about you know, compared to all the other ones out there. Because, really, you know, the X Xbox, the PlayStation and the Nintendo Switch. They are very much targeted to that kind of hardcore gamer crowd, like even the switch, you know, it's interesting games that folks like me and you because like we're gamers, right? So even even games that that mean, you think are casual considered casual, aren't casual to like, you know, my wife or my mom or something like that, you know, so, I don't know if you're let me see, gosh, you're 14 So the year you were born in 2006? Yes. Okay, so the year you were born was the year that the Nintendo Wii came out. And I don't know if you ever had one of those growing up, but

Lukas 04:31
I was. I was raised on a I was very big on the retro stuff. So is 64 GameCube. A client and the Wii U.

Tommy Tallarico 04:40
Nice. Okay, well, yeah, the Wii U you were one of the only ones who bought it then No, just kidding. But no. J Right. But that was the incredible thing is that the Wii when it came on the scene, it really redefined video games for everyone because we're Remember, this was before mobile, right? So, and of course, as you're probably aware, the Wii at the time was the third biggest selling video game console of all time. It did 102 million units, right? And it was super simple. You know, like, like, you could just play bowling Wii Sports boom, boom. So they were selling wheeze to, like, non gamers, like people all over the world like like my mom, who's who's now 79 years old. She's bought two video game consoles her entire life. The first one was the Christmas in 1980, she bought an original Intellivision for for the home. And then in 2006, she bought a Nintendo Wii, because she's like, Oh, I can I can do that. That's easy, you know. And so, you know, that was the reason why the Wii kind of exploded. And I was working, you know, hand in hand with Nintendo. At the time, I had the great privilege and honor to work with one of my heroes and good friends. She Giro me in a moto, I'm sure you know, who Shigeru Miyamoto Miyamoto Hassan is. So I worked with him for five years on the Metroid Prime series. And so kind of all during that time, and, and really, you know, Nintendo, the reason they created the Wii, is because they were trying to get away from Sony and Microsoft, they wanted to do something totally different. Because quite frankly, Nintendo was kind of getting their asses kicked by Sony and Microsoft, because they were so heavy in the graphics. And the other thing to remember is that Sony and Microsoft aren't just video game companies, right? I mean, Microsoft is, you know, the biggest software, you know, windows, Excel, you know, PowerPoint, the biggest software company is one of the biggest companies on the planet. So they have a lot of different resources that they can pull in and, and infrastructure. Same with Sony, Sony's, a big entertainment company, and a big hardware company. They make TVs, they make cameras, they used to make laptops, but then there's Columbia Pictures, which is owned by, you know, which is their movie studio, Sony Music. So again, these are like hundreds of billions, dollar companies, right. And Nintendo is just a video game company as big as they are. And so Nintendo wanted to like, let's take a let's take a bit of a right turn here. And you know, what we don't necessarily care about the fastest graphics and the biggest multiplayer online system. And in all this, let's just bring it back to kind of like, you know, simplicity. And let's, you know, introduce motion controls and things like that. And it was a huge success. Again, people who never played Playstation or Xbox, were all sudden buying the Wii console. Right? And so that is kind of a little bit about what we're doing is we're, we're going more for that kind of audience. The non gaming audience, I'll give you some some crazy errs. So if you and if you add up all the PlayStation X, Xbox switch, and hardcore PC gamers, they call themselves the master race. If you add up all of those, that's 200 million people in the world who are considered hardcore gamers, me and you are probably in that category. Right?

Lukas 08:51
Did that math in my video? Actually, there's like a little bit called math time in that video where I had all the consoles together. Right, right.
Tommy Tallarico 08:57
Is that where you came up with about 200? Or three? I think it was three. I came up with like 175. Two, I didn't Yeah. Right. Exactly. So so let's let's say that those are the hardcore gamers, right? Yet there's 3 billion people that play casual games, about 2.5 billion are playing on mobile. And another 500 million are people who are just playing like on other devices, not phones, or tablets, but but things like like one of the biggest or not one of the biggest the number one played game in the world. A lot of people think it's Tetris, because Tetris is on the top of the list for sales. But the number one play game in the world is actually solitaire on PC, right? Because it's free, and everybody plays it and windows and stuff or whatever. So So 3 billion People, right? So you tell me if there's 200 million people who are hardcore gamers and 3 billion people that play games, not on those platforms, that's less than 7%. So 7% of the people who play video games in the world are playing on hardcore PC rigs, PlayStation, Microsoft, and Nintendo. That's pretty amazing. Now, you talk about the Nintendo Switch, which I love. I think it's an amazing device. There's I love all the companies right? I always feel I don't know if you feel the same. I'd be interested Lucas and your thoughts, but I think in order to be like a true gamer, like, you shouldn't really because you know how you get like the hardcore FANBOYS. And they're like, Oh, I just love Nintendo and I hate Xbox. And Sony sucks, or, or the Sony fanboys who hate Nintendo, or, you know, the PC master race who hates everybody? You know? I don't know, to me, I think to be a true real gamer and a real fan of gaming. Like, why not? Why not love? Like, shouldn't you love everything? Like the I find good things about mobile gaming? There's stuff on PC I love. Like, I don't really? I don't really like dislike any company. I just love games, you know. So, what are your thoughts? I mean, is there do you like, do you? I mean, obviously, everyone has like the consoles that they like more, but I don't know, I just see this culture of people like not liking Xbox, because there's so many fanboys I don't know, what are your thoughts?

Lukas 11:49
I'm big on Nintendo. But I appreciate like Sony for putting Uncharted things out. And Microsoft for creating the online infrastructure and stuff and free do.

Tommy Tallarico 12:02
Yeah, well, well, you know, the guy who created the Xbox Live works for television now, Jay Allard. Yeah, he's the guy who created

Lukas 12:11
people page. Yeah, yeah.

Tommy Tallarico 12:15
So he's pretty amazed. We got it. We got a heck of a team here. We really do. But anyway, so that's, and the other big thing. So so we're trying to go for those casual gamers. So you know what? Intellivision amico might not be for you, you know, like, like you may be now I think you're gonna like it when you play it eventually. I really do. Because we do have gamer games on there as well. It's not just all hypercasual stuff. But the whole idea behind that the system is it's it's a machine that people don't have to feel intimidated by. And that no matter what your skill level, you can jump in and play to gather. That's the thing like, like, a lot of games that like, like me, and you might think a game like overcooked is like, super casual game, right? We're like, Yeah, that's, that's pretty good. And it's a great couch Co Op game. And that's probably considered a casual game, on the switch. But like, my wife sits down, and we want to try to play games together. And she's like, wait, the idea this game is to cook and clean dishes? Like, why the hell would I want to do that? I don't like doing that in real life. Why would I want to do that. And then there's like, the timer, like the two minute timer or whatever she's like, this is too much panic, like, there's too much like, I just want to relax, I want to just like, pop some bubbles, or smash three and Candy Crush with whatever it is, you know. And so, again, that's the difference between a casual console game and a hyper casual game. So can we make those kinds of experiences so that those casual and hyper casual people can feel like they're part of, you know, part of, of the game pun intended, as well. And the big thing about our system is that every single game has couch co op in it. So everything has single player, and everything has a couch Co Op as well, too. So every game so, you know, if your grandparents came over, and your mom and dad were in the room? Is there a game where all of you could play at one time? And again, I would say I don't think that game exists. I mean, there's not a lot of them that exist on Xbox. It's probably not a lot of them on PC. You know, it may be there's some on switch. I mean, you tell me

Lukas 14:59
one game that I I think Ken Jackbox one time I was playing, I was at this like Kevin and they were we I brought my GameCube to play some Mario Party and player mode were Yes, with the controller in half, basically. Right? Right. So right your stick, one person takes the C stick and you play, it's like crazy. It was insane.
Tommy Tallarico 15:20
Yeah, and that's the cool thing about the box, about a Miko is, is that you can play eight players right out of the box. So So do you know it's the first game system and I got some good out I got I got the controller for you, you can check out and you can see it, you know, it's got cool lights, the buttons light up as well. It's got a speaker and a microphone on it. It's got force feedback. And of course the show you some of the things there's, it's got a gyroscope and an accelerometer, you can kind of see the ball moving around there. Of course, the taller color touchscreen, and you see that you see that bar at the top. So we actually even have, you can actually, you know, delay, the light touch. So you can even see the we even have like, you know, depending on how hard you're pushing the screen, it actually could, the lines could get thicker or whatever. We're doing that to software. And then of course 64 positions on the disk, which is pretty neat. Most D pads only have eight positions. Up, down, left, right. And then the diagonals, we have 64 positions on ours. So I'll give you an example. Like we have this game called safecracker. So imagine this dial becomes the, the dial of the safe. And so you can kind of hear it like, and you can click it because a little sound comes out of the speaker. And we also have force feedback. So you're trying to crack this state safe and you're gone like click, click, click, click, click, and then all sudden, like, like, like, it makes a sound and it vibrates, you're like, oh, shoot, and then and then you know, and then you go the other way to try to crack this safe, you know, so there's really fun things, you know, with 64 positions as well. But then you'll also notice the harder I press down on it, see how that green light goes up, you know, the green bar goes up, because we also have, you know, different the harder you press. So like on our skiing game, for example, if you start pressing harder, the skier just goes a little bit more down, you know, on their wireless charging, so you just here I got I got one of the one of the machines right here. And this is, and so you can see that it goes, it fits, you know, fits right in there, you know, so it charges wirelessly as well. And then there's lights all around here, which again, really, we incorporate into the gameplay. And so that's that's kind of what we really wanted to do was is to create something new and unique. And it's not traditional, you know, it's not like PlayStation and Xbox and the Google stadia controllers, they're all kind of the same, you know, you know, switch does it a little better, you know, a little differently with the joy cons, but this is like combining all the best parts of mobile with the best parts of like a tactile control controller as well. But anyway, I feel like I'm dominating the conversation. And I don't mean to I I just I get so excited about this stuff when I get going. So you'll have to cut in on me whenever you want. Don't feel like you're being rude. Asked me some other stuff.

Lukas 18:55
Okay, so when I was going through the website, I found something that really like made me interested in the Amiga fact that physical games are going to be like a rarity is going to be like, limited edition type thing. Yeah, very interesting. How are you planning to do that? Are you just going to put an SD cards and put it on? Yes, no,

Tommy Tallarico 19:14
we're not. We're not doing that. We do have an SD card slot in the back in that so that you can download more games as well. So similar to the switch, you know, you can put a 64 gig or 128 in there, and we'll be you know, selling those as well like, you know, little Running Man. You know, little you know, SD cards. But the physical media isn't something that we've announced. Like exactly what it is. We're going to be doing that in July we're going to have a big online you know, press conference probably because you know, we were going to have a big thing at EA three this year. And of course with COVID and corona that all got cancel them, we were going to do it at games calm, which is even bigger than E three over in Europe in August. And then that got cancelled. So, so we're going to do something really special as kind of like a virtual video online and we're going to be you know, and I'll be I'll be showing the different types, because that's the cool thing is we don't just have one. One type of physical media, we actually have different types of physical media, which that might be a first in the video game industry. I'm not sure but I'm pretty sure because it's either usually a disk or a cartridge or something. But we've, we actually have a combination of different things. So depending on what you like, collecting, you know, you could collect certain things, types of media for the device, what kind of neat

Lukas 20:55
do you expect the Intellivision amico to compete with the Atari box mirroring how the intelligent thought with the original Atari 2600?

Tommy Tallarico 21:03
No, because we're gonna kick their asses. So they're really not competition for us. Yeah, but I say that I say that tongue in cheek? I don't I don't, you know, look, I hope that Atari in the Atari box, Atari VCS, as they call it now. I hope it gets out there. I hope it succeeds. But I will say this, I hope it makes it out there because we are going to kick their ass. You know, and again, that's that's just me kind of being funny. Because, you know, I don't want anyone to fail, of course, but but as a as a die hard in television fan from the time I was your age, I can tell you that Atari has been kicking our ass for 40 years, let's be honest, right? Back in the day, we had 20% of the entire video game home console market, we were doing about $500 million a year in gross sales back in 1980 81, early 80s 82. That's the equivalent of $1.4 billion in revenue in today's money if you, you know, adjust for inflation. And we were only 20%. Atari was like 70%. So as big as we were, they were like three times bigger than us. Right? And so at least three to four times five times some, in certain instances bigger than us. And so, so we've always, you know, they've always been way up here on that list. And we're always kind of, we're in the game, you know, it's interesting, think of the Xbox today. So the X Xbox One, that's about 20% of the industry. So back in the day, we were kinda like the Xbox One. And Atari was like the PlayStation four, you know? So, so yeah, so we're, again, I hope they come out just so we can pound them into the ground. So I can have a little fun, but not not, I don't I don't want to, you know, I don't want to seem come across as being you know, like, you know, like that, but, but it's just kind of a, I think it would be fun to bring back the rivalry a little bit. And I put my money all day long on on television this time around, took us 40 years, but we finally beat them.

Lukas 23:27
They make us a little bit more of an original idea. These are VCs kind of feels like a Google stadia. But with that Atari flare

Tommy Tallarico 23:35
up. To me, it seems more like a Steam Box almost. Yeah. Yeah. And again, if if I was running Atari, and you know, I have friends over who work at Atari. So again, I don't want to seem like I'm putting them down. They're great folks over there. But, you know, like, if I were in charge of Atari today, I would say like, okay, like, what I would do is I'd go out and do a deal with steam. And I'd say, hey, Steam, you know, how about, you know, I'm going to generate a lot of revenue, extra revenue for you guys, we're going to brand Atari, and every single person who owns an Atari VCS will get 20% off or 25% off every single Steam game or something, right? Like, like, put it right on the thing and just own it, you know? And then it could become like this box that that people can hook up to their TV. Cause like I love indie developers and I love steam, but it's kind of a pain in the ass. Because I can only play steam like up on my computer in my studio where I'm talking to you now. And I'd love to be able to play multiplayer couch Co Op with my wife downstairs in the living room on the TV and, and things like that. So, yeah, I think if they position themselves, right, but, man, it's kind of confusing. I think they're trying to do too much, you know, and there's this thing in our industry. It's called feature creep. That's when you know, when you want to do all these things, and then you do so much and it's like, okay, now what's your message to the consumer? Well, we can play Netflix, well, my frickin refrigerator can play Netflix now. Like, I'm serious, like, I have a screen on my refrigerator and I can play Netflix. You know, you can you know, you well, you can, you can boot it up into different operating systems. Like, that's going to confuse the hell out of the average consumer. So, boom, you just lost those 3 billion people I was talking about. Goodbye, they're gone. So now you have to focus on the 200 million gamers now. And you say, Well, is it more powerful than an ex Xbox and a PlayStation? Four or five? No? Okay. Does it? You know, is it is it just as expensive as those? Yes. Okay, well, well, but But what can you do that they can't, and again, make it the Steam Box, you know, and of course, steam themselves tried to do this themselves. And they kind of, you know, they kind of failed, and it didn't work out for them. But atari is an amazing brand, a very legacy brands. You know, maybe anyway, that would be my suggestion. I don't know.
Lukas 26:35
So like, the big problem is if like someone gets pummeled like how US Sony but the ps3 destroyed Sega with the Dreamcast, it kind of like took out a lot of games that could have been made more. The PlayStation taken out the Atari Jaguars. I'm like, I took out a lot of games. They didn't get made. And it was like,

Tommy Tallarico 26:55
What's your favorite? Right now? You said you're a Nintendo fan? Totally. Okay, so let's take Nintendo out of the mix. Right? Let's take Nintendo out of the mix. So you can't say any Nintendo machines. What is your personal favorite retro machine? Excluding the Nintendo stuff? Sega Genesis

Lukas 27:22
to say, but Dreamcast 3DO or the playstation one.

Tommy Tallarico 27:29
Wow, 3DO that's a surprise. You're

Lukas 27:33
kinda cool and interesting. It's very out there.

Tommy Tallarico 27:36
I have. I mean, I did. I did two games for that. For that system, and one of the games was Demolition Man, I don't know if you ever saw that movie with Sylvester Stallone. And it was it was it was really kind of fun. In fact, I heard they're doing a Demolition Man, too. I heard they're doing another movie of that. I don't know if I was supposed to say that publicly. But anyway, so I got to work with Sylvester Stallone for a couple of weeks. It was so cool. And Joel Silva was his very, you know, AAA producer. He did everything from Predator to, you know, all sorts of amazing movies. I worked with Wesley Snipes, and that was a really fun project. But we put out Demolition Man for the 3dO, but that's that now. So you have a 3dO, then

Lukas 28:28
I don't have 3DO. It's how much money I was going. Right? I was gonna say there's still too much money. But then I thought, if I get a free to do that's like I can get a whole much more machines like, and then when I have more disposable income, then I can return to the free do. There you

Tommy Tallarico 28:45
go. There you go. So I don't know if you've ever seen there's a video on YouTube, you should check out if you like retro gaming. There's a guy by the name of Smash JT. And he came over my house. And he recorded he was showing him a lot of my retro machines I have about I think 200 Retro machines. And but all of my machines are from like 1970 to like 1990. So generation one, generation two, Gen three, and a little bit of Gen four but and you could see like all these weird shapes and colors and

Lukas 29:32
consoles and stuff and weird stuff like the SG 1000. And maybe you got an x was that which one? Do you have? Vectrex. That's like

Tommy Tallarico 29:42
Oh, dude, you're gonna freak out. I was just playing my Vectrex this morning. I swear it's sitting right Once lit it what do we got here, my friend. It's right there sitting right next to me. That was literally playing it this morning. And this actually This one's cool. This is this is the very first video game machine I ever owned. This is my personal one. My dad bought it for the household in 1975. It's the Colico Telstar. This is my actual machine. I've kept it my entire life. And it was basically Pong, you know, and they had like, oh, hockey, and tennis and squash and it was basically just punk. But they have a

Lukas 30:29
sequel to that console called the Telstar arcade. It's like a triangle. And I got

Tommy Tallarico 30:33
oh, wait, hold on. Hold on.

Lukas 30:36
It's crazy. What?

Tommy Tallarico 30:53
You're talking about this, right? Yeah. Yeah, so so a lot of people don't know this. But so the guy who invented this, his name? His name was Ralph bear. Now, Ralph bear. He was he's considered the father of video games for the home consoles. Yeah. There's a great video. I don't know if you've ever seen it. It's on YouTube. You put in Ralph bear. And it was recorded in 1968. And it's the year I was born 52 years ago. And it's a black and white. And it's him showing off what's called the brown box.

Lukas 31:36
eventually evolved into the

Tommy Tallarico 31:39
Magnavox Odyssey one. That's right. And so Ralph was the guy who did that system. Yeah. So he did the Magnavox Magnavox Odyssey two. If you also you remember the game? I want remember the game. But do you know the game Simon? It's like, that's like. It's like the four colors and you're boop, boop, you have to repeat it. Ralph did that as well, too. And so, again, if you watch this video, this smash JT video of my house. And it shows you things. One of the things you'll see in there is, so the brown box, you can look on Wikipedia brown box has a whole page of just you know, it talks about the brown box. And these were just handmade systems by Ralph Baer. Well, Ralph was a very dear friend of mine. I met him in his mid 80s. I think when he was like, his early 80s. He lived to be I think, 94 years old. But a very dear friend of mine, I would go to his house he lived in was in New Hampshire, Vermont. Now I forget, I think New Hampshire. So I've been over his house, I'm friends with his son. And when I did my big PBS special, I did a big concert, my video series video games live in a big PBS concert in 2010. And I invited Ralph, and he was on the show. And he brought one of his original brown boxes, he brings it and we picked up a kid out of the audience. And he played and we had it up on the big screen. And the kid played the brown box, which was basically pong with Ralph bear onstage, and I had the identity in New Orleans. So I had the Louisiana symphony, doing all the sounds for the for the game in live in real time. Well, and we did a whole Expo, you know, we did a whole interview with Ralph and his whole career and everything and but the amazing thing about that, is that after the PBS special, Ralph gave me that brown box, so there's only I think, 10 in the whole world, and one of them's in the Smithsonian Institute in Washington DC. One of them is son has one of them is in the Computer Museum in San Jose, California. One of them is in the in a museum in Germany where he was born. And there's like two or three other ones. And so yeah, that was and I got him to sign it for me. It's it's the Holy Grail of consoles and things probably worth millions but of course, I would never sell it.

Lukas 34:40
But get some other questions. So are you open to the possibility of like any 10 plus games like say the new Rabbids game would come to the AMIGO

Tommy Tallarico 34:49
so all of our games are e or e 10. Plus, so if you think about it, Lucas, you know, every single Nintendo first party game, which is all their greatest games from Zelda to Mario to Metroid, even even, you know. Smash Brothers Pokeyman Pikmin, whatever. All Mario Party, as you mentioned, Mario Kart, all those games are e 10. Plus, or under write e or e 10. Plus, there's no teen games. So what teen rated games means there's mild bad language. There's mild violence, mild blood, mild sexual content. And so that's why I decided I don't want to do teen or mature teen or over games. Because we want to create something for the family. Like for example, you know, if you and your family ever been down to Disney World,

Lukas 35:56
they're definitely more universal guy was a versatile guy. But the Coronavirus started.

Tommy Tallarico 36:02
Fair enough. Fair enough. But But you like when you go into Disneyland, like Walt Disney is one of my heroes and the man. And, and when you go into Disney Land, you don't have to, you know, you just you don't have to worry about it, like, you know, you're gonna get a certain type of thing. And so when we did a lot of testing, focus group testing, with parents with, you know, not gamers, but with the audience that we're trying to attract. What are the big things was that as parents, you know, they're always, you know, parents need to be parents, like they are, they're the ones who are ultimately, you know, the one, you know, in charge of what their kids see, now, it's impossible to I'm sure, there's stuff that you do, and your see that you don't tell your parents about. And I have no idea, right. But, but, but I know when I was your age, I was doing it all, but but by having something, especially for younger kids, I mean, you're a teenager now. But but especially for younger kids, you know, parents just don't want to have to worry about it. You know, that was one of the big things that that, that parents and families loved about our system was that they didn't have to worry about it, they didn't have to learn what the ratings are, check to see this or check to see that so. So we we that's one of the things that makes us unique and different. Because again, I don't consider ourselves in competition with Nintendo and Sony and Microsoft, you know, there's all that kind of content. And by the way, just to let you know, I'm not against any of that stuff. In fact, Lucas, if you, if you, like, know anything about my career, or if you go on YouTube, and look at my TED Talk, I've been fighting for the video game industry for over 30 years, fighting for freedom of speech that creators should be allowed to create whatever the heck they want, right. Now, that doesn't mean that I think that young kids should, should be able to do it. But I do think the artists should be able to create it, right. So I'm not against that stuff at all. In fact, I fight for the rights of folks to make that my entire career. And that's why I did a TED Talk based all about that. If you if you put in TED Talk, tell Rico, it'll come up at 17 minutes, given a watch. And you'll see all the points I was making throughout that which was basically my bottom line was, is that video games get this bad rap because it's like, oh, it's turning kids violent and all this stuff. And but what you never hear is the other side of that, which is video games inspire people, they inspire people to create, whether it's a cosplayer who's, you know, working on a costume, or an artist, if you go to like and put in Final Fantasy, or Warcraft, or Zelda, or Mario, you'll get hundreds of 1000s of pieces of art. Or if you're in a music, check out a website called OC, which is, you know, all of like music people from all over the world re mixing their favorite video game music and uploading it for free. There's literally 10s of 1000s of songs on there. And so, video games inspire people to create and that's kind of what my TED talk was about. And so, you know, that's, that's something that's, you know, that spirit is kind of what we want to capture within television, but I just don't feel the need. I want it to be family friendly. I want the parents and folks out there just to not to worry about it. because you know why, when when I was growing up in the 70s and 80s, and even into the mid 90s We never had any of that stuff in our games. I remember the first game was like Mortal Kombat, you know, and the guys who make Mortal Kombat are great friends of mine. So I don't want to Edie Boone and, like, John, so I don't want to seem like I'm crapping on Mortal Kombat, I worked on Mortal Kombat. The third one. So I think it's an amazing game and super creative guys. But like, like in the 80s Now, there were a couple of like, off the charts like weird porno, like, you know, like, what was it? Current? The Colonel Mustard? No, that's that's clue.

Lukas 40:48
The three do couple ao games. Like,

Tommy Tallarico 40:51
there was a couple of ao games on the 3dO, in the in the mid 90s. Exactly. But until then, you know, there was really, you know, Space Invaders and all that stuff, you know, Pac Man and Donkey Kong and, and all the kinds of games Mario World, you know, all that Super Mario World. All that stuff was was good enough. So my point being is that most of the games that casual and hyper casual people love, and even hardcore gamers love most of those games. They're not rated, mature or teen. In fact, if you look on the top 10 selling games of all time, you can go on Wikipedia and and the only game you'll see there that's like M rated is Grand Theft Auto Five. Everything else is like Minecraft and Tetris and Wii Sports and Mario, it's all you know, family fun. So we want to try to you know, keep it to that do something a little different and makes us a little unique. And see two of my biggest things Lucas with Intellivision with the AMIGO what I want to create with our, with our consumers, our customers, I want, I want to create trust, and I want to create value. I don't do this for the money. I could have retired from the video game industry 15 years ago, if I wanted, I have no reason to, like, put myself out there. You know, there's a lot of haters out there, you know, you know, yeah, there's a handful of haters out there. In fact, you've probably had some conversations

Lukas 42:30
in the comment section of the video.
submitted by TOMMY_POOPYPANTS to Intellivision_Amico [link] [comments]

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