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There should be a program that automatically dispatches non controversial news nightly via SMS similar to amber alert

By non controversial I mean things like school shootings I understand they’re controversial as they raise many questions on gun control and such but what I mean by “non controversial” is I think we can all agree school shootings are worse than BAD. I think something similar to amber alert to all US cellphone numbers. I think this would raise much more alert to the dangers of sometimes loosely regulated gun laws.
P.S. I’m young, I think I’m pro 2A but I have a lot more world experience to obtain before I fully make up my mind. I do however think the rate in which these shooting style attacks are happening in America and I feel like on the media Ive viewed this year I’ve likely see 10 shootings upon google searching there have been far more mass shootings than I’ve been aware of.
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Today's forex news: Market participants are alert ahead of US inflation statistics

Today's forex news: Market participants are alert ahead of US inflation statistics
On a weekly basis, the American dollar continued to lose ground throughout the early part of the day, but gained some ground during the US session. The volatility of the market was rather low, despite persistent US inflation figures.
According to the US Consumer Pricing Index, investors are expecting that the price pressures started to ease in July. However, the core annual reading is expected to increase from 5.9% to 6.1%. In the end, the Federal Reserve's monetary policy will be priced into the market rapidly by speculative interest. The Chinese and German inflation data will be released prior to the US inflation data.
The EUUSD pair came close to touching the 1.0250 level but lost about 50 pip before the closure. The news that Russia has stopped shipping oil through the southern Druzhba pipeline due to problems with transit payments weighed on the common currency.
The UK government is preparing for organized electricity outages for businesses and homes this winter as a worst-case scenario due to the energy crisis plaguing Europe. Prior to the start of Asian trading, GBP/USD is trading at about 1.2060.
By day's conclusion, commodity-linked currencies had depreciated against the dollar, though losses are small. While USD/CAD is centered at 1.2890, AUD/USD trades around 0.6950.
One of the top performers was gold, which reached an intraday high of $1,800.49 per troy ounce. It was $1,795 at day's end. Although the day started with higher crude oil prices, it ended with only slight increases. The price of WTI is $90.70 per barrel.
Following in the footsteps of its European counterparts, Wall Street dipped, albeit losses were restrained. On the other side, the 10-year note's yield, which is currently 2.79%, increased a fraction.
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There are different ways to trade the market, specifically there are different lengths to hold a trade. You can name these different trading styles.
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There is a longer term trader than a position trader that is known as a long term trader. The duration of an operation can range from a few months to several years. It’s more like an investment trader and at this point I can’t really relate it to the other trading styles.
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Good news is always nice. SMS protection taken off for veteran players. As someone with a few thousands hours without a valid personal phone number I love to hear this.

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Best forex indicator 2017, 2018. 87,5% accuracy. No repaint alerts + SMS...

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[FOREX NEWS] The Securities Commission Malaysia Added ACY Securities to Its Investor Alert List

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Get Sms Alerts to your cellphone - Joke sms, Love sms, SMS Tips , News Alerts

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Forex News and alerts?

What is the best forex news and alerts app
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FOREX alerts and news software

Does anyone know of a good forex alerts and news software I can use. I’m looking for something that would give me a 24 hour feed. Thanks.
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Best Service Provider for Breaking News SMS Alerts

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Best Service Provider for Breaking News SMS Alerts

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Breaking News Sms and Text Alerts at Sradio5

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Keep yourself updated with Breaking News SMS Alerts

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Breaking News SMS Alerts

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Magic Alerts - A new tool so you never miss critical bitcoin trading news [Email/SMS]

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Do these WWE breaking news text alerts cost money to get? Besides costing money for the standard SMS and data rates

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Latest plastic raw material news via sms alerts

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ETH Alerts (Ethereum Alerts) – Now available in the iOS/MacOs App Stores. High/low ETH Alerts, detailed stats, widgets, news, profit/loss/Average buy-in stats and more. Would love to hear what you all think. Link in comments.

ETH Alerts (Ethereum Alerts) – Now available in the iOS/MacOs App Stores. High/low ETH Alerts, detailed stats, widgets, news, profit/loss/Average buy-in stats and more. Would love to hear what you all think. Link in comments. submitted by asmajda to CryptoStock [link] [comments]

A 17-year-old law student walked into a shopping mall carrying a chainsaw, axe and knife attacking 5 people and killing one. His motive, "For fun"

A 17-year-old law student walked into a shopping mall carrying a chainsaw, axe and knife attacking 5 people and killing one. His motive,
Vladislav Valentinovich Kazakevich was born on December 17, 1998, in Minsk, Belarus. He was born into a moderately wealthy family. His mother and sister lived abroad in Germany while his father lived in Minsk with Vladislav living in a separate apartment with seemingly nobody actually raising him (although his mother denies this being true). Up until the 6th grade Vladislav studied at Minsk Gymnasium No. 23 where he was described as a shy and secretive child with no friends.
Vladislav had moved to a new school as he had a conflict with another teacher whom he alleged attempted to poison him which led to the school director had to call Vladislav's parents several times. At his new school, his teachers and students gave a completely different description describing him as a kind, hardworking and sympathetic teenager, had many friends and according to his school reports from 2013, all of his grades were satisfactory.
Vladislav however, was not how he appeared externally and this would become clear in 2014 when he would attempt suicide several times. In October he tried to poison himself in his garage with carbon monoxide but this attempt was thwarted after his mother discovered him. When he attempted this he had been missing and the police were alerted to his disappearance due to a strange SMS message sent to his teacher indicating that he was going to take his own life they were also concerned as this wasn't the first attempt on his own life since he attempted to hang himself twice before and tried jumping from the 24th floor of a multi-story building. Later in his life, Vladislav would say that he didn't remember these incidents describing his past self as an "idiot"
The police in response to his repeated suicide attempts involuntarily committed Vladislav to the Republican Clinical Psychiatric Hospital in Novinki to be examined by specialists. While in Novinki he would be diagnosed with a schizotypal disorder and there were no external factors that would lead to Vladislav wanting to take his own life. Vladislav told the specialists that he used to help others willingly only for something to change and that change was the result of his mother. His mother was religious and tried to have Vladislav attend church with him and that was apparently all it took for Vladislav as according to him he strongly disliked when people went to church and enjoyed it whenever a church burnt down. Vladislav's brief institutionalization, fortunately, appeared to work as all suicidal thoughts left his mind and he even reconciled with his mother.
Vladislav was discharged in 2015 and placed in a psychiatric dispensary and transferred to another school. Vladislav did not like his new school and viewed his attendance as unnecessary, he only got average grades and was described as an introvert who preferred to stay silent, and never took any initiative although he did accept help and participated in school events. In 2016 he entered the MITSO International University with a degree in international law but he appeared to view his attendance as optional and amassed 78 hours worth of absences from the school and would refuse to go to the dean's office to speak with him whenever he or his mother tried calling for him. He would later say that it was because of his acne and that he was ashamed of his appearance. His absences later resulted in his expulsion.

Vladislav Valentinovich Kazakevich
Vladislav was, however, far more disturbed than anyone had ever imagined and began making plans for an attack. After he was expelled on October 3 he had the desire to kill as many of his classmates as possible although he later admitted that his expulsion was more of an excuse and that he always had such an idea. On October 4, he went to a store and purchased all the materials he'd need that being a chainsaw, knife, axe, gloves, petrol, a mask, lube (not sure what that one was for) and some headphones and on October 6 he went to the Tsnyansky reservoir to test his weapon by cutting down some trees before returning home. This wasn't the first time Vladislav had such ideas either, he was an avid watcher of gore videos including ISIS beheadings and chainsaw murders and in the summer wanted to target and kill Muslims and Chinese but according to him when interviewed later on race and religion had nothing to do with that plan and rather according to him it would've just been "For Fun" and that a target needed to be picked.
On October 6 he attempted to carry out his attack at his former university but had to cancel his plans as he couldn't get his chainsaw to work and instead sought after other targets. On October 7 he called a taxi and went on a brief tour around the city to find new targets mainly those that would be frequented by large numbers of the public and settled on a shopping centre called Nova Europa/New Europe. He returned to the store to purchase pepper spray to incapacitate any security guards and on October 8, 2016, he entered Nova Europa with a guitar case containing all of his weapons while wearing a balaclava, ear muffs, protective goggles and gloves all of this to prevent dust or blood from getting into his eyes.

Vladislav inside the mall just before his attack.
Upon entering Vladislav noticed that there were no security guards in his general area so he decided to start attacking whoever was in his immediate vicinity. He walked to a nearby sofa and placed the guitar case on the ground and opened it. When the two women sitting at the sofa saw the contents of his case they quickly left but it was too late for one of them as Vladislav retrieved his chainsaw and turned it on and cut a woman's back with it inflicting severe injuries causing her to fall over. Vladislav then discarded the chainsaw and got about an axe striking her twice resulting in her death. She was a 43-year-old woman named Elena Aleksandronets and an employee at the mall. Before discarding the chainsaw he mildly injured 21-year-old Anna Rozentova but she escaped which is when he redirected his focus on Elena

Elena Aleksandronets
He then set his sights on 46-year-old Oksana Vitver entering the pizzeria she was in and struck the woman with the axe three times leaving her in critical condition due to severe injuries to her chest and forearm. Fortunately, Oksana survived.

Oksana Vitver
Vladislav walked down the mall looking for targets and would break storefront windows with his axe. Many the of the employees and patrons tried their best to fight back against the teenager throwing urns and chairs at him and at some points he would be pursued by up to 5-15 people at a time. Vladislav came across a cleaner named Irina Baeshko and attempted to strike her in the head with the axe but Irina was very athletic and managed to escape with only minor wounds to her arm. The last victim was a shop owner named Leonid Usich who suffered minor injuries when he attempted to fight back against Vladislav with a stick. The police arrived only 5 minutes after being called and with the help of bystanders (mall security guards strangely appear to have not been involved) bringing an end to Vladislav's attack which left four injured one severe and one dead. At the time of his arrest he was listening to music on his headphones

Emergency services at the crime scene
Vladislav's case and axe
Vladisalv's arrest.
Vladislav at a police station after his arrest.
A tox screen revealed that Vladislav was not on any substances but had drunk heavily three hours prior with Vladislav claiming that he drank 150 grams of alcohol being careful as to not get too drunk so it wouldn't affect his ability to swing his weapons at his targets. Vladislav told the police that he was disgusted with himself and humanity which is why he carried out his crime and was upset that the police didn't kill him during the arrest. Vladislav was charged with 1 count of murder, 4 counts of attempted murder and 1 count of grievous bodily harm. On October 20 he was sent to a psychiatric institute for an evaluation and on December 23 he was ruled fit to stand trial.
Vladislav's trial was held at the Minsk City Court on February 20, 2017. Vladislav's guilt was beyond questioning as he made no attempts to deny involvement and numerous witnesses saw him as the attacker. The trial instead was to determine whether or not Vladislav was sane. The prosecution showed that the crime was premeditated and Vladislav would end up being the prosecutor's most compelling witness as he himself denied being insane and didn't even feign remorse. The prosecutor asked if he feels love to which he said no, he asked about what content he usually consumed on the internet and he said "Extremist, Terrorism and others. I loved watching Islamic State executions and uncensored killing videos", He asked about his background and relationships with the victims, teachers, family and fellow students and he denied ever being mistreated by them and that he simply wanted to kill saying that he was "bad for everyone" and his reason for not making friends was because according to him he didn't need any.
The prosecutor asked Vladislav why he killed and attack the women at the mall and he simply answered by saying they were there at the time and that he "didn't care who got caught" The prosecutor asked about where his idea to kill came from and he explained the idea he had in the summer of 2016 to kill Muslims and Chinese people and when the prosecutor asked about his grievance with these groups he said that he had no issues with him just that he wanted to kill "For fun" and needed to pick a target. Vladislav explained in detail how he planned the crime in advance and how he purchased all the items he used during the attack. Vladislav explained that the only thing in his plan that went wrong was that he couldn't find a hostage to use in order to force the police to kill him. His last words before the court adjourned were "I fully admit my guilt" Vladislav was facing other legal troubles as the survivors, the mall and relatives of Elena filed lawsuits against Vladislav and when he heard how much they were seeking in damages simply suggested that they have him pay for the funeral and nothing else because in his own words "I don't care about moral compensation" Vladislav was also asked by one of his survivors if he would continue to kill if he ever got freed. All he had to say was "Yes"
Vladislav in court
The trial continued on February 21. Vladislav was asked about his activities before the attack and if he talked to anyone during the attack. He stated that his sister's boyfriend called his cell phone while he was in the mall but he ignored the call. When asked what he would do if his parents were in the mall he simply said that they wouldn't recognize him due to how he hid his face and that he'd walk past them without a second thought. The prosecutor read out how investigators asked what he considered to be the proper punishment to impose on him would be and he answered with the death penalty (Belarus is the only European country to still enforce capital punishment) when the investigators asked if he knew how the death penalty was enforced and worked in Belarus he stated that he did indicated that he likely didn't agree with the sentence he'd probably receive (as he was 17 at the time of his crime he wasn't eligible for the death penalty). He told the court that he was disappointed at how he wouldn't be sentenced to death hence why he chose to try and take a hostage during his attack on the mall which the prosecutor also used to indicate that he was in his senses.
The prosecutor continued to point out how Vladislav planned on killing as many people as possible as it was brought up how his chainsaw stalled after attacking his second victim in the mall and how Vladislav expressed disappointment of this fact to the police saying "I didn’t think the chainsaw would stall on the first one. I thought that I would kill more people," He imagined that the operation would be massive and that police would break in through the ceiling and shoot him dead with Vladislav stating that it was "better to die than go to jail" and added with "I ideally dreamed that the relatives would not find out about what happened"
Even the small bit of remorse or empathy Vladislav did exhibit was also used by the prosecution as evidence of his sanity with Vladislav admitting that he was a little bit shaken after his first murder and that he waited until 5:27 to go to the mall because before then there would've been many children present with Vladislav saying "I didn't want the kids to get hurt. I feel sorry for the children" during interrogation part of Vladislav's psychiatric examinations included finishing sentences and when one of them was "I would be happy if" Vladislav finished with "If I weren't here" Another question asked was "my father could" his reply was "well, like deserve a better son"
Vladislav's defence attorney and parents in spite of all of this continued to push through with an insanity defence citing his documented mental illness. Vladislav was on medications prior to this being mainly Roaccutane and when his attorney asked about side effects he only described psychical effects and denied any mental side effects actively hindering his defence attorney's work. The prosecutor for a second time brought up Vladislav's internet history and how he watched videos on mass shootings and when asked why he calmly explained that he wanted to see how people behaved and if he'd be stopped due to carrying a large bag or anything similar. Vladislav was asked about why he didn't purchase any firearms for his attack and he answered that it was too difficult. During police questioning, it was pointed out that Vladislav really only thought of killing people whenever he was miserable or angry and said that everything about his home made him feel that way constantly and how if he lived in Australia he'd likely live a more peaceful life (his own words)
The defence called a psychiatrist named Eugene Lasy and asked him about Vladislav's schizoid personality disorder. This witness ended up not being as helpful as he had hoped since he explained that while it could affect people's perception of reality it wasn't a given and Vladislav could likely be able to distinguish between right and wrong. Roaccutane was brought up but Eugene said that it wasn't medication for mental disorders so he couldn't comment on it. Vladislav's acne was brought up and Eugene said that people's appearances if they were embarrassed or shamed could aggravate symptoms.

Vladislav at his second court appearance.
Court recommenced on February 22 and the prosecution continued their case with Vladislav being a cold remorseless murdered asking when his urges to kill began and he said the spring of 2016 and when he asked about the urges now in that very moment Vladislav said that they were "not gone". He also reiterated that he felt no empathy for the deceased and that their relatives could "do without" compensation money
On February 23 the defence called another psychologist who stated that his mental health had not deteriorated from the last time she had met with him in February 2016. Another psychologist named Elena Malysheva who examined him in 2015 was also called to testify she was the very first one to conduct an evaluation of Vladislav after an ambulance brought him to a hospital in October 2014 after his suicide attempt. She was the one who diagnosed him with schizotypal disorder and where she learned about his history including how he used to hate churches and his mother for holding a religion. She testified that she did believe him to be insane. His attorney requested a reexamination as to his psychiatric state but this request was denied. He also argued that Vladislav refusing help or treatment likely caused him to carry out his attack on the shopping mall.
Vladislav's parents were also witnesses and they testified that he was not the person he behaved as in court stating that their son was unwell and begging the court to have him committed to a psychiatric hospital for treatment. During his father's testimony in his defence, Vladislav simply gave a condescending smile and ignored his father whenever he tried to address him including when he told his son that he loved him. February 27 was the last day before a verdict was set to be returned and Vladislav's last words in court were "I would like to say that, unfortunately, I did not fulfill all my plans for mass murder, so I will be back to finish what I started" Vladislav's father responded to those words saying that they were the words of a mentally deranged man and not his son blaming mental health officials for Vladislav's crime stating that they did not adequately treat him. Vladislav's parents even paid and donated money to the victims and their relatives for compensation stating that their son wasn't responsible for it due to mental illness.

Vladislav at his last court apperance.
On March 3 the judge relieved a verdict of guilty deeming Vladislav to be sane and handed down a sentence of 15 years to be served in a penal colony the maximum sentence that can be given to a minor in Belarus. He was also ordered to pay 220,000 Belarusian Roubles to the victims. Virtually everyone was displeased with the verdict as the survivors and Elena's relatives viewed the sentence as a slap on the wrist, Vladislav's family and attorney believed he should've been committed to a mental institution and Vladislav himself wanted the death sentence. Vladislav's father and his attorney appealed the case to the Supreme Court of Belarus in another attempt to get him institutionalized. On June 13, 2017, the verdict and sentence were upheld. One of Elena's relatives referred to Vladislav as "Belarus's Brevik"
Vladislav hearing the verdict.
This is, however, not the end of Vladislav's story. While in prison in Shklov he had been disciplined 17 separate times and had to be kept in an isolated cell. On October 12, 2017, he attacked two prison guards and the warden with a homemade knife after a metal detector went off and was asked to hand over the contraband on him. His actions wounded all three albeit with the warden only being lightly wounded. Vladislav stated that he had attempted to kill the head of the penal colony/warden Alexei Kuzan for no other reason other than he wanted to. When they heard of this Vladislav's parents mainly his father used this as evidence that they were wrong not to find Vladislav insane stating that prison only aggravated his illness. Vladislav was charged with the attempted murder of 2 or more persons and his trial began on March 7, 2018, at the Mogilev Regional Court
As a result of this, he was given a second psychiatric evaluation. The evaluation ruled that he was capable of understanding his actions despite his mental illness. On May 15, 2018, Vladislav was found guilty of the attempted murder of the prison guards and had 5 years added to his sentence meaning that Vladislav must serve 22 years in prison. Vladislav was utterly indifferent towards this and said that he didn't care that his father disagreed with the verdict and sentence.

Vladislav in court again
Vladislav is still alive today at the age of 23 and is still serving his prison sentence.
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